Toyota Tundra Headlight Modifications – Headlight Revolution

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There are a new series of Youtube videos covering making headlight modifications on your Toyota Tundra. They are by a company called Headlight Revolution and we have included the first few on this post. You should check them out for some interesting modification ideas. Logo projectors anyone?

YouTube Preview Image

Not quite sure how useful these logo projectors would be besides creating a cool effect when the doors open at night. However, if you are really into modding your truck, we can certainly see all sorts of cool applications for them.

If these aren’t your thing, how about different reverse lights?

YouTube Preview Image

And the last one, we found deals with upgrading your fog lights. This is an interesting yet useful idea for drivers in certain driving situations.

YouTube Preview Image

They have created a Youtube channel and you can follow them for all their headlight modifications. The company, Headlight Revolution, seems to carry a large assortment of different headlights and modification information, check out their website.

What do you think, anything catch your eye?

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  1. Mickey says:

    Definitely a Wow factor. Those projectors are a different look indeed. I like them. Maybe a thing to try. I really like the HID fog ligs he did. Those are a must. Will check him out for HID lights for the H11 and 9005 parts.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I think they are polarizing myself. You either love them or you absolutely hate them. I don’t see a middle ground.


  2. Larry says:

    This is joke right?

    If not,,,,, no wonder people can’t afford health insurance and are not saving nothing for retirement.


  3. GoBig says:

    I think they are kind of cool. However, my Toyota is so old, there is no power in the doors, (manual windows and locks)and I would have to run the cord a ways to get some.

  4. George says:

    It’s no secret the factory head lights are week. I upgraded to the sylvania ultras on my 08 Tundra wich claimed to be 40% brighter, they are and are not blue just bright white. They were less than HID’s with rebate about $70 for high bean and regular. Unfortunately they don’ t have one for the fog lights I will give these Revolutions a try.

  5. Sean says:

    I agree, these are definitely not for everybody, but I love how easy they are to install. I think I’m gonna get some of the projectors for my doors

  6. Rob E says:

    A few things: GTR is not the only company with the Toyota Trucks logo, that kit is identical to the kit available from ORACLE – Toyota Trucks logo, Toyota, and TRD Offroad logos available. I’ve done 3 sets of these myself, and you shouldn’t follow the instructions in the demo vid since it only works because he got lucky with the logo size. Most of these projectors incorporate a halo around the outside graphic, and doing it thus doing the way he shows in the vid will absolutely cut off part of that halo since the hole saw placement is done with the door panel off vs. off the vehicle. You need to keep it as close to the outside edge as possible or you’ll end up with a partially obstructed logo by the door’s bottom edge. Also, soldering is way overkill – very easy to crimp female spade connections to your wiring and attach to the existing frame tabs of the OEM puddle lamp. Lastly, if you’re 2011 or newer you’re not gonna have this nice of a time since you no longer get door puddle lamps with that year & up – still do-able if you can run your own wiring out the cab from the courtesy circuit to the door.

  7. Rob E says:

    Another option: If you’d like to have your own custom logo done that’s not copyrighted you can have a custom set of logo projectors made by ORACLE. Cost is $200 for the one time setup fee + each pair of projectors ordered there on after. http://www.automotivelightstor.....ector.aspx

  8. HID lights are the best headlights available now. They are brighter, consumes only less power and last longer.

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