2016 Toyota Tundra Changes Revealed – Larger Gas Tank And Integrated Trailer Brake Controller

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Big news out of Toyota, the 2016 Tundra model year changes have been revealed. The big news is a larger gas tank for certain models as well as an integrated trailer brake controller.

2016 Toyota Tundra Changes Revealed -  Larger Gas Tank And Integrated Trailer Brake Controller

Many changes are coming to the 2015 Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition including a new TRD Pro-like off-road package. Heck yeah!

Starting with the larger gas tank, all Limited, Platinum, 1794 Edition and TRD Pro models equipped with 5.7L V8 will get a 38.0 gallon fuel tank (up from 26.4).

Next, is news of the Tundra FINALLY getting an integrated trailer brake controller. This has been talked about quite a bit over the past few years and, for many, it seems like an obvious oversight. The TBC Integrated Trailer will be standard on all 5.7L V8 models – not on the 4.6L V8.

Other changes include a new 1794 off-road package with many of the same features found on the TRD Pro model like: 18″ TRD Off-Road alloy wheels with Michelin LTX® A/T2 tires, trail-tuned Bilstein shock absorbers, engine skid plate, fuel tank skid plate, front tow hooks on 4×2 and TRD Off-Road decal.

Technology wise, the front/rear sonar and blind spot monitoring is available as a technology package upgrade on the SR5 model. Plus, Entune Audio is standard on SR and Entune Audio Plus with Connected Navigation (Scout® GPS Link App) is standard on SR5. Entune Premium Audio with In-Vehicle Navigation and App Suite standard on Limited and TRD Pro. It is an option on SR5. Finally, JBL Audio with In-Vehicle Navigation and App Suite is standard on Platinum and 1794 Edition.

New for 2016 is standard safety equipment like Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) with Rear Cross Traffic Alert on Premium trim levels (1794 Edition, Platinum) and part of Limited Premium Package and SR5 Safety & Convenience Package (available on SR5 equipped with SR5 Upgrade Package).

Styling wise there are a few changes including a new, updated grille for SR5 and 1794 Edition. Plus, the front bumper of the 1794 is now gunmetal gray.

A few color changes will include: Blazing Blue Pearl replaces Blue Ribbon Metallic; Attitude Black is now Midnight Black Metallic; Sunset Bronze Metallic now available on SR5; Inferno now available with TRD Off-Road Package on SR5 and Limited (N/A on vehicles with beige/brown interior); SR now only available in Super White, Black and Radiant Red.

Note, the Sunset Bronze Metallic was available only on the 1794 edition and the Inferno color was a marquee color for the TRD Pro package.

2016 Toyota Tundra Changes Revealed -  Larger Gas Tank And Integrated Trailer Brake Controller

This is the new “Quicksand” color as seen on the all-new 2015 Toyota Tacoma. It replaces the Inferno for the TRD Pro package.

Speaking about Inferno, a new “Quicksand” color will replace it as a color choice for TRD Pro models. Plus, black leather seating with red contrast stitching and TRD Pro logo now standard.

Lastly, and a tad bit surprising that this wasn’t already an option, all 4×2 models will have the option for a FFV 5.7L engine.

All of these changes will impact 2016 Toyota Tundra models moving forward. Toyota expects those models to be available in August, 2015. Pricing hasn’t been announced.

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  1. DJ says:

    Some steps in the right direction. Some of the package/option changes seem a big confusing.

    Long overdue trailer brake, finally.

    Bigger tank – about time, thanks for listening Toyota.

    Missing – 5.7 engine tweaks (more HP, better MPG????)

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I would guess powertrain improvements will be in the 2017 model.


      • DJ says:

        I hope you are right, a V-8 designed in 2006 just isn’t cutting in the power and MGP department anymore. It’s a good engine but it’s almost 2016, you need 400+ horses and better than 14 mpg.
        Tweak the 5.7, throw in an 8-speed tranny, and I’m back in the market for a Tundra.
        Until then, as I’ve said, I’m happy with my 4Runner and see no reason to go back to a Tundra until they update the powertrain.
        At least they listened to us saying the gas tank is comically small and no trailer brake controller is so 2007.

        • KMS says:

          Some things I agree with, such as the 8 speed tranny, IBC and larger fuel tank. As far as hp and mpg, I personally don’t see why 400+ is so important. JMHO on that. MPG wise my DC RW is pulling consistent 16.5 to 17 mpg while commuting daily to a job that requires a combination of interstate and mountainous coal highways that run through several small towns. Even regular city driving doesn’t drop my mpg’s below 15 very often.

