2007-12 Toyota Tundra Tailgate Rust/Corrosion TSB

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Toyota has released a technical service bulletin (TSB) for 2007-12 Toyota Tundra pickups to address a condition where paint on the tailgate is bubbling and corroding. This is likely caused by water getting trapped in it. The TSB fixes this problem.

2007-12 Toyota Tundra Tailgate Rust/Corrosion TSB

Does your 2007-12 Toyota Tundra tailgate have rust on it? If so, Toyota has a fix for you.

The T-SB-0219-12 is meant for 2007-12 Toyota Tundra showing “a condition where the paint at the bottom seam of the tailgate is bubbling and corrosion is present. In some cases this may be due to water being trapped in the tailgate, and not being able to drain properly,” according to Toyota.

This TSB applies to:

  • All 2007-09 TMMI built Tundra vehicles (Indiana plant)
  • All 2007-11 TMMTX built Tundra vehicles (Texas plant)
  • All 2012 TMMTX built Tundra vehicles produced BEFORE the Production Change Effective VINs below.

2007-12 Toyota Tundra Tailgate Rust/Corrosion TSB VIN List

This repair is covered under the Toyota Perforation/Rust Warranty which is in effect for 60 months from the vehicle’s in-service date. Also, this repair is limited to only this issue.

The Fix

Just like you might suspect, the fix is to replace the tailgate. Essentially, a technician will confirm that the rust is on the tailgate and that it applies to this warranty. Then, the replacement tailgate is installed. It sounds like the new tailgate is improved in some way and doesn’t suffer the same condition as the prior model.

Has this happened to you? Do you have a rusted tailgate? Let us know about your experience below.

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  1. Philip says:

    Just had this fixed on my Tundra back in August. I had a bubble in the paint right below the Tundra emblem with a little bit of rust on the paint. Took it to the dealer and at first they tried to blow me off, but got the service manager involved and he agreed to have them fix it. They took it to the body shop and found out they had to replace the whole tailgate. I had Line-x also and Toyota wouldn’t cover the replacement of that, so the dealer had a similar system that they used and sprayed it and covered the cost. I just hope they really fixed it and it doesn’t come back. If it does, I’m guessing it will be after my warranty. My truck had ~40,000 miles on it when this occurred and was just over 4 years old. I’ve already had both bumpers and all my lug nuts replaced due to rust issues. I wish Toyota would get this rust issue figured out. My last 2000 Tundra had the frame rust issue when I traded it in.

  2. Mickey says:

    Haven’t had the rust issues on the paint. Just the lug nuts had rust on them. This was caused by using an impact wrench vice a 4-way.

  3. Mickey says:

    Sorry I have an 07 CM with 146,725 miles on it. Just getting broke in.

  4. mendonsy says:

    I was really nice of them to release the TSB after many of the ’07s are already past the warranty.

  5. Mickey says:

    Mendonsy it maybe the fact the 07’s haven’t had that issue. Then again mine is garage kept so that maybe a big factor in why I don’t have the paint issues too.

  6. LJC says:

    I live in the Northeast and in my state, corrosive stuff is used to help keep the roads driveable in the winter. My tailgate is not rusting (2011 *BX* VIN)

    If this condition exists, even without the TSB, a repair/replacement would be covered under the 5/60K warranty, right?

    My experience with Toyota has been: be curtious, reasonable, and right and Toyota will back their product.



    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      If a recall goes out, it doesn’t matter who the owner is. Just take into your local Toyota dealer and have them check for the recall.


  8. Anonymous says:

    2008 tundra tailgate rust problem

  9. Jason says:

    Does the TSBs apply to Canada or just US? Anyone know?

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