GM’s OnStar Used to Locate Stolen Toyota Tundra

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The OnStar system seems to be creating a large hurdle for professional car-jackers. Although designed to provide a number of convenient services, OnStar

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  1. first one to coment says:

    thats cool how they can trak down the cars with all star but also scarry at the same time but anyways I hope that the people that stole got there tundra and hhr get there cars returned

  2. Mickey says:

    Had Lojack in my 03 F-150. It was a good system but according to the ford people at the dealership tried blaming my computer problems on it. I bought it there at the dealership also. They even moved it without permission and kinked the fiber optic so it malfunction. I contacted lowjack and they sent someone out to repair it and mounted it again. You’re not suppose to know where it is on the vehicle but the dealership made it known. Lowjack got it to work and the guy was very professional and he stated he wasn’t allowed to say anything bad about Ford and he knows what they do. Lowjack wasn’t the cause for my computer failures. Ford factory workers were.

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