2010 Toyota Tundra Platinum Package

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In addition to announcing the new 4.6 L V8 for the 2010 Tundra at the Chicago auto show, Toyota also debuted a new Platinum luxury package for the new Tundra.

The staged Toyota media photos do a nice job of making the Tundra look mean. Make sure to study the interior picture below – this Platinum package is beautiful.

Check out the faux wood-grain dash, steering wheel, and shifter. We had no idea Lexus made a truck.

Essentially, the new “Platinum” Tundra is a decked-out CrewMax Limited with 20″ wheels, a faux wood-grain dash, navigation, moonroof, heated and cooled seats, lots of chrome (including a sharp after-marketing-looking grille) and more.

The new 2010 Platinum package will include a very sharp looking chrome grille that looks an awful lot like the Carriage Works billet grille we reviewed.

Pricing for the package is $5,140 above the standard Limited Tundra (which is already pretty snazzy).

The Platinum package will be available in four colors – Black, Silver, Slate, and Salsa Red. If you’re looking to buy the nicest possible Tundra available, your package has arrived.

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  1. Jeremy the Exhaust Crazed says:

    OOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!! Shiney and pretty. ME need! MY PRECIOUS!!!!!

  2. TXTee says:

    Nice that it’s finally being offered, especially the heated/cooled seats more than anything. Wood grain kits, grilles, and chrome are always things to be added. What I like the most is the instrument gauges……great improvement!

  3. Ingle says:

    The golden age of truck refinement has arrived. What more could we ask?

    I just wish they would change the plasticky door panels that came with the lesser models. If I’m paying almost 50grand for a truck it better come with capitalized LUXURY written all over it.

  4. Mickey says:

    I like the idea of the blue lights interioir on the dash. Not crazy about wood grain and only on a few colors may hurt their idea. The dash really is the same with no changes. The grill I can say is a great improvement. The 20″ rims look great. Also the way the bottom plastic on the bumper looks alot sharper. But from a Limited version I have I don’t see the $5,000 price tag. I’m sure I can get the same grill insert for $200. You can change the LED lighting yourself to blue. Some limited’s come with 20″ wheels already. So for $5,000 I get blue LED’s, a grill insert, and a change in the lower plastic bumper. Cost effective?

  5. Will2500 says:

    Has any one noticed that Ford already has a Platinum model. Does anyone else find this weird??? Heated and cooled seats are also avialable NOW on the 09 F-150. Why dont they just put the PowerFold side memory mirrors, power folding running boards, adjustable pedals. Better yet just call it the 09 F-150. Be unique, produce somthing new. Somthing no one has thought of yet.

  6. TXTee says:

    Hey Mickey – I almost said the same thing as you but the seats are heated/cooled and not sure what that runs to add it. Overall I think it’s a nice package for those that want a little more lux in their truxx!

    Will2500 – no, we don’t notice anything about Ford. We don’t care. However, what I do find weird is that Ford fans keep coming in Toyota forums. Ok I take that back…I personally don’t care but the rest stands. LOL some more……And why doesn’t Ford produce something new called reliability? Every manufacturer, and person with reasonable sense, knows that all industries are eventually going to copy what works and what sells.

  7. Obama says:

    HIDEOUS. HONESTLY JUST GOD AWEFUL HIDEOUS!!! What the hell is Toyota thinking? The grill looks like one of those cheap after market grills and the interior is pretty much one of those cheap eBay stick on kits. What the heck is going through toyota’s mind? ITS HIDEOUSSSSSS. The only plus i see is the option of cooled seats. My Tundra limited has heated seats, but not cooled. Thats a very nice feature. Other than that……………. HIDEOUS!

    • ryan says:

      Sounds like what someone who couldn’t afford the platinum would say. “If you don’t have any haters, you aren’t doing something right”

  8. Anonymous says:

    TXTee tell Will he forgot who Ford copied in the 6 speed Tranny. By the way Will2500 the Platinum model came out in the Sequoia edition in 2008. So try again my friend. Also Will I have on my 2007 power fold mirrors already so again you’re behind. How does it taste? The taste of leather always leaves a little dirt behind when foot is placed in mouth.

