Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem

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UPDATE: As of November 2011 (nearly 18 months after this problem first came to our attention), Toyota has finally announced a special service campaign to cover this repair. You can learn more about Toyota’s Air Injection Pump Extended Warranty Campaign here.

It’s been brought to our attention that many 2007 or 2008 Tundra owners are being asked to replace their truck’s air induction pump assemblies and/or air injection switching valves at a substantial cost. The pumps and/or valves seem to be malfunctioning at about the same time that Toyota’s 3 year/36k mile warranty ends, sometimes at a total cost of more than $4,000. Obviously, this is a major concern for any 2007 and older Tundra owner.

Toyota Tundra air injection pump problem

Some Tundra owners face air injection pump repairs in excess of $4,000

Here’s the background on this problem, what’s happening, and what you can do if this problem effects your Tundra.

What’s An Air Injection System?

Air injection is used to improve cold-start emissions, a federally-mandated emissions requirement. By injecting fresh air into the exhaust stream, the catalytic converters will heat up more quickly and therefore become more effective at scrubbing exhuast gases. Once the catalytics are warmed up, the air injection system is no longer needed.

On the 2007+ Tundra, the air injection system turns on at cold start and runs for 1-2 minutes until the engine computer determines the exhaust system is sufficiently warm. The injection system is purely needed to improve emissions – it has absolutely no impact on the core function of the engine. In fact, your truck would run better, cost less, and be more reliable if it didn’t have this system…but it wouldn’t be as “clean” environmentally, so it’s required by federal law.

Why Some Parts of The Air Injection System Are Breaking On The Tundra

The system has four main components – two pumps and two valves. The pumps pull air from under the passenger-side fender well and send it to the back of the intake manifold, where two valves open and close to allow this air to enter the exhaust gas stream. The pumps themselves and the air inlet are located behind the front passenger-side splash guard, just below the fender. The air is pulled from essentially the same place that the air intake pulls fresh air, an area that is designed to stay mostly dry and free of moisture.

Tundra air injection pumps Tundra air injection valves
Click to see a larger view of the pumps (left) and valves (right).

However, many Tundra owners have found that their truck’s air injection system has somehow ingested water. The water then collects in the induction pumps, sometimes causing the pumps to fail. Additionally, as these pumps operate in wet conditions, they pump humid, moisture-filled air into the valves at the rear of the intake manifold, which can cause the valves to fail as well. The total cost to replace both pumps and valves can exceed $4,000, depending on the dealer. This repair is not generally covered by warranty.

**UPDATE** – As of May 27th, 2010, Toyota has extended warranty coverage to 6 years and 60k miles for this problem. If your truck is less than six years old or under 60k miles, it should be covered.

At this point, it’s not clear as to how water is getting into the system. The most obvious answer is that water is getting into the pumps from the air intake tubes. However, it’s hard to determine how this is happening – the tubes are protected from exposure to the elements. If we find any new info on this, we’ll be sure to update this article.

The Parts That Are Failing

There are a few different possible failures:

1. Pump failure only. According to Toyota’s most recent TSB on this issue, pump failure can be diagnosed quickly and easily using the electronic diagnosis tool. If the pumps become water-logged, the pumps can fail. However, it’s also possible that the pumps can fail as a result of a poor harness connection or a clogged intake line.

2. Valve failure only. If the pump test shows that the pumps are operating correctly, the problem may be a stuck/corroded valve or a valve wiring harness problem.

3. Pump and valve failure. This is the worst case and most expensive possible failure.

Vehicle’s Potentially Effected

It seems that all 2007’s and that a portion of 2008 and 2010 Tundras are susceptible to this problem (all engines). According to the TSB, Toyota made a production change in 2008 that ‘fixed’ this issue…yet there is also a TSB for 2010 models. If the 2008’s were changed, why the TSB on the 2010 model? Chances are good this problem can occur on all Tundras. However, their is no TSB currently for 2009’s, so 09′ Tundras may be exempt from this issue.

Engine Trouble Codes Set By This Problem

P0418, P0419, P2440, P2441, P2442, P2443, P2445, and/or P2447

Unfortunately, the codes aren’t always specific to a particular component. In order to figure out what’s broken, first the pumps must be tested for function. If the pumps aren’t working, they must be removed and checked for moisture. If the pumps are wet, at least one of them must be replaced. If not, connectors must be checked. Then, regardless of moisture or connection, the valves must also be checked.

How Many Tundras Have This Problem?

We have no data to indicate the size and scope of this issue. However, based on the number of complaints on the TundraSolutions.com website, similar complaints on TundraTalk, complaints we’ve heard, and a brief survey of some dealership personel we speak with frequently, it seems this problem is fairly rare. None the less, the incredible potential expense is cause for concern.

What To Do If Your Tundra Has This Problem

UPDATE: Commenter Bill3508 has told us that unplugging the air injection pumps (disconnecting the harness) will set a check engine light, but it will not trigger limp mode. This is the easiest way to keep your truck running without making a repair. Of course, a check engine light might keep you from passing emissions at some point.

1. Recognize that this system is non-essential. The air injection system isn’t necessary for proper function, and ignoring this light will not harm your truck. However, if a check-engine light is set by this error, your truck will enter what is known as ‘limp’ mode. While your truck is in ‘limp’ mode, you’ll have significantly less power until the code is cleared.

If you purchase your own code scanner, and if you’re willing to deal with the hassle, you can clear this code on your own any time it is set. The air injection pumps and/or valves might not work correctly, but you can drive down the road just fine without this system (remember, it’s just emissions equipment, and it’s just used for 1 to 2 minutes at start-up).

2. Beware dealers who want to replace the entire system. Don’t get us wrong – sometimes the entire system (both pumps and valves) will need replacement. However, dealers often recommend replacing all suspect parts at once rather than replacing parts as they break. The reason? Labor costs are usually the same whether you replace one part or the whole system, and when there’s a lot of labor involved, the cost of the parts is less than the labor.

Also, it should be noted that dealers will often recommend replacing parts that aren’t technically malfuctioning in order to reduce the number of visits to the dealership (and increase the chances of fixing a problem right the first time),  not to mention the additional profit this policy generates.

If your dealer suggests you replace both pumps or valves, ask them:

Are both of the pumps really malfunctioning? It doesn’t make sense to replace both pumps unless they’re both broken because the labor cost to replace a pump is very low. It’s better to pay an extra $100 of labor later than it is to buy a $1000 pump you don’t need.

On the other hand, the valves should be replaced as a set (even if only one is malfunctioning). The reason? Labor costs are more than the cost of the part, which means it’s smart to replace both valves than it is to pay to have one valve replaced now and then the other one later. Besides, there’s a pretty good chance that both valves are damaged even if only one is malfunctioning.

NOTE: If you own a Tundra with a 4.7L V8 and you’re told that you must replace BOTH pumps, your dealer is reading the oldest TSB. According to TSB032908, only the bank 2 pump must be replaced.

3. Ask for a discount on parts and/or obtain your own parts. There is a substantial mark-up in the parts cost on the pumps – there are reports of pumps costing anywhere from $900 to $1200 each. Be sure to check for parts online before authorizing this repair.

4. Ask for assistance. Toyota dealers are authorized to cover a substantial portion of this repair under what is known as “After Warranty Assistance,” or AWA. However, AWA is not doled out freely. Dealers have a limited amount of discretion, and they can’t give everyone assistance. Here’s how they determine who gets assistance and who doesn’t:

  • Was the vehicle bought new?
  • Was the vehicle bought from the dealer?
  • Is the person requesting AWA a frequent dealership service customer?
  • If AWA is granted, is it likely we’ll see this customer again?

If the answer to any of the above questions is no, it is unlikely you will be granted any AWA.

5. In some states, some or all of these repairs are covered by emissions warranty. The coverage depends on the failure and the code set. Generally speaking, the bulk of this coverage expires after 3 years and 50k miles. Some parts may be covered for 7 years or 70k miles.

If you bought your vehicle in and live in the states of California, Maine, Massachusetts, or Vermont, your 07+ Tundra may be covered by state-mandated emissions warranties.

If you have an 08+ Tundra and you bought your vehicle in and live in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, or Rhode Island, some or all of this repair may be covered.

What Else You Can Do

1. File a complaint with the EPA. Depending on your perspective, you can either complain to the EPA about Toyota’s poor design/poor part quality, or you can complain about EPA regulations that require your vehicle to have this system in the first place. Either way, the EPA complaint form is at the bottom of this page.

2. Don’t overlook the option of buying a scanning tool. You can purchase a code reader scanner tool for about $100 and clear the codes yourself. You’ll probably have to do this a few times – and at some time it will stop working – but it will prevent this repair as long as possible.

3. Fix it yourself. There’s a good thread about this on TundraSolutions.com with a lot of info, plus some pictures that show rebuilding a pump and this video:

YouTube Preview Image

If you can get the pump working again as shown in the video, you’re a few thousand to the good.

TSB Info

The TSB’s can not be provided here. However, here are the TSB numbers you can tell your dealer:

2007 and 2008 Tundra – TSB 032908

2010 Tundra – TSB 035009

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  1. spoon059 says:

    Are people with extended warranties finding that this repair is covered under warranty?

    • Gary says:

      Well guys sell it and buy a chevy!

    • Shelley says:

      I have an 05 Tundra…just got the call that the secondary injection pump is shot. Have extended warranty through Fidelity (platinum coverage) and the $2500 part and labor are 100% covered. PHEW!

      • Tim Esterdahl says:



        • Koondawg2 says:

          My 07 Tundra in dealership, told mass air pump gone, would order one, that was two weeks ago, and I can’t get a part. I am going to trade this sucker off for a ford, glad I received the VIP treatment, I wanted a limited 2014, also, dealership has never cleared the recalls for the vehicle, why would I want a Toyota? I don’t now.

      • Bobby A. says:

        Not as lucky as Shelley. My ’05 Tundra has the injection pump problem at 108,000. It’s in limp mode right now. Estimated cost is $1,894 (parts and labor) from the dealership, but they are giving me only 12,000 of warranty, although I wanted to keep the truck longer.
        Not too pleased with Toyota’s quality. I tried out a 2012 Tacoma as a replacement. That truck had only 12,000 miles and had a suspicious engine knock. I stayed away.
        I’m getting an independent mechanic to do the work on the Tundra, but I’m still spending quite a bit on an old truck.

    • PissOff says:

      See very last post! It is an emmissions warranty fix not bumper to bumper,dang whiners the lot of ya!
      If your dealer does not want to help CALL TOYOTA the number is in the owners manual you fail to read!!!!

  2. Jason says:

    spoon059 – Depends. Toyota’s official warranty program will replace the parts. However, after-market warranties often will not because the failure is a result of “water intrusion.” It’s a really bad situation for a lot of people.

  3. rich says:

    Jason-thanks for posting this. All of your info is right on the mark. I know one of the folks on tundra solutions has posted pictures and a youtube video about the pumps….how to disassemble and clean. I had to have the valves changed due to heavy corrosion. I’ve never taken the truck off-road and feel it has never been expose to anything but normal water intrusion. I had the Toyota warranty and did not have to pay for the fix. The strange part to this story is that the warranty wouldn’t cover the TSB fix, which amounts to placement of clamps. However, folks on other threads don’t believe this is a fix. One person on tundra solutions claims to have made contact with the toyota engineer involved with the pump. He says he got the engineers’ name from that promo ad you posted on the Tundras….lol. Some folks are very clever!!!!

