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Car and Driver Long Term Tundra Review

Car and Driver published their long-term review of the Tundra a few days ago, and we thought we’d share the highlights:

There were lots of good comments from the review:

  • There were eight scheduled maintenance visits [with] a tab of $628, which…compares favorably with our most recent long-term full-size pickup, a Nissan Titan
  • our test truck managed the 5000- and 6000-pound loads (flatbed trailer plus car) hitched up by some of our club racers without even breathing hard
  • the logbook reflected generally high praise for the Tundra

Ford’s F150 MidBox Is A Smart Idea

Pickup trucks have a lot of cargo space, but that space isn

Tundra vs Sierra-Silverado Part Three: Ride, Handling, and Comfort

This is the third and final part of our comparison series Toyota Tundra vs Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra (read part one and part two). In this segment, we�re going to compare the two trucks in terms of ride, handling, and comfort. Just like before, we�re focused on the aspects of the trucks that are most important to a typical non-commercial user. As always, any comments (good or otherwise) are welcome.

Tundra vs Sierra-Silverado Part Two: Features and Pricing

The second part of our Tundra vs Sierra Silverado comparison will evaluate the relative cost of the two trucks and compare the features of both. (Read part one if you missed it.) We

Tundra vs Sierra-Silverado Part One: Mechanicals

Here’s our official comparison of the Toyota Tundra to the Chevy Silverado aka GMC Sierra. For all you GMC fans out their, we know that the Chevy and GMC are technically different – different options and packages, different standard features, etc. However, where it counts (under the sheet metal), these trucks are the same. So we’re going to roll them into one to save everyone some time.

Tundra vs GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado

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