  9. Mickey says:

    Will Platinum edition came out in the 2008 Sequoia. They just added it to the Tundra lineup. Powerfold mirrors came out on my 2007 model. How about the F-150 copied 6 speed tranny from Toyota. Now Will you can go play with your little man steps in your tailgate and along your bed if that helps you getting in and out. We don’t want those hard working Ford people not able to get in their truck.

  10. Will2500 – It also has four wheels, a bed, a V8, runs on gas, and requires a driver…just like the F150. Toyota – bunch of rip-off artists right? COME ON. I agree that Toyota should be stuffing a diesel in a Tundra, but you’re way off base arguing that Toyota is copying Ford. After all, Toyota was the first company to install side airbags and side curtain airbags in a pickup as a standard feature, the first to include roll stability control (standard), the first to offer variable valve timing (back with the 1st gen Tundra in 1999), etc. Ford didn’t add most of these features to the F150 until years later, but you won’t hear me claiming they copied Toyota. It’s not copying – it’s adding features to make your truck better, and god bless it. It’s good for consumers. Incidentally, the Platinum Tundra also makes coffee and changes diapers, so “we got that goin’ for us.” 🙂

  11. Mickey says:

    Will just to add to Jason comments look at the tranny. As for Platinum it came out on the 2008 Sequoia. Powerfold mirrors are on my 2007. Now like you said you can be unique by using your little man step in the tailgate and step on side of the bed since you can’t get up in the bed.

  12. TXTee says:

    HAHAHA! That was a good one if I read the undertones correctly.

  13. Will2500 says:

    Mickey the 6 speed tranny was on a Explorer long before a Tundra also a six speed was mated with the 5.4l in 2005 on the Lincoln Navigator. NEXT!!
    Jason Incidentally, the Platinum Tundra also makes coffee and changes diapers, so

  14. will2500 says:

    Jason I forgot about the side airbags, get a Five star rating for crashes and you dont have to worry about it. Roll stability control in a work truck, try using that in a severe incline in a farm field. You will only forget to turn it off once! Nice truck got anything in a mans size??

  15. Ingle says:

    I’d rather have a side airbags than a 5 star rating for crashes but with no bags. Somehow it sounds better.

  16. Mickey says:

    Will we are talking your great F-150 which the 6 speed showed up in the 2009. You used your customers to try out your 6 speed in your SUV’s. Didn’t want all those recalls coming in we know. Not to mention those overheated trannys you had because of no external oil cooler for those SUV’s. Those must have been great reliable vehicles. If you done your homework you would have known this. If you rely on C/R for a vehicle you deserve your Ford. You know they didn’t even test the 4×4 Chevy in 2007 but recommended it the best. Answer that guy. SO why would I even believe C/R reliability if it wasn’t biased? Also Will why should we exclude some reliability there on some vehicles? They don’t count? Will a 6.8 at 450lbs of torque. We’re talking 1.1 litre over the size of the Tundra so we add the Supercharger to ours and we passed your 450lbs of torque to 500lbs of torque. So Will the Ford doesn’t use a timing belt or chain on their engines? Will you can try all you want but you can’t compare apples to oranges. A SD to a Tundra. As usual you like the stack the odds in your favor because you don’t trust what you got.

  17. Mickey says:

    Ohh by the way Will for our measily 5.7 puts out 401lbs of torque at 2400 – 5500 rpms. We still get better mpg’s also. 19-23mpg’s on my 7,000 lbs Crewmax Limited.

