20 Most Influential Auto Blogs – 2009 Edition

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In an effort to improve our little blog, a few weeks ago we started profiling some popular auto blogs for our own purposes. At first, we were only looking for ideas on layout, content, and features. After a while we realized that it might be interesting to put together a list of the most influential auto blogs on the internet (focused on the USA).

The 20 most influential automotive blogs of 2009

The 20 most influential automotive blogs of 2009

For our purposes influence means that a blog is both authoritative and popular. Here’s our criteria for blogs and how we attempted to determine authority and popularity:

  1. Each site had to be a blog or act like a blog. That means regular posts/articles that accept comments. This also means we only focused on the blog sections of larger sites.
  2. We reviewed Google PageRank, Technorati Authority, and visitor data from Quantcast, Compete, and Alexa for nearly 50 blogs before trimming down the list to 20.
  3. We placed emphasis on original content. Some blogs specialize in publishing press releases and re-posting info from other sites – those types of blogs did not do well in our rankings.
  4. Blogs with infrequent posts and/or very low visitor numbers were less likely to make our list.
  5. The blogs are all evaluated based on their US visitor traffic and US focus.

Undoubtedly, this list has missed some worthy blogs. Please know that this is a good-faith effort and that we’re happy to revise this list if we did indeed miss a blog that deserves inclusion. If you would like us to evaluate your favorite blog for inclusion on this list, please contact us or comment below and say as much.

The list of blogs is sorted by Google PageRank (PR). PR isn’t the best way to sort these blogs, but it’s probably the best independent indicator of authority. In cases where Google PR is tied, the blogs are sorted alphabetically. If you’d like, you can view this list (and all data) via pdf.

Blogs with Google PR 7

AutoBlog.com – Huge visitor numbers (10 million or more per month) and lots of original content make this one a must read.

Jalopnik.com – Not everyone is a fan of the short “hit-and-run” style of Jalopnik’s blog posts, but you can’t deny they’re funny and often informative. 11 million+ visitors per month can’t be wrong, btw.

Wired.com/autopia – Always good for a different take on cars and transportation in general.

Wheels.blogs.nytimes.com – The quantity of posts is low, but it is the NY Times.

Blogs with Google PR 6

AutoObserver.com – The low volume of visitors hides the fact this site is a great source of industry news.

AutoWeek.com – A blog backed by a top-rank news organization.

blogs.cars.com/kickingtires – Classified Ventures, LLC, publishes a few really excellent automotive sites. MotherProof.com, PickupTrucks.com, and Cars.com all fall under the same umbrella.

Detroit News Autos Blog – Arguably the best source of auto news in the USA that doesn’t require a subscription.

GreenCarCongress.com – The smartest auto blog that many people have never read.

TheTruthAboutCars.com – An interesting mix of reviews, news, and nostalgia.

Blogs with Google PR 5

blog.caranddriver.com – Most of the really good info is saved for the magazine, but you’ll find a gem here and there. The fact that the blog is backed by a major publication and enjoys a decent number of monthly visitors (approx. 87,000) places it on our list.

blogs.automobilemag.com – It’s a little weak in terms of popularity, but it is the blog of a major auto publication. It should be noted that the “rumors” portion of the site has similar traffic and authority rankings, and contains much of the info that other sites include in their blogs. Add the “blog” and “rumors” sites together and you have a winner.

blogs.motortrend.com – While it’s not updated as frequently as other blogs listed here, the posts are top quality, unique, and backed by a major auto publication.

InsideLine.com – Many great quality blog posts spanning the entire automotive spectrum, plus news, reviews, and road tests. A good mix.

MotorAuthority.com/blog – The main site is dominated by blog content, so we used the visitor numbers for the main domain. There’s not a lot of original content here, but the authority and traffic stats are solid.

News.PickupTrucks.comGreat source of breaking truck news, must-read for all truck enthusiasts.

TopSpeed.com – If you’re a fast car fanatic, you need to read this blog (if you’re not reading it already).

WorldCarFans.com – Just like it sounds, a fan site for the coolest cars in the world with a lot of emphasis on exotic sports cars. A good volume of visitors + solid authority ranking from Google and Technorati place it on our list.

Blogs with Google PR 4

blogs.thecarconnection.com – This site is a good source of smart commentary and original stories, particularly articles written by John Voelcker.

blogs.TruckTrend.com – The volume numbers aren’t great, but it’s a good source of truck news and some really good stories pop up here and again. Definitely a must read for truck enthusiasts.

Honorable Mentions

CarTalk.com – It’s not a blog, but this radio show is a big part of American car culture. The sites Google PR is 8, which is spectacular.

BusinessWeek.com Auto Beat – The frequency of posts is low, but the articles are excellent.

GM-Volt.com – If this site wasn’t solely focused on the Volt, it would have made our list. Still, the quantity and quality of posts they generate is excellent considering how narrow their topic is.

HybridCarBlog.com – Were it not for the low visitor volume, this site would have definitely made the list. Look for those numbers to change over the next few months, as this site continues to generate great content.

AutoCar.Co.uk -The list is focused mostly on the USA, so this Euro-focused site can’t be on our list. But if it could, it would go near the top.

GreenCarReport.com/blog/ – This blog is an up-and-comer written by one of our favorite authors. A few more visitors (based on the data we used to compile the list) would have put this site in the top 20.

Don’t forget, you can download a list of these sites and all their available data.

Comments? Sites we missed? Special thanks to DailyBlogTips for the idea of a 2009 in Review blog post.

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  1. Mickey says:

    Some of those blogs I didn’t know existed. I don’t use google much so I guess that’s what I missed on. Good info Jason.

  2. Jason

    Many thanks for the shoutout by name. I’m shocked, but very grateful for the good words.
    Just FYI, while I post here and there to TheCarConnection, I run Green Car Reports and post there daily. We’re small, but growing at a good rate as part of the High Gear Media family of automotive sites: Motor Authority, The Car Connection, mine, and about 50 others.

    best, jv.

  3. John – At first, I thought I missed that site during my round-up. However, I remember now why it didn’t crack the list. I pulled visitor data from Compete, Quantcast, and Alexa, and while none of the sites are 100% accurate, they all seem to indicate the monthly visitors range from 10-20k. After looking at my list again, I think it’s a contender, but I don’t know which blog to knock off to make room for yours. Still, I think it’s an honorable mention and will include it as such.

  4. Jason – Interesting topic on traffic, but you’re entirely right, we’re not yet at the level of the others you name.

    And, honest, it absolutely wasn’t a pitch to get included on the list, just an FYI for you.

    NEXT year, we hope to be at the level where not including us would be absurd! 🙂

  5. John – No problem – I didn’t think you were pitching your blog. I’m looking forward to updating the list next year, and I’d like to get some other people involved to be sure I don’t miss anything. I’ll hit you up for it next year!

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