    • Mike says:

      My fill valve failed on my 2016 limited.Cound not put gas in it. 10 day to replace tanks. Just wonder how many more will fail

  2. Randy says:

    Nice; the 1794 Off Road Package and with the other minor upgrades they should get another kick up in sales.

  3. mendonsy says:

    Sounds a lot like the same news that was announced with the ’15 and never materialized.

  4. ricqik says:

    I still can’t get over how horrible the new tacoma looks. It just ain’t doing it for me. I see mitsubishi raider all over it.

    Instead of limiting the larger tank to limited and up, all tundra’s should get the 38 gallon.

    I hate how manufactures rewards the rich and screws the poor.

  5. Joe says:

    I left Toyota for the first time for a Ram ecodiesel. I couldn’t wait for better MPG. Toyota needs a diesel and a better MPG gas engine.

  6. Craig says:

    Great steps in the right direction.

    Toyota seems to be churning out as many Tundras as they can so there doesn’t seem to be a huge reason for them to put a lot of enhancements into the truck. Hopefully they give us a full redesign in 2017, but they are more likely to wait until 2018 before they overhaul the engine and give us a redesign.

    • GoBig says:

      I wouldn’t hold my breath on that redesign. Toyota has a history of riding a design for 7-10 years without much tweaking. You may get a new grille and new tail lights.

  7. Travis B says:

    The article below stated that a redesign is scheduled for 2019. I am on the fence for a new truck, might be ready to jump for a 2016 but not sure if would wait long enough for a 2019.


    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Maybe. The 2019 guess is based on a 7-year product cycle and the timing of the 2014 model. Historically, this is how things have worked, but automakers are constantly breaking the “rules.” For example, look at the Tacoma. By the 7-year measure, that truck should have been redone twice over.


      • Travis B says:

        One thing is for sure, if I do pull the trigger on a new 5.7 Tundra, with my luck it’s almost guaranteed that they will announce a new engine/powertrain very shortly after I buy one!

        The quote from Akio Toyoda did say – “The time has come for Toyota to build a new business model”……… we shall see if it happens!

  8. hemi lol says:

    I hate to say this but currently with the price of fuel (at least where I live in the Midwest) the ecodiesel argument holds no water………… example.

    1. Ecodiesel
    15000 miles a year at 25 mpg average (per epa)that’s
    600 gallons of diesel at 2.94 TODAY where I live that’s
    $1,764 in diesel fuel a year PLUS probably a rough
    200 more in maintenance from fuel filter, 3 quarts more an oil change etc. then stack on the
    $3000 premium for the diesel so $1,964 in fuel and extra maintenance.

    2. Tundra
    15000 miles a year at 15 mpg average (per epa) that’s
    2,560 in fuel cost per year. for a difference of $596.00 in favor of the ecodiesel per year….. ASSUMING the ecodiesel was up to the task of the Tundra towing, acceleration, reliability, durability, and resale value your STILL going to take over 5 years to make up the difference! most people only keep their vehicles that long…………… NOW I WOULD argue it makes sense if that ecodiesel could work as hard as the tundra without breaking, accelerate as well, etc. but it doesn’t. NOR does it hold its value nearly as well. Add that depreciation in and the Ram doesn’t fair well against the bigger stronger 5.7 in the Tundra……….

    • Jason says:

      Well I know 2 people who have an ecodiesel and they both get over 25 mpg. I now of several who have had tundras and they have never seen 15 mpg.

  9. LJC says:

    The way these new changes are being made available is really interesting. First, the ITBC, it’s practically all or nothing. Second, the larger fuel tank; standard for upper trim levels. I thought they would have made these two new things part of a max tow package, along with towing mirrors.

    It’s just another case for Toyota, the greatest auto manufacturer in the world, has not figured out how to properly make options available for the Tundra.

    Toyota needs someone who truly knows the pickup truck market.

    • Hemi lol says:


      theres a reason for it. the vast majority of folks wanting the fuel tank and ITBC are the folks that buy the SR5 and above trims. Although I agree with you there are LOTS of people that flat don’t want the Tow Mirrors. I personally am Mad that they don’t make a more sophisticated Tow mirror with upper trim and blind spot monitors etc. but they are including a lot of these things as more standard features.

  10. breathing borla says:

    I may be back in the market in 2016 buying 2017 models, we’ll see if they add anymore.

    Anything on this Tim?

    Right now I like the gmc tweak

    Shopping list as of now is tundra 5.7, gmc 6.2 8 speed, and ram 5.7 8 speed

    Will it be tundra 8 speed to match? Or more hp better efficiency?