  18. will2500 says:

    Mickey, your right about the Supercharger. BUT they didn’t come stock on the Harley Davidson edition F-150 and Lightning. A Rousch F-150 Stage 3 adds 112HP with the ROUSHcharged 5.4L powertrain system, bringing your F-150 to 445HP/500LB-FT. Or maybe you want the Ford Motorsports Superchanger that adds 160hp and TQ, (470HP/525LB-FT) with the twin screw and still keep you warrenty. If none of them suit your needs then Ford made 500 2008 f-150 Foose Editions with 450 hp and 500 ft lb of torque along with the 08 Harley Edition with the same numbers or maybe a Saleen F-150. Theres alot of offers. How many does options of the Tundra versions does Toyota offer in regards to companys known for their performance offering these options through the factory??? ONE TRD or TURD! Your right Toyota is better….

    Roush has a propane kit for F-series that can be ordered through Ford. What has TRD done to look at the future?? Diesel they need a Diesel!
    To answer the “We

  19. TXTee says:

    I did my research and it’s called ownership. I don’t need stats to tell me that the Tundra I have suits my needs way better than any other truck on the market. All this talk of power, torque, gears are nothing but numbers to me. WTF do I need diesel for so why complain Toyota doesn’t make one? J.D. Power, consumer reports, etc are based a lot on other peoples’ opinions–and who is willing to pay to be “advertised.” Why not trust my own opinion? I’ll let Will continue his rants if it makes him feel better. It’s not like I’m going to get rid of my Tundra because he spit out a few moot points. Fact remains, Ford has not won me over in quality, looks, pricing, or features. If you want to talk about an ugly interior, let’s revisit the F-150. I’d rather the bare bones look of the Tundra anyday to those hideous A/C control vents…..Get back to the point of the package being offered and stop trying to make yourself look smart by spewing facts anyone can Google.

  20. Mickey says:

    The Tundra can be fitted for and already has a propane kit. The problem with that and the same for your Ford is where the pumps are. Not readily accessible to the public in all major cities. CR announced that the Tundra will no longer qualify as a

  21. Will – Do you work for Ford? Instead of answering my point that Toyota was first to market with a lot of features (and the fact that first to market doesn’t matter), you chose to talk about how Ford had them all first…why? What’s the deal man? I thought you were all about “making all trucks better.” Turns out you’re just interested in tearing down the Tundra. Your comment about my joke (about coffee and diapers) just goes to show you’ve got an axe to grind. Since you’re such a Ford fan, care to enlighten us as to Ford’s complete and total disregard for owners with the ubiquitous “spark plugs blowing out of the heads” problem that’s effected thousands of 5.4L and 6.8L owners? When Ford says “Quality is Job 1”, do they mean before or after they’re done doing everything else?
    Next, you can tell me about the Firestone tire recall…Why would Ford continue to install Firestone tires (which they knew to be bad) on new trucks even after the recall was announced? Ford put Firestone Steeltex tires on Super Duty trucks the year FOLLOWING the initial recall. Is that Ford’s idea of “5 star” safety?
    Why don’t you just explain to us why Ford delayed the launch of the wonderful new 2009 F150 for two months? Or why Ford is killing their most reliable truck (the Ranger) because it can’t compete with the Tacoma? You talk about all the problems that Toyota has (many of which are in your mind, I might ad), but people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Go troll somewhere else.

  22. TXTee says:

    …and the crickets continue to chirp as peace reigns…

  23. Anonymous says:

    Guys tring to hit below the belt. Why are you bring up Explorer’s and Firestone tires. The past is the past. Lets focus on the future like is Toyota going to issue a recall on Tacoma’s Frames for breaking in half?? In american terms that is a safty issue, hit a bump and your TRUCK BREAKS IN HALF. Ford releized the Explorer issue and tried to correct it. So what is Toyota doing about the Tacoma??? Wheres the recall??? Ford is going to stop making the Ranger due to the plain fact they own!!! There will be more than enough for every Tacoma drive to buy a used one that will last another 15 years with out the frame rusting half!!! So this brings the Current question, How with the Turd’s Frame be in 7 to 10 years???? CAN’T WAIT TO SEE!!!!! Man I wish I could be ignorant enough to own a Toyota, then I could be cool!!!!

