TRD 5.7 Tundra Supercharger Specs – 504 HP and 550 LB-FT Torque!

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Toyota has officially listed the TRD Supercharger for the 5.7L Tundra in their “Parts Sales Guide.”

Here are the official specs: The 5.7 with the supercharger makes 504 HP and 550 lb-ft of torque. The list price for the entire kit is $5,875. Dealer cost is about $5,000 (but good luck buying one for that).

The total cost (including installation) is going to be around $6,800 – based on a labor rate of $105 an hour. If you’re trying to get a better price than MSRP, try negotiating off that installed price. Maybe the dealer will knock a little off since you’re doing the install with them.


  • Unique design fully integrated into the engine with the latest generation Eatonยฎ Twin Vortices System (TVS) roots-type rotor pack.
  • The twin four-lobe rotors feature 160-degree twist improves air-handling, noise, and vibration characteristics

Kit includes:

  • High flow fuel injectors, single belt drive, and lower heat range iridium-tip spark plugs.
  • Water-to-air intercooler system with a custom low temperature radiator (LTR)
  • A new performance air Intake system is included in the kit with a TRD re-useable performance filter, Intake Flow Accelerator and a larger upper air box lid with a filter service gauge.
  • 50-State emissions legal.

Power: 504hp up from 381hp / torque 550lb-ft up from 401lb-ft.

Installation: Installation time is approximately 9 hours with the first installation likely to take longer. Installation instructions are available on TIS. To aid in installation , TRD has developed a hoist mounting bracket that bolts directly onto the supercharger housing lid. The bracket is made from stamped steel and plated to prevent rust (PTR25-34070).

Engine calibration reflash is available through TIS using your scan tool or TechStream device. No other special tools or adapters are required.

Warranty: Warranty is the same as other TRD powertrain components: 12 months or 12,000 miles or the balance of the 5 year/60,000 mile new car powertrain warranty, whichever is greater, when installed by an authorized Toyota dealer. Superchargers installed by anyone other than an authorized Toyota dealer are warranted for 12 months or 12,000 miles. Specific warranty information is included with the supercharger

Sales Notes: This TRD supercharger is to be sold only as a dealer installed or over-the-counter option after retail sale of the vehicle. This supercharger may not be sold to the customer at the same time as the new vehicle and may not be financed together with the new vehicle.

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  • https://tundraheadquarters com/trd-57-tundra-supercharger-specs-504-hp-and-550-lb-ft-torque/#:~:text=Power: 504hp up from 381hp instructions are available on TIS

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  1. Ian says:


  2. OneidaBill says:

    I’ve had my supercharger installed on my 07 Tundra last week. As Ian said, “WOW!!!!!!!”. With a dual exaust installed, my ScanMeter says the 5.7L puts out 574 HP when the boost reaching near 10lbs. It’s not a truck anymore……. it’s a ROCKET!!!!!

    • brandon says:

      what exhaust did you put on and did you remap it after the dealer installed it ?or is 10 pounds of boost stock with the trd super charger

      • Jason (Admin) says:

        brandon – Stock boost settings (which are 8.5 lbs I think), plus TRD exhaust which is good for a few HP (5-10).

    • Gene Toffoli says:

      I have a supercharged 2007 5.7 Toyota truck. I want to increase the boost to 15psi or increase horsepower by 100. Any suggestions.

      • buff says:

        DON’T, you’ll leave the engine on the ground…….

      • Anonymous says:

        U can change the supercharger pulley and get more boost .its a smaller pulley u get 2pounds of boost more and then add the bullydog.don’t go smaller with the pulley u will b to lean on gas and there is no way to get more gas to the motor


  3. OneidaBill – Awesome – congrats on the new supercharger! 574 HP – it’s got to be fast. Why not join TundraNetwork and upload some pics?

  4. Mike says:

    I already have the TRD intake … will Toyota sell the kit with out the intake?

  5. Mike says:

    Answered my own question: The Supercharger Kit includes a fitment kit that has a TRD intake, according to TRD although mine looks similar it is not the same and will not work with the Supercharger … fricknfrack!!!

  6. Aj says:

    where can I purchase the supercharger, does it have to be from toyota

  7. AJ – You can buy the TRD supercharger from any Toyota dealer. My advice is to buy it from the dealer and ask them to do the install – that’s the only way to protect the factory powertrain warranty. Otherwise, you can buy one of any number of universal superchargers and get it custom fitted, but I doubt it would save much money or match the TRD unit’s performance.

  8. Byron says:

    with the supercharger installed what happened to your gas milage? and is it really worth it in your opinions. thanks

  9. Brendan says:

    I am curious about what your gas milage would do also, I know if you are on it no chance of anything normal. But if you drive like you do normally what would you get.

    I am see about 17 MPG

  10. Byron – If you floor it all the time, it’s about 14mpg. If you drive it normal, it’s about the same as a non-supercharged Tundra. The problem is it requires premium gas, so don’t buy it if you’re worried about spending too much money for fuel.

    • Mike says:

      14!!? Yeah right! I have a 6″ lifted Tundra Crewmax with 35″ Toyo M/Ts. If you floor it all of the time I get 6-7 mpg. If I am cruising the interstate at 70 mph I get 11-12 mpg.

      • Chad says:

        lol, I feel you pain, I got a 2012 Platinum edition with a 6″ lift and 37’s, best it gets is 10mpg. I’m thinking of going with a dual BAMuffler system and looking at some cold air intakes now to try and squeeze a few more mpg out of it.

  11. john says:

    do they make the supercharger for the 07 tundra 4.7

  12. John – Not at this time.

  13. Andy says:

    Does any one know of any performance numbers? I would like to know 0-60 times and guartter mile speed and times. Thanks, Andy

  14. Khalid says:

    heres a question that i would like to know..

    can toyota FJ with every damn racing parts including turbo , supercharge beat a toyota 1 door tundra with every TRD part (supercharger, exhaust, filter)???

  15. Khalid – Yes. Absolutely. Actually, I have no idea. But my guess would be yes.

  16. OneidaBill says:

    I have had my supercharger on my Tundra since the middle of June. Without towing my RV, I get from 24 mpg to 26 mpg, driving at 60 mph. Towing my 28′ trailer, I get around 12-14 mpg on the freeway and around 9-10 mpg in the mountains. While towing, if I need to pass, I just pass without waiting for downhills or following winds to do it. When I’m in the mountains, I just wave at the “Rams”, “F-250s” and GMCs as cruise by in the fast lane. Since I have to use 91 octane gas and the great increase in mileage, I should recovery my investment in the supercharger in a few years. Speaking about fast my Tundra is: if I set the traction contol to “off” and driving around 30 mph, if I put the pedal to the floor, I will light up the tires!!

    • Anonymous says:

      What was your mpg before the charger

      • Anthony says:

        I got a 2013 tundra with Hennessey high performance package and supercharger. Although Hennessey put it in its still covered under toyota as long as nothing was installed wrong. I also get way better gas mileage with the supercharger I’m getting average of 16 in town and about 20 on Highway. Idk where you guys are getting these outrageously low mileages from?

  17. Anonymous says:

    That sounds great OneidaBill.

  18. Vic says:

    I have had the supercharger on my ’07 since the end of July. All I can say is AWESOME. I had it dyno’d last week, the engine is at 504 hp and I have 403.3 hp to the wheels. I just had Doug Thorley short pipe headers installed & will dyno again next week, the TRD dual exhaust didn’t initially add squat, so now with the headers it might. For those of you who are considering adding the S/c, don’t worry about your mpg. The thing is to enjoy your Tundra to it’s max. Wave tata to those other trucks in your dust. The best price I found was at, 5,325.00 + 175.00 shipping.

  19. cris says:

    is there any way i can get one of the trd superchargers through a sponsorship? my tundra is well known on youtube as well as cardomain where it is #1 and has been since i put it on! i am always getting people asking me where i get my work done, whats done, what do i have/reccomend etc. so yeah my truck is quite an attention grapper i am willing to do car shows and things of that nature but i can probably only afford install right now not the sc and fit kit lol so help me please i really want one, can anyone help me?

  20. criminal assassins tundra owner says:

    is there any way i can get one of the trd superchargers through a sponsorship? my tundra is well known on youtube as well as cardomain where it is #1 and has been since i put it on! i am always getting people asking me where i get my work done, whats done, what do i have/reccomend etc. so yeah my truck is quite an attention grapper i am willing to do car shows and things of that nature but i can probably only afford install right now not the sc and fit kit lol so help me please i really want one, can anyone help me?

  21. joe n says:

    i had the sc installed on my 07 dcsb 4×4 and its fast. it took about a week before the transmission took a crap but no problems with the new one.i caught up to a ford lighting in indio ca and i spanked him a couple of times, he couldnt believe it, then i told him i have a sc and he said thats why and he took off real fast to try to get the jump on me and i walked by him again this thing is a rocket and i gained 2 mpg!

  22. tundravic says:

    Since my last post, having the Doug Thorleys installed, I had a chance to dyno my ’07. I now have 449.96 hp to the wheels and right at 600 at the crank. I’ve smoked a few Dodges, ‘Stangs, Fords and Chevys. I’m still wanting to give it a go with an SV10. Once the weather improves, I’m gonna try the 1/4 up in Sac. Let you know more then.

  23. tundravic says:

    I oughta qualify my statement about ‘smokin’ truck and cars, so far, I haven’t found a truck that can touch me, as far as the cars go, I’ve totally smoked quite a few of them and some of the others I’ve definitelt given them a go. I reckon they aren’t expecting a 7,000 pound 4×4 to stay with them.

    • carl says:

      I’ve smoked a Porsche Boxster in a quarter mile from a standing start with my 08 Tundra 5.7l

  24. Mike s says:

    IS the TRD supercharger for everyday use?? and howmuch can it do from 0–6- mph ??

  25. Mike s says:

    **how much


  26. Mike – You can absolutely drive a supercharged Tundra as a daily driver. If you don’t get into it, it drives just like a regular Tundra (albeit just a touch faster). Gas mileage figures are all over the place, but figure 14 mpg on the low side with some owners reporting 20 mpg.

  27. Thomas J says:

    The ’08 and ’09 Land Cruiser has the same 5.7L V8 as the Tundra. Anyone know if it can also be fitted with the same TRD supercharger as the Tundra?

  28. Thomas – The supercharger will fit, but the new program for the ECU to accommodate the supercharger is the trick. Considering that Toyota has a program for the Sequoia with the supercharger, it’s a safe bet one will be available soon.

  29. TONY says:

    TUNDRAVIC offical call out for you. $1000 bucks at sac raceway my tbss vs your truck that smokes every other truck out there.

    Put up or shut up.

  30. Stephan says:

    I had a supercharger installed on my trd toyota tundra 2007 5.7L last week. I’m from canada and the weather here is pretty cold during the winter.

    My supercharger will work up until 3600-3800rpm, after that it doesn’t want to push more…….My dealer looked at the problem and didn’t find anything wrong with the ecu program etc. They called their tech line, and they were told that it’s normal that under 32F (outside temperature) that the supercharge doesn’t blow anymore….

    Do you also have this problem, and do you know how to fix it?



  31. Tony – You should have challenged him to meet you by the flagpole at 3:15.

  32. Stephan – Sounds like it’s working right to me. I’d hate to force a bunch of freezing air into a hot motor…can’t be good for it.

  33. Brad says:

    Not sure what the tbss stands for unless you mean trail blazer.
    and if so, I am also wondering what a flag pole has to do with anything.
    As far as cold hurting the engine, that would have nothing to do with it. The last statement by the admin proves that he knows nothing about mechanics

  34. Brad – The flagpole is a reference to the juvenile nature of the challenge, i.e. “meet me by the flagpole at 3:15.” Sorry if that was over your head. The cold air in the supercharger is most definitely the issue – if you knew anything about mechanics, you’d know that fuel doesn’t atomize properly at low temperatures (like freezing). Therefore, a NORMAL fuel-injected engine needs to pump in excess fuel to maintain proper function in cold weather – at least until everything has warmed up. In some climates, I would like to point out, engines take minutes and/or hours to warm to proper operating temperature. SO, if you’re stuffing hundreds of cubic feet of cold air into a cold engine, you risk overwhelming an already taxed fuel system and running “lean.” If you want to know the risks of running lean, try it out and get back to me. Any other questions?

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi, I have 2010 tundra 4×4 crewmax I install trd supercharger but I don’t know where to go get dyno tune. I live in Fresno Cali . Any one know where can I go get it dyno ?

