New Nissan Titan Delayed

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For those awaiting the updating of the Nissan Titan truck, it appears your wait is not yet over. Nissan has recently announced that due to the March earthquakes in Japan, the update won’t happen at this time. The earthquakes have caused many problems and damages at facilities there that they have now had to put the plans to update the Nissan Titan on hold for awhile, most likely until the year 2014…meaning the updated Titan could be a 2015 model.

New Nissan Titan Delayed

A new Nissan Titan has been delayed due to recent earthquake in Japan.

In 2010, Nissan only managed to sell roughly 24,000 units of its Titan offering, performing far under what was expected by the company. And while disappointing, there have been discussions on offering different power trains, including a diesel version of the truck.

At one point, Chrysler and Nissan had gotten together on a planned joint production of the Titan, which would’ve been based on the Chrysler’s Ram line of trucks. Those plans, however, eventually fell through when Chrysler ended up filing for bankruptcy. And in doing so, inevitably all of those plans necessarily had to be scrapped. Then Nissan found itself saddled with a truck line that was half revamped. There would be no way to come around to finishing that project, naturally.

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  1. Mickey says:

    It just wasn’t meant to be.

  2. Will says:

    OOH , this is not a good news for me .
    The natural disaster disrupted Nissan’s supply chain and hindered production at Nissan plants around the world. Faced with the need to get the system back up as quickly as possible, the company had to marshal engineering groups.this is the main reason why New Nissan Titan Delayed.

  3. Mike T says:

    next year(2015) , you can have your new Titan.

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