Tundra v. Ram — Part II: Features and Pricing

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The second part of our Tundra v. Ram comparison will evaluate the relative cost of the two trucks and compare the features of both. We’re only going to highlight the features that are unique and non-commercial. In other words, something the

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  1. […] Check back for the second part of this comparison, Tundra v. Ram — Part II: Features and Pricing. […]

  2. RON BEASLEY says:

    Test drove both trucks, compared features, drive, looks. I ordered a RAM. Tundra not as good as commercials lead you to believe

  3. dodgeman says:

    man to me it sounds like you people have a bias opinion, I have a 2006 hemi 1500, no reliability problems what so ever, I average 15 mpg getting on it every single day and I meen getting on it, I also by the way have a 7 yr. 100,000 mile factory warranty how bout your piece toy? Thats what I thought. My family has owned DODGES since I was in diapers. Before my dad bought his new one he had old blue, a ’91 D150 all original mind u w/ 250,000+ miles. If Dodge made the HEMI a DOHC engine would it really be a HEMI? AHH I gaurantee when the new HEMI comes out in 2009 it will spank the Toyota in every way.

  4. Justin says:

    Is this biased or what? Just compared a Ram QuadCab & Tundra DblCab on their websites. The Dodge actually has the larger interior dimensions overall, but this reviews says the Tundra does. Here are some #’s for you. All items are in inches.

    Ram: Front/Rear
    Hip – 65/65.3
    Shoulder – 66.5/67
    Head – 41/40
    Leg – 41/36.7

    Tundra: Front/Rear
    Hip – 63/62.6
    Shoulder – 66.6/65.7
    Head – 40.2/38.7
    Leg – 42.5/34.7

    As you notice, the only items the Toy had the advantage on regarding interior dimensions was Front Shoulder Room (by .1″) and Front Leg Room (by 1.5″). Otherwise the Dodge wins the interior size dept one area by 2.7″, but you’d think otherwise based on this review.

  5. Justin says:

    How are you going to talk about the Tundra’s 12 speaker stereo in the Exterior portion? Shouldn’t this be in the Interior?

    Why give kudos to the Dodge about the retracting step bars, but then when the Tundra doesn’t have them you start talking about how soon they’ll break? Anything on a truck can break, like the Tundra tailgate assist for example. Not saying these step bars would make/break the win for Dodge, but why bring up the “breaking” issue when the Tundra doesn’t offer them. You know that’s why you have a warranty, just in case.

    You also state “If looks were a reason to buy a truck (which they

  6. John says:

    If they made the hemi a dohc and kept the chamber in the head hemispherical in shape. Yes it would still be a hemi. I have been a dodge owner for many years and was a dodge technician for 15 of 20 years in my automotive career. I really wish dodge would step up and update the hemi to modern engine technology. Yes there is a lot of technology in the hemi, but it could be better. I never have understood how the big 3 think they can survive with rehashed ideas. Nastalgia is great but really dodge, step it up. No I won’t run out and buy a toyota, but if you want to keep bragging rights, well the devil is in the details.

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