What We Are Driving – 2013 Toyota Tundra Crewmax Limited

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Our week of driving the 2013 Toyota Tundra Crewmax Limited has started. For the first trip, Tim Esterdahl took the Tundra north from Denver to the Western Nebraska/Eastern Wyoming area. Here are some pics.



We’ll have a lot more for you after our week of driving is over.

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  1. Mickey says:

    Looking forward to the pics.

  2. LJC says:

    What in the hell is it with Toyota? PUTC now has a 2014 to drive yet about 6 weeks ago they gave them a 2013 for the 1/2 ton shoot out.

    Second, PUTC sucks, really. Talk about a site falling from greatness. That site is nothing but a bash fest.

    Toyota should have given this site a 2014 to drive and evaluate.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I’m with you about PUTC having a 2014! Sadly, I don’t think we are “BIG” enough to get an earlier invite. 🙁

      I also agree about the comments on that site. I thought they were going to moderate it better. As you have seen with this site, comments are a priority for me. Frankly, I’ll let you spout off whatever you like, but when you start becoming racist or trollish, I simply delete your comment. I don’t understand why PUTC doesn’t have the same policy.

      I can say that getting vehicles is a “game” and one in which I am really just starting to learn. Frankly, I am really working hard to get other manufacture’s truck right now too. I’m not sure that is going to happen.

      Lastly, I have put in a request to be first on the list when a 2014 comes to the Denver press fleet. My understanding is that the PR folks are trying to get early production models sent to press fleets first. We will see if that happens.

      In the interim, this 2013 is simply awesome! 🙂


      • LJC says:

        I wonder if Toyota reads the comments on that site. Does Toyota think that a prospective buyer is going to read through all the hate? No way, if anything it will scare a buyer away!

        Site size does not count, it’s the quality of it. And Toyota has a deep rooted understanding of quality.

        Just like I mentioned in another post, McD’s has sold the most burgers, but it does not make them the best.

    • KMS says:

      I hear you about PUTC. I was just there and the juvenile and outright racist garbage they allow is disgusting. I, for the life of me, cannot understand why they do not moderate it better.

      As far as them testing the 2014, I look forward to it but also know that the juvenile trolls will come out in force too. Hopefully PUTC stays objective and stays objective.

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