US Top Gear Host Drives A Tundra

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Rutledge Wood, host of the History channel’s Top Gear USA television show, is a proud Tundra owner. According to, Rutledge rates his Tundra pretty highly:

“[The Tundra CrewMax is] a great truck; it’s plenty big enough,” he says. “We have two kids, so I definitely have to have something that holds the whole family…Rutledge used to rate the [Tundra} a 10, but that’s changed now that he has his eyes on the new Ford Raptor. The Tundra now gets an 8. “The Raptor is just the most insane truck I’ve ever seen,” he says. “I really want one. I have to talk my wife into it, though. There’s never been a truck from the factory that’s been really good off-road.”

How’s that for a celebrity endorsement? Aside from the Raptor – which is definitely a cool pickup – Wood says the Tundra is a perfect 10.

If you don’t know much about Wood or don’t care what he drives, consider this:

1. Wood is a recognized NASCAR enthusiast, hosting a NASCAR trivia show and reporting on NASCAR events and teams for a few years now.

2. Wood is an avid car collector. The Truck Trend article spells out his car collection in greater detail, but Wood has owned a lot of different vehicles. Admittedly, Wood seems to have a penchant for imports, but he has owned a Chevy pickup. Once.

3. Tundra owners are supposedly more sophisticated. We talked about this idea a few months ago here, but Tundra buyers are supposedly a more savvy bunch than “domestic” buyers. Is Rutledge Wood that kind of sophisticated buyer?

I don’t know that I have a point here, but I will say this: People who like cars tend to have very evolved taste in automobiles, and TV show hosts can usually drive anything they want to (often for free).

Should you buy a Tundra because the host of Top Gear USA likes it? No. You should buy it because it has great power, great reliability, great safety, and best-in-class resale value.

Still, celebrity endorsements are interesting, aren’t they?

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  1. Bac says:

    I love Top Gear, US and UK alike. I saw that episode where Tanner raced a HALO jumper, it was an amazing race. I admit it’s an amazing truck, probably the only Ford I’d drive other than the GT40. But I’m sure with about $10,000 more (supercharger, long trail kit, etc.) Wood can built a Tundra that’ll give the Raptor a run for it’s money, and would still have the room, power, and comfortability of the Crew Max.

  2. Deznutjob says:

    “How’s that for a celebrity endorsement? Aside from the Raptor – which is definitely a cool pickup – Wood says the Tundra is a perfect 10.”

    Read further into the article Jason, Wood dropped the Tundra down to an 8 and now wants the Craptor.:(

  3. Deznutjob says:

    A little more than $10k into this one but it will definitely blow the Raptor out of the water.;page=1

  4. Jason (Admin) says:

    Dez – Saw that note, the article sort of mentions that he likes the Raptor better. He said the Tundra was a 10 before he saw the Raptor, so I connected the dots.

    Also, why haven’t we featured that truck yet??!! What other amazing trucks do I not know about?

  5. TXTee says:

    Really – that would be a neat feature truck. Jump on it, J.

  6. Jason (Admin) says:

    TXTee – Great idea!

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