  35. Brad – One more thing – pumping hundreds of cubic feet of freezing air into an engine via a supercharger doesn’t help the engine warm up, hence the computer’s decision not to operate below freezing.

  36. Chris says:

    Good call Jason!

  37. Brandon says:

    So, is anyone actually going to respond to Tony’s call out?

  38. Mickey says:

    Who cares about Tony? Since Tundravic stated he will go up to sac he will meet up with Tony. Also I’m sure this forum doesn’t sanction racing unless at a track.

  39. olis64 says:

    I’m thinking about getting a sc for my ’07 dc. The only problem is the premium fuel. I don’t pay for my fuel and it’s 87 octane. Would it be ok to run it w/ 87 octane as long as I don’t load up the motor too much?

  40. Mickey says:

    JAson great explanation.

  41. olis64 – No – you’ve got to run the premium octane to have a supercharger.

  42. muad says:

    can i install this SC on a 5.7 Land Cruiser and can i overcome the problem mention above by using MOTEC m800 also programing it by my self ?

  43. muad – No idea. I don’t know what a MOTEC m800 is, but if it’s a programmer, you’ve got a shot. There are some performance shops that can help you with this type of project.

  44. brett says:

    Does the new ECU affect the speed limiter? I’m curious as to what the top speed might be with the right tires.

  45. Brett – I don’t believe so.

  46. […] TRD 5.7 Tundra Supercharger Specs – 504 HP and 550 LB-FT Torque! | Tundra Headquarters . com wow….. how about that!!! Stock is 381 HP correct? […]

  47. tundravic says:

    I’ll see you at sac, right now it’ll have to be for bragging rights as I am on an involuntary vacation from work. Hope you understand. I’m wanting to get to sac just to see what it’ll do in the 1/4. When is the best time? I’ve heard differing comments. Need a little assist here. we will both see what this thing will do on a straight run.


  48. tundravic says:

    You asked about the speed limiter back in Feb., sorry to all, I don’t get on the ‘puter that much.
    Anyway, if your question hasn’t been answered yet, maybe I can help. when they reflashed my ECU, I can turn my VSC off and I haven’t found the ‘top speed’ yet, not that I’m really trying. Robert at Performance DynoTune in Oakdale had mine on the dyno checking my speedomoter. He had the needle pegged past 125, looked at his display and quit the test saying “I’m chickening out, your tires aren’t rated” for 165. He also stated that it was still accelerating. I have the dyno sheets to verify, bith with just the supercharger and with the Doug Thorleys. I’m running BFG 305/55 on 20″ rims.
    Send me an e-mail, I’ll send you a copy.

    • Cory says:

      Hello, I was reading an old post of yours concerning the supercharger you installed on your Tundra truck. If you have time, could you send me the dyno charts for the superchareger and with the Doug Thorley headers on. I’m curious if it makes much of a difference.
      Thanks again, Cory

  49. Vic – That’s crazy man – good to hear. Can’t believe they dumped the speed limiter…so unlike Toyota.

    • brandonm says:

      ya i had my 2012 supercharged tundra go past the 120 mph that’s all it reads so no idea how fast it will really go wind resistance at that point will slow ya down. i don’t have a exhaust on it yet and would like to know best performance exhaust with out retuning ecu not sure if anyone around does that around here plus i am worried about the factory warranty?

      • Rick says:


        My 2012 Tundra SCed gives out at 110 mph. It just stops accelerating. I’ve had it reflashed twice with the same results. I am frankly disappointed by the SC’s power. My ECU is giving me a hard time and no one seems to be able to help.


  50. Gutz says:

    tundravic-Can you send me a dyno sheet of your Tundra? I am about to install this SC on my 5.7 Tundra and just wanted to see this for my self. Thanks!

  51. joe says:

    If I purchase supercharger do I have to change the exhaust. I don’t want to give up the quietness of the vechile.

  52. Joe – You can run the supercharger with the stock exhaust no problem…but the TRD exhaust (or a good after market kit) will probably give you a touch more power.

    • Brian says:

      which exhaust setup is best with the supercharger? size of pipe? Im thinking borla cat back. Do not know much about x pipe and h pipes. thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      Borla makes a good exhaust quiet until floored

  53. Kevin Harper says:

    I recently bought an 09 Tundra with the TRD offroad package… And I was looking into buying the TRD Supercharger but my truck has the flexfuel option will I be able to install one? I heard the Supercharger wasn’t compatible with flex fuel systems… Is there any way around this?

  54. Kevin – Not that I’m aware of. The flex-fuel Tundras have different fuel pumps, fuel system components, different spark plugs, and a different engine map. The engine map can be re-programmed, the kit upgrades the fuel pump, but the spark plugs might be the issue. I’m thinking that Toyota will come up with some sort of adaptation kit for your truck. You’ll probably have to wait a while, however.

  55. Kevin Harper says:

    What about removal of the flex fuel kit?Is that possible or is it too extensive and complicated?

    • Kevin – I think Toyota is working on offering something that will replace the spark plugs and adjust for flex-fuel…at least I hope so. I’ll send an email and see if I can get an answer.

  56. Kevin Harper says:

    Thank You very much Jason you have been extremely helpful… Lemme know how it goes I’ve tried emailing myself but to no avail!
    Thx, again

  57. […] intercooler system with a custom low temperature radiator (LTR)" is what i read at: TRD 5.7 Tundra Supercharger Specs – 504 HP and 550 LB-FT Torque! | Tundra Headquarters I guess i just […]

  58. BigMombo says:

    2009 Toyota Tundra Crew Max 4×4 Rock Warrior — Less than 60 miles so far. I want to do a S/C isntallation, but this truck has the Flex Fuel engine. I had no idea that would have been a problem or I would have traveled to another state and bought a non-FF version. Bummer. Please Admin… if you get any news on the solution for Flex engines… post it here. This is the only source I have found where this issue is being actively discussed.

    In the meantime I am installing the Volant PowerCore Air Intake and MagnaFlow Dual Rear-Exit exhaust system.

    This entire setup will be very close to what I did on my 2004 H2. The only component I have not found is the after market Mass Airflow Sensor for the Tundra. It made a huge difference in the 6.0L H2 performance.

    Cool Runnings, BigMombo

  59. r0adpirate says:

    i also wanting to get a sprchrgr for my 2009 tundra rock package i have flexfuel and this is the only place were its really discused. how can this be solved. any alternatives trd decided to do about flexfuels and suprchargers?…
    what if just dont put e85 ha!

  60. r0adpirate says:

    i never knew…whats crazy is im from va where flexfuel is not offered i got the truck in kansas city kansas were flexfuel vehicles are sold.

  61. Eloy says:

    I just picked up an ’09. Do you guys know if its available for the 09 yet?

  62. Eloy – Yes, just so long as your truck isn’t flex fuel.
    BigMombo and Roadpirate – Still waiting for a response from TRD.

  63. V-force says:

    I purchased a sc for my 2008 Toyota Tundra 5.7 in October 2008 and have the same problem with the cold climate in Canada. The truck screams up to 100 km/h then after that revs out to 5000 rpm speedo barley moves and the truck dosen’t wanna shift. The dealership told me that the sc runs optimal at 8 celsius and warmer with no restrictions. I have had it out in 13 celsius and the same thing when you get it past 100km/h put the peddle to the floor it revs out 5000 rpm and the speedo barley moves. If you put the peddle down 3/4 it picks up a little better but not much and you gotta let off the peddle for it to shift then give it gas again and it picks up but more like a stock truck not a sc one. Can anybody help me out are give me an answer on what I should do?

  64. V-force – That doesn’t sound proper to me – has the dealership checked it out?

  65. V-force says:

    Ya they give me the run around saying wait until we get warmer weather and see how it runs then that’s what the Trd group told the dealership they do all there trouble shooting with them. I’m just wondering if there reflash took properly. Might have them reflash it and see what happens if it’s still the same they can keep the truck until they correct the issue didn’t spent all that money to have the truck perform at or below the stock version.

  66. V-force says:

    Just talked to the dealership today and they say TRD has a software update for my SC let’s hope this takes care of the problem with the poor performance on the top end!

  67. Eloy says:

    I called my Toyota contact today and they said the ’09 SC kits are not available yet. I then called TRD and they said they have not started to work on the ’09s yet. = (

  68. Eloy – I stand corrected. I was looking through the TRD parts catalog and I thought I saw part numbers for the 2009. My mistake. Perhaps there will be a supercharger for the 09 that works with flex fuel…or perhaps they’re just behind.

  69. V-force – That’s good news – a software update could be all that’s needed to fix the problem. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  70. V-force says:

    We will see what happens seems like some SC owners were having cold weather issues as well. Wont be getting the update until the 14 of May I will let you know the outcome.

  71. JW says:

    I just purchased an 09 Tundra Crew Max 4×4 w/ TRD Off-Road Package and I love it. I decided to take it up a notch with the recent purchase of a SC from (awesome customer service and pricing) as well. After reading through all comments on this page, I am wondering if it is worth getting the dual exhaust output (my truck has a dual input, single output system) and some headers at the sametime the SC will be installed. If so, there are so many brands of headers, what works best for the Tundra and what exhaust system can compete with the TRD exhaust at a responsible price with a sound that provides silence inside and just enough attention on the out? It appears that the exhaust really has no impact except the sound and how much difference would the headers make? Finally, I am looking at getting into the whole truck show crowd and was looking for the best ways to get sponsors to fund this possible new hobby of mine…any advice would be helpful.

  72. JW – I’m a big fan on matching headers to a supercharger. The normal Tundra exhaust manifold is pretty damn spectacular for the stock setup – – but you’ll see some gains if you add headers to a supercharged rig. JBA has been recommended to me in the past, but I don’t have any evidence or info to support that recommendation. As for a dual exhaust, we don’t recommend the TRD setup because of the high cost. It’s pretty expensive compared to just about everyone else’s product, and considering that you’re going to be adding headers anyways, you might look at a complete system from JBA. As for sponsors, send us an email and we can get you some ideas.

  73. […] is still speculation… no need to get all angsty just yet. Supercharged output is impressive: TRD 5.7 Tundra Supercharger Specs – 504 HP and 550 LB-FT Torque! | Tundra Headquarters According to this, it weighs 219kg which is 482 pounds (without supercharger) The N62 engine (bmw […]

  74. Dave says:

    Read the comments above I noticed that a lot of you are getting pretty good fuel economy with your supercharged Tundras. I have a 2008 CrewMax with a SC and TRD duel exhaust, 3″ lift with 33″ tires. I can’t seem to get better than 14 mpg on the highway and 11-12 mpg with a mix of hwy/city. I have had this setup since the truck had 500 miles on it and it was all installed at the dealership. I towed a trailer with one 4-wheeler on it awhile back and got about 7 mpg pretty consistently on a 800-900 mile trip! I took it in to the dealership and they say it is normal and blamed it on “driving condition” — in other words: ME. I have done many tests being a “grandma driver” and a “grand prix driver” and don’t see much difference in the results. Any thoughts?

  75. Mickey says:

    Dave you have a 4×4? The 3″ lift and 33 tires doen’t help in mpg… The lift adds drag and those tires aren’t street tires which is known for better mpg. I have an 07 Crewmax Limited 4×2. I also have an AFE CAI along with Borla Pro XS complete duels. I get fro 19-23+mpg. I have the 18″ Duellers street tires. I have 58000+ miles on mine. In order to get the most mpg’s I do 55 on the interstate when speed limit is 70.

  76. mr.ego says:

    Once again, please tell – are any modification on computer software fo? tundra 08 required as i’m going to install SC by myself?

  77. mr.ego says:

    ..and one more question: as seen on first TRD trailers about SC, there was RC 2×4. Is it really possible to drive such a powered truck on 2WD or is it safe for the truck’s differentials, drivetrain, transmission, etc. to gain this additional power?

  78. Dave says:

    Mickey, my truck is a 4×4 limited.

    I have a friend that got the exact same truck as me (tires, lift, 4×4, etc.) and he gets 16+mpg on the highway and still 13 mpg or so while pulling a trailer. Could a supercharger really make that much of a difference? If so, why does the literature say that it will improve your gas mileage slightly?

    I think I just need to buy a bigger tank…. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mr. Ego, from what I understand the dealership did when they installed mine, it did require a reflash of the computer with updated software…

  79. mr. ego – You absolutely need access to a Toyota diagnosis machine to install the new software for the supercharged Tundra. As for your question about the 2wd Tundra being able to handle all that extra juice – absolutely. Every 5.7 Tundra is built for that kind of extra power.

