All Known 2009 Toyota Tundra Problems

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As part of our ongoing series of handy resource guides, here are all the known 2009 Toyota Tundra problems.

2009 Toyota Tundra Problems

Here is a handy list of all known 2009 Toyota Tundra problems.

Air Injection Pump Problems

Many 2009 Toyota Tundra owners have reported problems with either air injection pumps seizing or air injection valves in the intake manifold rusting so that they can’t open or close any longer. Toyota listened to the complaints and responded by increasing the warranty to cover owners with this problem. There was even a reimbursement for those owners who spent the $4,000 to fix on their own. Learn more about Tundra air injection problems here.

Bed Bounce
The bed bounce problem was a big deal in 2007 and some 2008 models. While Toyota released a TSB for double cab owners, we hear that a few 2009 owners have had a problem with this from time to time. This seems like an isolated issue and that this problem is going away. The new models have a new, softer/fancier bushings that will reduce the bounce sensation.

Too-thin Tailgate Metal
Many Tundra owners report that their tailgates have bent or broken during loading. We know that Toyota agreed to fix or replace some tailgates, and we have a copy of a Toyota internal memo that acknowledges the issue…and also claims that the issue was fixed in 2007. However, some 2008 Tundra owners still report problems.

Power Seat Failure – TSB
Toyota released a TSB for some of 209 Tundras regarding a power front seat that fails to operate because the 30-amp seat fuse is open. An improperly seated wiring harness has been determined to be the cause and installation of an updated wiring harness protector has been identified as the fix.

Radiator and Horn Mounts Cracking – TSB
Toyota released a TSB for a condition where cracking develops around the horn and/or radiator mounting brackets in 2009 Tundra trucks. The fix is basically to add some more support brackets to address the problem.

Water Intrusion Into Charcoal Canister Triggers Check Engine Light – TSB
Toyota released TSB for the 2009 Tundra trucks concerning a condition where the check engine light will show “On.” This issue was caused by water intruding into evaporative control system through the fresh air inlet. Essentially, Toyota redesigned a fuel tank fillerpipe to prevent this issue from happening again.

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  1. LJC says:

    That’s a short list.
    The Air Injection Pump problem is covered by an extended warranty I believe since it’s related to Emissions.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      LJC – Absolutely correct on 2009’s sold in California and/or states that have adopted California’s emissions rules. However, Tundras sold in states outside that group are covered under a separate special service campaign.

  2. Mike T says:

    The 2009 Toyota Tundra continues with its especially imposing outward appearance, with a prominent, upright grille, detailed headlamps, flared wheel wells, and just a few equipment changes for this year.

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