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Press Fleet Ram Catches Fire – Worker Sabotage To Blame?

Dallas Morning News contributor Terry Box had a pretty exciting vehicle review recently. He was driving a brand new Longhorn Edition Ram 1500, when other motorists started to waive and gesture at him frantically. The problem? His brand new press fleet Ram was burning.

By the time he got pulled over and out of the truck, the vehicle was quickly engulfed. See the story here.

Ram worker sabotage fire

Brand new Ram burns to the ground – sabotage at play? Image from Dallas Morning News

The question is, was this “a one-in-a-billion situation” as described by Ram CEO¬†Fred Diaz, or is this problem a result of reported worker sabotage at Ram’s Warren Truck Assembly Plant?

Name that Full-Size Truck Dash – Answers

Last week, we challenged you to name all 6 major full-size truck dashes apart. How did you do?

Name that Full-Size Truck Dash - Answers

How well did you guess the dashes apart? Here are the answers.

In case you missed it, here is the link to the post with the dashes for you to guess.

Name that Full-Size Truck Dash – Can You Guess Them All?

When pictures of the 2014 Toyota Tundra came out, there were (still are) many critics who say that the dash looks like other trucks. This got us to thinking. How many of the new dashes look alike? Can you name them all?

Name that Dash - Can You Guess Them All?

Full-size truck dashes are starting to become more similar. Can you name them all?

Fastest Toyota Tundra on Record – Tundra Geeks

Our friends over at Tundra Geeks have this amazing video of what is being called the fastest Toyota Tundra on record. Here is the video, the specs and the owner’s story.

YouTube Preview Image

Toyota 2013 Chicago Auto Show Recap

A few thoughts about Toyota and the 2013 Chicago Auto Show.

Toyota 2013 Chicago Auto Show Recap

A quick recap of impressions from the Toyota reveal and 2013 Chicago Auto Show.