January 2016 Truck Sales – Toyota Trucks Mixed

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The first month of 2016 is in the books and the results are all over the place. While the Tacoma was up, the Tundra was down. Also, GM and Ram were up while Ford was down. Is this an odd month or an ongoing trend?

January 2016 truck sales - Toyota trucks mixed

Currently, the Toyota Tacoma is carrying the load for Toyota truck sales.

Before we get into commentary, here are the sales results:

RankModel YTD SalesYTD vs. 2013Year-Over-YearMonthly SalesMonthly Change vs. 2013
1 - Ford F-Series51,540-5.2%January 2016
January 2015
2 - Chevy Silverado37,863+4.9%January 2016
January 2015
3 - Ram Truck29,938+4.6%January 2016
January 2015
4 - GMC Sierra14,381+13.9%January 2016
January 2015
5 - Toyota Tacoma12,717+11.5%January 2016
January 2015
6 - Toyota Tundra7,232-11.8%January 2016
January 2015
7 - Nissan Frontier6,363+8.4%January 2016
January 2015
8 - Chevrolet Colorado5,508-7.3%January 2016
January 2015
9 - GMC Canyon2,270+2.9%January 2016
January 2015
10 - Nissan Titan937+21.1%January 2016
January 2015
11 - Honda Ridgeline2-99.1%January 2016
January 2015

Looking at the sales results a few things stand out:

Ford sales were down slightly and this is just surprising. I would have thought the new truck would have really started pushing out big sales increases by now. Keep in mind, Ford sold 46,536 trucks in January 2014, so either January 2015 was an exceptional month or the sales have slid.

GMC trucks (Silverado and Sierra) continue to show improvements. Last year, the Silverado on its own came closer than ever to topping Ford. Maybe one more year does the trick?

Ram trucks (pickup, ProMaster vans) continue to improve with Ram posting its best January since 2004. It was also the best month ever for Ram pickup trucks exclusively of the vans.

Toyota is again a mixed bag likely due to the production mix favoring the new Tacoma and not the Tundra. Still, overall, it is disappointing to see the trucks simply treading water instead of posting gains.

Nissan continues to see good sales results for the Frontier even against strong competition. The Titan is just now hitting lots, so the sales results are not indicative of anything.

Both the GM mid-size twins had disappointing results. I heard one auto writer comment this was particularly surprising with the diesel now on dealer lots. This is an interesting point.

Honda’s sales are pretty much ignorable with the new truck coming out in the fall.

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  1. Randy says:

    Like I have said for a year now, the GM mid size twins will go the way of the S-10. It will take GM a few years before they finally take it off the market.

    For people that actually use a truck for truck stuff – like towing – the 2015/2016 F150 is a dog. The flimsy frame body just does not cut for truck work. Early buyers are already selling them.

    The RAM V6 diesel is already having major problems; even the RAM techs at the dealership are saying “don’t buy it”. If they get the bugs out, it could be another year if they can go that long?

    If the new Nissans have great QDR, their sales could explode. As many have already discovered these things can actually TOW.

  2. DJ says:

    Maybe this is what Toyota needs to light a fire under their arses and do something with their decade old Tundra.

    We’ll see if the Chicago Auto show is the answer to that very soon!

    • Breathing borla says:


      That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’m just not sipping as much toyota koolaid as our buddy Randy up there.

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