  80. mr.ego says:

    Thank you, friends! It seems to me, that on 2WD question we are talking about different things – i meant “what should\can we do to use SC Tundra power effectively.” It’s not a secret that it rather burn your tires or jump (if the surface’s not very even), than speed up. So, we put extra load in bed or deflate tires or use wide slick tires or what? What can we really do?

  81. mr.ego says:

    .. or everyone, who show 5.2 sec. or something like that uses 4WD?

    As for software reflash – what should i do if i leave outside US & Canada? That was the reason why i’ve decided to istall it by myself (why should i pay money if our toyota dealership knows about what tundra is the same as i know, or even less). So, my case obviously is to get the software and make a use of it somehow..

  82. sgtmetal says:

    Hey I just recently bought 09 TRD rock warrior. I was wondering if there was any updates on the S/C being available for the flex-fuel engines. I would never bought a flex-fuel had I known I was not going to be able to buy a S/C that was a big selling point in buying tundra.

  83. Mr Ego – Not sure what to do about the programming issue, but you’re definitely going to need access to a Toyota diag setup. As for making sure the power stays on the pavement, drag slicks would work quite nicely.

  84. sgtmetal – No word on the flex-fuel TRD supercharger or the update for the 09’s. You’ll know when we know.

  85. Jim Smith says:

    I just purchased an 09′ Tundra 4×4 Double Cab 5.7L a few weeks ago. I have been told since mine is a flex fuel engine I can’t put the TRD supercharger on it. Is there anything else I can do?

  86. Jim Smith says:

    Sorry for the last post. I didn’t read the last few posts. I would not have bought the flex fuel either had I known the SC sould not work.

  87. Mickey says:

    Sorry to hear about that Jim. I didn’t know that till I read this article too. I don’t have a 2009 but a 2007.

  88. Eloy says:

    Im still impatiently waiting for the sc kit to work with the 09. = (

  89. Eloy says:

    JW, did you get the SC kit installed on your truck yet?

  90. mk says:

    flex fuel vehicles are not the way to go. I had one on my past silverado and ran it exclusively on E85 for several months of fillups and instead of 17-18 mpg average driving, it dropped every fillup to only 13.5 mph. The cheaper E85 gas does not save you any money out of your pocket. I figured just to break even, the E85 gas has to be 25% cheaper (which it is usually not unless gas prices go back up to 4 bucks or more per gallon) than regular 87 octane and about 30% cheaper to make a profit. Sorry to get off the topic, rock on superchargers with your rocket engines – my 5.7L stock V8 tundra is more than plenty to blow most everything off the road the way it is except my neighbors vet.

  91. Sgtmetal says:

    So I called the dealer where I purchased my truck and spoke with their head tech. I asked him the difference between the flex fuel engine and the normal 5.7 as I did not know. I also asked him why the TRD supercharger wouldnt work with the flex fuel.

    He said the difference between the flex fuel engines was non other than the injectors and hoses. He could not give me an answer as to why it wouldnt work and said he would call me back.

    Well I got a call from him today. It seems the flex fuel engines with the supercharger installed in their tests were not passing emissions test. But he could not tell me why.

    I am thinking there is a larger difference between these engines then the hoses and injectors. I dont have any proof and if anyone has any input I am open ears.

  92. Sgtmetal – The E85 engine has a different set of injectors and a different fuel pump, and I’m guessing these are the reason that the supercharger won’t work. Still, just like you and the guys at your Toyota dealership I’m not 100% about it. I’m sure that EPA regs are a problem as well – that was the reason for the delay on the supercharger in the first place.

  93. mk says:

    I would never buy a 2010 tundra with E85 flexfuel option. Like I said, it does not pay and is worse for the engine as a whole and probably cannot get a supercharger for all you speed guys. I also have been doing some reading and the E85 flexfuel engines require or recommend oil changes every 2500 miles instead of the 5K recommended oil changes. For this reason alone along with several others including not being able to get a supercharger if you want one and getting 25% less fuel economy makes this for me a no brainer. I just hope not too many 2010 tundra new models have the flexfuel option.

  94. mk – Good points, but I think the 2500 mile interval is all wet. Check out this blog post:

  95. Sgtmetal says:

    I would be more then happy give up my flex fuel option and change out the injectors and fuel pump if it ment I would get a supercharger. I didnt buy the fastest 1/2 ton in production to try to save on fuel cost haha. If I wanted a car with good on fuel economy I would gotten a smart car.

    I hope Toyota can resolve this problem or at least offer the option for flex fuel owners to convert over so we can use the supercharger.

  96. Tex says:

    I will buy a 5.7 (extended cab) in a few weeks, and I’m toying with the idea of adding a few mods. Right now, I’m thinking (in order, purchased as the budget permits):

    1) magnaflow exhaust
    2) K&N 77 CAI
    3) S&P throttle body spacer
    4) unichip
    5) TRD supercharger

    I see that the s/c comes with a TRD CAI…does anyone know if the s/c is compatible with the K&N? The unichip site says you can re-flash to accommodate the s/c…what kind of boost should I expect from the chip + s/c?

    Are headers worth the extra expense? The JBAs mentioned above are $714.


  97. Tex says:

    Another thing…I’ve seen that your reviews of the other K&N CAI weren’t that great (you recommended the AFE). Does that hold true for the 77 as well?

  98. Tex – My opinion? First, the TBS is a gimmick. Not worth the funds. Second, if you’re really going to be able to get the supercharger, the cold air intake is probably a waste of funds. The cold air kit will have to be thrown out or re-sold when you get the supercharger b/c the supercharger comes with it’s own setup. As for the rest, not a bad list. I think the headers are a great investment if you plan to add the supercharger. Otherwise, you might think about sticking with the stock manifolds – they’re very ‘header’ like from the factory.

  99. Tex – Yes – the 77 and the 67 are the same intake. One is chrome, one is not.

  100. Tex says:

    thanks, I certainly don’t want to invest in something that won’t help. I’m just now getting in to this stuff.

  101. Tex says:

    this may be old news for everybody, but for what it’s worth, the mechanic at my local dealership said that k&n developed the TRD intake.

  102. Tex – I think that’s just a rumor. I’ve heard that aFe made the TRD CAI intake as well, but I think the real answer is that TRD can manage air intake design without outside help. They’re not too complicated to create.

  103. aia says:

    jason- hi this is my first comment… i own a 09 rcsb tundra, i started with the afe stage 2 inrake, and will install the gibson side exhaust next week… so when installing the s/c is the afe CAI compatiable to the s/c…????

  104. Eloy says:

    AFE makes just the TRD drop in filters. Why would you want a hot air intake?

  105. Mickey says:

    Eloy mine just happened to increase mpg’s by 1.5. I get an avg from 20-22mpg with the AFE stage II. I like the life time filter never needs replacement, just wash it out in mild detergent and let air dry. Just like the cabin air filter why keep paying $30 for a new one or $45 for them to replace when I made one from those adjustable washable filters for $20 and never have to replace just clean.

  106. aia – The supercharger will require you to replace the aFe unit with the included Toyota unit that attaches directly to the supercharger. I suppose that you could make the aFe unit work, but the system is designed for the TRD supplied parts.

  107. Eloy – Our dyno tests showed similar performance between the aFe, Volant, and K&N air intakes. We recommend the aFe kit because it’s the highest quality and easiest to assemble of all the kits we’ve tested.

  108. karlos nada says:

    I have an 08 sc tundra and love it! I am planning to get a 2010, is the supercharger available for that truck? also what would the difference be on 2Wd and 4WD? on power output?

  109. karlos – The supercharger is available for the 2010 5.7. There’s no difference on power output between a 2wd and 4wd, however a 2wd will be quicker because it weighs less than a comparable 4wd (no transfer case).

  110. Mickey says:

    Dean??? What problems with the S/C???

  111. Mickey – That was an un-paid advertisement. The person that runs that site also runs a Tundra parts site.

  112. Eric says:

    I have read about transmission issues after installing a SC. Does anyone know anything about it?

  113. Eric – Haven’t heard anything about it – feel free to post links to anything you find.

  114. jeff tripp says:

    bought a 2010 tundra crewmax limited 4×4 dec. of 09 purchased 3 inch leveling kit and supercharger first week jan. 2010 and had it all installed by same dealer, supercharger ran me 6100.00 and 7100.00 with installation, another 700 to install 3 inch kit. I havent picked truck up yet do to ordering 22 inch wheels with nitto grappler tires (4200.00 installed) that wont be in until this week, anyway dealer informed me “thats way to much horsepower for an ordinary pickup” after test driving once it was installed, but i cant wait to see the finished product and the 100 mile drive home on i-70 ought to be exciting. The dealership has been excellent in both sales and service,(spending all that money there probably helped also lol) Will let you know what i think about it by monday, hopefully.

  115. Jason says:

    Jeff – So, so jealous. Good for you man. Send me as many pics as you can and it will be the first 2010 Tundra we feature.

  116. f j m says:

    i’m wondering, how much would it cost? 2010 reg. cab 4X4 navi. TRD package with supercharger.
    anyone knows? cuz when i try to quote online it does not give me all options toghther..

    thanks in advance

  117. Jason says:

    fjm – The supercharger is about $7k installed. As for the truck, you can configure it on

  118. Dane Chichester says:

    Just bought a 2010 Toyota Tundra RockWarrior Crewcab Max…SUPERCHARGED. The thing is retarded fast!!! Had it to 115mph in 4th gear at around 4000rpms. I slowed down because of a turn. I also spinned the tires at 30mph and they are BFG All Terrain T/As so they are pretty aggressive. Highly recommend it if you can afford it. Am going to put on exhaust this next week. Lastly, if there are transmission problems with the S/C it is covered for 12,000 miles or the trucks 5 year/60,000 miles, whichever is longer. That should answer issues about the tranny.

  119. Jason says:

    Dane – Sounds awesome man – good for you.

  120. Scott says:

    I have an 08 tundra 5.7 with a sc, just added MBRP exhaust and lost alot of low end torque. How can I get that back?

  121. TXTee says:

    Hmmm now I’m starting to consider if I’m doing the SC or not towards the end of this year. But not sure if it’s a good idea on a lifted truck with rugged tires. It’s totally going to be a lost cost once I dump that money in there because there’s no real reason for an SC in my truck except to say I have it. I like the idea of wasting money on the Tundra (laughs) but it really doesn’t sound like it’s purposeful and I can invest half that on other mods. Jason, any thoughts?

  122. Jason says:

    Scott – Two thoughts: 1) How much is a lot? I can’t imagine you’ve lost much more than 10 lb-ft of torque because of an exhaust system. 2) Take the new exhaust kit off?

  123. jeremy says:

    I bought an 08 tundra a year and a half ago and when I punch the gas it hesitates for a couple seconds then goes and when im on the freeway and want to pass it revs up high but doesnt shift unless i let off a bit and then it shifts. Other times when i floor it it has great response. I read another guy had this problem but his was a SC related problem, should I take mine in?

  124. Jason says:

    jeremy – Have you changed your air filter and fuel filter? A little clog in either would explain the slight loss in performance.

  125. Paul says:

    There was a post about using “Unichip” is this the best out there? if so what makes it the best? Is there one better, who is it and why? I’m just starting to add options like a cold air intake and I want to make sure it all “plays well together”.

  126. Jason says:

    Paul – The Unichip, as far as I know, is the only game in town for the Tundra. You can have Unichip tune it for your year, specific model, as well as any mods you add.

  127. Paul says:

    Are there any neg draw backs to adding the Unichip?

  128. Jason says:

    Paul – Aside from the actual cost of the unit, the only drawback is that you *might* have to remove it to have warranty work done. I emphasize “might.”

  129. Hatem says:

    i bought my tundra last month its 2010 single cabin.but after that i discover its flex fuel. there is any supercharge for the flex fuel i need your help gents

  130. Jason says:

    Hatem – Sorry dude – no supercharger option for that one.

  131. Adam says:

    i have an ’07 dc 4×4 5.7L and i have been wanting to get get the s/c for some time. i finally have the funds necessary to do so, and much more. about 3-4 wks back i was at the toy dealer and told them my plans and … not knowing that the s/c kit includes a c.a.i., got a c.a.i. that day. i know, i should have done more research. the parts dealer said nothing of the c.a.i. being included and so now i have to take it out!?! anyone feel like they should do something for me here or is it solely my fault?

