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Toyota To Get Cummins Diesel?

First it was Ward’s Auto and AutoGuide that reported Toyota would be getting a Cummins motor, and now Car & Driver is saying the same:

Come 2016, the option list for the next-gen Tundra will include a Cummins 5.0-liter turbo diesel. That oil-burner is predicted to be rated at 300+ horsepower and, in true diesel form, more than 500 lb-ft of torque. This should make Nissan product planners sit up and mumble “rats,” as this appears to be the same engine being developed for the redesigned Titan, which debuts next year.

While there are still some reasons to wonder what Toyota is planning here (which I’ll get into below), odds are good the 2016 Tundra is a gettin’ a Cummins Diesel.

New Nissan Titan Delayed

For those awaiting the updating of the Nissan Titan truck, it appears your wait is not yet over. Nissan has recently announced that due to the March earthquakes in Japan, the update won’t happen at this time. The earthquakes have caused many problems and damages at facilities there that they have now had to put the plans to update the Nissan Titan on hold for awhile, most likely until the year 2014…meaning the updated Titan could be a 2015 model.

New Nissan Titan Delayed

A new Nissan Titan has been delayed due to recent earthquake in Japan.

Sequoia Rumored To Be On Life Support

Yesterday, reported that the Sequoia will probably be cancelled at the end of the current model’s cycle. Intrigued, we made some calls and spoke to a few people who have been in the know in the past. While they agree that cancelling the Sequoia is both logical and probable, our Toyota sources say that this decision has yet to be made.

The reason? The Sequoia retains a significant chunk of the market – anywhere from 20-30%. Our sources say that Toyota is reluctant to walk away from any segment where they have a decent performer. You can see the numbers below for more info.