  4. Jason says:

    Rich – I read through that entire thread, talked to a few people I know, and managed to get my hands on all the TSBs before writing this post. I didn’t see the video, however – I’ve added it to the post. Thanks a lot for bringing this to my attention.
    To no one in particular: If you’re a frequent TS poster, can you post a link to this post in the thread? I’m afraid to myself (they don’t like me posting links to my own site), but this post really is meant to be a comprehensive break-down, so I think the TS users might find it useful.

  5. Brian says:

    Geez, I hope I don’t have this problem. I just bought my ’10 Crewmax 2 weeks ago with plans to drive it the next 15-20 years. What’s worse is that I live in the humid southeastern U.S. Still love my new Tundra, though! What a truck!

    • Anonymous says:

      My 2011 tundra has 3800 miles on it, I live in SE Louisiana and the dealership is replacing my injection pumps as I speak.

  6. TXTee says:

    Jason, great article. Hope it never happens to mine but it’s very useful information in how to avoid $4000 worth of repairs. Also like that part about the AWA assistance…in case I ever have to do that too!

  7. Jason says:

    Brian – Some of the 10’s have this problem, only I’m guessing Toyota has fixed it on the newest builds. Still, if you needed an excuse to buy an extended warranty directly from Toyota, this could be it. http://www.accurateautoadvice......ers-guide/

    TXTee – Thanks! I’ve been told that frequent short trips are a factor here, but I don’t know if that’s true. If it is, you’ll be covered I think (you only do long hauls, correct?).

  8. […] Aip tsb does anyone have the tsb mentioned in. i am trying to find out if i have the issue or not. or would it only apply to people with error codes? Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem | Tundra Headquarters […]

  9. My wife and I have owned Toyotas for the past 25 plus years. We now own a 2003 Sequoia and a 2007 Tundra DC 5.7.
    If this part fails me and it’s not covered under a recall I will never buy Toyota again!
    I will also contact our local Boston TV station and have them run a consumer complaint story about this issue.
    It’s another case of Toyota putting their head in the sand deal. And it’s an EPA air pollution and local state environmental issue!
    The media would love to air this issue I’m sure!

    • gerry says:


    • Ron says:

      Just took my 07 tundra 5.7 to dealership to replace the air injection pumps and valves. Toyota has extended to coverage to 10 years or 150000 miles. my cost will be zero.

      • Matt says:

        Ron, can u tell me which dealership you went to and where it is located? My dealer is telling me he only knows about 5 yr 60 k warranty for this issue.

      • Joe Ryley says:

        Received the letter from Toyota in 2011 & kept it in my back pocket as insurance if the problem arose … Great I thought, nope … I have a Canadian truck with 65,000 on it & it died in Oregon last week, Toyota would not cover the repair outside of Canada.
        They know there is a problem, extended the warranty, but will only fix it if it happens in Canada … WTF, $3200 gone …

      • Bill says:

        Thanks Ron. Just called my local dealer in NH with this problem. They confirmed that Toyota extended the warranty to 10 years / 150,000 miles. My 2008 Tundra has 90k + miles.

  10. Mickey says:

    Robert for 25 years? Then one vehicle has a part break you quit and the sky is falling. Best advice I can give you is sell it while you can.

  11. Mickey says:

    Jason haven’t had that issue at all. I’m over 84,000 miles. I have to check the parts list when I hit the deer to see if they replaced any of this. I only had one check engine light which was my fault. Forgot to tighten gas cap and the code was exactly that. The dealer anyway replaced the cap just in case. I’m sure if I do get this issue The dealer will work with me on it. I truly believe by getting your maintenace done at the dealer this will weigh heavy if they want me to continue going there. I can always go to Jiffy Lube for a B/S job. They know this. I’m not just talking oil changes either. The other required maintenance I get done there too. I almost forgot having a lifetime warranty helps.

  12. Robert says:

    Your misunderstanding my point!
    Toyota has always stood up for engineering mistakes in the past and has always repaired emission components up to 10000 miles.
    Why can’t they do it now? If this happens to you will you be pleased to pay as much has been claimed up to $4,000 dollars out of pocket based on a part failing for no reason other than poor engineering.
    I read one comment about some person that has never been off road never been in a flood and yet he had an air pump failure, is it fair that he pay for the poor engineering no!
    And you’re telling me to sell! I just bought my used 2007 Tundra. Why because I believe Toyota motor company is an outstanding auto maker.
    But what is fair is fair!

  13. rich says:

    Robert…you may never have the issue. I didn’t have a problem until my ’07 hit 67K. Then it was the valves and not the pumps, $700 vs $4000. Mickeys right about having a good relationship with your dealer service department. My dealer gave me a loaner (Camry) for over a week, parts were on back order. If I was faced with pump failure and i had to pay for it, i would have tried to clean the pumps first. Corrosion in the valves is probably a replacement job. After throughly researching this issue, Toyota needs to look into this matter. BTW the cost of these pumps are almost 3 times as much as other manufacturers. If the total fix for this was less than 1K, I’m sure there wouldn’t be as much frustration.

  14. Jason says:

    Robert – I think that there’s some middle ground between treating this like a minor problem and treating this like a major violation of trust with the consumer. Toyota has made 3 engineering mistakes on this system: 1) They didn’t account for moisture correctly. 2) They didn’t need to program the truck to enter ‘limp mode’ when this problem occurs. 3) They could have used a much less expensive system and planned for failure. I don’t know that I’m ready to go to the press and walk away from Toyota forever, but I’m certainly in agreement that Toyota should take some responsibility for their multiple oversights. Let’s hope a special service campaign is announced at some point (only I’m not holding my breath).
    Mickey – I think your dealer will work with you as well. Just keep in mind AWA is over after 7 years or 70k miles.
    Rich – I’m with you all the way. Toyota could have chosen a less expensive air pump component and this problem wouldn’t be so troubling.

    • JimmyMac says:

      I have just developed the pump problem. My truck is a 2005 has 109k miles on it and I have only put 1700 miles on it since I bought it. The dealer said they would fix it for me at their cost but that is still between $2500 an $2700. Either way I am screwed because I don’t have that kind of money laying aroung. I may just bypass the system because there are no emitions where I live. The situation just sucks, Toyota should cover the cost since it is a manufacturing issue. I know they are covering it on vehicles that are newer than mine but that does not help me.

  15. Mickey says:

    Jason I still have the lifetime warranty. The dealer was betting I would get a new vehicle at 100,000 miles. This what he bets on so people will get into new Toyota’s. Well I hate to be a bearer of bad news for him. Going for 200,000 miles.

  16. Robert says:

    “I’m certainly in agreement that Toyota should take some responsibility for their multiple oversights. Let’s hope a special service campaign is announced at some point”

    The other reason I’m so upset with this problem is Toyota isn’t repairing the problem for owners that have Toyota extended warranties WHY.

  17. Mickey says:

    That’s not right if Toyota doesn’t cover it under the extended warranties. I bet they will try the same thing on lifetime warranties. Even though I had every little dang maintenance done on both vehicles which is quite costly to do it all. This is just the recommended maintenance and this is what keeps the lifetime warranty covering the so call bumper to bumper warranty. If it happens we”ll see one way or another.

  18. Robert says:

    Some question my reason for stating why I’m on the edge with Toyota, now their finely recalling my 2003 Sequoia limited because of faulty VSC programming. I’ve been complaining about the VSC problem along with the VSC light coming on in the winter on very cold mornings for the past 4 years.
    My Toyota dealers service department keep wanting to sell me a new ECU and I said no I wasn’t going to spend $1200 for a new ECU because it only happens to us in the extreme cold weather.

  19. mk says:

    Why get it done anyways if it fails, you can live without it and be just fine. It is similar to our old 1986 heat riser for exhaust gases warming the engine quicker in cold weather here in WI for the carburetor to run better/warmer when first starting out in the cold. The heat riser just fell off due to rust and is dangling there and opened up the shield 1/2 way and good enough – no worries as far as I am concerned. Get over it already and just drive the darn truck. I do agree though it should be covered under is it 6/70K powertrain warranty agree not just the 3/36K bumper to bumper warranty and any ext. warranty should cover it no problems. If I had an ext. warranty or this problem at all under 70K, I’d be looking at getting rid of it and the heck with Toyota.

  20. Anonymous says:

    mk..its obvious you didn’t read the info. You can’t drive the truck cause the computer puts it in limp mode. You can clear the codes for a while then the system stays in limp mode. Technology has changed since 1986….don’t know if its for the better!

  21. John says:


    I have just read the article and comments from others. I have a 07 Tundra (5.7L) w/51,600 miles. Two days ago the engine light and traction control light came on, and “VSC off” light started blinking. I took it to the dealership for diagnoses. The explanation was that the secondary air valve (bank 1) was corroded or stuck and needed to be replaced. There was no mention of pumps or anything else. I was told the valve cost 450+ and the labor would be 500 for a total cost of $1035.00. Question: The technician explained that when the engine light comes on it triggers the rest of the lights in that cluster of the dash to come on as well(?) If I clear the codes, how long can I keep doing it before it quits working? I bought Toyota due to its dependability. Now I am looking at over 1000.00 to fix a truck with just over 50,000K. According to your article, they would have checked the pump to see if it was working before stating it was the valve, correct. Three out of the 4 questions for me would be “no” on AWA. I only had the 3/36k warranty. I was told that that part would fix the truck. My fear is that once they got the intake apart it would be “oh by the way, you need new pumps, etc, etc., its going to cost $4000. now”. Any advise……

    • Paxton says:


      I had this same problem with my 2012. 500 miles and my VSC and traction control and engine light came on. Went into limp mode not allowing me over 30 mph and very slow acceleration.

      I read the codes through a scanner I had and said one of the valves was stuck. I live in utah and I was on vacation, my vehicle had sat there for a week or two not run and I thought maybe one of the valves was frozen.

      What I did was just let it run for about 30 minutes. I took it to the gas station and put the highest octane I could put in it. Then I took it to our company, we like racing track cars, I had our mechanic put some octane booster in it and I drove it for another 30 minutes. after that 1 hour of run time I turned it off and let it sit for a bit. I went back outside after frustration of looking on internet about this situation and when I started it up the trouble code disappeared and everything was back to normal. I have been driving it since and that was in November. I took it to the dealership and they said it was all fine.

  22. mk says:

    How does it run with all the codes and lights on the dash on? If it runs normal, I’d not waste the money and just enjoy the ride. It would be a cold day in _ell before I spend over 4 grand in repairs, let alone 1 grand, for repairs that do not do anything besides emission controls, especially since you only have 51K or so on the truck. I would expect 100K on these trucks no problems in engine and tranny and as far as emission controls are concerned, I could care less. Hope Jason or others more mechanically inclined chime in on your dilema. Good luck.

  23. TXTee says:

    Jason – I’m no longer doing long hauls. The truck is a mall crawler since I’ve moved back to Houston permanently in December. Trips are typically very short now except a few weekend events. Either way, just hoping not to have this issue but the truck has been doing really well for 2.5 yrs and hard driving in that 40K. Here’s to hoping it stays that way and thanks again for the AWA information.

