Zymol Complete Detail Kit – Absurd To The Max

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It seems hard to believe, especially in the current economy, but there will always be a market for ultra-high end products targeted at those who are less interested in value and more concerned with showing off their purchasing power. Whether it’s a 200 foot yacht, a private jet airplane or a quarter-million dollar supercar, conspicuous consumption will always find a way to trump practicality and common sense.

Zymol's $300 complete detail kit - Iced Out watch sold separately.

Zymol's $300 complete detail kit - Iced Out watch sold separately.

Sometimes this attitude seeps into unexpected places. A prime example can be found in the world of detailing. While the market is certainly flooded with expensive waxes and polishes, there are some products out there that cause jaws to drop when the price tag is revealed. The Zymol Complete Kit is one of these. Essentially a small detailing kit contained in a suitcase, the Zymol Complete Kit contains wax, car wash, paint cleaner, vinyl conditioner and leather treatment all in 8 oz to 8.5 oz bottles. A larger 22 oz bottle of wheel wash is also included, along with a tiny 2 oz bottle of something called “Detail Aerodynamic Wax” and a few brushes, towels and wax applicators.

Total price for all of the above? How about a reasonable $595.95 (BONUS – It’s only $300 at AutoBarn.com!, LOL). That’s right, just under $300 for what amounts to a few airline travel-sized bottles of wax and polish and dollar store brushes. Zymol certainly has a good reputation in the detailing world, but there are companies with equal or better standing as producers of quality car care items that would gladly sell you gallons of their products for that much money.

How does Zymol pull it off? It’s all about marketing. The company knows that despite the ridiculous lack of value in their tiny “Complete Kit“, those who are shopping in this heady price range aren’t interested in value. They are interested in a boutique product that they can show off to their friends. It’s essentially the Rolex watch of the detailing world – yes, it will wax and polish and clean your car and do a good job at it to boot, but it’s essentially being sold based on the sizzle. Those tiny bottles of product are going to run out after one or two afternoons of detailing, which means another trip online to pick up a second kit from Zymol and drop another $300 dollars.

Don’t get me wrong – Zymol is completely free to charge whatever they want for their detailing gear. The company makes a quality product and they also offer an entire range of reasonably priced stuff that won’t break the bank. Remember, if people weren’t paying for it, Zymol wouldn’t be selling it for the amount that they do. It’s important to keep a clear head when shopping for car products and realize that price doesn’t always correlate to value or usefulness. Sometimes it’s just part of the overall image that is being sold to you.

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  1. Ingle says:

    maybe the kit will make your car 10 mph faster….

  2. Mickey says:

    It won’t make me breakfast in the morning so I don’t see this product at all. I don’t see the justification in the price of it either.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm that’s 6 interior and exterior services of someone else detailing my ride for me with decent products. I pass…..matter of fact…that can be one month’s truck note for a lot of folks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Daggone it…..it’s me TXTee but I keep switching laptops and lost my identity.

  5. Jeremy the Detail Guy says:

    That is about 3 FULL details at a real detail shop, including engine and a happy ending. The chemicals used in the 3 full details would be more than what is in that case. The guys who buy this are getting along with the CRACK they are smoking.

  6. Mickey says:

    TXTee at least they didn’t steal your identity.

  7. tmac says:

    can u imagine the infomercial for this product…
    SNL i’m looking in ur direction

  8. Lots of great comments here. Thank you all.

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