  132. Jason says:

    Adam – Did you buy the CAI from the dealership? If so, maybe they can take the parts back for a credit. If not, I hope you’ve still got your receipt and original packaging. Either way, you’re gettin’ a supercharge, which is awesome. Congrats!

  133. Adam says:

    ok so i dropped off my truck tonight. toyota will start installing tomorrow morning. toyota is crediting me the parts to the cai AND the labor . almost 600.00. on top of that i get 10 percent off of parts and labor for s/c! im getting it for less than i would have thought. this is a testament to toyota’s customer service for any skeptics! i cant wait to get my truck back!

  134. Jason says:

    Adam – Great! That’s killer – glad to hear that they’re doing that for you. The 10% off is awesome too.
    Do you want to shoot some video of you running the truck? I need some for the site and I’m willing to trade you for it! ๐Ÿ™‚ Contact me if you’re interested –

  135. Adam says:

    jason, im still workin on makin a vid but had some bad weather and there have been cops galore everywhere lately. ive been having some trouble getting registered on tundra geeks . no matter what it just keeps saying my password is incorrect. i opted to change it and had new pass sent to my email. that one was also “wrong” not sure whats up. also want to get on ibto. wanting to find a way to run my truck on 1/4 stretch and maybe join in any meets. thanks jason.

    -adam- {im a beast}

  136. Jason says:

    Adam – No worries man, whenever you send it I’ll be happy.

  137. Eddie says:

    Hey guys, just had a few ?s. I plan on getting a tundra next year after I get back from good ol afganistan. Oorah. Just wanted to know what’s the best year to add a supercharger kit. I like 07-09 but is the kit for all yrs?

  138. Anonymous says:

    Eddie be sure it’s not flex fuel because no supercharge for the flexfuel the kit fit in all the model but I think there some diffrent on the software

  139. Adam says:

    i just ran the 1/4 mile for my first time the other night. my 07 dc s/c tundra ran 14.721 @ 96.05mph. based upon some times ive seen of stock tundras i think something is wrong. the d/a was 7,185 ft. which is really up there. like i said my first time running so my reaction time was not great. kinda hard to get it right with the automatic but i can get it with practice as i got better every run. i did 8 runs. went from first run being a 15.423 to my 14.721. all that being said, my question for anybody and everybody is should i have run better? is something wrong with my truck? i turned off traction control. should i run in 4- wheel? please help. thanks

  140. Adam says:

    also any suggestions on how to keep from spinning at take-off?

  141. Jason says:

    Adam – You’re saying the drag strip was about 7k ft in elevation? I’m not sure how much time that will add exactly, but Bandimere speedway just outside Denver is almost exactly 1 second slower than sea level. Based on that, your best run was good.

    The launch is the trick – a good launch can save a lot of time. Other things that can hurt your time: A/C (gotta be off), traction control, extra weight in the bed, excessive wheel spin (better tires), ambient temperature (your best times will come when the outside air is about 65-75 degrees), a cool engine (overheated engines are slower), a headwind…that’s all I can think of right now.

  142. Paul says:

    Noticed that the supercharger doesn’t work on 5.7 V8 FFV version. All they sell here are FFV. Is it just the fuel type that keeps these from working? I can’t imagine that the intake manifold is different.
    If I just ran 91 Oct and not E85, would it be alright? My dealer wasn’t sure they could still get the regular 5.7s anymore.
    Any way to run the supercharger on the Flex Fuel version? Anybody done it?

  143. Jason says:

    Paul – I think it’s emissions. I don’t believe Toyota can get the flex fuel credit if they offer a supercharger. Unfortunately, that also means that a flex fuel truck absolutely won’t work. HOWEVER, you *can* get a non flex-fuel Tundra. Ask your dealer to “look for trucks outside your region.”

  144. Chris says:

    Will the 5.7 Crew Cab ever have a long bed? ie 6.5ft bed?

  145. Jason says:

    Chris – Doubtful.

  146. 2010Tundra says:

    The supercharger apparently won’t pass emissions when used with E85.

    I’ll be getting my tundra with the SC sometime in the next 2 weeks. Luckily there’s no flex fuel tundras in Canada. I hope the colder weather issues are resolved with the new ECU programs…will be getting the extended warranty with the truck to cover the TRD SC. Will follow up on the install when the SC gets here.

  147. Jason says:

    2010Tundra – That’s what I’ve heard too. Please let us know how everything goes.

  148. Jaime says:

    I have a 08 tundra ext. cab TRD off road. Looking forward to buying a 2010 regular cab tundra with TRD off road. I’m intrested in getting a s/c as well. On which truck should I install the s/c and would get better performance? Would a unichip help and long tube headers with a magnaflow exhaust? Can anyone please help me on this?

  149. Jason says:

    Jaime – The lighter truck will be faster, so if you’re asking which truck you should put a S/C on, all things being equal you would put it on the lightest truck (reg. cab).

    Having said that, I’d rather have a S/C double cab that I could drive all the time than a reg. cab that I might not be able to take because it’s not big enough.

    As for Unichip, long tube headers, and magnaflow, they’ll all help. We’re trying to test a supercharged Tundra now with and without the Unichip…might take a month to get the tests done, but watch for it and feel free to contact us if you want an update.

  150. gerry says:

    Hi I got a new 2010 tundra in july and I ordered a s/c for it already. I live in Canada and I hear there maybe a problem with the cold weather, can you explain the problem and the solution thanks

  151. Jaime says:

    Thanks Jason, for your help.

  152. Jason says:

    Jaime – For sure.

    Gerry – No problem, but cold weather and a cold engine = engine computer crippling supercharger until the engine is warm. Without getting into a big thing, very cold air is quite a bit denser than normal temps, and the injectors aren’t able to deliver enough fuel at WOT if the air is cold enough without risking a lean condition. SO, your engine computer won’t engage the supercharger if the temps are too low.

    When it’s warm, however, you’ll have a fire-breathing beast. If you live far enough North, it might not make sense.

  153. flyingcolors says:

    I have a 2010 tundra 5.7 and had the supercharger installed
    last week, all I can say is wow! guess I got a great price
    $6200.00 bucks parts and install from toyota. Here’s some mileage figures cause I saw some questions regarding concern. did this test today. I have a double cab and stock alloy wheels and the stock t/a tires. Ok on the freeway at 60mph w/air on for a 13 mile stretch I averaged 27.5mpg. at 65 again no load a/c on for a 15mile stretch I got 21.6 both times using cruise control, I think that’s incredible mileage for a 500+ hp truck. all I can say for performance
    increase is GET IN,HOLD ON AND SHUT-up.

  154. Jason says:

    flyingcolors – That is a great price – congrats!

  155. Wildwzl says:

    I just bought a 2010 Tundra 5.7 & having the SC installed. I had a tundra 4.7 & smoked everything I lined up with. Can’t wait to unleash this beast on a Silverado & a Dodge Hemi for a real bad whoopin’!! LOL The 4.7 can also dish out some humiliation. GO TUNDRA!!

  156. Jason says:

    Wildwzl – Good for you man – a S/C Tundra 5.7 will make your old 4.7 look like it was standing still. Congrats.

  157. 2010Tundra says:

    Dealership had my Tundra for 2 days and had all the supercharger components installed, but the tech could not get the ecu reflash to work. Apparently the brake assist override software recently updated on all Toyotas since the recalls for “sticky” accelerators are not compatible with the old supercharger software. I have to wait till October for the new software to be developed as Toyota Canada figures the software should be available by then. Has anyone installed a charger on a 2010? This sucks as I was expecting to get the truck back tomorrow with a leveling kit and charger installed.

    Kind of bummed out of this situation as i paid for the charger up front already. Will be able to get a refund but my wife wants me to just forget about the charger…should I wait or should I just get other things such as some KMC wheels, 33 inch tires, cold air intake, etc? I have the line x liner already and ordered an Aries black bullbar and 4 inch step tubes and a Leer xq canopy on it’s way. Do not want an exhaust as my wife has hated the drone from my previous vehicles. What else is there I can do? Thinking of bushwhacker flares though.

    Will update you guys regarding the charger situation after I pick up the truck as the charger should be removed by tomorrow.

  158. 2010Tundra says:

    Also, is there a difference between the SC flash between the Canadian and American ecru programs?

    Wildwzl, any news on your sc install?

    Maybe I need to talk to another dealership on an install as this is only the second sc they have done at this dealership and they said another dealership was having trouble recently with the software as well and had to remove the sc after installing it completely was Toyota Canadas response

  159. Jason says:

    2010Tundra – Fascinating…it makes sense that Toyota’s throttle adjustment could interfere with the ECU flash for the supercharger. Let us know how it goes, and sorry you have to go through this in the first place.

    I like your idea of talking to another dealership – maybe call someone at for their perspective. They sell a lot of superchargers and might have a better answer.

  160. 2010Tundra says:

    Picked up my truck today but the tech who worked on my vehicle was not working today. Decided to wait till October to put on the SC. Apparently the software updates for Toyota Canada is currently different than the American software and it will take time for Toyota Canada to okay the update for the SC and the expected okay will happen before the end of October. I do not see why they would be blowing smoke up my butt and lose the sale of a SC.

    In the meantime, I will have to be patient and I guess I will appreciate the SC more when I do get it.

  161. Jason says:

    2010Tundra – The fact that things are different with the Canadian S/C programming might explain why I haven’t heard more about it.

    Sorry to hear you’re stuck waiting for a while.

  162. Gordie says:

    I just bought a 2010 platinum with the S/C. It is from Montana and I am bringing it to eastern Canada. What programming could be different. I know my Tundra sure hauls the mail. Its cold in northern Montana too, so I would think the programing would be the same. I am very confused.

  163. Jason says:

    Gordie – I don’t think you’re going to have any problems. If the S/C is already on the truck, then the programing is completed.

    The difference between US and Canadian S/C ECU programs is probably a result of differing emissions regs than anything else…I wouldn’t let anyone change the program on the engine for a few months, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Enjoy your rocket sled!

  164. BWC says:

    I have a 2008 RCLB 4×4. Will the transfer case and front CV shafts take the abuse of the supercharged power? Could I do 4×4 runs down the track? And if a CV shaft broke would it be covered under the power train warranty?

  165. 2010Tundra says:

    The powertrain and shafts will take extra abuse, but the charger shouldn’t break things all of a sudden. The TRD warranty for the SC and related parts if installed by Toyota is 3yr or 60K miles in the US and only 2 years or 40K Km in Canada. It is only a 1 year warranty on the charger if it is installed by someone other than Toyota. The remaining factory powertrain warranty should cover any transfer case and CV parts. I purchased an extended warranty 6/160K Km for my truck to cover any issues…I thought what’s an extra few bucks for an extended warranty if I’m putting a SC costing thousands on the truck.

  166. 2010Tundra says:

    Sorry, but I meant 5yr/60K miles for powertrain warranty in the US…I was mixed up with 3yr/60K Km for comprehensive warranty for folks in Canada.

  167. Jason says:

    BWC – No 4×4 runs at the drag strip. Your owner’s manual covers that, but the system isn’t built to exceed 45-55mph in 4 HI. I’m not sure what would happen if you did it accidentally, but I don’t want to find out.

    As for whether or not the truck can handle the power, absolutely. It was specifically designed with this modification in mind.

    2010Tundra – Right you are. Your logic on the warranty makes sense to me too – I think extended service agreements are usually a fair deal…provided the dealership doesn’t overcharge, that is.

  168. BWC says:

    2010Tundra you live in Canada I’m guessing. But where in Canada? I’m in North Bay, ON. As for changing your exhaust I strongly suggest the flowmaster dual out kit. It sounds great under acceleration with the windows down, Is fairly quiet windows up, and has no drone during highway driving. Basically it sounds good outside the truck and is still quiet enough in the cab. Perfect balance.

  169. BWC says:

    Jason would it be possible because it has shift on the fly to start in 4×4 then switch to 2wd once its rolling? Or would the turning force of the motor and transmission not allow the 4×4 to disengage until power was let off?

  170. Jason says:

    BWC – I get it now – you’re trying to get a good launch. I *think* you can disengage 4 HI at WOT, but I don’t know for sure…not sure who would know the answer to that question.

    What about a set of slicks…it’s cheaper than risking your t-case! ๐Ÿ™‚

  171. BWC says:

    But if the t-case is warrantied why not find out. You could make up alot of time out of the hole. The 60ft time would be awesome. I bet it would shave if not a whole but at least half a second off the quarter mile time from a 2wd version. And secondly I would be running slicks….. On all 4 corners ๐Ÿ™‚

  172. Jason says:

    BWC – The t-case is warrantied, but only if the manufacturer doesn’t find out you’ve been to the dragstrip.