  24. Rich says:

    John I had the same issue. The dealer changed the valves under my extended warranty. The cost for the fix was $700 not $1000. I’ld be willing to email you the invoice if you need it to get the price down. The pump check is fairly simple, they hook it up(the pumps)and either they function or they don’t. More than likely you just have the valve issue. Unfortunately if the valves have corrosion, the code will keep coming back and your truck will keep going into limp mode. One more thing, if you live in a state where you have to pass emission’s test, then you’ll have to get the fix or the truck wont pass. The bigger issue is the limp mode, some folks on the tundra solutions site are trying to figure out how to circumvent the computer and make it think the pumps or valves are functioning when they actually are not. If they get to that point, then as MK stated you can run the truck without the pumps or valves functioning.

  25. […] in limp mode. Also there is a way to clean the pump and valve assembly to get it working again. Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem | Tundra Headquarters __________________ MIDNIGHT RIDER THE NEW HEARTBEAT OF AMERICA AFTER GAS PEDAL […]

  26. John says:


    The truck is in “limp mode” now. After about 20 mph the truck really loses power. I have not pushed it over 40. I haven’t heard from anybody else. I can’t see paying a grand either. I am at a loss!

  27. Jason says:

    Robert – I’ve been told that Toyota’s Platinum coverage will cover this problem without any trouble. However, a lot of Toyota dealers didn’t sell their customers official Toyota service agreements. Instead, some dealers sell 3rd party service agreements that simply don’t cover as much as an official Toyota plan. Do you have an official Toyota service plan, or a 3rd party plan? Most of the people I’ve talked to say the 3rd party plans deny the claim because it’s a result of water intrusion (something not covered). I’m not justifying this behavior of course, just trying to figure out if you have a Toyota service plan or someone else’s. Also, any chance the VSC error was just a frozen wheel speed sensor? That would set a light.

    mk – Anon is correct – you can’t ignore the failure because the ECU goes into crisis mode when this minor emissions part fails, a.k.a. “oh-no-Al-Gore-is-going-to-be-mad” mode, LOL.

    John – The TSB advises the dealership to test the pumps, but there’s a possibility the dealer didn’t do that (remote, but possible)…so I would definitely confirm they’re aware of the TSB and that they tested the pumps. As for how long you can go simply clearing codes? I’m not sure. There’s talk of some sort of “hard fault,” but it may take a while to set. If you’ve got a scanning tool and you’re willing to reset the lights every time, I think I’d do that next. If not, sounds like you’re stuck. Maybe you can get the light reset and trade it in?

    TXTee – I think I remember you saying something about moving. Glad to hear you’re spending less time on the road.

    Rich – Good advice. I don’t read that TS thread as often as I should, so feel free to update us here when something happens (links are always fine, they just take time to approve). Thanks again for the heads up.

  28. […] to hold off even thinking about another Toyota product until they resolve this current problem!! Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem | Tundra Headquarters __________________ '07 Tundra SR5, 2WD DC, 5.7L, Salsa Red Pearl with Running Boards, Delta […]

  29. pat says:

    Do you know what the TSB 35009 says about the 2010 Tundra?


  30. […] Platinum Warranty is covering it, but, Toyota hasn't stepped up to the plate for the rest of us. Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem | Tundra Headquarters Air Induction Pump __________________ 2007 Tundra Crewmax 5.7 Limited 4X4 AVS Hood […]

  31. Jason says:

    Pat – I thought I put that in the article – the 2010 has this problem as well.

  32. Walter says:

    How on earth is this not covered by the emissions warranty???

  33. Jason says:

    Walter – No idea. It’s not listed as specified component in the original law, but it’s clearly something the law requires…and the law mandates an 8 year, 80k mile warranty on many essential emissions parts.

  34. Jason says:


    This is not an isolated issue. My ’07 DC 5.7 is currently being held captive at the dealer due to the fact that it will not stay out of “limp” mode and has been there since APRIL 16TH!!! It currently has just over 60K on it and, fortunately for my wallet, the repair will be covered by the extended warranty.

    The issue I’m having is parts availablity. The dealership ordered the parts on April 16th after I brought the vehicle in. They were told the valves were on backorder and would not ship until May 6th. Guess what? Today is the 7th and the parts are “still at least a week away” per the Toyota parts warehouse. They also have three other trucks (similar mileage and model) with the same issue. One owner is able to drive his after the computer was reset, but mine reverts to limp mode every time it is started.

    In the mean time, I am being forced to drive a 2010 Silverado and the rental bill is adding up BIG TIME!! $900 and counting. I have a call into the Toyota Experience number and a “case number” with the promise of a call back within two business days. We’ll see how that works out.

    I bought this truck due to the dependability of the Toyota brand and after this, I am seriously having second thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my truck. It’s pulled things and done things no half-ton should be able to do, but if I can’t trust it, I may have to look elsewhere.

    That new 2011 Super Duty Diesel is looking awfully nice right about now.

  35. znelson98 says:

    Jason – do you have the Toyota Platinum extended warranty or a 3rd party extended warranty plan?

  36. SDB says:

    Jason why are you letting the dealership walk allover you. If you want your truck get it. Your rental is a Silveraldo that sounds like your are paying for. Which means you have he ability to use your judgement and save yourself money by getting a compact. Funny how those trucks are not looking so nice now. Seems a lot of people are doubting their choice and have been for a while.

  37. Steve H says:

    Congratulations Toyota! You’ve really outdone yourself this time. Let’s see what Honda has. Yeah, you don’t see them with any major problems like that. Maybe if I get a ridgeline, I’ll actually be able to drive it. Besides, I don’t need all that extra size and power anyway. Oh so you do need to tow a bob cat. I know, you can get something from the big 3! Just don’t get another Toyota or you’ll go over a bump and the break all of a sudden won’t work too well. Good luck Tundra owners.

    I think Toyota is following GM. They won’t make it out of this alive.

  38. RUSSELL J. HENRY says:


  39. Anonymous says:

    Good job. Some one offers to atleast pay half and it isn’t good enough. Enjoy paying the full amount then. The limp mode will come back just wait. Imagine that its beyond the warrenty period and they say its your issue now, who would had thought? That warrenty time limit really means nothing, thats sarcasm! Here’s your sign, maybe next time something breaks outside of the warrenty you wont be go greedy and take the help they offer!

  40. greg says:

    Some peoples children. This should be a lesson to everyone, teach your kids that life isn’t easy and sometimes people actually follow the rules. Imagine that! So Russell hows Toyota’s issue working out for you. Seems like its your truck and your issue! Want a tissue?

    Here is another classic Toyota owner. Oh no, warrenty no warrenty its Toyota’s fault. Is isnt, doesnt matter its past the warrenty period. I feel sorry for Toyota! There is these things called extended warrenties. You go and BUY them then if something breaks outside of the warrenty its covered. This isn’t like waiting for your check at the first of the month. Some things aren’t handed to you and there are rules.

  41. Steve H says:

    Toyota isn’t what it’s cracked up to be is it?

  42. Jason says:

    Jason – That’s a tough one. Can you drive a car for a while? Most Toyota dealers have a TRAC vehicle or two that they can loan you for a very low fee. As for what to do, I think you’re taking the right tack. You might want to read this post for a step-by-step process: https://www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/2007/04/30/toyota-customer-service-tips-for-getting-your-problem-solved/
    SDB – Easy for you to say, but you’re missing one key point: the truck goes into limp mode when this error is detected. It’s pretty much useless for any real work in limp mode, which is why Jason is driving a rental.
    Steve H – Great comment – very helpful (sarcasm). I’m sure that if I look hard enough, I’ll find that the Ridgeline has some sort of design flaw that costs their owners thousands. If you believe in karma, you might want to be careful about what you say…
    Russell – I understand your anger, but at this point half off is as good a deal as anyone is getting. There are other owners who have had this problem and didn’t get a dollar.
    Anonymous – I think that’s a fair point. My problems with this whole thing are 1) Toyota made the engine set a hard fault when this minor system fails. Why? It’s not a safety or durability issue, yet it triggers a severe response from the engine computer. To me, that’s completely wrong. If it only set a minor fault, owners could save up until they had the cash to pay or wait for someone to come up with a work-around. 2) This is federally required CRAP that we don’t need! That’s not Toyota’s fault of course, but it’s very irritating.
    Greg – I gotta agree that this is a fine example of the value of an extended warranty. After years of working at auto dealers, I wouldn’t consider buying a new or used vehicle without a FACTORY BACKED service plan. The trick is not to pay too much: http://www.accurateautoadvice......-warranty/

  43. Steve H says:

    Jason- Your probably right but every car would if you looked for it. I’m just saying that Toyota seems to be having a lot of problems with their vehicles lately. Honda had a couple too but no one found any on the big 3. Go Figure!

  44. Jason says:

    Jason – Thanks for the link.
    Unfortuantely, I have to use my truck for work. It’s a little tough to stuff oxy/acetylene bottles, sand blasters, pipe threaders etc in the trunk of a Corolla. I just have a 3rd party warranty but after some nudging by the service writer, they agreed to pay 10 days worth of the rental.

    I am going after Toyota for the additional rental costs. I don’t see where their lack of parts availablity should cost me $1000+ in rental fees just so I can work.
    SDB – The bottom line is that my truck has NEVER seen a shop for anything other than oil changes and basic service until this happened. In all honesty, I’ll probably drive the thing for the next 5-10 years. I’m pretty pissed about the lack of parts, but I seriously doubt that I’ll follow through with trading it in. This just doesn’t seem to be enough to justify spending $40k+ on a new truck. Not yet anyway. If other issues arise or they refuse to help me out with the rental issue, I may change my mind. Still waiting on a response from Toyota.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Jason, so your no planning on trading in the next 5 to 10 years. Good thing, that’s about the time the frame have been rusting out. Planning on getting a Chevy to do the job that a Toyota can’t, you should be a firm believer. Look in your driveway, a bowtie and the Tundra is in the shop.

  46. RUSSELL J. HENRY says:


  47. Jason says:

    Anonymous – Having driven the “bowtie” about 3000 miles, you couldn’t pay me to own one of these. But frankly, I’m not on here to debate the virtues of one brand over another. Everyone has their preference and that’s their right.
    You should also check your facts. It’s hard to say whether the frames will be rusting out in 5 – 10 years on a truck that has only been on the market in its current form for 3 years now.
    I’m on here looking for other people that have had the same, or similar issues to see what I might be running into before this is all said and done. The dealer has done a good job of trying to get this resolved for me and the response from Toyota, to date, has been favorable.
    If you are looking for somewhere to tout the glorious chevy brand, feel free to keep looking. This may not be the forum for that and I certainly am not looking for any help with my decision of which brand of truck to buy. It’s simply an issue with the design of the truck. Every new truck model produced has had some sort of flaw in the design somewhere. (think Ford 6.4 Diesel)

    Why is it that when Toyota has a issue, the world comes to an end? But if it were a “big 3” issue, it would be out of the news in 2 days? Maybe because we’ve come to expect more from Toyota than we have from other models these days. If your A student suddenly brings home a C, lots of questions pop up. But if the C student brings home another C….nobody cares.

  48. Steve H says:

    I have nothing against Toyota as far as reliability. A Chevy would probably have transmission problems after 25,000 miles.

