2015 Ford F-150 Delayed? Aluminum Production Problem

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Rumors have it that the all-new Ford F-150 could be delayed due to the production issues related to the aluminum they plan on using. Is this the tip of the iceberg or a speed bump?

2015 Ford F-150 Delayed? Aluminum Production Problem

Production issues with aluminum are rumored to be delaying the new Ford F-150.

A story on the Truth About Cars, says that the delay has to due with the aluminum supplied by Alcoa and other tier 2 suppliers “did not meet internal forming requirements for the tooling tryout phase of pre-production.” This information comes from a “supplier source.” The delay could be 6-8 weeks long (IF it gets resolved).

Specifically, TTAC says:

Our source claims that the main issue with the aluminum comes in its inability to be properly formed. Aluminum’s “elastic or Young’s modulus” (the materials property to return to its normal shape after hitting it with a die) is roughly 1/3 that of steel. If the material properties are even slightly off, then it completely derail a given project.

Apparently, the delay has already scrapped Ford’s plans for a Memorial Day launch target. And there is the likelihood that there could be further delays if Alcoa can’t meet Ford’s requirements.

One note here: We applaud Ford for holding their suppliers to a high standard and delaying production until they get it right.

As we told you a while ago (2015 Ford F-150 – The Aluminum Gamble), the amount of aluminum and the scale of it is going to be ground breaking in the field of automotive production. If Ford gets it right, then they could have a big strategic advantage. If they don’t, it could have catastrophic effects.

What do you think? Are you surprised to hear this news?

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  1. Breathing Borla says:

    very interesting leap for a company that already sells 65000 a month.

    could get interesting.

    my bet is they get it all worked out, too important for ford and they will not slack when it comes to the F-150

  2. DJ says:

    It appears their production line could go into limp mode….

  3. Kyle says:

    That is not going to be good for Ford, I know quite a few people who are looking forward to this truck.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Me included! I am really hoping they unveil it in Detroit. I really want to see it first hand!


  4. Randy says:

    Yes I can see it now (or not).

    Your truck went into Limp Mode and the door fell off.

    However, it was not recorded by the engine computer or the body monitor computer so the response from Ford is:

    “We can’t find anything wrong.
    “It is normal”
    “They all do that”
    “The warranty is only a piece of paper and entirely a figment of your imagination”

    A wise person would think they would focus on what they have now, fix the problems with the EcoBoost before they try something new again. Maybe actually focus on the Customer’s requirements for a change and make something dependable and reliable.

  5. Mickey says:

    I’ll take the wait-n-see on this one. Very interesting I say.

  6. Larry says:

    As mentioned, 65000 trucks a month is a big deal and a huge profit generator for Ford. The F150 is the most important thing Ford has built in the last 25 years and it be the most important thing it will build in the next 25 years.

    While many see this as trouble, I see it as a positive. It tells me Ford knows how important it is to get this right. It is also important for every other truck maker because they will all be forced to follow. The F150 is the most important thing with wheels in the US. Ford is taking a huge step in moving to aluminum and this delay tells me that they are looking closely enough to make it work. Remember the fires with the RAM 1500s, very bad news for RAM. Ford must prevent any aluminum F150s from going to market with problems. Toyota still builds the worlds best autos and trucks and if Ford drops the ball Toyota will pounce on them like a tiger and the time required to rebuild the reputation of the F150 will be disastrous.

    This aluminum F150 is going to happen, is Ford smart enough be first and win big or screw up the best opportunity to come along in years. We will see but this rely is a positive signal to me that they want it done right.

    I hate junk on trucks like 150 dollar chipped keys and 400 dollar TPMS transmitters but this move is worth doing. When Ford gets it right Tundra will also be forced to get it right. Capitalism at it’s best.

    The only thing which could be better would be an aluminum Mercedes 4WD UNIMOG with a small diesel .

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Couldn’t agree more, but please STOP teasing us. “The only thing which could be better would be an aluminum Mercedes 4WD UNIMOG with a small diesel.” – that would be all sorts of awesome!


    • Randy says:

      Larry, the things you say make perfect sense to me; for example:

      “Ford must prevent any aluminum F150s from going to market with problems.”

      After all that is a logical statement to any sane normal business person in a normal capitalistic competitive world. And we know these statements should also be true (but they are not):

      “Ford must prevent any 6.0 diesels from going to market with problems.”

      “Ford must prevent any EcoBoost from going to market with problems.”

      Well of course it has not turned out that way; and Ford as left thousands of customers holding the bag with trucks that simply do not function correctly or at all.

      Unfortunately this is not a normal capitalistic market we live in anymore and Ford’s life blood comes entirely from the success of marketing alone and not the merits of the product or the service on that product.

      So the real question is: Is Ford going to change its corporate ways? At this point it is very unlikely.

      It is unlikely first and foremost in their eyes because this is only a numbers game; they can afford to lose a lot of customers via products that do not work and it is essentially no loss to them. At least it is not at the current volume they have. But will Ford change their position if their volume is cut in half?

      For both October and November (2013 over 2012) both Ford and GM have the lowest growth rate two months in a row for trucks; while Tundra and RAM have the highest. I have no idea if that is a two month fluke or an indication of a longer term change?

      The next 5 to 10 years in the half ton market should be very interesting; lots of variables that are still unknown.

  7. Craig says:

    disclaimer I own a 2008 Tundra

    Toyota must prevent Tundras from going to market with…

    Noisy self gernading front diffs…
    AIP issues that cost thousands to fix…
    rear bearings that cost $800 a side to replace…
    overly sensitive throttles that while having NEVER caused one case of untended acceleration sure were a pain to drive smoothly…
    starters that cost $1150 to replace…
    driveshfts that bump from behind…

    With the exception of the AIP, my truck has had all those issues before 120,000 miles.

    There are other things but the point is Toyota has issues of its own. If this new Ford is delayed till October whats it really matter? They better get it right, especially anything made of aluminium.

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