    Keep it coming yota….

    • hemi lol says:

      I have a good buddy of mine who loves GM (like I used to) and he bought one of those 15 Denali’s with the 6.2 and 8 speed. He said it blows him away how much power they have talking about how fast it is and how well it tows……………………..

      NOW he just finished arbitration with GMC on the truck with 7200 miles on it after they REPLACED THE THIRD TRANSMISSION!!!!!!!!!! I couldn’t make that up I made him repeat it to me lol…… GM officials wouldn’t let the dealer work on it they sent an entirely new one and took the old one with them both times (and i’ll assume the whole truck with the 3rd trans will be picked apart now) LMAO someone didn’t do enough R&D obviously……..

      • breathing borla says:


        that would suck, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, although it can happen to anyone.

        I wonder if they want the whole thing back to send to the engineers to figure out what went wrong?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Nothing specific I have heard. There is always going to be a diesel rumor floating around along with 8-speed transmission. I can see Toyota adding the Atkinson-engine cycle to the V6 engine and maybe improve the gearing of the 6-speed to be slightly more efficient.

      For myself, I just can’t see the diesel since Toyota was watching the EcoDiesel quite closely. Now, with news stories, it isn’t selling as good as Ram hoped, that is pretty much that.

      Basically, I think anything they did on the Tacoma, they can do on the Tundra minus the GoPro. That item, I think is Tacoma specific.


      • breathing borla says:


        ya, I really don’t care about the deisel and I doubt that will ever happen.

        it’s too big for a 1/2 ton and too small for a 3/4, they would need a heavy 1/2 like nissan.

        I like high horsepower large V8s that rumble 🙂

      • Randy says:

        Oh No!

        No GoPro!

        What will they leave off next. Just Kidding people.

        I actually think the next “new” Tundra will be the 2018 model; so essentially the basics of the 2014-2017 will be the same (fine with me btw). Caution Note: I have been known to be wrong before.

  11. shamar says:

    Its all good of what their doing but i think they need better gas mileage. And start acaulty getting it out their like having commercial s etc.

  12. Frank Cadle says:

    Remote start, for me is a must. Is this possible in the future.

    • breathing borla says:

      Toyota has remote start now..

      that’s the good news, the bad news is it sucks as the truck turns off when you open the door and then you have to restart it.

      I like for you to point this out to toyota if you ever have a chance tim, about the dumbest thing ever.

      mine, I hit the remote start, it turns on my cooled or heated seat and heated steering wheel, and climate in the truck so when you get in, everything is either warm or cool and you just drive off after pushing the button without taking the keys out of your pocket.

      If I buy a tundra next time, after market remote start is the only way to go, not double starts everytime you use it with the OEM one.

      • gordich says:

        Seriously? The dumbest thing ever is auto manufacturers bowing to folks such as yourself! We are talking about full size 4X4 pick up trucks, not some ones luxury limo. No wonder trucks are going for $40,000 $50,000 or $60,000. Disgusting!

        • breathing borla says:

          Hey Gordich

          umm.. that’s why they make things called trim levels. Base work truck models for people like you, and high trim models for people like me.

          no reason to be a d!ck

  13. AMRE2me2 says:

    I too have remote start. And yes, it’s stupid that it shuts off when you open the door. But what is just as dumb is that the seat heaters don’t start working until you flop your fat ass in the seat! So even if you turn them on ahead of time, you still have a cold seat.

  14. Rick says:

    I have remote start on my Tundra and i’m ok with it shutting down when I open the door. It’s programmed like that to prevent a car jacker or thief from taking your truck while it’s running. I noticed GM owners just hop in and drive. You be the judge.

    The heated seats are pressure sensitive to prevent the elements from burning out when no one is sitting in them. I always forget to turn things off so that feature is ok for me. I’d like the seats to be hotter too. They should reprogram the seat heat system with the remote start so they would remain hot or cool before we get into the truck.

    My remote is programmed to keep the truck running up to 10 mins. The seats won’t burn out in that short of time. I’d like the truck to stay running for 15 mins or more if possible on cold winter days. It’s not warmed up enough in 10 mins. All easy fixes.

    An 8spd could get us another 2 mpg hwy with aggressive gearing in the trans and less gear in the rear. The truck would be quicker too in the first 3-4 gears. This could allow Toyota to curtail engine mods until the next vehicle overhaul. The engine is reliable and strong as is and towing would benefit as well. Aisin makes a good transmission.