    There’s a story about Mitsu voiding EVO warranties by looking at drag strip results…they just pulled names off a website, looked up those owners, and then voided warranties. Crazy, but true:

    My suggestion would be to never do something that might damage your truck on purpose because Toyota might find out. I think a 4×4 launch falls into this category, but for the record I totally understand and agree you could shave .5 second easy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  173. Darryl says:

    Who has the best price on the TRD-SC for the 5.7.

  174. Shaf says:

    just ordered a 2011 any news on when the sc will be available? and what do you thing is the best sounding muffler out there had a flow master on the last truck…it sounded nice, and didn’t overwhelm.

  175. Jason says:

    Shaf – If you want something really loud, the “sport/racing” exhaust systems from Magnaflow and Flowmaster are the ticket. As far as the S/C for the 2011, I don’t think there is a delay…or a change between 2010 and 2011, for that matter. You might have to wait for a software update for 2011’s, but I don’t know.

  176. aries says:

    still waiting for results on the uni chip before i go out and get it.. ?

  177. Timmy says:

    I think I found Tony getting smoked by nitrous…Lol

    theres a couple others I think there just messing around..

  178. Jason says:

    aries – Our plans to test one fell through – sorry about that. Forgot I mentioned it to you.

  179. benco says:

    Hi guys, for info my 07 tundra ent. cab, supercharged beast in 4×4 did 13.7 sec on the quarter mile at 99 mph. how much better can I get if i go to some type of race fuel?

  180. Jason says:

    benco – Sweet! Drag radials can really improve launch times, but as far as I know there’s little or nothing to gain by using race fuel. The Tundra’s engine computer might not be able to maximize the benefits of race fuel…but I’ve never tested it so I don’t know.

  181. Hatem Al Shamsi says:

    Is any one install S/C on flex fuel ?
    How I can remove the speed cut off with flex fuel
    Thanks & rrgRds

  182. Jason says:

    Hatem – There’s no way to install a supercharger on a flex fuel Tundra to my knowledge.

  183. benco says:

    thanks jason. what about running in tow haul mode. my dealer suggested that the different shift points and fuel control might gain a few points. your thoughts

  184. Jason says:

    benco – I think it’s definitely worth testing. When ran the drag strip, they did so in tow/haul mode.

  185. Paul says:

    Anyone have any problems with the check engine light coming on after hard acceleration with traction control off. Loss of power, vibration etc. Shut vehicle off and check engine light went away. ’07 Tundra DC supercharger. Should I have dealer check if a code was set?


  186. Jason says:

    Paul – Could have been a bad batch of gas…if the check engine light is off, it probably means that your dealer won’t be able to find the cause. If it happens again, see if you can find any similar circumstances and then re-create them to see if you can cause the problem…that will help the technician diagnose what’s happening.

  187. 09 SC tundraman says:

    Will there ever make a TRD supercharger for a 5.7l flex fuel motor. I have a crewmax limited 4×4 with the flex fuel. Just curious

  188. Jason says:

    09 SC Tundraman – I can’t say for sure, but my guess would be no…I think it’s an emissions testing issue.

  189. shane says:

    Dear Toyota salesmen,
    Your a liar, You didnt know what you were talking about when you handed me the brochure for the TRD supercharger for the 2011 Tundra with the flex fuel motor. Thanks to you and your ignorance i’m screwed out of a supercharger. Does anybody know of another way to get any extra horsepower besides air intakes and exhaust? FYI for the people in Columbia Missouri, Joe Machans Toyota has salesmen that don’t know shit! I’m extremely upset about the whole deal after I traded a 2008 Mustang GT with a Roush Supercharger on it. For you guys thinking about getting a super charger on a flex fuel….not gonna happen. Thanks again you dumb shit salesman!!

  190. Jason (Admin) says:

    shane – That really sucks man. I *hate* it when salespeople aren’t smart enough to say “I don’t know,” and I really hate the fact that this is so prevalent.

    Sorry to hear you gave up the Roush GT too – have you considered filing a complaint against the dealership with the MS DMV? I think this would fall under “false advertising” –

    Good luck.

  191. Eric says:

    Just because the check engine light went off doesn’t mean it didn’t store a code. Computers save codes even after the problem is fixed, until the memory is cleared by the diagnostic tool

  192. Paul says:

    In ref. to my Oct. 6 post, check engine light, I took my ’07 DC force-fed back to dealer to check codes, it did set a code, #1 cylinder misfired, dealer cleared the code and said if it happened again he would replace plug and coil or whatever it took to fix the problem since it is still under warranty. I have another question maybe someone can answer. I see these videos posted of Tundra’s doing burnouts with both rear tires spinning, I have been unable to duplicate with vsc on or off. What’s the secret?

  193. Jason (Admin) says:

    Eric – Good point.

    Paul – Glad to hear that the dealer is aware of the code. As for the tire spins, I think you need to hold down the VSC button for a few seconds…it’s in the manual.

    I’ll have a post (and maybe video) about this soon.

  194. 2010Tundra says:

    Finally had the SC installed after almost 4 months of waiting for TRD Canada to release proper/compatible software with the brake override programming. It runs smooth and virtually sounds and drives like stock except the tranny holds gears a little longer in the D mode and a bit of the whine from the SC can be heard. Haven’t stomped on it from a stand still due to the wet weather. Definitely alot easier to pass on the highway and well worth the wait.

  195. Bruce says:

    Glad to hear that a ecu flash is now available for us Canadians.

  196. Jason (Admin) says:

    2010Tundra – Thanks for posting that note.

    Bruce – Agreed!

  197. FutureOwner says:

    all this info… and no 1/4 mile times???

  198. Jason (Admin) says:

    FutureOwner – It depends on the truck. Reg. cabs have been known to run mid 13’s at sea level, and they go up from there. It’s not going to be faster than a Corvette or Mustang GT, but it’s going to be faster than most pickups you’ll see.

  199. 2010Tundra says:

    Some guys on the other forums are running 13.1s with the RCSB and DC running a little higher in the 13.3 region and a bit more for the CM due to weight differences and depending on other mods and especially a proper launch with good tires.

  200. Jason (Admin) says:

    2010Tundra – Thank you for chiming in – I don’t follow TS that closely anymore so I just don’t know what people are saying.

  201. anthony says:

    as to everyone who keeps saying that you have to have put premium gas in your tundra supercharged truck, i have a 2007 and have been putting regular gas in my truck since i’ve purchased it from dealer. my truck is an animal and never has had any problems with power or anything.

  202. Scooter says:

    im loven it!!!

  203. anthony says:

    scooter your lovin what?

  204. TAB says:

    I’m looking into having the TRD Supercharger installed on my new 2011 Tundra 5.7 and was told I should have the Doug Thorley Headers installed too, but it looks like the 2011 has 4 into 2 into 1 tubular exhaust manifold and was woundering how much better the headers would be.

  205. Jason (Admin) says:

    TAB – Check out our interview of Jamie Joyce (Doug Thorley’s R&D Manager) here:

    The bottom line is that, yes, on a supercharged vehicle, headers will make a difference.

  206. Brandon says:

    I recently purchased a 2011 Tundra Crewmax with the 5.7. I wouldlove to get a super charger for it, but it’s a flex fuel, and I have read that you can’t charge a flex fuel engine. curious as to if anyone knows why not and is there something that I can do to change it from a flexfuel capable engine. thanks.

  207. Joe says:

    I am thinking of putting a superchrger on my 2007 Tundra and realistically what can I expect on my fuel mileage and increase or decrease driving it at 60? Also I live in a cold climaate and what effect will that have on my engine realistically.

  208. Jason (Admin) says:

    Brandon – The flex-fuel engines can’t be supercharged because of EPA regs (to the best of my knowledge).

    Joe – See previous comments.

  209. TAB says:

    Thanks Jason,
    I checked out the interview of Jamie Joyce (Doug Thorleyโ€™s R&D Manager)and it sounds good, but I had another Dealer say it might void the warranty by Toyota. Have you herd anything on this because I’m getting conflicting stories from different dealers, also do you know any good dealers in Southern California (Orange County)where I could get a good price on the TRD Supercharger?

  210. Jason (Admin) says:

    TAB – Dealers are terribly misinformed about what will and won’t void a warranty, and they often tell people that any after-market part could void their warranty in order to try and discourage them from buying after-market parts.

    There’s something called the Magnuson-Moss act that makes it illegal to void the warranty just because an after-market part is used. The only way a Unichip tuner could cause warranty problems is if caused a failure…and that’s never happened with a Unichip tuner to my knowledge.

    The other thing to remember is that, if the Unichip tuner were to set a check engine light, etc., you can just remove it and the dealer has to fix the problem.

    Learn more here:

  211. ntinhri says:

    Any updates on 2011 reflash for supercharger?? Im dieing to install one on my rock warrior. 4.10 gears and 4×4 launch and nitrous might get me 12s with my trd duel exhaust and soon to have dt long tuber headers bolted to URD y pipe.

  212. DB says:

    Recently purchased an 07 and am loving it. One beef however….how drunk were the engineers who designed the oil cleaning system. In all my years of working on cars and trucks (both light and heavy)I cannot recall ever seeing a vehicle that tough to change the oil in. Took and hour just to find the oil filter.

  213. Jason (Admin) says:

    ntinhri – I think the re-flashes are all ready.

    DB – I hear that. You are correct – the Tundra’s oil change procedure is just ridiculous.

  214. wallygator says:

    how do you remove a 2011 chrome grill ???

  215. Geterdone says:

    what happens if u use 89 octane with a supercharger?

  216. Jason (Admin) says:

    Geterdone – If you add a single tanke of 89 octane, nothing bad will happen. The engine computer will detect the difference. However, if you feed a supercharged Tundra a steady diet of 89 octane fuel you could eventually cause engine damage due to pre-detonation.

  217. James says:

    My 2011 Tundra produced a correct 532 HP and around 530 torque. The HP on Dyno was 425 to the rear in 4th with stock 18’s.. Impressive. Cant wait to run at LV Speedway June 22nd. Borla exhaust, cat backs, but no headers, yet. I feel the Borla must of raised the HP over what is expected via Toyota info. But torque was down but thats ok this smooth power is a blast! Havent had any races yet but a newer Duramax with chip and exhaust wants to run me but only offered a C note. I said make it 5 bills and will run….

  218. Jason (Admin) says:

    James – Sounds awesome man…I hope you burn that Duramax down for $500!!

  219. […] this site for mileage claims TRD 5.7 Tundra Supercharger Specs – 504 HP and 550 LB-FT Torque! | Tundra Headquarters __________________ Beech-(thats my real name) 05 LLY CC/SB 4×4 12.44@107.5 On stock turbo and […]

  220. Dan says:

    So, I had a supercharger installed on my new 2011 tundra (500 miles). The tech said it was ready to go but when he tried to start it, it backfired and fouled all the plugs. After 2 days, they still can’t get it to even turn over. Last I heard they were removing the entire engine to figure out what happened. Any ideas?

  221. Jason (Admin) says:

    Dan – Sounds like an installation error…hopefully it’s nothing major.

  222. Groolie says:

    Just bought a 2011 Rock Warrior 5.7. I am going to have a s/c installed I was wonder what are the best headers you can buy for this monster? Let me know thanks!

  223. John says:

    Does this work on the Flex Fuel 5.7 or haven’t they done that yey?

  224. Jason (Admin) says:

    John – No. No plans to make these flex-fuel compatible that I’m aware of.

  225. Jonathan Slim says:

    I am going to do the supercharger kit soon on my 2011 DC 5.7..

    Question is it compatible with the AFE intake I just bought?

  226. Jason (Admin) says:

    Jonathan – No. The TRD supercharger comes with it’s own air intake.

  227. Vince says:


    When I called Hennessey, they said that they would s/c a flex fuel tundra.

    Just thought I would post that in case this is new news to anyone.

  228. Zek says:

    Hi, I have a toyota tundra 07 limited 5.7 and wanted to know how much mpg will it give me???

  229. Nick says:

    I just bought a used 08 Tundra the has the S/C on it, it’s definitely got some power! My question is regarding the fuel required; the dealer told me that you’re supposed to use premium, but you could go mid-grade (89 octane) if necessary. -Is this true? and would using a lower octane damage the engine in any way?

  230. Jonathan says:

    Run premium period, I noticed any kind of shit gas I will get pings

  231. Jason (Admin) says:

    Vince – Thanks for the tip.

