HitchSafe Key Vault – An Overview

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What it Is and What it Does: Designed for pickup trucks, the HitchSafe Key Vault turns a tow hitch receiver into a secure, mobile vault. It can accommodate keys, credit cards and other small, but valuable items.

HitchSafe Key Vault - Overview

Looking for a safe and secure way to store a key or a credit card or two, try the Hitchsafe Key Vault.

Who It’s For: The vault is roughly pocket-sized, so this product is ideal for people who may not want to carry valuable items in their pockets…like if you’re riding your mountain bike on the trail, swimming at the local pool, etc. Carrying valuables around outdoors, for instance, can make finding a lost set of keys very, very difficult. The HitchSafe keeps them safe during off-road trips.

Since the key vault attaches to the truck’s towing hitch, owners who generally do not use their trucks for towing will get more use out of it. Conversely, owners who trailer most of the time will not have many chances to use this product.

Key Features:

  • The drawer is 1.25 inches by 3.5625 inches by 1.75 inches. Not quite big enough for a cell phone, but definitely fits a car key.
  • The vault fits most standard 2 inch hitch receivers.
  • Installation is easy. No tools required.
  • It is made from a rust-resistant, high-impact aluminum alloy and features chrome-plated brass dials.
  • With 10,000 possible lock combinations, your belongings are secure.
  • The rubber dust cover makes it look like an ordinary hitch receiver.
  • The Zero-Locking feature makes opening the vault in the dark easy.
  • With two restraining bars, the HitchSafe stays securely locked inside the receiver hitch.
  • It is adjustable to accommodate pin hole variance.
  • The manufacturer provides a one-year product warranty.

What Owners Say: Reviews of this product on AutoAnything.com are overwhelmingly positive. Owners praise the key vault’s ease of installation and utility. One reviewer points out that the vault is sturdy, keeps everything dry, and no one else even knows that it is there.

Who Makes It? The HitchSafe Key Vault is produced by FJM Security, a division of the Frank J. Martin Company. Founded in 1957, Frank J. Martin has produced high-quality security products for more than half a century, including padlocks, safe-deposit boxes and more. Its corporate headquarters are in Lynnwood, Washington. The manufacturer backs the HitchSafe Key Vault with a one-year warranty.

How Much? The HitchSafe Key Vault’s list price ranges from $75.95 – $79.95 on AutoAnything.com.

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  1. LJC says:

    I put a spare key in my wallet, one that will open the door only; the dealer that sold me my Tundra provided the key for free.

  2. mendonsy says:

    Interesting idea but downright expensive. I wonder how long the combination lock will survive in areas with road salt.

  3. LJC says:

    @mendonsy: Good point. Today I pulled off my hitch cap/cover and sure enough, there was sand and salt in the receiver.

  4. Mickey says:

    Very True Mendonsy. I agree with you LJC. I have the same.

  5. Still not sure why this is required when there are other ways to keep items safe. Part of me sees the attraction but onother part fails to see the security guarantees!

  6. mk says:

    Waste of money, neat concept but not in WI winters with road salt rusting all hitch receivers some even after 1 year of ownership. I always take my receiver hitch rubber cover off a few times during the winter and clean out the road rocks and spray with wd-40 to help prevent rust, but rust appears in 1 year no matter what. I must admit though the 2010 tundra I currently own is a lot better rust proofed all over sheet metal and chrome parts than my 2007 tundra was a rust bucket after 2 years. I wouldn’t buy a 2007 tundra for anything.

  7. Dave says:

    I have used this for over a year in Wisconsin. It has made it through hunting in the spring (trail driving through overflowing rivers) and the winter (trail driving in 2 feet of snow). You will get sand and mosture in the reciever portion of this safe. I have used tape to cover the hole in the back of the vault, which worked a little bit. The sand and road grit that got in the reciever caused the vault sliders to get stuck in the reciever, resulting in having to pry it out of the reciever, breaking the vault and getting a replacement from the company (they were great about it). I now use automotive grease on the outside of the vault and along the sliders to prevent the sticking from the road grit getting in there (don’t forget to check it one in a while and wipe out the old greese and put new on). The drawer has done great and I haven’t had any problems with the combination freezing or not being able to remove it from the vault. I do however, put my spare key in a ziploc bag for protection.

  8. Sam says:

    I have used this product when i go surfing in SoCal. It provides a secure location to hide the key/remote. It serves its purpose just fine, and its alot better than hiding keys in the rocks. I keep it clean, and sprayed with WD40, and have had no problems. I would recommend it to anyone sharing similar needs and climate.

  9. Will says:

    This product is only for security and peace of mind that you will never be locked out again.
    Secures spare car, boat, and even home keys. Conceal your valuables, license, credit cards, and cash during outdoor sports.

  10. Disappointed & Angry says:

    R U S T S !!!!!!! I am working my way through a *second* can of WD-40, still rusted and stuck inside the receiver. RUSTS!!!

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