Bad Day at the Car Dealership

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We all have had those days when we daydream of taking our frustrations out. And in the fact that the frustration is a car dealership and quite often, we don’t have pleasant thoughts. In case you were wondering what those “unpleasant” thoughts may look like, check out the video below.

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What fun right? What is with the lady knocking on the window? Was she going to be excuse me sir, did you notice that you knocked over our wall? Ha-ha…

Before you head off to ram your truck into a dealership, check out our post on how to the best results from customer service departments.

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  1. mk says:

    I’ve only had 1-2 instances I felt like doing this, one in particular after going back over 20 times still not fixed my chevy cavalier under warranty. I yelled and swore for over 30 minutes to anyone who would listen to me and was wishing they would’ve laid a hand on me so I could’ve claimed self defense for hitting them back. I have squaked tires a few times going out of dealer service depts. when they were idiots and at fault doing inferior repairs. This person though seemed mentally unstable in the video. Takes all kinds of people and I would only do this if the dealer provoked me beyond belief.

  2. Mickey says:

    Well I guess it was bad to be a Nissan fan. I wouldn’t do that, but I wouldn’t hesitate in taking out the one who is. This perswon could have injured many because of their temper tantrum. Although I came close to punching a factory rep who accused me 3x for pulling down my haedliner on my 06 Silverado. Which this factory rep already knew the issues of these headliners cut too short to fit snug. Then whe he opened the door the 4th time after pushing up the headliner it came down and like a time bomb went off. He knew because he wouldn’t look me into my eyes after that. He kept looking down and talking to me that way. Why must I have to answer a question in how many GM vehicles I have?

  3. Jason (Admin) says:

    What is it about Russians that makes violence so common? I mean, perhaps it’s just a few well publicized videos, but I can’t tell you how many vids I’ve seen like this in addition to the videos we’ve published here on the site…I’m recommending anger management classes for the entire Russian population.

    And lay off the vodka for a few weeks while you’re at it…

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