    Zek – Supercharging your truck isn’t likely to improve gas mileage unless you take it really, really easy on the throttle. Most of the time, people report a 1-2 mpg decrease in fuel economy when they install the S/C

    Nick – You want to run 91+ octane at all times, but if you *have* to run something lower, the engine will adjust things accordingly…but you’ll get less power. Also, as Jonathan says, you may hear pinging.

  232. yasa says:


    I just had the TRD Supercharger installed on my 2008 dc/4X4. I noticed some hesitation if I floor it. Is there some kind of “learning curve” for the ECU even though it has been re-flashed? I also noticed that the invoice showed 2wd…the computer flash would be the same whether it’s 4wd or 2wd, correct? It does feel like it has quite a bit more power but that hesitation has me a little concerned.

  233. Jason (Admin) says:

    yasa – Yes, there is a bit of learning time. As for programming 2wd vs. 4wd, there’s no difference that I’m aware of when it comes to re-flashing the ECU.

  234. BigApe says:

    Hey Fellas! great thread. New to the TUNDRA world. Coming from a long line of German SC and turbo cars.

    I am looking at a 2007 SC Tundra with 50k miles. Car looks to have been cared for and the work done at the dealership.

    3 Questions…

    1) Does the mileage give you any heartburn? if yes / no – please educate me on why.
    2) What do I need to look out for and inspect on the truck and
    3) Strongly thinking about some sort of after-market warranty to 100k miles. are you aware of any such thing?

    Thanks in advance for the help and education here guys ๐Ÿ˜€

  235. Jonathan Slim says:

    1. Gas Mileage, who really cares its a full size truck and I still manager to get 14-16 thats about on par for most full size trucks now. YOU MUST RUN PREMIUM NO EXCEPTIONS.
    2. Take it to a reputable dealership and make sure everything is tightened down well.
    3. I am not sure the aftermarket warranty will cover the KIT read the fine print!!!!

    When you lay full throttle from a 40 punch and do a rolling burnout you kinda forget about your worries….

  236. BigApe says:


    Thanks for the feedback but I was referring to the 50k miles on the car not the MPG.
    So on the #1 issue:

    Does the mileage give you any heartburn? if yes / no โ€“ please educate me on why.

  237. Jonathan says:

    The original warranty on new truck is 5/60k that puts things into perspective.
    I think the supercharger will easily go 100k before needing a rebuild
    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. The engine itself can handle power fine
    From what I read. I would have it thoroughly checked out by a TRD approved
    Dealership. Shoot me an email jslim321[-at-]hotmail , can you send me a pic and details
    Of the truck in question?

  238. Dutch tundra says:

    Hi guys I have a 2009 tundra 5,7 ltd In holland where you pay about 3usd per litre (us 9 a gallon) I had Liquid Petiolion gas tank installed so I can run on highly inflammable gas or gasoline. Can i put a supercharger on this or would i need to run only gasoline


  239. Jason (Admin) says:

    Jonathan – Hopefully, a supercharged Tundra engine will never need a rebuild. Toyota has limited the boost on the S/C to about 8 pounds (8.5?), and then designed everything to that spec, so there’s no reason that a rebuild of the engine should ever be needed.

    Dutch Tundra – I don’t know – I would say that your biggest problem will be getting the engine programming for the supercharger completed…I’ve been told that European Toyota dealers don’t have the same equipment that U.S. Toyota dealers use, so the new engine programming update needed after supercharger install is difficult to obtain.

    As for running a supercharger on different fuel, you may find that you have problems. I can’t say for sure.

    • Rick says:


      My 2012 SC Tundra is making only 4 psi of boost. I’ve been telling my dealer since the day they installed it that I felt the power – it was just not there. The dealer has said it is “normal”. The rear tires NEVER “break loose.” The blogs confirm what you are saying that power is averaging @7+ lbs of boost. We recently added the Unichip, but things have not improved.

      A blogger stated his SC was at 3 psi and he had his SC replaced under warranty (they confirmed it had some kind of unk issue) to where he stated it is getting 7 psi. Since this blogger hasn’t said who he contacted or where he went to get help, I am still on my own.

      The manufacturer is supposed to be Eaton (TVS). Is this SC distributed by Magnuson? I contacted a local tuner in hope of getting it on the dyno to see where I am at the rear wheels. But that’s going to cost me more money again.

      I could use some help from anyone on this blog or some form of direction from someone who has this issue.

      At this time, with all the money i’ve spent, I am a bit worn down and disappointed.


      • Rick – I don’t know how you’re measuring the boost, but if you can measure 3 lbs, than the dealer should be able to measure that much as well…so I’m wondering why they don’t agree it’s below spec and fix it.

        Who did the install? I’d say the best place to get help is to speak with that dealer. If you can’t talk to them, than TRD USA would be my next contact.

        • RIck says:


          I am using an electronic gauge (Defi) that was checked by the dealer and confirmed to be accurate. It is posting 4 psi. As I said, many bloggers state their trucks have “amazing” power and post their numbers averaging 7 psi. Its frustrating.

          Im in process of trying to locate a tech specialist who can check the SC to see if it is functioning ok such as if it is leaking etc. I have only a couple of leads. A dyno would help give me a baseline but sometimes they post results that are too generous and inaccurate.

          My dealer said it was “normal” yet I get emails from guys with SC Tundras telling me my power is way down.

  240. Coen says:

    When driving normally (as if your beloved sc wasn’t there), can you notice the whine from the sc?

    Also, when driving slow/normally, is there any other appreciable noise that you notice with sc’d Tundras vs. regular Tundras?

    And specifically, does the SC raise the rpm at highway cruising speeds (around 70mph). At idle?

  241. Jonathan Slim says:


    When driving normally the whine is there, the blower noise is apparenty as the revs climb, and especially under load.

    I made this clip for you, I have a magnaflow exhaust thats why its deeper.

    At idle it does have a bit of a bearing, or belt noise this is perfectly normal. All in all the whine is apparenty when driving the truck, we are talking about a 5.7L V8 with a blower on it, so its not going to be the quietest cat out there. I debadged my truck, so it looks like a V6 DBL Cab, it is a major sleeper…

  242. Jonathan Slim says:

    Here is another clip…

    The gearing is all the same, the truck still keeps the same gearing on the highway, and the idle rpms is the same as well. I have the tow with the 4.30 rear end

  243. Coen says:


    Nice. Thanks for making that and for the info! Much appreciated!

    Some people like a powerful sound to go along with the power. I’m a little different…I just want the power with as little sound as possible. And it actually sounded pretty smooth when you floored it.

    I listened to the video through a good pair of headphones, and I good barely hear anything when you weren’t accelerating. When you were maintaining speed, things were pretty quiet. Is this the case? I know you said that the noise was apparent when driving, but does that include when you’re just cruising and maintaining a speed?

  244. Anonymous says:


    I have never owned a V8 truck, so I had the exhaust put on before I had the supercharger kit put on, but I love me some V8 rumble, to each his own.

    When I am at cruise the supercharger is BARELY audible, but if I encounter a hill and the motor is under load you can hear the whine increase as she builds boost.. but to answer your question direct on a flat level road, on a cruise you don’t hear the blower at all…

  245. Jonathan Slim says:

    Also if you have anymore questions I would gladly help, email me direct and I also have yahoo messenger.. jonathan_slim2001

  246. Redden says:

    I bought a used 2008 Tundar crew with a s/c. is there a cold air intake compatible for it? it still has stock exhaust stock exhaust and I want to add something to make it sound more like a truck and not an airplane without loosing performance, recommendations? Headers at the same time?

    Lastly any one use the performance ‘unchip’?

  247. JUSTIN says:

    Jet Power high mass air flow sensor is it a jimmick?

  248. Jason (Admin) says:

    Jonathan Slim – Special thanks to you for sharing that video and info – much appreciated.

    Redden – The air intake that is installed with the supercharger must be used – I don’t believe you can replace it with an after-market air intake without doing some sort of modification.

    As far as add-ons, I would recommend an exhaust system and a unichip tuner.

    Justin – A new MAF isn’t going to change much – at best, you’ll get a boost in horsepower over a narrow RPM range and a loss in power over another. I don’t think JET products have any value to Toyota owners.

  249. Jonathan says:

    I dynoed my truck today it made about 490hp and 490tq at the wheels.

    I posted it on tundra solutions!

  250. Redden says:

    thx Jason. I have read about flow master and magna.. which one is better or is there another i should do?


    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Redden – Near as I can tell, all the exhaust systems are about the same. You really want to listen to them online (Check out and make sure you like them, but that’s about it. That, and warranty, of course.

  251. Chris says:

    A couple of questions, I have saved up for my s/ c and if I buy it from and take it to the dealership for installation, do I keep my powertrain warranty? currently I have true dual exhaust with flow masters, will I have to put headers after the s/ c is installed or can I keep the oem exhaust manifold?

  252. Anonymous says:

    Redden Magna will have more of a refined smooth tone, and the flomasters will have a very deep raspy note. I went with the magna they sound better!

    Chris you keep the powertrain warranty if its installed at the dealership…

    Keep the OEM exhaust manifold, aftermarket headers will void the warranty. The truck makes more than enough power without them..

  253. Alex Chavez says:

    Can i get a super charger on my tundra even though it has a 6inch lift kit and 35 inch mud tires?

  254. Jason (Admin) says:

    Chris – If you install the S/C after the truck is purchased, you only get the 12 month / 12k mile TRD warranty. It doesn’t hurt your factory warranty or anything, but the S/C isn’t covered the same as your engine unless you buy your truck new and put the S/C on immediately.

    Alex – Why not? ๐Ÿ™‚ There’s no mechanical reason not to.

  255. Jonathan Slim says:

    Alex – I think they will give you a hard time when you bring it in for warranty work. They will look at your truck and know you lifted it, which won’t void the warranty but it won’t help. I also have read alot of issues with lifted trucks and S/C….

  256. Paul Inman says:

    Superchargers will suck the life out of your wallet. But they sure are fun

  257. Jason (Admin) says:

    Paul – LOL. I hear that.

  258. buff says:

    am very interested in the differance of the can/us ecu reflash software, and also the way the supercharger is controlled by the ecu in very cold (winter) conditions …
    tks buff……….

  259. Jonathan Slim says:


    I have no experience with extreme cold with my truck so I cannot attest to that question. I have though driven my truck in degrees from about 25F-35F for extended periods of time, like I said not sure if that will helP. One thing for sure is you need to make sure the truck fully warms up before you hammer on it.

    I have been getting approx 14.5-15MPG now which I think is reasonable considering I have over 600hp Dyno proven.

  260. buff says:

    hey jonathan, just wondering where your getting those hp #s from,crank or wheels? and your milage seems a bit low, mine was 18-20mpg when new, up to 22 after breakin and synthetic oil,then 23-25mpg (canadian gallons) after the supercharger was installed, but only on long highway trips with the cruise set at 2200rpm or so. Also the duel trd tailpipes have been a lite tan and or grey color year round since the truck was new, been running premium fuel also since new, but mabe i’m running lean, and/or the ecu programming might be different for central canada, what is your take on this???? (Jason, i’d appreciate your veiws on this also) tks……..

  261. Jonathan says:

    Buff :

    Those are measured at the crank it made around 490hp and 500 tq at the wheels. As far as the fuel economy I usually get 14.5 15.5 not much more than that. Even when I didn’t have the supercharger I was getting around 16-18mph so I am not sure why you are getting so high. The trucks are tuned rich from the factory its safer that way, what makes you think you are running lean?

  262. Bob Mearns says:

    I’m getting ready to buy a Tundra and have the dealer put the S/C one after a couple of miles. The comments and this forum have been really helpful.

    With respect to the question about extreme cold weather operations it’s seems to me that no one has considered the air density increases dramatically as temperature decreases. It would be quite logical for the engine to reach maximum boost at a much lower RPM with extremely cold OAT.

    Keep up the great comments…I’ve learned I don’t want the flew fuel engine from reading this thread!

  263. Chris says:


    I finally had my s/c installed 3 weeks ago and I’m in love. Toyota dealer here in okla tested my truck and has me at 534hp at the crank. Very impressed. Very happy. I asked the dealership about adding headers to my truck and they advised me that it would void my warranty. I did though buy extra drive train warranty, still the dealership said it would void if I installed headers. Very confusing. Lastly I turned the VSC off, & traction control off. The roads were dry, and at 10mph I gunned it. Well when I let off the gas, the check engine light was flashing and motor running very rough, like a bad plug or bad gas. I pulled over, turned it off, no leaks all gauges were fine. Started it back up, and ran like a new truck again. Well took it in. And the service tech guys told me that the computer showed in the history that there was a #1 cylinder misfire. You know any reason why that would happen? It only does that when the reaction control and VSC are turned off. Sorry for being long. Thank you for your input.

