J.D Power Calls Tundra One Dependable Truck 7 Years in a Row

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J.D. Power and Associates has named the Toyota Tundra a 2012 Most Dependable Vehicle according to its latest rankings. This makes the Tundra a 7-year recipient of this impressive award.

J.D Power Calls Tundra One Dependable Truck

J.D. Power and Associates has again named the Toyota Tundra a Most Dependable Vehicle making it now 7 straight years winning this award.

The Tundra had all 5 stars in all categories except for Feature and Accessory Dependability where it slightly missed the mark with 4 stars. No other truck came close to competing with the Tundra’s dominance. In fact its closest competition was the GMC Sierra HD which had 5 stars in two categories and one 4 star plus one 3 star ranking. The worst competitor based on overall star rankings was a toss-up between the Ram 1500 LD and the Ram 2500/35000 HD.

For years, J.D Power’s list has been seen a top resource for new car buyers looking for a new vehicle. Recently other rankings have looked at the findings including the recent Forbes Magazine Tough Truck list.

The 2012 study saw historically high levels of vehicle dependability according to J.D. Powers and Associates with total vehicle dependability improving by 13 percent over the 2011 survey.

On a larger scale, the Toyota brand scored really well being named one of the five highest-ranking brands. The Lexus brand in particular (owned by Toyota) had the highest ranking over all other brands in 2012.

The J.D. Power award for the Tundra is part of a growing trend where the truck is starting to make inroads into public opinion of the best pickup. Besides the J.D. Power award, the Tundra recently earned a top safety award from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and was named a 2011 IntelliChoice Best Overall Value.

While annual full-size pickup sales numbers show the Ford F-150 as the top truck (albeit with fleet sales included), the Tundra’s long list of accomplishments means it is a growing competitor in this segment.

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  1. Mickey says:

    Good info when in the market for a new truck. Good to see some great news for the Tundra.

  2. Mickey says:

    I noticed Consumer Reports doesn’t agree. Again the Chevy Avalanche wins in the truck category.

  3. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mickey – Odd, isn’t it, that the most car-like half tons win the Consumer Reports awards year in and year out? It’s what I’d like to call “car bias” – the Consumer Reports reviewers need new blood and/or a new process.

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  5. Jayson says:

    Do your balls hang low like a dodges front end, do your bumpers rust out within the first year? Hell no…

    Kudo’s to Toyota, dodge as noted being worst are the worst…

    Toyota seems to be on the come up, and has surpassed Dodge as well as Ford in quality. Gm is hit or miss depending on the plant, the day, and whether it was close to a holiday or not… Nothing like finding a screwdriver in my fender after trying to figure out what the rattle was on my last gm…

  6. Tin C says:

    We loved the 2010 Double cab Tundra v-6 so much!! We traded it in for a 2012 V-8 double cab!! We love the Tundra’s.. My 2 brothers have had their Tundra for 5-7 yrs and have no issues at all with them.. We bought our new one because I found a hell of a deal on one on the internet for $23,800.00 Well below invoice so I could not turn it down!

  7. BriBri says:

    What I find particularly interesting is that the Tundra has only been around for 12 years (since 2000). To win most dependable truck for 7 of those 12 years is certainly a testament to Toyota getting the design and manufacturing correct early on in its lifecycle. Ford, Chevy, and Dodge trucks have been around for quite a long time. So, they’ve have plenty of time to get the equation right.

    Does Toyota (its Tundra design and manufacturing teams) have some secret formula?

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