  49. Jason says:

    Russell – It could be a one-time glitch, but probably not. If the shop did a proper diagnosis and found moisture in the pumps, it’s just a matter of time before the light comes back on. You can always get another dealership to look at it.

  50. RUSSELL J. HENRY says:


  51. TXTee says:

    Jason with the Tundra in the shop driving the Chevy – you’re a smart man! I love what you stated in your last post. All the best once you get your Tundra back to work.

  52. greg says:

    Russell, they offered to pay half. What are you expecting to accomplish. Oh by the way there is a caps lock button, next to the tissues.

    Jason didn’t you say the 2011 Super Duty was looking really nice. If you don’t like the Chevy just take it back and get your Toyota. Oh wait you can’t.

    People jump allover other brands when they make mistakes. What makes it funny is the “fair weather fans” who all flocked to Toyota because they fell for all the gimmicks. The truck that’s changing everything sure have changed a lot. Especially the way Toyota is looked at. So when you A student is found to be hiding /lying about safety issues and to find issues like frames require replacement at 100,000 miles. Your A student has been acutally a F student for years and are apparently really good at covering it up.

  53. Jason says:

    greg – I agree that Toyota has a history of hiding problems, and that in and of itself might be enough to cast doubt on the entire brand. However, you have to consider all the sources of info before you say Toyota is an “F” student. Industry quality studies typically find Toyota at or near the top, resale values are consistently high, and Toyota truck owners are generally just as loyal as Ford, GM, or Dodge truck owners. I think you should look in the mirror when you say “people jump all over other brands when they make mistakes.” Toyota has definitely screwed up some things on the Tundra, but I’m confident I can find a long list of screw-ups on any make and model you’d like to find.
    More to the point, why are you here? I’m happy to discuss Toyota’s values, history, etc., but mocking Tundra owners with repair issues is just slimy. If you believe in karma, you might want to be careful. Going around and mocking people who have vehicle problems is a sure fire way to have a problem yourself…

  54. Steve H says:

    Jason- I totally agree. You’ll find a problem on almost any vehicle if you look for it. I do think that Toyota’s quality is slipping a little though. Toyota should really pay the full price for repair and rental for anyone with this problem.

  55. greg says:

    Funny you should say that but I think that is what has happened to Toyota. Lets take some articles from this site alone.
    -“Toyota to build next generation Dodge Ram” the April fools joke.
    -“08 Tunda vs 09 Dodge part one mechanics” winner Tundra by a ton (pun intended)
    -“Toyota Tundra more American than Dodge” in your face Dodge (just kidding)

    It goes on and on. Lets not forget the CHP and his family who passed away an all those polite comments. I stumbled across this site when I was honestly looking at a CM 4×4 and the people/comments along with the dealership made that decision easy. There where and are a lot of jokes being thrown at other people and brands from people here and when they come back I guess they don’t like it. Making comments about a family that passed away is disrespectful in my eyes.

    So if I have offended anyone or hurt their feelings, Im apologizing. I still don’t think Toyota should pay for it if its out of warrenty. One day one mile its out of warrenty. Its happened to me and I have had to deal with it.

  56. Steve H says:

    I think that if it was only once and a while that people had this problem, toyota shouldn’t have to pay for it. But it sounds like a lot of people are getting this problem and it should almost be recalled.

  57. Dan C says:

    Bought 07 CM LTD with 58000 miles at the end of March. Took to dealer May 10, warning lights on and no power. I had already reset 2 or 3 times by unhooking battery. When it happened last time it will not reset, also had a big rain. Service man said air pumps and something else, total of about $2400 in parts. He called warranty company and they are sending an adjuster to look at it. The warranty papers are in the truck, but I thought I had extended warranty through Toyota. I will have to check into that. I have not put much over 1000 miles on it since I purchased it. If I have any problems I will go back to dealer that I bought it from, they had to know. Service man also said that he had another Tundra with same problem, parts on back order.

  58. greg says:

    Toyota To Build Next-Generation Dodge Ram Posted by   Jason in April 1st, 2009 “The following post was an April Fools prank. Our apologies to any Dodge owners who got excited about buying a quality product!” That was one of my favorites. Dan C. tell us how that truck is after 1000 miles. We didnt catch it the first time! Didn’t you bring up karma Jason?

  59. Jason says:

    greg – Point taken. For the record, I think I do a decent job of indicating when I’m trying to be funny, but you’re right. I humbly accept your criticism.
    Incidentally, thank you kindly for apologizing to anyone you might have offended. You’re entitled to your opinion regarding the warranty, and I hope that you continue to comment here. As always, I appreciate dissenting voices.

  60. Jason says:

    Dan – Good luck. The fact that the warranty company is sending an inspector probably indicates you don’t have a Toyota warranty (Toyota doesn’t usually send inspectors/adjusters – they trust the dealers to do the right thing).

  61. Dan C says:

    I called the dealer where I purchased the truck to ask about warranty. He told me I had the best warranty offered, bumper to bumper the same as a new Toyota. That was a quote. He said it was the Platinum warranty through Toyota. He then asked why and I told him the story. He said I should have nothing to worry about. But he had never heard of an adjuster being sent out by Toyota. He also said he had never heard of the air injection pump problem. I am going to call the service man later today to see if he knows anymore.

  62. Dan C says:

    I forgot a couple of things the guy at the dealership that sold me the truck and warranty had said. After I told him the possible cost of the repairs, he said if you have to pay that why buy the warranty. He also said Toyota wants to make people happy right now, so he didn’t think there would be a problem.

  63. Dan C says:

    Update: called service man and he said the adjuster was there today. He said we are waiting on a decision from Toyota. I asked when will that be, he said tomorrow.

  64. Mickey says:

    Dan wish you luck on the warranty. Hopefully it is taken care of.
    Anonymous no change… as usual the same B/S.
    Greg I don’t care for your apologies. You are pissed at the world and Toyota so you give your criticsm to every owner here just to stir them up. As Jason mentioned earlier which you fail to read “Why are you here?” Get a life.

  65. RUSSELL J. HENRY says:


  66. Jason says:

    Update time! Finally got the Tundra back and got rid of the Chevy. Total cost for parts, labor etc, $856.19. That was for the two valves only. The pumps are working properly. So far she’s running like a top! The valve cost for the set was $475.74. If anyone out there is being asked to pay more than that, I can send a copy of the invoice. Maybe it’ll help. Had the recall service done at the same time and an oil change, tire rotation and new air filter. Total cost out of pocket…….$61.12!! Gotta say I’m impressed that Toyota stepped up and took care of this.

    Thanks to all for the kind words and infomation. It’s nice to know when something like this happens that there are other people out there that are having the same issues and how they are dealing with it. Some very good info here!

    Thanks again!

  67. greg says:


    jason glad to hear.

    Mickey, how you been. I do feel sorry for some customers who are getting the raw end of the deal. Some on the other hand are getting great offers for assistance when the manufacture doesn’t even have to do that and it isn’t good enough for them.

    that’s cute!

  68. Mickey says:

    Greg I’m glad you can travel the internet. Yes I have no issues after the shim put in. It only took a few minutes to get use to the touch of the pedal.

  69. Robbie Ellis says:

    Toyota just needs to talk with someone that understands air and condensation to figure out where the water is coming from.
    The water in the air condenses and it is compessed and then allowed to expand. i.e. pressure changes. If you don’t understand this look at the wings of a plane when it is manuevering they get small areas of water condenation even in the deserts of Arizona when the manuever causes a great enough pressure change in the air. the same thing happens to the air that is taken from the environment and pushed through this system.
    By just looking at the way the system is configured you can see it will have areas where the air pushed through the system will cause condensation to occur. Why didn’t engineers take this into consideration…they were calculating flows and not looking at increasing pressure changes due to bends in the system and not dynamics of air and how if functions as a fluid or condensation. An in line dryer similar to those they use on air compressors could help solve this issue. Unless of course it was just a faulty design in the first place and the engineers just wont admit it. I’d be in favor of a cheaper part as a solution as having a small part that is 1/7th the cost of the vehicle to replace is utterly rediculous.

  70. Jason says:

    Dan – OK – good to know that you have a Toyota-backed service plan. You should be just fine.
    Jason – EXCELLENT! $61 is a deal.
    Robbie – Great comment – your post gave me an “a-ha” moment for sure. Anytime you compress air, moisture “pops” out. That would definitely explain the problem. I also agree that Toyota’s parts cost is OUTRAGEOUS on this repair. No one can convince me that a pump costs $1100 to manufacture and ship to my local dealer. This is just a great example of parts being marked up beyond reason on the basis that they repair is less common.

  71. BobP says:

    I own a 2007 Tundra Limited. It has 64000 miles, and engine light came on and the truck was in the limp mode. 3/36000 warranty. Went to dealer and its costings me $3340.95 to replace both pumps and valves. This truck has never gone off road. Definately a poor design by Toyota. I asked the service tech if i should expect to have the same problem in the future, and he advised that the intakes were redesigned and no further problems should arise. Its a costly repair! This does not make Toyota look very good. You would think that with all of the other recall issues, Toyota would recall this issue to make thier loyal customers, customers in the future. Im not very satisfied at this point when I paid $50,000 for a truck and three years later I have to invest thousands more.

  72. Jason says:

    BobP – Good to hear that Toyota has made a design change. I’ll see if I can figure out what it is. As for your problem with Toyota, I hear you. It’s pretty unbelievable.

  73. Chad says:

    I have an 07 CM LMTD 3y/36k warranty. Three weeks ago lights came on and went into limp mode. Dealer wasn’t sure what the problem was, so reset the system and I was fine for two more weeks. Then the lights came on again. Ended up stopping every 5 or so miles on the interstate to unhook the battery to reset the computer and get power back to the truck. When I took it in this time, the said it looked like the pumps and valves were bad and I would be looking at a $4400 bill. After I blew a gasket, they investigated a bit further and found that the valves are stuck open (??). So now it is down to a $900 to $1000 estimate to fix. The bigger problem is that there are no valves available (so they say) until the end of June!
    The frustrating part to this whole thing is that ever since I bought this truck new, I have been telling anyone who asks, what a great truck it is and how dependable it is. And now a stupid issue like this might cost me thousands as well as the humiliation of not having my “dependable” truck for a month and a half.
    Has anyone found any way to work on the valves or change the programing in the trucks computer yet?
    What does it take for them to recall something like this – my opinion is screw the floor mat and little spacer under the gas pedal recall and start recalling the valves and pumps on these trucks.

  74. SDB says:

    Would you like one slice or two of humble pie. Most people would understand its a machine and they do break, unless someone was maybe talking it to much or maybe what’s layman’s term trash talking. Imports are expensive to fix, if its $4k for the valves/pumps how much is a engine $10k? Just keep in mind disconnecting/reconnect the battery is not a good idea. You can really damage your computer and electrical system by doing it, just saying.

  75. Jason says:

    Chad – No idea if Toyota will ever do something for Tundra owners on this air injection system issue – it’s been going on for a while and Toyota seems to be well aware of the issue. I’m guessing that no one anticipated the volume of problems, but that’s not an excuse I’m making for Toyota. They’ve got people watching repair orders, and they could have contacted the parts supplier to get some extra valves built to satisfy demand.
    If there’s any bright spot, the long delay and the high cost almost guarantees an after-market company will bring some parts to the market. I’m not sure if that will help you personally Chad, but I understand and empathize completely. Here’s to hoping someone comes up with a work-around soon.
    SDB – I agree that some Toyota owners have an unreasonable expectation if they believe that nothing will ever break. However, you’ve got to agree that $4k to fix an emissions part is ridiculous. As for your comment about damaging the electrical system by disconnecting the batter, how? I’ve never heard of that before.