  264. Jonathan Slim says:

    Chris email me directly if you like. I had the EXACT same problem with my truck at WOT [wide open throttle] and the shift into 2nd it would fall flat on its face, RANDOM MISFIRE CODE.

    Take your truck directly back to the dealership and tell them to replace all plugs with BRAND NEW ONES direct from TRD. If you have any questions email me at

    Spark Plugs are extremely important in a boosted motor, to deal with added compression and added heat, if the gap is off or its a bad plug it will show up right away.

  265. Jonathan Slim says:

    Bob Mearns :

    Its a great investment and you will love it , let me know if you have any questions or concerns I will answer you…

  266. Jonathan Slim says:

    Chris on another note, do not void the warranty with the headers the truck makes more than enough power as is. Invest in some good tires….

  267. buff says:

    just got an updated flash on the cpu, different from the one in 2009 up here in canada. the engine is a little more sutle at normal pedal pressure up until about 3000rpm and then lets go like gangbusters, probably set to prevent wheelspin on cold and slippery roads in winter. I haven’t reved it past 4500rpm as i have to break in the new engine and have a spacer under the gas pedal to limit wide open acceleration. Just wondering if any of you owners of supercharged tundras in the u.s. or up here in canada have had any burnt piston, or thrown rod problems in the 5.7 engines in the past few years??? I have been getting 22-25 mpg (canadian gallons) consistantly on a long highway cruise since the truck was new (and after break in) and leads me to think i’m running lean. My dealer has tested everything on the truck and says the computer and programming is spot on, but is also surprized as most other tundras around here get 15-20 mpg. any opinions are appreciated.. tks buff….

  268. Scott says:

    Forgive me if this issue has been addressed. I have a 2011 Tundra Quad Platinum and it was only available with that POS Flexfuel motor. Is there any reason why toyota has said that you cannot install the TRD S/C or is it a technicality that can be overcome/ignored.

    thank you in advance,


    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Scott – The problem with mounting the supercharger on the flex-fuel trucks is that Toyota gets a federal fuel economy credit for making them flex-fuel, but there’s no easy way to make the supercharger run on E85 without doing a lot of design work…Toyota can’t endorse changing a flex-fuel truck to gas only and still keep their fleet fuel economy benefit.

      However, the only mechanical differences between a flex-fuel vehicle and a pure gas (at least in this case) are the fuel pump and the plugs…and both of these components are replaced when you install the supercharger.

      • Mike I says:

        I am very seriously looking into getting a TRD Supercharger installed on my 2012 Tundra Limited 4×4 Flex Fuel Truck. I already have the UniChip and TRD Dual exhaust. I am talking with my dealer and the best I can understand is that this can be done successfully while maintaining the factory warranty. What have you heard with regards to this install?

  269. Jonathan Slim says:

    Scott the FFV can be supercharged, first and foremost it will not be warrantied at all, period. If you can swallow dropping 7k into something that if it breaks your screwed then proceed.

    Please correct me if I am wrong the rubber seals, and stuff of that nature needs to be replaced due to the seals being prepped for the ethanol. I also know you will have to run custom computer aka UniChip and it will need a custom tune. It definitively can be done, and it definetly can be done to where it runs reliable.

    Google TRDSparks call them up they have done quite a few!!

  270. Jonathan Slim says:

    Buff I have been following your posts, what is your main concern that your truck is running lean?

  271. Jonathan Slim says:

    Chris did you get it fixed?

  272. Ray ray says:

    Will the supercharger be able to fit the e85 5.7l motors??

  273. Jonathan Slim says:

    Ray Ray its not a matter of fitment, the blower will fit fine. Its the fuel delivery components and the computer will need a custom burn, or else kaboom.

  274. buff says:

    hey jonathan,in reply to your ?? on march 5, long story/short, got my tundra dec o7, came off the showroom floor with electric rad cooling fan,(took the windmill off the water pump) trd duel exhaust and trd coldair intake kit, also the second set of catalytic converters removed (the tundra has 4, 2 before the o2 sensors and 2 after)and all 2 and 1/4 inch exhaust pipe changed to 2 and 1/2 inch. put 14000 km by feb 2009 and then the supercharger installed along with synthetic oil everywhere. put on 44000km by august last year and dealer ship noticed a slight puff of oil out the left bank at startup, cheked the engine, had 4 burnt pistons, 2 with broken rings and 1 with broken ring lands. new short block was installed by nov and back on the road. put 2400km (46400 total) on and the engine let go dec 17 at 70 mph with cruise on (1900 rpm). towed the truck back to the dealer where they called toyota canada and was told to fix the powertrain, no ???s asked. the damage was 8 burnt pistons, 3 with holes through, lots of broken rings and lands, 2 rods broke one out each side of the block, the tranny bellhousing cracked and torque converter split, and multiple scratches and gouges in the supercharger. all the parts from both engines sent back to toyota and trd and new powertrain installed (long block with heads, supercharger and fit kit, transmission, new ecu with 2012 programming and the latest trd supercharger update. i got the truck back last week and put a 1000km on, and the truck is going back to the dealer tomorrow for a complete check and new synthetic oil, compression test and pictures of the pistons with a borescope. All through this the dealership, trd,(who have done ALL the work and maintainance on the truck) and toyota canada have been excellant with their support, and i have always got 23-25mpg (canadian gallons) with lite tan to grey tailpipes running premium gas since day one. there are several tundras up here in saskatchewan, some stock and several supercharged, with over 370000km and never a problem, but none of them get the same gas milage as mine, although 80% of my runs are on the highway, i guess time will tell, and i still have 2 and 1/2 years warranty left, (i bought extra way back when) thanks again jonathan, will keep in touch….. buff

  275. chris says:

    I did get it fixed but right after that I had to take the truck back in to get it fixed again the rear differential went out. my extended warranty covered it, only this 1 time because I bought the supercharger from toyota. and had toyota install it for me. now I’ve only had the supercharger for 1 month on my pickup, and the rear differential has already went bad. I had asked the toyota technicians about the do’s and don’ts and if the transmission and differential would be strong enough to hold up to the horsepower. the response I got was it was strong enough and I had nothing to worry about. any thoughts on this

  276. chris says:

    I was also looking around and found out that putting heading CANNOT void your warranty. the only way that it can void it is if you buy headers that do not have the ports for the O2 senor and in that case it will void the warranty. but if you buy the doug thorley headers with the O2 sensor ports for them to screw back into then the warranty still stands. Now a dealership can not tell you putting on aftermarket parts will void your warranty they just can’t. because if a part fails and you have a aftermarket part on the vehicle then they have to prove the aftermarket part that was installed was the reason for the OEM part to fail. otherwise it will and can not void your warranty. this is IAW Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

  277. buff says:

    hey all, now that the tundra has been rebuilt from the supercharger all the way to the rear diff. including u joints and centre bearing, i’d like to get that trd boost gauge installed, but can’t seem to find the part # up here in canada, does anybody know the # so’s i can get it ordered as i’d like to keep on top of the power till the engine gets broke in?? tks…….buff

  278. hamad says:

    what the best spark plage for tundra with super chaeger

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Hamad – The TRD supercharger kit comes with the best spark plugs available. Stay away from after-market spark plugs that promise big power gains…they’re usually junk.

  279. buff says:

    hey hamad, up here in canada anyway (not sure about the us,check with trd) trd sends a complete set of iridium plugs to match whatever engine the supercharger is for with the fit kit, they are one or two ranges colder than stock, and toyota will not warranty the engine unless they are installed by the dealer and should be changed every 40000 miles recommended by the dealer. the supercharged engine is very suseptible to misfire with dirty plugs, especially in colder enviroments….. buff

  280. Rick says:

    I picked up my 2012 Platinum 2wd Tundra Crewmax (non-flex fuel) last week. Is there a supercharger for my truck? I’m in Buford, GA (40 mins N of Atl). Does anyone know of a tech who is capable to do the install? I got blank stares from my salesman when I mentioned the SC. Seems not many around here competent to do the job. I’m willing to travel to find right dealer.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Rick – Do you have a truck with a flex-fuel engine? If so, that’s why you’re getting the blank stare…most dealers won’t install superchargers on flex-fuel Tundras.

    • Paul says:

      Try Sparks Toyota, just search it on the Web. I had mine installed in Enid OK.

  281. Duc says:

    Does anyone know if the CM Platinum 4X4 comes in non FFV? Thanks.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Duc – Yes, but it’s determined by your region. Your dealer can tell you if they get FFV or non-FFV trucks.

  282. brandonm says:

    Jason i have a 2012 tundra rock warrior i want to put on a exhaust that will give me the best performance the dealer told me that if i didn’t have enough back pressure i would loose power i love the way a good exhaust sounds on a truck but not if it costs me hp?

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Brandonm – You can lose backpressure if you go with an exhaust system that’s too big. However, if you go with a cat-back kit from TRD, Magnaflow, etc., or if you follow the suggested sizes shown here – – you won’t have to worry about going too big.

      Where you get into trouble is going super-big on the pipes and muffler. You lose low-end torque if there isn’t a little restriction in the pipe at low RPMs…

  283. Victor says:

    Tundra rocks.

  284. Valentyn says:

    Tundra rocks. With 574 HP and a supercharger it’s a rocket.

  285. Edel says:

    Heres something you guys might like…

  286. Nick says:

    I have an ’08 Tundra Crew Max with the 5.7 and Supercharger, 48K Mi. Recently I was under the hood to look at and recharge the air filter and I noticed that around the top plate on the supercharger there has been some seepage and it ran down the sides and fins of the supercharger. It didn’t look like a lot, but it was consistent around the whole top plate. I took it to the dealership with concerns and they said it wasn’t enough to worry about and just to keep driving as usual. What do you guys think? -I know this is a form-in-place gasket, and I’m mostly concerned that this is a “new” issue as I’ve never seen it before. Appreciate your thoughts on how to proceed. (Unfortunately my local dealership doesn’t know a lot about the supercharger.)

    • Nick – I think I’ve seen that on other units, but it never really registered. A little seepage is always OK.

      • buff says:

        hi guys, on that leaking supercharger, with that much weepage of oil i would be calling trd on the problem, if you still have warranty on the powertrain it should be covered. i’ve had a “charger” on my tundra for four years and it’s bone dry with 60 k on the truck, i did talk to trd 3 years ago and they recommended having the “charger” rebuilt ( oil and bearings cheked or changed ever 72 k) by my dealer up here in canada (extreme conditions) , so far things have been bullitproof and i have a little over a year left on my extended warranty, hope this helps… buff

  287. bryan says:

    I had the supercharger installed on my 2012 crewmax 4×2 before I ever drove it off the lot and to this point am a little disappointed. Doesn’t matter if traction control is on or off – anytime I floor it at low speeds the computer governs it back causing it to lose all acceleration. After a second or 2 it comes back and once it begins to top out, right before shifting gears – it surges in and out…like it’s starving for fuel. Dealer says it’s all related to the computer skid controland nothign can be done about it. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Jonathan Slim says:

      There is something terribly wrong with your truck, it should not be doing that at all. Bring it back and demand it to be fixed, have them watch if its pulling timing, and have them replace all the spark plugs. They are full of shit.

    • buff says:

      hey bryan, not sure if your in the us. or canada, and according to my dealer, and trd, the canadian tundra’s computer is programmed a bit differently than the us. truck, however, with the traction control shut off our supercharged trucks up here in canada will rev to redline and shift from first, to second, then third with a tire spinning vengence up to 195 kms or so, then the speed control limits the engine power until we let off the gas pedal for a bit till the speed drops to around 170, then hammers back on hard till we get back to 195, then it happens all over again. watch your speedo because whatever gear your in, once you hit that higher speed the computer will shut down the engine. i run an 07 4×4 but some of the other tundras up here are 4×2, 2009, 2011, quad cabs, and even a 5.7 sequoia supercharged, and they all run the same, but all that power is no damn good in our slippery wintertime roads so we have to wait for clean dry pavement in the summer. anyway like johnathan says, take your rig back to the dealer because there is definately something wrong with the on board computer, and for all the money spent for factory warranted horsepower you coulda got a 6cyl. ford or chev to putt around in. we also have had excellent support from trd in california when phoneing them for advise… good luck buff in cold sask canada……….

