Greatest RV-Boat-Van Vehicle Ever

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This RV-Boat-Van vehicle is going to blow your mind. Trust us, watch the video and try not to let your jaw drop.

YouTube Preview Image

Wow, right! It is a van that looks like it has room to RV in along with a matching boat (the boat looks pretty cool in its own right). I, for one, want to find this guy and ask about a thousand questions. I mean how do you even get the idea for this? Tell us more about that amazing paint job and I want more pictures on how the whole thing works. In any case, it is really, really cool.

Really cool right?

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  1. mk says:

    Proves with money you can do almost anything?

  2. Mickey says:

    Seems so mk, seems so. Personally it looks nice but that is as far as I will go with that. Can’t take that down the bayou to fish, catch shrimp, crabs and oysters.

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