NUMMI Workers Fighting (Literally) With UAW Leadership

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Following-up on news that 80% of NUMMI’s workers are upset with the UAW, a NUMMI employee has sent us some information about a meeting that took place on Sunday, January 24th between NUMMI employees and UAW Local 2244 leaders. Evidently, the UAW’s local bargaining chairman Javier Contreras (the guy who is supposed to be negotiating for a worker’s severance package) dropped a sling of F-bombs on a crowd of 400+ NUMMI workers.

Here’s the video (not for kid’s ears or something you want to watch at work without headphones):

YouTube Preview Image

You’ll hear the meeting explode at the 31 second mark.

That’s right folks – the guy who is negotiating directly with GM and Toyota can’t control his temper. Incredibly, UAW Local President Sergio Santos claims that this scene was caused by workers “planted” by NUMMI’s management:

Union president Sergio Santos said his staff called police in response to what he called deliberate interruptions led by a few individuals who, he said, were not workers but “two or three plants” placed there by NUMMI management.

Seriously?! The reason that the UAW leader lost his temper is because of so-called NUMMI management “plants“?! Allegations of management interfering with union meetings seem plausible, but the videos above and below clearly show a man who has lost his temper. Unless NUMMI management has been secretly injecting Javier Contreras with steroids (thus fueling his ‘roid rage), it seems safe to say this blow-up can’t be blamed on someone else.

The San Francisco Chronicle quotes a NUMMI worker who is upset that the UAW is focusing on a political battle with Toyota when instead they should be working on a severance package from both Toyota and General Motors. UAW leaders, however, “consider it is pointless to go after the bankrupt GM.” Unfortunately, this still doesn’t explain why the UAW picketed Toyota at the San Jose auto show.

The facts seem to indicate that the UAW is trying to turn up the political “heat” on Toyota in hopes that it will result in some sort of major concession. Unfortunately, this strategy carries great risk for NUMMI’s workers. If the UAW simply met with Toyota at the bargaining table and negotiated in good faith, they might be able to secure a fair package with a lot fewer theatrics.

Here’s another video of the same meeting shot from the front of the hall for anyone who’s curious. Again, this isn’t for kid’s ears and isn’t safe for work (lots of cursing from UAW leaders).

YouTube Preview Image

Comments? If you were at the meeting, please share your viewpoint and/or experience below.

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  1. Mickey says:

    He definitely told them right!!! lol….. Total shocking the way he handled it. Reminds me when Kaiser Aluminum laid off 2,000 people when the union was asked to take a $2.00 pay cut back in 1982. I was making $12.00 an hour and had the total benefits people would die for. $2.00 pay cut and get $10.00 an hour vice what happened $0 an hour total shutdown of the plant. It shows the mentality of the Union. Sad…..

  2. Gato says:

    Reason why the membership is so upset is because the UAW first decided to go the route of going after Toyota. The International owns a percentage of GM so they wouldnt go after their cash cow. Other reasons are the LA car show where they also did a petition drive and protest against Toyota. At the end of that week they went to Disneyland, courtesy of the members Union dues. The final straw was the Union trip to Palm Springs. All of this wasted time and money which should have gone towards bargaining for a decent Severance package. The main person to blame also is Fat “Country Way” Phil.

  3. Jason says:

    Mickey – Agreed.

    Gato – Good to know. BTW, you and any other NUMMI workers should feel free to email me with any insights or info you’d like to share privately. That’s how I’ve managed to publish all these posts about NUMMI and the UAW.

  4. James Wichman says:

    I worked at NUMMI for 20 years and recently retired. NUMMI was a fluke in history of the auto industry. There will never be another joint venture in the auto industry which will contain all the ingredients (both good and bad) that made up the NUMMI venture. GM insists on working with a Union. Toyota loathes and despises unions. Toyota is moving operations out of California
    because California is not a “right to work” state. Everywhere else Toyota will make cars will have “right to work” laws on the books. Concerning NUMMI, that little car plant, for thousands of very compelling reasons in both union and salaried ranks, richly, richly, richly deserves to close.

  5. Mickey says:

    James very good post. Right to work. All employers like that deal. Also if I’m not right GM is in bed with China in making or helping them get into the US as well as China supposively helping GM in China.

  6. Jason says:

    James – Thanks for commenting. Glad to hear you got out in time.

    Mickey – Good point.

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