  76. SDB says:

    How much is engine replacement? Compare that to the cost of the valve, hell if I’m spending 4 thousand and a engine is 5 thousand I just may do that just because at least then I feel I’m getting my moneys worth!

  77. Jason says:

    SDB – Interesting link. I think you’re overshooting when you suggest that disconnecting the batter could cause a major problem (the link shows *mostly* minor problems), your point is well taken. At some point, this repair has to be fixed. HOWEVER, for many Tundra owners the problem is intermittent. Resetting the check engine light might help them delay this repair for a few months, during which time Toyota may announce a program or an after-market company may design a bypass.

  78. Dan C says:

    This is a long story, but almost unbelievable. Bought 07 CM Ltd with 57000 miles March 29. Bought extended warranty, vehicle was certified one owner. Put 1200 miles on it, all the lights came on and no power. Took it to dealer that was closer to me on May 17. Service manager said he called warranty and they were sending adjuster to look at it, air injection pumps, one week gone by. Service manager said Toyota denied claim, codes were there before I purchased truck but were cleared. Toyota said dealer I purchased it from should pay, thank you. I called dealer they said no, Toyota should pay. Codes were cleared before they owned it. Back and forth for two days, finally I called Lexus, why Lexus, because I have one and it is my third one and they take care of their customers and they are part of Toyota family. They contacted Toyota which in turn contacted dealer and dealer finally agreed to fix. But according to selling dealer Toyota says they only have to replace check valve, that will fix problem, according to some expert at Toyota. (hope he is right) Dealer where truck is at says they tried that on another Tundra and it didn’t work. Anyway still waiting on parts, no check valve, another week gone by. Now I have a real nice looking truck that doesn’t run and I can’t get it fixed and nobody offered me a truck to drive while mine is in shop. I purchased Toyota because I (stupid me) thought Toyota might be as good to their customers as Lexus is. Never owned Toyota before this and probably never will again. So the moral of the story is watch out for pre-existing conditions because Toyota will not stand behind their products even with a certified used platinum warranty. If the check valve does not work I am going to have to go through all of this hassle again. Hours and hours of phone calls and being on hold and probably have to pay for the pumps myself. I hope I am wrong but I have a bad feeling about this.

  79. RUSSELL J. HENRY says:


  80. Mickey says:

    Russel what was the guarantee/warranty for the parts replaced?

  81. RUSSELL J. HENRY says:


  82. Mickey says:

    Thanks Russell. Good to know.

  83. greg says:

    Russell, did you have the vehicle maintained by the dealership? Did they complete all the scheduled maintenance?

  84. Jason says:

    Dan – It sounds like the previous owner traded in your truck with the problem. If that’s the case, the selling dealer is definitely responsible for the fix. (Sidebar: Toyota requires all their dealers to “vouch” for the condition of used vehicles before selling a warranty. If the used vehicle has a problem within 1k miles, Toyota can make the dealer pay.) As for your concern about not replacing the pumps, a lot of trucks don’t need them.
    Provided that you purchased a Toyota warranty (it sounds like you did, but some dealers sell non-Toyota service plans with similar names), Toyota will pay for the pumps if they break in the future during the warranty period. As for not receiving a loaner car during the parts hold, I don’t know what to say. That’s a Lexus perk that most Toyota owners don’t enjoy. In fact, most vehicle owners don’t enjoy that benefit. If you buy a brand new Toyota and it breaks during the warranty, sometimes you’ll get a loaner (but not always).
    If it’s any consolation, there are two lessons your experience can teach: 1) Used cars are cheaper than new cars for a reason. There’s risk in buying something someone else didn’t want. 2) If Lexus made a version of the Tundra, it would come with great service and perks…and it would be about $10k more just like the ES does compared to the very similar Camry XLE.
    Russell – Glad to hear you got some additional assistance.

  85. Dan C says:

    Jason- Thanks for your remarks. I am going to set and wait to see what happens.

  86. Jason says:

    Dan – No problem. I’m hopeful that Toyota’s parts fulfillment problems are solved ASAP. I’m also hopeful that they do something to decrease the parts price (only that’s a long shot I think).

  87. Dan C says:

    Update- I received a call today from Toyota. Parts should be received first week of June from Japan, with design change. I am to receive another call tomorrow to update. They will expedite my parts.

  88. Jason says:

    Dan C – Interesting – please let us know if you learn anything else. I’m going to see if I can dig into the design change.

  89. Chad says:

    Well my truck is fixed, and instead of making this string any longer with more info, I created a blog with pictures of what my valves looked like after they were removed. Feel free to take a look and maybe someone out there might be able to come up with a solution to this before everyone ends up blowing big money on a part that is useless in my mind.


    Oh and SDB – I will take two slices, thanks for asking…

  90. SDB says:

    Why are you selling your truck?

  91. Jason says:

    Chad – Cool blog and pics – can I use some of them here? Either way, thanks for sharing.

  92. Chad says:

    Jason – feel free to use the pics as you need.

    SDB – Just need to move the money I have in this truck to project I need to finish.

  93. Mickey says:

    Chad great shots of the pump and valves. I must have missed when it came to those things. I’m at just about 86,000 miles. I have to look but maybe they were replaced when I had the deer strike 2 years back when I was about 33,000 miles.

  94. Pat Foley says:

    2007 CrewMax 4×4 5.7L ~39,000 mi (original owner)

    Four days ago I drove through a heavy, heavy downpour and then, the following morning, got the dreaded check engine light, VSC off light, and blinking 4 LO light. Of course, the truck immediately went into “limp” mode, so I limped home. I disconnected the battery and cleared the codes. So far, the warning lights have not recurred. I have an appointment with my dealer’s service department in two days. My service advisor, whom I’ve been dealing with since my truck was new, is familiar with the air injection system problem. I was not. Thanks for bringing me up to speed. I’m just beginning this journey. Fortunately, it looks like I’m not alone. Updates to follow…

  95. Roy says:

    Sorry this is a bit lengthy…..

    I have a 2007 4X4 Single Cab. One of the first off the line at the San Antonio Plant. Great truck until 73k the first week in April 2010. Check engine Light, threw two P codes listed above. Basically, the exact thing that happen to Pat F. I too got a loaner camry for 2 weeks and drove it to OBX. However, my dealer followed their TSB and only replaced one of the pumps that has an intake on the passenger side. I assured him, it wasnt the pump as others on the TS website were claiming that it may be a problem with the valves. The pump was replaced and what do you know, the next day Engine light again, and Limp mode on the freeway. The dealer said it was the valves, hence the 2nd P code. Man I was pissed.

    Well, after everything was fixed. I think I paid just over $700 dollars. I will tell you that I have been a loyal toyota customer with the same dealer since 1996. Never had any problems with the 3 4runners and 2 tacomas, until now. Major design flaw with the Air intake system on the 07′ Tundras. (and I have a 09 Corolla) Anyway, I got a cut rate and didnt have to pay for the valve replacement because they screwed up. I straight up asked them if the air pump failed and they said yes. They were wrong. I fired that motor up to a 12volt battery and ran it in their face. It doesnt look more than a 500 watt electric motor..They had no idea about this problem and apparently I was the first. They assured me the first time it was fixed. Their excuse is that they were simply following the TSB.

    I will tell you that every year I hunt and go 4 wheelin from Nov-Jan, but that has nothing to do with it. Other wise it would have failed 2-3 years ago. It doesnt take more than a year for corrosion to set in once its wet and mine failed on the prettiest day in April, while backing out of the Driveway. According to this article, this system takes 1-2 mins to function the way its suppose too. Hence, the failure after starting the truck and backing down the driveway. It was a warm 65 degree day and the damn thing failed.

    Sure 4×4’n might contribute to it, but its no different than driving in several hard ass rain storms kickin up mud along the way. Either way the system is not well protected and its a complete FAILURE!! If you reach up into your right front wheel well between the plastic, you can feel the intake pipes. Its vunerable to sucking up dirt and water. And you all know, that water will seep through the smallest opening. I dont trust engineers anymore, they know what their doing. Toyota bit everyone in the ASS trying to be #1and bit its loyal customers in the ASS too..with a crappy design to beat emissions standards.

    Well, good luck to yall…It sucks to have a 07 and up Toyota anything right now.

  96. Jason says:

    Chad – Thank you very much for letting us use those photos – should have said that sooner.
    Pat – You bet. Good luck.
    Roy – Thanks for sharing. Sounds like a good rain storm can hurt them. As for the dealer saying they were “just following the TSB,” I doubt it. The TSB explicitly describes how to test the pumps. I suppose it’s possible the pumps weren’t working during the test (intermittent failure), but my guess is that the technician took a shortcut. Hopefully, he or she got their rear-end handed to them for their laziness.

  97. Dan C says:

    Update-Was told today that valve set shipment was moved back to June 10 from Japan. New pumps were installed. Now just wait.

  98. Jason says:

    Dan – Thanks for the update. Wonder why these parts come from Japan?

  99. pluvlaw says:

    This issue came up on my 2007 Crewmax Tundra about 3 weeks ago. Pulled out one morning and it just went into “limp” mode. Unhooked battery cables and got the lights off, but they just came right back on and truck went into “limp” again before I got very far down the road. I was out of town at the lake and had to have it towed all the way back on a roll back ($220). They get the truck Monday 5/17/10 by 11 am. That afternoon they tell me its the #2 air valve give me an estimate (around $900) and say it’ll be Wed or Thurs before they can get the part and get it fixed. Eventually later that first week they give me a loaner b/c there’s issue getting the part in, it’s on a national back order.

    On 6/1/10 I call my dealer’s service dept and they tell me they are now being told it won’t be in until 6/4/10. I get the number for Toyota National from them and call them. Lady takes info, gives me work #, and says someone will call w/n two business days. This morning, 6/3/10, rep with Toyota National calls me. Says the part is scheduled to get in by 6/11/10 but could be sooner. Says not covered by warranty, BUT Toyota National will reimburse me for the total repair costs + towing (although there will be additional hoops to jump through re: the towing).

    Right now, I have been inconvenienced by not having truck for 3 weeks (looking like it will be at least 4), but am pleased at the response I got from Toyota National. They were pretty helpful or at least have been very nice in assuring they will be. If things go the way they say, I will be further inconvenienced by having to front the money for repairs, but will be fully reimbursed. If that be that case, I can live with it.

  100. greg says:

    So what’s the problem? Toyota is going out of their way to help you fix your problem. It is your problem because its out of the warrenty and your truck. What else do you want them to do? Why don’t they just give you a brand new shiny 2010 but by the way it sounds that wouldn’t make you happy. Now picture paying all the costs like you should for this repair and maybe you will be grateful that Toyota is helping you out! By the it sounds you don’t like to be inconvenienced so stop bothering toyota and take care of your own business then!