    Well explain this why is the Tundra’s sales down over 50% for December when Ford was the #1 selling Truck for the past couple months, GM out sold TUNDRA twice the Chevy 1500 and then the GMC 1500 before Tundra could even catch up!

    • ryan says:

      Not as many tundras were sold because they are more expensive and worth every penny. Toyota owners have the highest credit scores than any other manufacturers owners. Not as many toyotas were sold because current toyota owners are not having to replace their vehicles due to their outstanding reliablilty. Enough said.

  24. will2500 says:

    The Tacoma is putting a big dent in American automakers’ truck sales but it’s also putting a big ugly dent in Toyota’s reputation for quality, reliability and service. The trucks are plagued by engine and transmission problems as well as an assortment of defects and quirks that we don’t usually associate with Japanese cars and trucks.

  25. Mickey says:

    Anonymous You state you wish you were ingnorantenough well you keep coming here and you hide behind a blank name that’s more than enough. Now you state that Ford will quit making the ranger due to the plain fact that they own? Just like Jason stated Ford couldn’t compete no more in the small truck world. You talk about recall? It’s what Jason stated why use a brand when they were the so called culprit? That’s not rocket science to figure out who and why Ford chose to stay with Firestone. What Jason put out is ligit about the blowing out of spark plugs any answer? I didn’t think so. Will I expected as much from a clown. Should I list all the ranger problems also? One question does come to mind though why when you have a recall on exterior electrical that it can’t be fixed for 5-6 years? Every year a recall is issued on the ranger for exterior lighting from the same manufacturer. Also a little tidbit for you Will they also had a recall on the Ranger in 2004 for the structual frame too. HAve fun Will and Anonymous and feel free to keep visiting because deep down you like what we got so that’s why you’re here.

  26. Will2500 says:

    Mickey, Exterior lighting. Did you read the fine print??? Its replacement bulbs made by a manufacture that also makes bulbs for Toyota’s. There is a list of vehicles that the bulbs can be installed in which would require the recall. TWO of them are the Tundra and Tacoma!! So I answered your question, so whats up with the FRAME ROT???? Whats the solution and when is it gonna happen???? Is Toyota gonna continue to buy back every truck??

  27. Anonymous – Do you have a name? What a fantasy world you must live in, where Toyota Tacomas break in half every day. Come on. That’s an “urban legend” sir. Besides, Toyota offered to buy back all the trucks that were effected…I think that’s pretty solid customer support. I doubt that you’ll acknowledge any of that, however. As for you assessment of Tundra sales in December, touche. In one of the worst car sales months in the history of modern America, Ford and GM outperformed Toyota. What an accomplishment – sounds like a poster to me.

  28. Will – Don’t quote content from other sites and carry it off as your own. The trouble with your argument is that in 5 years, when you’re completely wrong, you’ll crawl back into the woodwork and hide again. The points you make about the Tacoma have some validity, but the assertion that “Tacomas are breaking in half” is just ridiculous. If you really believe that, I pity you. Still, I don’t think you or anyone else can predict the future. Perhaps in another 5 or 10 years we’ll all know that Toyota screwed the pooch, but my guess would be that won’t happen. Either way, one thing is certain. If you’re wrong, you’re not going to come here and admit as much. If I’m wrong, and Toyota somehow “falls off the wagon” like you think they will, then I’ll be leading the charge to get it fixed. We’re the ones who opened up the info on bed bounce (no other site has done as much to address that problem as this on), we’re the ones who issued a press release about bumper and lug nut rust, and we’re the ones who just last week showed data that Tundra resale value is falling. You can claim that I’m a moron all day, but you can’t claim that we don’t call them like we see them.

  29. Mickey says:

    Will you still missed the frame recall. I figured as well.

