What Type of Fuel Does the 2016 Nissan Titan V8 Gasoline Engine Use?

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An ongoing question among truck fans after watching a promotion for the new 2016 Nissan Titan V8 gasoline engine, is what kind of fuel does it take? Here is the answer.

Nissan Gas

I reached out to Nissan for comment since the footage in the promotion seems to indicate the engine will use premium unleaded fuel – see: more expensive fuel. This isn’t the case according to Steve Parrett, Manager, Southeast and South Central Region Communications. He says, the TITAN V8 gas was designed to run on regular fuel.

“In that shot we filled it with premium,” Parrett said, “as that was the nozzle closest to the diesel and thus more visually impactful.”

For more information on the V8 engine, please check out our post: Nissan Launches New V8 Gas Engine – What You Need to Know

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  1. GoBig says:

    Thanks Tim.

    I wasn’t trying to open a can of worms with this issue, but I noticed that 1 second frame in the video, and with the compression numbers of the engine, it seemed conceivable.

    My snowmobiles require premium, and that adds up quick in my neck of the woods. 🙂

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      No problem. It was a good question and the Nissan contacts are really good people. I never hesitate to reach out to them with any questions.


  2. tonyspin says:

    I’ll stand by my post in the other thread. If the compression ratio is 11.2 to 1, it will need at least 89 octane, and probably 91.

  3. Dave says:

    People keep calling this a 5/8 and point to the weight
    But the best thing about this truck is that it says 1500 on the tail gate.
    you get 1500 ride and handling with a big dose of
    HD heaped on it.
    Nothing new there has been a mission creep for all trucks since they were first devised,always getting bigger and brawnier.
    Oh the other companies will follow Nissan’s lead you can bet your bottom dollar.
    Immediately after the Titan XD won truck of Texas in a clean sweep of the awards that totaled no less than all of the awards possible, Ford announced it too would follow Nissan and have a 150 with a diesel.I guess there is nothing better than being shell shocked at the Texas truck Rodeo to line up behind a winning strategy .
    The other companies will follow Nissan’s lead as well.
    For now Nissan has the brute of the 1/2 ton trucks
    in the Titan XD . Next Spring I predict the regular Titan
    may well be the real shocker in Nissan’s line up.
    I could see Nissan making a much lighter titan perhaps with coils in back to get the sport truck crown as well
    after all they already have Brute sewn up, with a peerless
    engine and all.

  4. BobG says:

    One of the benefits of direct injection is a higher compression ratio without the penalty of a higher octane requirement. With direct injection the timing and amount of fuel can be accurately controlled, and even injected during the compression stroke. This is nothing new, as there are several naturally aspirated, direct injection engines out there with 11:1 and greater compression ratios that run on regular grade fuel.

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