New Product: MAXTRAX Recovery System

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Getting stuck while driving your Toyota Tundra is never a fun time, but getting stuck out on the trail can be even more of a hassle. While you can usually count on locating a tow service to haul you out of a ditch or tug you free from a snow bank, off-roading far from civilization car dramatically reduce your options should you encounter a loss of traction serious enough to immobilize your truck.

MaxTrax traction system in operation

MAXTRAX is designed to easily slide under the drive wheels of a stuck truck.

Some all-terrain enthusiasts always make sure to buddy up when trail driving in order to avoid being stuck out in the wilderness alone, but there are situations where even a tow rope might not be enough to get your moving forward again. This is where a product like MAXTRAX can be a lifesaver.

Maxtrax Traction Recovery System

The full Maxtrax Recovery System isn't available for sale right now in the USA, but suggested retail is $595 and includes 4 recovery planks, 6 linking straps, 16 sand pegs, 4 leashes, and a storage bod that can be mounted externally.

UPDATE: Benjamin from Maxtrax contacted us to say that price of the kit described above is actually going to be $595 USD.

MAXTRAX was developed by Australian off-roaders as a simple yet effective tool for getting unstuck when all else fails. The MAXTRAX device, which is sold in pairs or in a complete recovery system (see above), is plastic “vehicle extraction” device that loosely resembles the old steel traction aids that are a part of most Northern climate-dwellers emergency rescue kit. Each MAXTRAX “plank” has been specially engineered to be slipped easily underneath the stuck drive wheels of a trapped 4×4 where it can serve as no-slip, high-grip surface. The design of the MAXTRAX device makes used of jagged side edges and cone-like center protrusions which won’t puncture your tires, and it also features numerous handholds and strap holes which can be useful when storing or positioning the planks.

YouTube Preview Image

See the MaxTrax in action

The MaxTrax FJ Cruiser

The MaxTrax FJ Cruiser

There’s a lot to like about MAXTRAX. The plastic is a much lighter than steel – under 10 lbs per device – which means that it’s easier to carry and position under a truck. It also means that it’s less dangerous as a projectile should it come shooting out the back of your rig while being used. MAXTRAX’s manufacturer claims that they have extensively tested the plastic and found that it wears very well and continues to work as intended even after over 200 vehicle extractions. The flat, rigid shape also makes it useful as a decent shovel for getting snow or sand out of the way to clear a path forward for your vehicle.

MAXTRAX in "party mode" gives you a great perspective on just how large this product really is.

MAXTRAX also has its downsides, however. To begin with, it’s big: each plank is four feet long and 13 inches wide, which means that they take up a lot more space in your truck than folding traction aids. Think of a pair of long-board skateboards and you’ve got the idea. MAXTRAX is also fairly expensive, coming in at $290.00 plus shipping per pair at the least expensive retailer we could find in the United States. [NOTE: At SEMA, the Maxtrax team indicated that the cost might come down once the product gets some sales “traction” in the USA – Jason]

$290.00 might seem like a lot of money to spend on a traction aid, but then again, getting towed isn’t cheap either – especially if the driver has to ford across hill and dale to get to you out on the trail. There’s also the fact that getting towed requires another vehicle and/or a working telephone – two things that might not be available in all situations.

The other thing to remember is that this kit makes it’s bones in deep sand. While it will work in all situations (and can be placed and pegged prior to attempting a traverse), anyone who spends a lot of time in deep sand will want to check it out.

The MaxTrax girl

The MaxTrax girl

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  1. Deznutjob says:

    Why didn’t I think about that!?!

  2. Jason (Admin) says:

    Dez – LOL, good call.

  3. Danny says:

    I’d pay the $290 if the girl comes with it.
    as for being a safer projectile, probably just as deadly as anything else.
    seems to be a good idea

  4. Jason (Admin) says:

    Danny – Anything is dangerous if it’s coming right at my head, LOL. 🙂

    The girl was very nice – I think she was Australian (can’t remember).

  5. Deznutjob says:

    …like a sharp razor Jason? 🙂

  6. Jason (Admin) says:

    Dez – Dude you’re gonna give me a complex! LOL

  7. I’ve used these a number of times in Australia – they are a great product, and recover stuck vehicles very quickly. The only problem in mud though, is they take forever to clean them!

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