Ford F150 Fires – Funny Video

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While it’s undoubtedly poor taste to make light of a safety issue, the following parody video about Ford F-150 cruise control fires made me laugh a little bit.

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If you’re a Ford fan, know this: Ford had a problem with cruise control modules spontaneously catching fire, but they fixed it. You’re probably OK.

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  1. Deznutjob says:

    Bangin on the big 3 Jason? You are asking for it. 🙂

    No worries Mickey’s got your back.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Dude I put it together and I said “oh boy, some people are going to be mad!”

      If it makes people laugh, I’ll make one for every manufacturer…even Toyota.

  2. Marc says:

    Nicely done! Sure some people will get mad. Oh No=)

  3. mk says:

    Definitely gives a new meaning to FORD – Found On Road Dead or Fix Or Repair Daily and for sure not First On Race Day.

  4. Justin says:

    Wow, way to talk about old issues. Can we bring up the Toyota engine sludge issues next? Must be a slow news day.

    Ford has recalled every vehicle ever sold with said Texas Instruments CC switch. Problem with many of the fires, even with all the bad PR Ford received through the media over and over again, many owners (not all) were simply to lazy to take their trucks into Ford dealers for a quick 10 minute fix.

    Not upset over this though. All manufacturers have their skeletons. Just like Toyota will be haunted for years to come because of all their recent recalls. This one, as well as the Pinto recall will forever haunt Ford.

    MK: Ford isn’t 1st on race day huh. Well, looks like the winner of the Daytona 500 (Trevor Bayne) may disagree.

  5. Deznutjob says:

    Ford owners lazy? …………….

    I think I would rather have my Tundra rust out from under me rather than possibly end up looking like Fire Marshal Bill Burns or worse. 🙂

    I guess the good thing about the Ford fire issue is if your truck burns due to the apparent cruise control failure you get a brand new truck!!

  6. Justin says:

    Yup! Ford owners are just as lazy as Toyota, GM and owners or any other make/model.

    Well, the Tundra was recalled for rusting frames. The F150 for the CC switch “potentially” catching fire. The fix for the CC switch takes 10 minutes. The fix for the frame is days, if not weeks. Potential problems after the CC by-pass switch is installed, none. Heck, if you didn’t want to see the dealer, you could simply disconnect the CC switch, which means you wouldn’t have CC anymore, but that would avoid any chance of a fire occuring. Potential problems after having a frame replaced on the Tundra, too many to count.

    Both are dangerous, and depending the situation, both could be life threatening. I wouldn’t want either, but at least with the CC switch, to could avoid a fire by disconnecting the switch. There is no way to avoid the Tundra frame from rusting.

  7. Deznutjob says:

    Meet me in the Ford exploding airbag blog Justin. 🙂

  8. Mickey says:

    Different light. A hot topic for some. We had a F-150 fire caught part of the house also here in Jax about 7 months ago. Like Justin stated either lazy or sold and the 2nd owner+ may not have known (which I find hard the way it was publicize).

  9. Jason (Admin) says:

    To be clear, this was just a gag. Ford’s cruise control fire problems are well-documented, as was their initial resistance to announcing a recall and then the subsequent publication of recall notices.

    If you have an old Ford, there’s no excuse for not having this recall done.

    As for the video, it’s mean to be funny and it if receives more than a few thousand views in a few weeks I will gladly invest the time to make one about rusting frames or engine sludge or whatever problems people want me to make fun of.

    As for being a “slow news day”, this was published on a Saturday night because – sadly – this is the kind of thing I do with my spare time.

  10. Dana says:

    Mad, no. Unfortunately we all run into these kinds of videos made by someone who has not lost their home, all their home’s contents, family pets, or who has stayed in the hospital for two day due to burns from a fire caused by a Ford truck, like I have. Ford sucks, I do agree with that, but I struggle to see any humor in your video. Ford sucks and you have way too much time on your hands….now THAT’S funny ha.

  11. Dana says:

    Oh and just for the record, I had a 5-month-old, 2010 with 4,700 miles on it catch fire in my garage on May 11, 2011. There was no recall for anything on my new truck, nothing to get in to the shop to get fixed. Yep, Ford sucks.

  12. Jason (Admin) says:

    Dana – I didn’t think about the fact that some people have suffered hardship as a result of these fires. My apologies – my intent isn’t to make light of your situation.

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