    Small mods completed annually is a smart way to update without spending a lot, though the Tundra is behind the others in creature comfort. As the price of trucks continue to climb, the Tundra is reasonable in price because Toyota is not trying to recoup any money spent in development. I got a great deal on my truck! 😉

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      1. You are correct, every manufacture seems to have a different “take” on how remote start should work. Frustrating when you don’t agree with their approach.
      2. Again, every one has a different approach. FCA products, for example, can be auto-programmed for winter time to heat the seats, turn on the defrost, etc…
      3. You are correct with the 8-speed transmission. With so many competitors going down this road, it is hard to see Toyota not following suit.


  15. Henry says:

    Excited about the changes but no talk about improving the gas mileage on the 5.7L engines. Ford, Chevy and Ram have been in line with better gas mileage on their trucks, whats holding Toyota back…..maybe a surprise for 2017? I will be trading in my 2006 Pre runner but not until I see the changes that will bring the Tundra as the best truck in the market.

  16. Craig says:

    When will Toyota make this announcement official?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      It is official now. I pulled the information from Toyota’s press site. My guess is it will be a week or better until it hits the marketing and Toyota.com sites as well as dealers. However, many salespeople are aware of the changes or are being prepped as we speak.


      • Craig says:

        Can you please post the link Tim? I’m not finding it on either one of their sites:

        http://toyotanews.pressroom.to...../releases/ or http://pressroom.toyota.com/

        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          Hmm… I swear I saw it on the press room site. Looks like they have a lot of 2016 Lexus product information up. I’ll send an email to my press contact and see what’s up.


        • Tim Esterdahl says:


          FYI – I am still working on this. However, the entire team is out in Seattle for the Tacoma launch. They will get back to me next week probably.


          • Dave S. says:

            Any new news for the Tundra? They must be up to something since they have not said one thing about the 2016 unit.

          • Tim Esterdahl says:


            Nothing. Odd to since model after model is starting to be released. Feels like it should be going “live” on their site any day really. I’ll follow up again.


          • Craig says:

            You can now view the 2016 Tundra model on Toyota’s website, although building a Tundra still seems to be focused on the 2015 models.

            The integrated trailer brake is confirmed, but it seems the top tier models have dropped their towing capacity a few hundred pounds likely due to the extra weight carried by the larger fuel tank.

          • Tim Esterdahl says:

            Thanks Craig!


          • Travis says:

            I was able to build a 2016 crewmax today. It was about $800 more than an equivalent 2015 but I believe that was from the changes in the option packages. The pics have the IBC on the right side of the steering wheel.

            Many people may not realize this, but they actually had the IBC listed as an option for the 2015 model in the brochures with a side note of “late availability”, guess that was Toyota’s way of saying 2016.

  17. 2016 toyota tundra says:

    that new design looks better but since long i’ve preferred titan cummins though

  18. Mike Gardiner says:

    What about the little things I was hoping Toyota might bring back. The handle on the eindow post to get in, the electric sliding rear window on the SR5, the storage pockets in the rear doors of the double cab etc. I have been quite satisfied with both my 2007 and now my 2012, but I don’t want leather upholstery or a push botton starter. I want the truck like the 8ne I have now, one that pulls my 6500 lb trailer up and down the mts, has trailer mirrors, enough power to do all I ask it to do, and doesn’t need to be running to the repais shop every time I turn around. That being said, yes I’d like a bigger fuel tank an integrated brake controller, and some extra mpg’s would be appreciated, but if they haven’t brought back some of the little things I will continue to drive my 2012 until I see the new Titan or I can wrap my head around buying a Ford.

  19. Mike Gardiner says:

    Drove a 2016 Tundra today, liked the fact it had a bigger fuel tank and trailer brake controler, but I found th missing handles, half a glove box, storage pockets in the rear doors, seperate heat and cooling selection for driver and passenger, the non power sliding window, and more on the SR5 double cab have turned out to be deal breakers. Later I talked to a happy owner of a 2014 who didn’t know that the 2012 model I have has all these little features and more on it. Even Consumer Reports won’t recommend these newer models, Toyota, what are you doing?

    • David S. says:

      I agree. I own a 2011 Crewmax. They also got rid of the sliding rear seat with the new design. My 2011 seems to have a much better quality interior than the new design. Cost cutting I presume. I will keep mine…

  20. Greg sanford says:

    I have a 2014 Tundra 1794. Can anyone tell me if the new 38 gal tank will fit without any major changes. I’m not having any luck with our local dealer in Houston.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Not sure a lot of people know if it will at this point since it is so new. You are the first guy I’ve heard of it trying to do it.


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