      • bryan says:

        Thanks Buff. Truck has been back at the dealer since last wednesday. I’m in the US btw

      • Brad says:


        Down here in Regina and just ordered a new 2013 tundra crewmax platnium 4×4 and plan to order the SC to be installed. What did you pay for your SC and what dealership installed it if you don’t mind me asking? I got a price of 8k before installation and I almost puked. Did you indicate you had your SC rebuilt every 70k? and if so what did it cost… I want to pull the trigger on getting this installed but the price for the HP is adding up for a province where winter exists for 9 months of the year.


        • tw mcgovern says:

          hey brad, got my sc back in the fall of 08 when they were available in canada. local dealer here in nb ford sk. (rainbow toyota) ordered and installed it for 8 grand back then and i’ve always had the same mechanic working on the truck for the last 6 years, and bullitproof service & support from both. lots more to tell you but hopefully tundraheadquarters will let this info get to you so you can call me, leave a message, or email, that would be great….
          tw (buff) mcgovern ph. 3064455801, email tks buff……

  288. Will says:

    My 5.7 ltr gas milage with an extra metric ton consist of 17 mpg and 14 hauling.

  289. ryan prettyman says:

    Hey guys I’m thinking very serious about buying the TRD/Magnacharger blower for the truck this year. I don’t believe there is any other car manufacturer that will put a blower on a fullsize truck and then tune it and warranty it. I already have the Magnaflow exhaust and my RP Performance designed electric fan kit on it with a few other intake up grades. I believe with all that and the new Long Tube headers with the 3″ collectors that will be out the first of the year, this thing will be a monster!

    • Jonathan Slim says:

      Ryan enjoy the truck, adding headers will void the warranty. It is not worth it , yes you get more power but honestly the truck has more than enough. There is a reason TRD will not warranty the truck if you add headers they know better. Think twice brother.

    • Bryan says:

      Hi Ryan. Before I purchased my new Tundra and went with the supercharger upgrade, I seriously considered the Callaway C-19. Chevrolet also offers a full-size supercharged truck with factory warranted 540HP….IF your lucky enough to have an authorized dealer in your area. Just FYI. I hope that one day I’ll get a chance to put my Tundra up against one.

  290. Dean says:

    I just ordered the TRD supercharger for my 2011 Tundra Rock Warrior from my local dealer. I worked out a deal of $6300 installed. My truck already has the TRD dual exhaust on it. I’ve read here much valuable information and I appreciate it. First, I wanted to make some accurate stock fuel mileage statements that might be useful for some of you. My truck gets and honest everyday upper 14 mpg with mostly semi aggressive interstate driving. I have logged 18 mpg in Ohio ( flatland) while babying it and doing everything in my power to see how good of gas mileage I could get. The bad news, I got roughly 8 mpg pulling a 8000 pound travel trailer on the interstate and 6.87 mpg through the mountains. I do have a question for admin, do you think if I installed aftermarket headers I would gain the hp numbers some are claiming on here? If so, which set would you recommend???

  291. Dean says:

    The supercharger install is complete and after 1 week of driving I will report it is everything I hoped it would be. The acceleration is mind boggling and with then initial tank of gas I logged 14.86mpg. That figure dropped to 12.33 with the most recent tank and more aggressive driving. All I can say is it will easily light up the factory 33″ tires at 30mph with the traction-stability control shut off. I make a habit of shutting them off when I get in because the computer will shut you down at full throttle from a dead stand still without disabling them.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Sounds like fun! Send us some pics here or on our Facebook page when you get a chance. Thanks!


    • Rick says:


      My ’12 SC Tundra CreweMax NEVER has spun it’s wheels off idle (everything disabled). I’m at 4 lbs. How many lbs boost do you have? I think i’m going to contact TRD USA. Toyota has no way to test my SC apparently. Seems i may have to get it on dyno at my own expense. I’m still throwing codes too. Just a heads up, if you throw an engine code, your computer will dump fuel to thwart what it sees as a threat to a lean condition. It results in poor mileage and performance.

  292. shane lafond says:

    do I need to get sway bars etc to get the supercharger

  293. Anonymous says:

    I got the chance to run my Supercharged Tundra at a sand flat drag last weekend. I’ll be glad to announce it ran 6.08 seconds and was the number 1 street qualifier. Let me restate that, the Tundra annihilated any street truck by seconds and the only thing that came close was a sand rail and I still was the low ET. I believe if I had some tires with better tread I would have had to run in the super modified class. The Tundra spun wheels pretty hard off the line in about 3-4″ of mud.

  294. Dean says:

    I’m looking into getting the stabilizer installed this coming Monday. I’ll let you guys know how it works.

  295. […] using ?? how many pounds ?? yup have understanding wifey…TRD supercharger, Toyota built S/C TRD 5.7 Tundra Supercharger Specs – 504 HP and 550 LB-FT Torque! | Tundra Headquarters Blog […]

  296. Mike Bolich says:

    There is a lot of information on here,(all good I might add), but will the S/C work on my 2010 max cab with the TRD off road and 4.6L?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      I haven’t seen a supercharger for that engine on the market. It would be great if they offered one, but with fewer sales than the 5.7L, I’m not sure they will put the R&D into it.


  297. saif says:

    Guys, I need advice.. I drive everyday around 1 hour to work and 1 hour back home and I have the 2013 tundra.. would a super charger be ok for everyday use ?? wont have problems in future ?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      It is a-ok for everyday use. It just seems a bit of an overkill to use when commuting. And no, you shouldn’t have any problems in the future.


  298. Anonymous says:

    I have a Toyota Corolla I use for my daily long commutes. The car pays for itself easily in the gas savings. I save the SC Tundra for playing or work.

  299. Zorig says:

    Hello pls send me supercharger installation manual

    Thank you

  300. Chinzorig says:

    Dear friends, I from Mongolia.So, where I can buy TRD supercharger complete kit with installation manual for TOYOTA TUNDRA CREWMAX PLATINUM 2010? Pls help me

  301. Dean says:

    I’m reporting in on my supercharged Rock Warrior. I have been pleased beyond belief with the performance and pleasantly surprised with the fuel mileage. Performance wise, the trucks acceleration is incredible. Fuel mileage has been averaging 12–15 in the hills and 17+mpg on flatland empty. Pulling an 8000# trailer I learned several things. Fuel mileage will vary greatly depending upon driving habits and grade. I have seen a low of 6mpg thumping it through the mountains at 75-80 up and down hills to a high of 10+mpg on flat ground loping along. You’ll be tempted to leave it in auto towing but u discourage this unless you put it in tow mode.

    I noticed a couple downsides to the supercharger install. The brakes had to be replaced within 7,000 miles and had badly warped rotors. No big deal for now because I’m way under my warranty limit. However, I predict the rotors will warp again. I think the truck has so much torque it continues to push you even though your not giving it any gas. I’ve noticed it is much easier to stop if I pop it in neutral and yes my idle is only 600 rpm. The bad news is I have the Rock Warrior 17″ rims and I’m told the TRD-Stop Tech big brake kit won’t work so I would have to spring for larger rims and tires making a big brake kit a $4000 proposition.

    The other snafu I found while towing was easily correctable by leaving the transmission in tow Mode or manual avoiding 6th gear. I noticed my transmission temperature approaching the danger zone while pulling low rpm long grades in auto/6th gear. I switched over to manual and placed the selector in 5th and problem solved. I’m thinking the transmission must need the extra rpm to adequately circulate the coolant under heavy load.

  302. Tommi says:

    Hi everybody, we`ve bought an 5.7 TRD Supercharged Tundra and we don`t know should the oil ore something alse be changed in the supercharger? Should the supercharger take some service in ? miles?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      The supercharger has oil and a nose cone that can be serviced at 100,000 miles or sooner. You can buy a oil changer kit and most often the gaskets are changed as well. This entails removing the supercharger and servicing it.

      The nose cone is normally associated with a rattle at idle. It is simply a worn coupler that can be changed and replaced. You probably don’t need to touch it unless you are having an issue.

      The 100,000 mile is a recommended service interval and people have gone beyond it. With oil though, it is usually a good idea to keep up on it.

      Hope that helps.

      • Tommi says:

        Thanks Tim, it was very helpfull, where can we buy oil changing kit?

      • Tommi says:

        Tim, another question, what tipe of spark plugs should we use? Thanks

        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          There are probably a lot of opinions out there on spark plugs. I, personally, would go with what the manufacture put into the vehicle. I don’t recall the type that Toyota uses off the top of my head. Just stop at an Autozone and have them look them up. That is probably the easiest way to find them.

          You may also consider going to and find a maintenance schedule. This will keep you on top of things.


  303. Dean says:

    Tim, I got a few nice pics and a video of my black Supercharged Tundra if I could send them to someone to post??

  304. Dean Bower says:

    I added a new set of rims and some aggressive mud tires. I ran the SC Tundra again at the sand/mud flat drags and dropped my ET to 5.2 seconds at 60 MPH. Unfortunately I broke into two classes faster than last year and was DQ’d despite intentionally holding for a 0.9 second reaction time. One guy wrote his Tundra isn’t spinning off idle. I’m thinking you either don’t have your nannies shut off or something is bad wrong. Mine will absolutely destroy a brand new set of tires in about two passes.

  305. chase says:

    Im in the process of purchasing a tundra 14 or 15 im gonna supercharge it I see that the kit comes with the intake so that solves one of my questions so my next is will I be able to or “need” to add a programmer like the bully dog one?? And what would be the best on exhaust im going for power so im just trying to get the best bang for my buck also in my debate on a truck what would be better the trd tundra or the trd pro? Any help would be much appreciated thanks in advance guys

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d hold out for the Tundra Pro if you like lightly lifted trucks. If your more of a street kind of person opt out for something equipped the way you like it just be sure to get the towing package/4:30 rear gear and non flex fuel. The last thing I heard is the flex fuel models are incompatible with the supercharger. You can go on the regular forum and find out about more aggressive mods after the supercharger has been installed

  306. Kaiser says:

    Seriously thinking of adding a supercharger to my 07 tundra. I’m in Dubai and I don’t have a problem shipping a unit overhere but I am being told that it will require reprograming the chip. That would be tough to do here! Any suggesttions?

  307. pete says:

    ok tundra , I had a 2010 limited loved it and had the trd supercharger installed . loved it . after 75000 miles I traded it in on 2014 and ordered a trd supercharger . Where are they after 5 months they gave me my money back , I have heard every excuse , new hose location caused new testing ? new epa test coming soon , everything on the truck other than trim is the same very disaponted never got a decent reply from Toyota any body know really , after driving a supercharged very reliable truck I hate the 2014 . by the way where are you guys measureing boost , there is no port and the pressure is controlled internally to 8 pounds with a by pass , forget pulleys

  308. pete says:

    why no supercharger for my 2014 tundra I waited 6 months called Toyota I heard lots of excuses yet you advertise it ???? I had it in my 2010 loved it no problems very disappointed the 2014 is the same except a couple of hose location changes. Whats up , you even say the 2015 if you need more power on the pro order supercharger , just got my money back very very disappointed I was strung along

  309. pete says:

    well why no supercharger for 2014 ? stop telling dealers , yes they can order but no reflash for computer , usless

  310. Archie Higgins says:

    Maybe it’s just me but I make a point to run 100% real gas!
    The 93 octane is sometime hard to find because folks need to run that in there mowers!! If it’s good for my mower then it’s great for my Toyota’s even if it’s 87 Octane 100% gas.

  311. Anon says:

    To all those worried about MPG, Toyota does make the little Prius thing. Get out of your great truck and into that crap you hippie!

  312. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to post my 2011 SC Tundra Rock Warrior was taken in for service and the tech that installed my SC stated he had a service reminder to adjust something on my supercharger. The service was done and I noticed immediately the truck didn’t want to push me through stop signs which is good and I suspect much easier on the brakes. Anyhow, several days later a Dodge Challenger SRT 8 pulled beside me at a stop light on a 4 Lane highway (no cars but us). The changed and he tore out of there full tilt. I gave him a good 50′ jumped and hammered. The truck took off like never before and I blew by him like he was standing still. It was pulling harder than ever so I held it down and glanced at the speedo and it was buried past 120 and pulling hard. Then it happened, bam a huge gunshot under my drivers side floor pan. I bummed and feared a broken crank or thrown rod. I pulled it over and unbelievably/luckily there was no damage. I wish I could tell you what the tech did but I can’t. I will talk to him soon and post what he did. I’m a little afraid to floor it now ) ;

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