  30. MK says:

    Jason is correct on the new tundra. Bed bounce, rusted lug nuts and bumpers, thin and poorly constructed tailgates, lesser than expected resale value, some with paint issues, etc. are not what we expected from toyota. I’m still waiting to hear back from Toyota thru the dealer after they polished my lug nuts and I went back to the service mgr. stating the rust is still present and he knows about it and will file a complaint with Toyota for me. He admits the chrome on the edges of the lug nuts are too thin of a chrome plating to prevent rust and he even said within 6 months from now, a new set for $300.00 will be rusting again. Toyota should fess up to the problem and make the manufacturer who chromed the lug nuts to make the chrome thicker to prevent rust longer – plain and simple.
    I do not like the look of the new 2010 interior with the woodgrain all over. Never liked woodgrain and never will, period. I understant some people like the big 20″ fancy wheels/rims, but for me, too overpriced with no value beside prestige to show someone else you have the biggest and most expensive rims in town – I really don’t care. I use a truck to haul stuff, not to show it off and that is why I also think the crew cab is stupid with too short of a bed at 5’5″ and enough rear seat legroom for an 8 foot person – just for show.

  31. Mickey says:

    MK then you shouldn’t get the platinum series truck. Also to which his own on the Crewmax. I have one and I do believe in having comfort for family and friends who ride with me. I use my truck to haul wood, pipe, and even palm trees. Like you could care less about the rim size. As for your lug nuts I seen that on a couple of trucks so I know it’s happening. I think it’s because when a tech uses a impact wrench causes it to cut into the nut. The tech isn’t too much worried about how he puts the lugs nuts on either so he can cut them up taking them off just as well as putting them on. I do my own rotation of tires with a 4 way. I guess that’s why I never got the rust yet. You also get the same from all manufacturers about issues that’s not suppose to happen like my 06 Silverado headliner falling off 11x because it was a defect and my 03 F-150 10x replacing computer. All manufacturers are constantly looking for a better and cheaper deals for their parts and you will run into this like I did especially for the headliner which was cut too short by a new part manufacturer for GM. I take it was cheaper but than the 03 version on up and this has happened to numerous trucks I seen on a new car lot being sold as new. What really irritates me the sales manager knows about these trucks and won’t say nothing to a new buyer. Their statement is we have a warranty to fix it. Yes how many times. I have to say I been fortunate to have a great truck built in the Crewmax I got. No problems (piece of mind).

  32. MK – The chrome is frustrating, but it seems to be sort of random. Our suggestion in our press release was to get all the chrome parts looked at, and my understanding after speaking to a few people is that the issue with the poor plating process has been corrected. SO, if your service manager is telling you a new set will rust, he’s probably saying that because he doesn’t want to buy you a set. As for 20″ rims, woodgrain, and everything else, to each his own.

  33. MK says:

    I am going back in the next few weeks, dealing with the service manager only, and demanding replacement of the lug nuts either at Toyota’s expense or the dealers, not mine. I also have to go back in thanks to the Tundra’s very useful website on the paint being rubbed off entirely about 2 inches and 1 inch wide below and in back of both driver and passenger rear doors. I looked just today seeing other trucks on Tundra forums where the paint is gone and rust is showing all over in that area. Even though thru e-mail I just got word from my selling dealer that they will not replace my rusted lug nuts under warranty , I will be seeing them personally all day if I have to and bug the heck out of them since hopefully like Jason said the poor plating grocess has been corrected. I will also make them send my truck to their body shop to grind smooth and repaint those 2″ x 1″ areas below and in back of both rear double cab doors. If not done, bye-bye Toyota Tundra forever since no truck in less than 2 years and 21K should have paint worn thru rusting on the sheet metal since I take very good care of my vehicles and always get compliments on 2-4 year old vehicles still looking like new. The quarter size crappy factory flaw of a raised bubble thru the paint job on the very bottom of my tailgate in the middle is pissing me off as well and I will be showing the service manager all 3 factory crappy jobs and they better fix 2 of the 3 or else I’ll be telling all to NOT buy Toyota Tundra’s = piece of junk. NO truck from the factory under warranty well taken care of should have 3 paint or design flaws on a new vehicle from the factory causing rust spots or total loss of paint and NOT get fixed under warranty.

