Does Your Windshield Have Lines or Spots? That’s Normal

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Toyota has issued a Tech Tip related to “spots” on windshields when viewed at certain angles. The reality is that there isn’t any problem, it is just the way tempered glass looks at certain angles due to the manufacturing process.

Windshield Spots - Toyota Tech Tip

Does your windshield have “spots” like this one? Not to worry, this is completely normal phenomenon of tempered glass.

Anybody looking at windshields these days can see these “spots” and especially those wearing polarized sunglasses. Toyota says in Tech Tip T-TT-0025-10 that the spots are the result of the heat treating and quick quenching process during manufacturing.


  • The condition appears as faint shadowy spots and or lines in the glass.
  • They become visible in the transmission and in reflection of light off the glass surface.
  • The condition is more visible when viewed from an angle, rather than directly facing the glass.
  • When polarized sunglasses are worn, they can dramatically enhance the appearance of the spots and lines.
  • The spots seem to be easier to see on a sunny day when the light comes from a blue sky or is reflected from clouds. They are less visible on a gray, cloudy day.
  • Tempered or heat treated glass can be found on the vehicle side and the back glass areas.

The phenomenon is completely normal and there are ZERO fixes or repairs that need to address this issue.

While we think this Tech Tip is really obvious, one can see how people might be concerned about this if they didn’t know better.

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  1. Mickey says:

    I’ve seen it before on other vehicles but never gave it another thought. As long as the glass isn’t cracked or broken, I don’t really care about it.

  2. GoI3ig says:

    Mine are only visible in my polarized sunglasses. When I’m wearing the cheap ones, I can’t see the spots at all.

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