Lady in Red 2013 Toyota Tundra – Featured Truck

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This “Lady in Red” 2013 Toyota Tundra is one sweet looking pickup truck. Plus, it is for sale from Rhinelander Toyota. Check it and if you buy it, let us know!

Lady in Red Toyota Tundra - Featured Truck

This “Lady in Red” Tundra pickup is ready for a good home.

The 2013 Toyota Tundra Double Cab Off-road machine was created by Nick Meurer Toyota Accessories Consultant at Rhinelander Toyota.

What does it have?

  • 6 inch Pro Comp Lift Kit
  • Stampeded Fender Flares
  • Fab Fours Front Bumper
  • 8000# SmittyBuilt Fully Submersible Winch
  • 50 inch LED Light Bar with Flood/Spot Light Pattern
  • N-Fab Lightbard Brackets
  • 35×12.5R18 Nitto Trail Grappler Tires
  • 18×9 Moto Metal 965 Black and Machined Wheels

What do you think? Is she pretty or an off-road beast?

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  1. LJC says:

    The winch is a nice addition, especially since the truck is more likely to get stuck due to it lacking a selectable locker or eLocker! Grrr…

    The new generation 1/2 GM trucks now have a limited slip/locker.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I brought this issue up two days ago to some Toyota reps. They weren’t on the truck side, so they couldn’t give me a direct answer to why it isn’t offered as even an option. My direct question was more along the lines that even if they didn’t think it was that important for the base model, why isn’t it at least offered on the Rock Warrior.

      I will say this also. I spoke to a RAM rep for quite a while at a two-day PR event and through our entire conversation towing max, payload, off-road capabilities, etc… were rarely mentioned. The focus? The MPG increases in 1/2 ton pickups. Manufactures are seeing MPG as the TOP selling point in these trucks and there focus is more there than on other items.


      • LJC says:

        Tim, thanks for the info. I’ll post a more detailed reply this weekend when I can dedicate some time to it.

      • LJC says:

        Thanks for taking the time to ask.

        I can understand the need for MPG effort and research ranks higher than the phased out locker.
        There are laws pressing the auto manufacturers to improve MPG. This is no easy feat, especially for a truck as the cards are already stacked against it. For example a truck’s size, weight, and capability demand extra power, which requires more fuel.
        The technology for a locker is pretty much a closed science, i.e. it’s already been done, so as far as I’m concerned, there’s no reason not to make it an option. What surprises me is Toyota had an eLocker in the 4runner, Land Cruiser and Tundra in the past. Why they phased it out is beyond me. Truck based vehicles are about extra capability. Granted a locker would not be needed most of the time, but if it is chances are one is in a tight spot-I don’t a have crystal ball to foresee the future, but it’s good to be prepared.
        There’s one more thing that has been bugging me that could be related this missing option. It seems Toyota’s grit and passion that was there in 2007 and 2008 for the Tundra seems to be fading away.
        The marketing that was done then was brilliant and sold me on the vehicle. My son and I watched the commercials a number of times, along with the Tundra Deconstructed videos. However for the past few years nothing exciting has come out, except for the Tundra towing the shuttle. This was courageous and gutsy and my favorite segment in this commercial series was not the Tundra towing the shuttle, but the “Overbuilt” commercial they produced. What I like about this is the competition’s weakness was made a strength in the Tundra. This is smart and I like it.
        Any hoot, those are my thoughts—sorry for taking this thread off topic. I could go on and into more depth, but I’m pressed for time.
        Again, thanks for pursuing Toyota, it is appreciated.

        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          I would agree that the “passion” has dipped quite a bit. Although, I think that is also primarily due to the fact that the other manufactures have caught up and even in some places passed Toyota. Also, I do think they are really working on things from the top down. I mean, it seems with the changes at Toyota – Lentz becoming the North American Chief – will add some passion back. Frankly, I am still not sure the Japanese executives know how to build a full-size truck. I believe Lentz and Sweers do. And I believe their is a “master” plan that we just aren’t aware of. I’m prepping some articles you will be interested in. Keep checking back, I’ll post them soon!


          • LJC says:

            Thanks for the info Tim!
            I will be checking back on a regular basis. It’s encouraging to hear that the Tundra is gaining more of a North American influence. This and the Tundra’s reliability and quality are key to gaining market share.

  2. LJC says:

    On a lighter note…
    Who gave this Tundra that name? Does it have Hello Kitty stickers on the dash?

    I think the truck should be renamed somehing like one of the following: “Satan’s Pyscho Sidekick”, “Thor the Ford killer” or “Basher the RAM masher” 🙂

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      LOL. Look here comes Satan’s Psycho Sidekick! Ahh…..



    • Tarsie Goes says:

      I would like to do a shout out and say thanks to the nice compliments to “Lady in Red”. To those of you not impressed with the name I would like to explain the reason for my thought process. When I named this Tundra along with many other builds, I always lean towards female names regardless of the exterior. All popular vehicles names are based on beautiful ladies and this Tundra is nothing less than powerful, bold, curvaceous & sexy. It is always nice to leave a bit of a mystery to every modified vehicle; hence lady in red. Thanks again to Tundra Headquarters for your interest and the great comments from others! I will leave you with a quote from Sway in Gone in 60 second… “Hello, ladies. I always was a sucker for a redhead.”

  3. Mickey says:

    Pretty wouldn’t work. Offroad beast is better suited for this truck. I’m not much on red.

  4. toyrulz says:

    This thing is practically the anti-suzuki so would leave out sidekick. 😉

    @Tim re: Japanese Exec’s knowing how to build full-size truck. I heard years ago that due to restrictions to vehicle and motor size in Japan – they learned to do most with less. They then came to wonder why north amercans wanted such big gas guzzling trucks when their little ones were getting the job done over there. I think it is more a culture/society difference – we like to overdo things here and there is a bigger is better mentality. Its not that they can’t, its understanding the big hairy chested macho HD to soft cushy on the extra wide tushy ratio that is not mathematical. 😉

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      LOL! I agree. “Big hairy chested macho HD” doesn’t compute so well in a spreadsheet. 🙂


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