  34. MK – The bubble in the paint should definitely be fixed. I haven’t seen the photos on the forums of the paint strip you’re talking about – can you post a link?

  35. Mickey says:

    Does Katy Texas have nothing else to do?

  36. Sean says:

    Say what you want, I got my 2010 Platinum last week and it is the sweetest truck. If you want a work truck go buy an F350 diesel, if you want a Lexus that’s a 400 HP 4×4 truck buy this.

  37. Mickey says:

    Congrats Sean……..

  38. Mad dog says:

    You have way to much time guys get a job hay sean is your truck fast

  39. dick says:

    Will Toyota come out with a “King Ranch Tundra” next? Come On !! what a blatant ripoff! How about the 4Runner Escalade? Or the FJ40 Rubicon.

    At least when the Chinese Auto Manufacturers rip off, reverse engineer, or just rebadge another country’s automotive Marques; they change the Name on the damn thing!

    Wasn’t the original version of this truck called the T-150? Then the T-100, then the Tundra…. but it always looked suspiciously similar to the best selling truck for some reason…

    But to go out and name your top level truck the same as your #1 competition? That’s just admitting you’re incapable of original thoughts!

    I must admit though, I could probably afford a Celica ” Enzo” !!

  40. Jealous much, Dick?

  41. Mickey says:

    Dick I’m afraid to tell you your truck took that name from Toyota’s Sequoia which had the platinum name for several years now. Whose copying who? Also like Jason stated must be jealous in wanting the most American made truck out there. Are you sure your platinum comes from the USA or is it Mexico sub assembled? Ford just started using Platinum after the Sequoia so try again.

  42. Ok. I have owned both Ford pick-ups (Ranger & F-150) and Toyota pick-ups (What they made at the time, Small). For the most part, each were good products for my personal use. Bad comments based on my experiences:

    Ford- Electrical (Wipers would start running on their own). Transmission (Noticed slippage at around 50 K). Standard Door Key Locks ( When winter time would arrive, keys would not un-lock doors unless locks were lubed every couple of weeks. In the south no less). Bed Cargo Light. ( Rubber Seal deteriated around light, causing leakage into headliner.- Twice). AC/Heater Blend Door (Made of plastic and cracked from frozen moisture during icestorm. Not fun to replace).

    Toyota- Radiator (Top seam failed where foam padding was placed at around 60K 22-R motor). Fuel filter ( 2 trucks, both would get clogged easily until aftermarket replacement).

    Volkswagen- Rabbit Truck Thingy (Don’t ask! Not even sure it was really a truck) .

    All in all, pretty minor and odd stuff.