  101. Robert says:

    Why should someone pay outrages costs for an engineering mistake! I for one fell that Toyota should have the engineering team that designed the pumps and valves redesign the emission system pumps and valves to ensure it doesn’t happen again!
    I could see if this was a minor cost repair. I’ve purchased many top of the line Toyota’s for only one reason reliability!
    One last remark! GM started selling Duramax diesel trucks back in 2001 that had faulty injectors. Most of the injector failures came well after the original warranty ended. The cost of replacing the injectors was around $4,000 dollars as well.
    GM stood up to the mistake and extended injector warranties to 7 years or 100 thousand miles. I know I owned one that failed at 88,000 miles.

  102. pluvlaw says:

    I was prepared to pay full price for any repairs if the issue was not covered. I wasn’t prepared to wait a whole month. They obviously know they have an issue and because of that, they are fixing it. As I indicated in the post, I’m pretty pleased with how they have told me they intend to handle it. This is a simple auto issue board. The comment was offered in case someone has a similar issue and didn’t think to contact Toyota National. So save the condescending remarks or stick them in your stuck air valve…

  103. greg says:

    Robert, this isn’t GM. Apperently you didn’t do your research prior to buying. If you did you would have noticed the engine oil sludge. Also a engineering mistake to a point of when they tried to extend the oil change interval and resulted in oil sludge. They tried not to pay for it.

    Pluvlaw that’s funny!

  104. Jason says:

    pluvlaw – That’s great news! They’re paying for everything but the part, correct? That sounds pretty decent, all things considered. The rental is also free, right? Not bad. Nice comeback, btw!
    greg – I looked at pluvlaw’s original comment and I didn’t get the impression he was too upset – think you might have misjudged that one.
    Robert – I agree with your statement that we shouldn’t have to pay for engineering mistakes…however, that can be a tough standard in terms of practical implementation. When a transmission fails at 150k miles, it can be argued that better engineering would have made the transmission last longer…does that mean that Toyota should pay for a new part?
    Please understand that I’m not picking a fight here – just trying to raise an alternative point of view. A lot of vehicle problems are inherently design issues, so how do we determine which ones should be warrantied and which ones should not be?
    For the record, I think that in situations where the screw-up is CLEARLY design-related, manufacturers should come up with some sort of program. However, that program should be limited in years or miles and shouldn’t necessarily include all the applicable costs. It sounds like that’s exactly what Toyota is doing, albeit without an official framework. In my opinion, Toyota’s design mistake is that this problem causes a “hard fault,” placing the vehicle in limp mode. Why? That – to me at least – is just idiotic (I suspect it’s regulatory). If it weren’t for that problem, no one would need to even bother with this repair because it’s a non-essential system.

  105. Mickey says:

    From the TSB it looks the only thing done was putting a clamp on the hose to keep moisture out. So to prevent a check engine light be proactive buy the clamps and put them on so it won’t happen to you.

  106. James Burdick says:

    Well add another ’07 Tundra to the list of AIP and valve set rip off by Toyota.
    Just returned from my local dealership, who led me to believe this was not a common problem. Wish I had found your site before I paid 2000.00 to have just 1 pump replaced, I would have had some knowledge of the problem, and would have argued the repair bill, now it’s probably to late they have my money. This truck had a history of loosing power for the last 6 months, (beginning when the truck had 78000 miles) it now has 101,833 but the problem would present itself and I would schedule it for a checkup and before I could take it in it started running fine and the service rep said wait til it does it again and call then. It happened 3 times, I think they knew what it was and was putting me off, telling me I probably had water in my fuel. Now I am way over warranty. You can bet I will own another model before the other pump goes, as this is total BS, THIS SHOULD BE A RECALL!!!! I will never own another TOYOTA. EVER.

  107. pluvlaw says:

    Update: Toyota National called and left me a voicemail Tuesday explaining I would not even have to bother going through them, they would deal directly with the dealer. My service rep at the dealer called the next day to confirm all that. In fact, he told me they went ahead and ordered both the valves and the pump and Toyota was covering it all (parts, labor and the tow bill), that they basically were extending my warranty coverage for this incident. FWIW, he seemed legitmately surprised himself and talked about how glad he was that I had called Toyota National.

    I hope this helps others out.

  108. pluvlaw says:

    Later update: Toyota National called today. Parts pushed back again. Now looks like late next week. Apparently manufacturing these parts is akin to stopping a massive oil flow over a mile below the ocean’s surface.

  109. Jason says:

    pluvlaw – Thanks for the updates. Very good news to hear Toyota is covering the entire repair on your 2007…maybe this means there will be some sort of official action soon.

  110. Dan C says:

    Update-Valve shipment moved back to June 18.

  111. Taylor says:

    I would just put a jumper wire on the sensors for the pumps. This would tell the computer that the pumps are operating correctly, even though they are not. The pumps aren’t required, thus there shouldn’t be any other problems.

  112. Mickey says:

    Jason on your June 4th comment you were wrong. Greg is never wrong. He don’t make mistakes.

  113. pluvlaw says:

    Final update (I hope): Got my truck back yesterday. Toyota covered it all and my dealer went ahead and replaced both valves and the pump. I also got reimbursed for the tow. It took like a month and half, which sucked, but I am thankful to Toyota for how they handled it. I hope anyone else who runs into this gets the same deal. If not, contact Toyota National. Best of luck.

  114. Dan C says:

    My final update also: Picking up my truck today.

  115. Dave says:

    i just had my 2007 tundra air pump assy fail they are going to repair as warrenty but what a piece of crap three weeks before i get my truck back, it has less than 50,000 miles and i have already had to dealer 4 times for other problems air condition , brakes , toyotas are a piece of crap

  116. tad says:

    I had the same problem called my local dealer and they told me Toyota extended this to power train warranty up 60000 miles did not cost me anything my truck only has 47000 miles hope that helps someone

  117. Eric says:

    I have an 07′ 5.7 tundra that this did happen to. It’s at Toyota right now. They said I need both pumps and one valve. $3,500. I drive a lot and have 116k miles. At my local dealership I am the 8th Tundra to have this problem, and they say the parts are on back order because they had to re-design them and it took the last Tundra 37 days for the parts to come in. Which tells me this is a huge problem.

  118. Jason says:

    Eric – That price sounds very high. I’ve been told by a couple of people that Toyota has dropped the price of the air pumps substantially, so you might want to try calling someone other than your local dealer to verify the parts price you’ve been given.

  119. pluvlaw says:

    Eric, call Toyota National. I was out of warranty period and they covered everything, including reimbursing me for a tow. Good luck.

  120. RUSSELL J. HENRY says:

    Tad ,Glad to hear everything worked out for you. Do you live in NY / I do they would not cover it here. Thanks for any help/

  121. dgree says:

    07 5.7 Tundra 128k mile’s with the same problem. My local repair shop cleaned and blew everything out. Told me if it comes on again it has to go to the Dealer. It lasted 3 days and the engine light came back on. Brought it to the dealer for the 2 re-calls and to check on the air pump problem.
    They quoted me 2,560.00 which includes 2 pumps, 1 valve, clips and gaskets.

    Asked about warranty’s, or any help they can do. Deduct 100 bucks and get loaner car. Think with that mileage I’m screwed…..

    Any help would be appreciated?

  122. Jason says:

    dgree – At that miles, you’re not likely to get any help from Toyota. Your dealer, however, might do something nice for you if you’re a long-time customer that does all your maintenance at the dealership.

  123. dgree says:

    Thanks Jason, thats what I thought. I just bought a Venza there but thats it for dealership relationship. I just towed a 5,000 Lb boat 300 miles so there is definitely no power issues. My repair shop looked into it a bit further and gave me a price of 1,800.00, which includes both pumps, a valve, clamps and gaskets. Right now I may take Taylors advice. Other than this I’m extremely happy with the truck.

  124. Jared says:

    I live in eastern canada the dealer i bought my truck from had 7 tundras this past year with the pump fail (They were freezings while full of water) mine was the only one with both pump and valve failing, i fought with Toyota canada for 2 months, ended up getting pump at cost and free labor truck had around 75,000 km on it but they wouldnt fix the vavle, i took it apart filled it with penitrating oil for about 4 hours then drained it and put it back in, it worked the vavle is working fine i am around 100,000km now.

  125. pluvlaw says:

    dgree: call toyota national. Check my comments in the thread and hopefully they will help. Good luck.

  126. Jason says:

    dgree – That’s not a bad price based on what some others have said, but it still sucks. Hopefully you can get around it.

    Jared – That’s good advice – more than a few people have taken the pumps and/or valves apart and gotten results. Just goes to show that a new part isn’t always needed.

  127. jonathan says:

    Any chance you can fix the water infiltration issue with a rubber/plastic hose? I.e. run a hose from the pump air intake to somewhere higher in the engine bay so that it is far away from the wheel well.

    That would parallel (sort of) what the hard core 4×4 guys do with axle breathers (but using a larger hose obviously) to prevent water infil during stream crossings.

  128. Jason says:

    jonathan – That’s been discussed, but it’s still not clear exactly how the water is getting in and if that’s really the problem. It could be that condensation is forming inside the line and draining back towards the pump.

  129. Mike says:

    Let me start by saying that I am not current on all automotive rules and regs. However, I do own a 2000 tundra. If this air injection problem is due to a federally mandated design, why isn’t it covered by either the 5/50 or 7/70 Federal EMISSIONS warranty? When I baught my Toyota I was given a small supplemental booklet explaining the 5/50 7/70 emissions Why doesn’t Toyota feel obliged to honor its warranty obligations beyond 3/36!

  130. Joe says:

    I have a question and it might seem dumb but here goes. Is there not a way to just remove the pumps and go on with out them by tricking the system into thinking they are working?

  131. Jason says:

    Mike – Good question. In some states (CA, VT, and about 7 others) either the pumps are covered, the valves are covered, or both. In the rest of the country, they’re not.

    Why the rules are so weird? You got me. I wholeheartedly agree that this federally mandated POS system should be someone else’s problem. We (the consumer) simply don’t need it – the only reason it exists is to comply with some poorly thought-out emissions rules.

    Joe – It’s not a dumb question at all – in fact, it’s an excellent idea. The trick is finding the right system to do it…

  132. Gary says:

    Thanks Jason;
    In fact, in my case it took several months replacing each component.Each time something was replaced, it lasted sometimes up to a month before I had the warning signs again. Several times I had this issue start while driving on the highway so I stopped and removed the positive battery cable for a few minutes and reconnected again. This got me through for awhile until I could get an appointment at the dealer. Eventually all components had to be replaced.

  133. Jason says:

    Gary – For sure. This is a crummy little system, and Toyota and our federal emissions regs are equally to blame. Toyota for making a flawed system, emissions rules for forcing this type of thing on us in the first place.

  134. Brad says:

    Does anyone think that running my 2007 Tundra thru one of these new automated high pressure carwashes that lets you keep the truck running in neutral while it pushes you down the line for a 3 min wash might cause the pumps to go bad?

  135. Jason says:

    Brad – I’m not sure that water is getting inside the pump from the outside…condensation inside the line might explain this situation.

    Having said that, the intakes are behind the right front wheel well cover…so I don’t think a run through the car wash would necessarily cause a problem.

  136. Brad says:

    Thx for the feedback Jason.

    What about proactive maintainence on the pumps? Maybe a little squirt or two of wd-40 now and then? I hope someone comes up with a cheap generic alternative or a way to electrically bypass the pumps when and if they go bad.

