$40k+ Ford Raptor 90 Foot Jump – Stupidity on Display

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It seems to us that more and more truck owners are doing stupid things with their rides. In the latest example, here is a $40k+ Ford Raptor that jumps 90 feet through the air. Sounds cool, except it was amateurs doing it. The footage is unreal.

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While the stupidity in the jump is obvious especially with the footage of the ambulance having to be called. We also believe that the $40k+ Ford Raptor will probably be considered as totaled by an insurance company. While the exterior damage looks benign, you would have to imagine that the suspension and undercarriage is seriously damaged. Those parts aren’t cheap and we can’t imagine the size of the repair bill.

The sad part is the jump which lasted less than a minute will end up costing thousands to the parties involved. Is it worth it? We say no way. How about you?

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  1. LJC says:

    Quick post:

    1) That act will not be covered by the driver’s auto insurance
    2) Unless that is private land, he will probably receive a few driving violations
    3) He’s a risk to insure, so his insurance will go up, if he can now find a carrier

  2. Mickey says:

    Jason/Tim this video locks up right away. Can’t get it to work.

  3. DJG says:

    That’s crazy. I remember my buddy jumping his 97′ Reg Cab Tacoma 65 ft, looking back it was pretty stupid but the only thing that happened was the detachable face radio popped out.

  4. Brian J says:

    …and that was in my home state of Texas. I am embarassed. I guess morons are not location specific. They exist everywhere!

  5. Mickey says:

    Tim working now…… How do you explain stupidity?

  6. Boredwithford says:

    What a numbskull. He’ll probably try to sue Ford for building it in the first place.

  7. LJC says:

    I bet when he was a child he watched the Dukes of Hazzard.

  8. Steve says:

    hmmm, Darwin was right!

  9. Dennis says:

    Ford tuff=no
    Ford stupit= Yes
    Ford idiot= priceless

    Ha Ha Ha HA

    • Brian J says:

      Bro, there isn’t a stock truck on the market that could’ve handled the impact of that jump without considerable damage. All told, I think the Ford held up well. Longer travel suspension, true Baja style trail shocks, and additional frame supports would have yielded a smooth, uneventful landing. The point is: You can’t go dune jumping 30 feet in the air at 60 mph with a stock rig and not expect things to break. That’s why the trucks in the Lucas Oil Off-road series have bigger tires and long travel suspensions. They know you can’t do this crap in a stock truck.

      • LJC says:

        I agree. I thought the Raptor held up well, drivers, not so well.

      • RIck says:

        Exactly! Just hurt to watch it. Both airbags deployed which means an ins co may render it totaled and just may not cover damages. However, If this took place in the litigious North East, I can see the passenger suing the driver for a million in physical injuries. He has this video as evidence to hold the driver’s ins co hostage. He could win. It’s gonna get worse from here.

    • LOL. At least spell stupid right.


  10. Josh says:

    Ok I know the Raptor is supposed to be a big badass truck and actually if I were to ever buy a Ford I would probly buy that one cause it looks cool. But WTF? Why would you ever try that? Granted I have done some stupid stuff off oad but flying through the air has not been one of them.

  11. Justin says:

    Idiots. Nuff said.

  12. Mickey says:

    Ditto Justin…. Good to hear from you again….

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