    Of all the trucks that have passed through my hands, I did keep a Ford Ranger, primarily, for sentimental reasons for 13 years. I attribute that to good maintenance. A long time ago, I sold my 1987 Toyota 4×4 and regreted it ever since. Back then, I preferred a smaller truck for budgetary reasons and did not need big truck. Anyway, This year I was in the market for a new full-sized pick-up and checked out the following: Ford F-150, Dodge Ram and Toyota Tundra. I was looking for the following main items: 4×4, crew-cab and V-8 motor. I drove the F-150 and was not impressed with the motor performance, or really the body style and interior comfort over long trips. The previous version of the F-150 seemed to agree with me more, having ridden in one years ago. Then, I tested the Ram 1500. Holy crap! Awsome power and nice exterior/interior design w/lifetime powertrain warranty. But I got cold feet after weighing the current situation with the parent company. Nice truck, but… I also went to Toyota and checked out the Tundra Crewmax TRD 4×4. Honestly, I can live with or without the interior/exterior design. The interior is decent, but seems a little heavy on hard, smooth plastic. The seats are very comfortable and have suitable adjustment for both front and rear passengers. The exterior seems like a work in progress. I drove it around and experienced very smooth shifting, power and excelleration, quite on par with the Ram for such a large cabin. I also found improvments with the fit and finish, compared to previous Toyotas I have owned in the past. I stewed on it for a week and settled in with the Tundra after additional research and the negotiations. I am in need of hauling basic materials, family trips and occasional recreational activities. I have owned it for about 2 months now and I really enjoy it. Got the bed sprayed w/ Linex .I have recieved comments on ride quality and interior comfort from a varitety of passengers. Some of them are truck owners of different brands. Of course we give each other crap in regards to brand loyality, but quality speaks for itself and gets recognized when warranted. Time will tell how my 2010 Slate Tundra Crewmax TRD SR-5 package 4×4 performs and how dependable it is. I must admit, the Ram has improved quite a bit. If you have experienced a ride in one, you might agree. Purchases are decided by personal needs, tastes and most importantly, proven historical mechanical dependablility. For me, over the years that catagory has gravitated toward Toyota first and Ford second at the moment.

    • Kevin – Thanks for commenting. The Ranger is a great little pickup, and I here ya’ on regretting the sale of an old Toyota pickup. I think you would have been happy with any of the trucks, but I’m happy to hear you selected the Tundra. 🙂

  43. Mickey says:

    Good to hear a great story…. Also great that Kevin took the time to search and drive all before making a decision. I had a 92 Sonoma which had wiper problem also. 3x to replace the intermitting wipers. It started where it wanted and ended where it wanted. ALso only a cracked exhaust manifold on that 4 cylinder.

  44. Ken Johnson says:

    Just got my Toyota Tundra Crewmaxx Platinum 2 months ago, and took a trip with my family to Big Bear Lake in southern California, such a smooth ride and plenty of room for a large family of 5. The 3 kids enjoyed the entertainment center in the back and my wife and I totally enjoyed to JBL sound system up fornt.
    This truly is the Lexus of trucks, by the way we were able to store all of our camping and the kids softball gear comfortably in the back secure under to hard cover shell.
    Plenty of power going up the hills,elevation of 9000 feet, never missed a beat. The ride is sometimes a little bumpy on uneven highway but the stereo sounded soo good I hardly noticed.

  45. Jason says:

    Ken – Sounds like fun – glad to hear it was a good trip.

  46. Dwayne says:

    Sold my 2003 Tundra a year ago…Now looking to purchase the 2010 Tundra Crewmaxx with the Platinum option. My problem is, I hated when my Tundra would spin out on wet pavement; I have considered all the high end domestics that offer full time 4X4, including the Caddy EXT (back seat lacks leg space). I want the Tundra, but at this point in my life, I have to put safety and road handling confidence, ahead of my personal preference for the Tundra. If Toyota can offer a 5K Platinum Package, why not offer full time all wheel drive?

  47. Jason says:

    Dwayne – The traction control system should offer you a lot of the same benefits as a full-time 4wd system. As for why Toyota doesn’t offer it, it’s for the same reason that Ford, Nissan, and Chrysler don’t offer it – it’s not really 4wd.

  48. […] 20s, etc. "Pricing for the package is $5,140 above the standard Limited Tundra" 2010 Toyota Tundra Platinum Package | Tundra Headquarters It doesn't make one difference to me at all, I was just making a joke. Here is where I got that […]

  49. Steve says:

    I am with most of you, I’d rather buy FORD or CHEVY, BUT…the TUNDRA IS TOUGH to beat. I am a used car / truck dealer in SC, and the TUNDRA resale value is 40% HIGHER than FORD or CHEVY or DODGE……BIGGEST BANG for the BUCK is the TUNDRA….why in the HELL did they let TOYOTA in NASCAR???? TO SELL MORE TRUCKS!!!!!!!
    Knock on wood…..sgt

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