  137. Jason says:

    Brad – I think some extra WD-40 is probably an OK idea, but I’m not sure. I can’t imagine it would hurt, and it might keep the valve in the manifold from seizing.

    There *is* a way to bypass these pumps I think…digging it up and will post something once I confirm.

  138. Brad says:

    Thx again Jason. You would think that since Toyota is aware of the potential problem that they would add a preventative solution to their long list of additional maintenance charges that they require you to do in order to keep your warranty valid.

    About a two months ago, my service rep pulls up a screen and starts checking off things that needed to be done at 25,000 miles. Grand total = over $400. One of the items was “Misting the A/C filters” = $50. He told me that if I didn’t have it done that my A/C would start smelling funky. In all my life…I have never had to do that kind of petty maintenance to any A/C system on any car that I have owned. I think we are having to pay on the backend for another system that Toyota failed to design correctly.

  139. Jason says:

    Brad – “Misting A/C filters?”! This would be the first time I’ve heard of that one myself…I’ll ask about it.

    If I had to guess, the dealership charges $50 to spray some Febreeze on your cabin air filter. Don’t pay it.

  140. Brad says:

    Jason – That exactly what I was thinking when the guy tried to talk me into it…lol.

  141. Jason says:

    Brad – I asked a couple of service managers I talk to and it turns out misting is a little more complicated than using Febreeze…but not much more. I’m going to write a post about this later this month, and I have you to thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  142. minh says:

    same thing happen to my truck, the dealer quote bme $2400 to replace air pump and 2 valves. i’m going to bring it to a different dealer to see if they can help me with the cost. but i reset the checking engine light by disconnect the battery, will they be able to check for the code again if the light isn’t on?

  143. Chris says:

    I have replaced both valves and now the pump is not working. It is not getting power either and when he jumped it it would not come on. He thinks the module is mad that feeds this pump. The cost of the module is $1200 and the pump is around $700.

    Any thoughts?

  144. Jason says:

    minh – If you reset it, I think it will still stay in the engine computer memory – it’s a “hard” fault.

    Chris – I haven’t heard of anyone needing a module yet…but I suppose it’s possible. I would suggest buy a pump first.

  145. Juan says:

    I just encountered this problem with my 2007 Tundra.
    I took it in to the dealer where I purchased my truck, and after keeping it for a few hours, I received a call informing me that the warranty would not cover the repairs. Due to the fact that I had an accident with my truck, six months after I purchased my truck. So, three years after the accident the pumps go out, and due to my accident the warranty won’t cover it. But they did offer to give give me the part number and diagnostic report for $110.00 or they could repair it for $710.00. But, I no longer trust “Toyota Central”. After my accident everytime I took my truck in for service I would ask the service advisor to check to see what a noise coming from my passenger side rear wheel was. Everytime I was told there was nothing wrong or they could not find any problem. After 2 1/2 years of driving around with a dragging noise coming from my wheel.I decided to take it in to Midas, they put it on the rack and low and behold the problem was found, ( a bent rear axle). I WILL NEVER AGAIN BUY TOYOTA!!!!!!

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  147. Tloomis says:

    I found this site too late and have already paid for the replacements on my compaqny vehicle, 2007 tundra w/4.7 L
    .Do I have any recourse if my truck already has 142,000 miles?

  148. Jason says:

    Tloomis – Probably not. Still, you can call the dealer and ask them to request after warranty assistance if you still have your old paperwork. The odds are low, but it’s worth a phonecall I think.

  149. Juan says:

    I was pretty pissed off on my last comment, I guess I was just venting. But after I cooled off, I used my coconut and decided to call the Toyota corporate office and complain about the dealer in question. I received a call the from the dealer within a few days, they set up an appointment and took care of the problem. (under the warranty!)I was going to post the number but I misplaced it, but if you call the toyota costomer service number they can give it to you.

  150. Juan says:

    Also, I did follow your advice about, buying a code sensor. If you need to put the repairs off for whatever reason (too much money), the sensor only cost me $63.00 and it works. It allows you to clear the code and drive around as if the problem never existed. Until the next morning when your truck is cold and the check engine light comes on again, but it is a good temporary fix.

  151. Jason says:

    Juan – Glad to hear you got it handled.

  152. Chris says:

    OK here is where I am at. I have now replaced two valves and a pump. My local mechanic found the pump not powering up even when jumped. I replaced that ($1100) and he found it full of water. So now the truck runs fine, but my check engine light is still on as the pump will not get power (he now thinks a bad computer or bad module). I wouldn’t care but my instpection expired OCT 1. I am going to finally drop it off at Toyota where I bought it, but it is a hassle to get there as it is not close to me. My dad is in FLA for a few months so I am driving his truck (my old truck) a Silverado 1500HD, which still runs great.

    Very upset with this whole situation.

  153. Jason says:

    Chris – I don’t blame you. This whole air injection issue is just stupid. In any case, I didn’t realize you weren’t working with a Toyota dealer. The fact is, some late-model vehicles can’t be diagnosed correctly by an independent shop.

  154. dgree says:

    I’m back to post my results, Code 2443. While working on what exactly the problem was, I ran the truck with a rejection sticker. Pumps were removed cleaned and operational, code #2443 indicates 8 possible issues with the left side. Not wanting to pull the intake manifold I tried the AID (air induction driver) That didn’t work so went for the air control valve which comes as an assembly for both right & left intakes. That was the problem as you can clearly see corrosion on the left solenoid. Now have a spare Driver that I modified to fit either left or right plugs and could very easily rebuild the ACV. I have a ton of information on this if anyone needs it? Total cost 1,200.00 from my local repair shop, so much better than 2,600.00 Toyota wanted.

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  156. carjules says:

    I wish I had found this site earlier!!! We too have a 2007 Tundra that has just been diagnosed with 2 air pump failiure @ $1100 a pump!! Along with valves,etc. the dealer is quoting a price of $5000. We are so disappointed. It is still in the shop as we speak waiting for the parts to come in. It’s been nearly a week now and they have let us have a little corolla courtesy car to drive but we are really needing that truck to work!! Our warranty expired 20,000kms ago but we are still really disappointed that we paid $50,000 for a truck and three years later still have to invest thousands more. We bought our first Toyota in 1991 and have been happy with them until now. We were just in the process of looking at buying a Toyota Sienna but this is really testing our loyalty. By the way, we are in Canada. Any advice would be appreciated.

  157. Jason (Admin) says:

    carjules – Me too! Don’t forget to share links to us so we’re easier to find.

    Anyways, in response to your issue, you may ask to have the pumps unplugged and only the valves replaced. That won’t set a “hard fault” and will save you $2-3k.

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  159. Jerry in South Carolina says:

    I just had this repair done to my company truck, a 2007 5.7 4×4 with just over 75K. The dealer tried to just grease the injectors first, but that only worked until the next morning, so don’t even try that $120 fix. I know the service manager, so he cut me a break on the parts and repair (fleet rates) and gave me a Corolla loaner while the truck was in the shop. Total cost for my repair was $1300,(parts $830, labor $420, tax) which replaced both the pumps and valve set. I’m still not happy about the repair on a 3 year old truck, but at least the cost has dropped to less than $4K. Since it’s not technically a safety issue, I doubt that there will be any sort of recall, but Toyota has some real design issues to address. I’m in the market for a new car for my wife, but with this latest issue, I think I’ll check Toyota and Lexus off my list of possibilities.

  160. Jason (Admin) says:

    Jerry – Thanks for sharing your cost here – I’ve heard that dealers are doing a lot more to cover the cost of these repairs now that the problem has some publicity.

  161. Carjules says:

    Update on my costs:
    Pump Assy. Air(2)$2201
    Gasket (2)$11
    Valve,Control $773
    Gasket (2)$39
    Total Parts=$3025 + $436 labor for a Grand Total of $3461
    Dealership admitted there were others with same problem but not so much because they were 2007, mostly because the kms were too high. They said there was nothing they could do about it or to help. Told me to contact Toyota Canada. So far no response from them.
    On top of all that, they called me to ask if I had dented their courtesy car! I never even noticed the dent. I am assuming it was already there. They never called back to question me about it, they probably knew better!

  162. dgree says:

    Carjules, whats 3,461 converted to US? Just saying the dealer quoted me 2,600 US.

    I found a lot of this work a back yard mechanic could do, with no issues at all.

    I’m ordering another Tundra today. Figuring the only mechanical issue I had was the air valve. I got over 75k on a set of rotors, brakes and tires. Who can bitch about that. I drive about 3,300 miles a month and don’t know of any other Manufacturer truck that would take that without major repairs. This 07 Tundra is all ready sold for $8,500.00 and will have about 155,000 miles on it by the time the new one gets in.

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  164. Dave says:

    i do not think this is rare at all as i have had to replace my pump assembly twice ocne at around 45 thousand and again at 55 thousand miles water in the system was the problem i do not drive off road just normal driving conditions . futer more I have had to replace my ac driver moters twice.the lingage in the gear shiter went bad at 38 thousand and i had to spen 500 to get this fixed . I think these trucks are garbage I had planed on havimng this truck for at least 10 years as it is the first new truck i had ever bought –BIG MISAKE what a piece of JUNK how come there is no recall for the pump asembly .come on water intrusion is a design flaw toyata tundra GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. rich says:

    I have the code P2445 on my 2005 Lexus Gx 470 what is this?

  166. Jason (Admin) says:

    Rich – No idea, but I’d guess it’s similar to the code on the Tundra. Toyota tends to use similar codes across the product.

  167. Jason G says:

    Just got my truck diagnosed with this problem. I do have one question…in the article above, there is an update that says replacing just the valves, and unhooking the injectors, will work? I read all of the posts here, and it seems there is some debate. Also…to the person who suggested calling Toyota Nationa…do you have a number?

  168. russ henry says:

    I had the same problem a year ago. Contact the factory rep. and see what they will do. If that does not work ask to talk to toyota california. That was who I talked with. It was $4000 then $2000 then I ended up paying $800. Be polite,and be patient. That was in oneida ny. I recently had a transmission replace free of charge even being out of warrenty. That was done in merritt island florida at mike erdman toyota.Good luck Toyota is a great company.

  169. Jason G says:

    I have a call into Toyota about my truck, as I do not have the extended warranty, and am over 100k (yeah…I drive a lot). In the meantime, has anyone who has had this problem, tried replacing just the valves, and unplugging the air injectors? That seems like the best way to go for me right now, since I don’t have $2,500 to pour into a truck that’s not even 3 years old. What are people doing come inspection time, with the check engine light being on? Thanks for any updates/insight!!

  170. Jason (Admin) says:

    Jason G – I’ve been told a few times that replacing the valves and unplugging the pumps will not set a major fault but *will* set a check engine light. If you need to pass emissions, you’ll need to figure out a way to clear the light.

