New 2014 GM Pickups Off to Strange Start – Headscratcher?

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The new 2014 GM pickups have already started selling and there is a lot of odd news following these models already. Is this it the biggest rollout flop ever?

New 2014 GM Pickups Off to Strange Start - Headscratcher?

The new 2014 GM pickup roll out is strange to say the least.

Let’s understand that GM is counting on these new “highly” profitable pickups to help lead their resurgence from bankruptcy. This is then an incredibly important roll out. Yet, we have lots of questions.

The new trucks are hitting the lots already in what seems to be a staggered roll out. Just the other day, I was on a GM lot and the 2014 models were sitting next to the deeply discounted 2013 models. But, that was only in certain setups as GM hasn’t fully released all the engine/cab combinations as of this writing. So, they are sending what they have to dealer lots and phasing out the 2013 at the same time. This strategy seems a bit odd and begs the question: why wouldn’t they wait until they have a full lineup ready? Maybe they are feeling the pressure to move units and turn a big profit. Still, it creates a confusing situation for a truck buyer.

Also, causing a head scratcher is the news that there is already a recall on the 2014 models. Yep, the truck that has been for sale for less than a month is being recalled. While, this is a rather small recall to fix a passenger air bag issue, it is still odd. The question that gets raised: did GM rush the truck to the market by sacrificing quality?

Lastly, there is a strong rumor out there that the 2016 (or sooner) GM pickups will drop a significant amount of weight as they try to keep up with the next-gen Ford pickup. This new Ford pickup is said to be significantly lighter than previous generations. This matters because increased fuel economy is the benefit from weighing less. This makes us wonder why would you buy a 2014 pickup when you know in two years, a lighter, more fuel efficient model is coming?

When you put it all together, 2013’s competing with limited available 2014’s, an early recall, rumors of model already being improved, it really makes one wonder why would anyone even look at a 2014.

What do you think? Does this news make sense to you?

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  1. tonyspin says:

    None of this is strange to me. Don’t these things happen to every brand with every new model?

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Maybe, I just thought it was strange coincidence of items. Being that they hired retired employees to make sure it was a “smooth” roll out, it seems odd that it hasn’t exactly been smooth.


  2. Mickey says:

    If it’s like you stated that only certain models are released. Something isn’t right if you do all models at the same time. I agree Tim it’s rushed situation. Yes the recall in less than a month. I wonder if Consumer Reports will still side with GM with a recall already.

  3. mk says:

    am going to go soon to a gm dealer and investigate this and see what cab/bed/engine/accessories are for sale and see if it is local or nationwide. My small mom and pop dealer have a red crewcab short bed under 6′ and a white crewcab 6 1/2′ bed I am liking the looks of. Will go down when not open to see window sticker and sneek a peak since won’t buy from them.

    Yes, I do find it odd even with GM that if true, they don’t have all cab/engine configurations readily available to deliver and order. Really also want a 3.73 rear axle ratio if not higher number but I know prior recent years, only could get a 3.42 rear axle ratio which is junk for pulling it’s own weight let alone a light load. I will NOT make the mistake and let a dealer talk me into a 3.42 rear axle ratio with a 5.3L engine, NO WAY, it sucks. I did look at the front grille of the new 2014 chevy silverado’s thinking it is a throwback to the late 80’s pickups, but is not too bad looking overall at least on the outside.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      I’m with you, I have sat in and extensively looked at the GM trucks. They are Ok. Yes, they get some impressive fuel economy numbers and the new look isn’t bad, I just don’t get real excited looking at or sitting in them. I’m not sure exactly why, something just don’t grab my attention.

      I agree too, I would go with a 3.73 or higher. Even that might be a let down after driving a Tundra with 4.10 or 4.30, like I have driven.

      I’ll be curious to see how they perform in the fall when I go to the off-road challenge.


      • LJC says:

        I’ve heard the new GM’s have a very nice and quiet ride. I agree, it will not accelerate or tow like the Tundra, but when offroad, the Tundra will fall behind. The new GM’s now have a limited slip/eLocker! Damn!

        GM is further improving traction while Toyota, as far as I know, is doing nothing on this front.

        Does anyone have M. Sweers email address handy?
        I’d like to “express” my concern with this.
        I promise to be professional.

  4. mk says:

    I think GM’s rear locking differential is made by Eaton (spelling?) and always has been and the same as in previous years which is much better than what the tundra has. All I know is the tundra’s sucks say if the right rear wheel is on ice and left rear wheel on dry pavement you still spin. NOT so with the GM trucks where the right wheel spins a tad and LOCKS power to BOTH wheels in back thus able to transfer 100% power to the rear wheel that is on dry pavement and easy to get out of a jam. tundra’s suck in that aspect.

    O.K. – was curious, called a few chevy dealers and asked them about the new 2014 silverados. Here is what I found out:

    1. dealers do not have books to give out on the 2014 silverado yet.

    2. can order out anything you want if available claim takes 6-8 weeks to get in.

    3. NO fricking rebates and price is even higher than say a crewmax similar equipped tundra comparing to a crewcab silverado 2LT pkg. NO leather msrp is 43K dealer cost they say around 40,300.

    4. ONLY way to get what I want in a 1LT or 2LT, non leather, 6 1/2′ bed crewcab chevy is to order a MAX pkg. which increases the towing to over 11,000 lbs. and have am sure stiffer rear suspension in the 5.3L V8 IN ORDER JUST TO GET THE 3.73 REAR AXLE RATIO. Most come with the wimpy 3.42 or 3.08 rear axle ratio which both are dogs. I do NOT want the MAX pkg. which am sure costs several 1,000’s more, just want a 3.73 rear axle ratio in a 2lt or 1lt but cannot get it like that, must get a MAX pkg. and am sure would have to order it special since very rare any dealer will get one in stock with my color preference/options.

    5. NO way will they sell a new 2014 chevy silverado for 40K with NO fricking rebates out now. Dealer said give it 3-4 months and rebates will be out but no idea on how much. They said the 2013’s are selling like hotcakes since around 10K off full msrp on 2013 silverado’s but on 2014’s can only get NO rebates and about 2500 off msrp is all down to dealer cost is about it. Heck, I got 6 grand off msrp with rebates and wheelin and dealin on my stock 2012 tundra DC SR5 4wd 5.7L from 38K msrp to 32K out the door price. Why would anyone be dumb enough to ONLY get 2500 off full msrp on a new chevy silverado?

    Personally, I think the chevy/gmc new 2014’s are overpriced in the marketplace even higher than the tundra DC and crewmax’s now and that was not the case in years past, the tundra’s were pricier, NOT NOW!
    GM is going to have to give me a 4K rebate in order to even consider a 6 1/2′ bed 5.3L cremax and ONLY if I can get a 3.73 rear axle ratio but doubt I can.

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