  171. Mike McCandless says:

    I just got hit with a 1800.00 repair bill for the air pump on my Tundra I have driven Toyotas all my life and I expected my truck to last 200K miles I paid 37K for the truck and I use it for business which is strugling with the economy the way it is my truck has 120K miles on it and I live in Utah a desert and it has never been off road Im very dissapointed in Toyota and if they dont step up I will never support them again can someone give me some help Mike

  172. Ronald Lutsi says:

    I love my trunda it has 150k miles and never had a problem with anything except a bulb for the stop light’i always had it serviced at the dealer now it went into limp mode and 30 mph they said it was the injector pumps i read many complaints on the internet and they seem to have the same conclusion faulty valves due to moistuer getting in the system only at startup about 1-2 minutes.
    the bill if i get it fixed at the dealer was about 2700 dollars what can i do otherwise possibly disconnect the plugs and let the check engine light come on … will that affect my preformance it seems that it is for emmissions at startup i live in texas any problem thanks for listening

  173. Jason G says:

    Mike/Ronald…sorry to hear you guys are having this same problem. From what I’ve learned/read, you can just replace the valves (if they are bad), and unplug the air pumps. You’ll have a check engine light, but your truck will run fine (supposedly). In my case, I called Toyota. At first they said there was nothing they could do. But I called back, explained that I’ve read a lot of instances where they’re helping people with this, even after warranty, and they offered to pay for half. They also said if it happens again (since that was a primary concern of mine), they would help again. I’m taking that deal. I’m never happy to pay out money for repairs like this, but I simply cannot complain about Toyota here. I’m in my Tundra, because they bought my Tacoma back for almost full price (the rusty frame recall). Now they are helping even after warranty with this fix. They may have some problems…but my hat will go off to them for standing by their product, and doing what I suspect GM/Ford/Dodge would never do. Good luck to others with this issue.

  174. Nathan says:

    I am experiancing this problem right now. In July of 2010 there was a huge rain storm in my town, and i decided to go up town for groceries. I made it around the block before my truck died dead in it’s tracks. After eventualy hauling it to a dealer an hour and a half away. They told me that due to suching so much water up thorough my air filter the piston went through the block. Luckly insurance covered it and replaced the engine with a new one with less km. But now 3 months later my check engine light comes on and i have my vehicle scanned to find out that my secondary air injection pump has gone: TSB3079 with code failure:P0418 and P0419. I am in a battle with both the insurance company and Toyota dealership because i do not believe i should have to fork over $4000. Does any one have the number for Toyota Canada? I would like to do some complaing because i feel that when the mechanics replaced my engine a full inspection was not done to prevent futher problems fdrom occuring due to the suspected water damage! I am extremely pissed off and have had the truck in the shop longer than i have even owned it!

  175. Jaime Pando says:

    I have a 2007 Tundra with the 5.7 engine,and the same problem, though, it does not go on limp mode all of the time. Sometimes it runs just fine for a few hours and then all of the sudden, limp mode. I took it to the dealer, they diagnosed the same thing, Air Induction Pumps, yet, I can hear the pumps coming on in the mornings when I start the truck, for about 15 or 20 seconds. So if the pumps are blowing, what is the problem? Could it be that the valves in the exhaust manifold are the only things that went bad and that is giving the codes? Puzzled…

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Jaime – The dealer has a very specific diagnosis process they follow to verify what the code pertains to. If they’ve looked at your truck, pulled codes, etc., they should know what’s wrong. I recall that the TSB said something about pumps not operating correctly, but you might try what some others have done and rebuild the pumps. Takes a little work, but might save you some big money.

  176. Levi in KS says:

    Just had both pumps on my ’07 Doublecab 4×4 replaced by the dealer. All service was done at no charge to me as they advised that Toyota had extended the warranty to 60,000 mi. on this particular system. Not seeing anything like this on any other posts though. Definitely worth bringing up at the dealership if you encounter this.

  177. ME Prof says:

    As a Mechanical Engineering Professor and longtime SAE member, I have become an enthusiastic Toyota promoter. With a large family, farms, and tractors, I have had considerable experience with operational problems of vehicles, and for the most part I have done much of my own repair work. I have never been so frustrated as when I learned that my 2007 Tundra 5.7 L was subject to the secondary air injection pump failure after my warranty had expired.

    As of this time, I am looking at $2500 repair bill for what is really a Toyota design error. Every US vehicle has a secondary air pump for NOX control at start up, and the possibility of water intrusion is an unforgivable design mistake for which Toyota should take total responsibility. I assume that the dealers have checked the electrical connections. This is not rocket science. My salesman never warned me about the consequences of driving in wet weather and on wet roads. The Tundra going into “limp” that mode is also problematic.

    I purchased a vehicle new from Crown Toyota in Decatur Illinois. I have taken the truck to Green Toyota in Springfield Illinois and to Crown 30 miles from home. The “limp” mode was a major factor. I wish I had read this website before going to the dealers. First, Green promised that they would talk to the Toyota area representative and call me back. After two weeks, no response. Second, the Crown service manager claimed to be insulted when I stated that the design life of this truck is much longer than the current miles. In both cases, the dealers were adamant that I was the first to have this problem, despite the existence TSB 032908 which both dealers had in their files. Calling Toyota California was a more troubling experience, since the lawyer like representative had access to notes for my two visits to the dealer’s. In general, so far it has been a painful, insulting and costly adventure to try to get this problem resolved amicably.

    I am now at the point of talking to the general manager of Crown Toyota, Darcy, with the assistance of the original salesman, Ray. I am seeking after warranty assistance. Ray has been a nice guy calling often over the years, so I am optimistic that this issue will be resolved amicably. This is a major customer trust issue for Toyota.

    This website has been very informative and I will continue to update the readers. Thank God for the Internet. This is a major customer trust issue for Toyota. Perhaps, Mr. Takeshi Uchiyamada’s comments are ringing true.

  178. Jason (Admin) says:

    Levi – That’s news to me. I’ll check around.

    ME Prof – Hard to believe, right? I’ve never seen any proof that it’s water intrusion – someone suggested that it was condensation forming inside the line, and that seems possible…but I don’t know for sure.

    The problems are the water getting into or collecting in the system, the cost of the pumps (outrageous), and the fact this stupid little malfunction causes the engine computer to go into full crisis mode. It’s a screw-up of the highest order.

  179. Brad says:

    I take my truck thru a automated carwash that lets you keep the engine running while u sit in your vehicle as a track pulls you along the circuit. I like this new modern wash because it does a really good job underneath the truck with high pressure water. The last few times, I came out of the wash and pulled back onto the highway…as I accelerated the truck seemed to hesitate for a second and u you could hear the induction fans rev up sounding like it was clearing water…..anybody else???

  180. russ henry says:

    The only time the pumps are to actuate is on a cold start up . It pushes air through the exhaust system to burn the gases more completely to meet EPA regs. The pumps should not be running once your vehicle is up to operating temp.

  181. ME Prof says:

    The only reason that I use the terms “water intrusion” is because the technical service bulletin uses that terminology. T-SB-0329-08 dated October 28, 2008 is entitled “Air Injection Pump With Water Intrusion.”
    Toyota may use the term water intrusion even if they’re not certain because they have an excuse for not covering the repair with extended warranties.

  182. Jason (Admin) says:

    Brad – Could be that the engine gets warm while sitting in the car wash…no cool air passing over the radiator. That sound your hear could be the electric cooling fan.

    Russ – Good call – absolutely correct.

    ME Prof – Absolutely correct on the wording in the TSB – I’ve seen that too. However, the intake sits behind the fender skirt next to the engine air intake. I can’t figure out how water would enter the air pump intake…and if it did, the engine might be sucking up water too.

    I like your point about why that term is used – very smart. Makes a ton of sense.

  183. fdaughtry says:

    Does anyone know if 2011 is using the same system. I had the limp mode come on and mileage is 46K but dealer took care of it as it was just a stuck valve in AI system. My concerns are do I need to sell before 60k as that is end of warranty on this as explained to me but service manager.

  184. George Mebane says:

    March 21,2007…

    I have a 2007 Toyota Tundra with 33,700 miles on the odometer, and I purchased this vehicle new in April 2007. The check engine light came on and I had it checked and code P2443 appeared. The scan gave the following descriptions
    (1) SECONDARY AIR INJECTION, (2) SYSTEM SWICHING VALVE, AND (3) STUCK CLOSED (BANK 2). The local Toyota dealer told me this item is not covered by the warranty because the vehicle has passed the 36 month warranty but the 36,000 stated in the warranty. I have owned this vehicle for 47 months and it has 33,700 miled on it, and I feel this should be covered by a manufactures warrant since so many Toyotas of that year and others have this same problem. Is this another ploy by a hugh corporation and dealerships to avoid responsiblity and cheat the buying public yet again? I and many other consumers spend a lot of our hard earned money in a lousy economy to purchase what is considered a quality product that will operate trouble free for years. We don’t expect or want to start with expensive repairs so soon and with a vehicle with such low mileage!
    I live in North Carolina and I’m not sure if this state has laws similar to other states that covers emissions equipment on autombiles that are sold here.

  185. fdaughtry says:

    George just fyi when talking to the service manager about my problem he did explain it was covered for 3 years or 60k as emmissions go to 60k not 36K. I agree with everyone on this site that it is crazy Toyota hasn’t stepped up. I am waiting for some lawyer to have this problem and see this site. Then maybe a class action lawsuit is in order.

  186. KOConnor says:

    I have a 2007 Tundra 5.7L with 91K miles and it appears that I have the same issue. Talked to the Service Manager at dealer where I bought the truck and where I have done ALL the required maintenance. The Service Manager etimated $2400 to fix. He also told me to call Toyota’s national customer service line. I talked to someone there who was of NO help. He basically told me that that there was nothing he could do and to try to get help from the dealer.
    I have left a message with dealership and am waiting for a call back.
    This is a great website and I will ask many questions based on what I learned here, especially about the AWA.
    I hope Toyota steps up to the plate on what is clearly a design issue.

  187. KOConnor says:

    This is not going very well. The Service Manager called to tell me that his Regional Manager would not grant an AWA. I asked for the Regional Manager’s number and he would not give it to me.
    I asked about verifying that the pumps were indeed bad and he said he would need to ask the technician and would let me know.
    Right now he has given me a quote of $2047 to install new pumps and valves. He claims that this is the warranty price.
    Any other suggestions?

  188. Anonymous says:

    Im having the same problem!!

  189. Jason G says:

    To all of you who are running into this problem since I last posted here…keep calling the 1-800 number, and don’t take “no” for an answer. The first person I talked to said there was nothing they could do, as I had just cracked 100k miles on my 08 Tundra. So, I asked to speak with a supervisor. When the Sup. finally called back, I basically said to him: “Look, I’ve been reading all over the internet where you’re helping people with this, even after warranty. What is it that I have to say, to get that same treatment??” After some calm discussion about it, he agreed to pay for half. So, although this is a BS problem, and Toyota should own up and fix them all for free….when you’re staring at a $2,500 fix…$1,250 is better than nothing. I have gone on to contact consumer reports, and the NHTSA about this. My main complaint to Toyota was this…”the mechanic told me it’s going to happen again…it’s a poor design! So why would I pay to fix something that is going to break again?? That’s stupid!!” The Supervisor at Toyota Customer Experience agreed, and could only say “If it does happen again…call us back, and we’ll help you again!!” In the meantime, I will keep contacting people who have more pull than I. The EPA, for example, will (I’m sure) be glad to hear that people will just start unplugging the pumps, and plug them back in just long enough to pass inspection…and just unplug them again. Until Toyota gets pressure from a heavy hitter, they’re just going to take these case by case. Good luck to all with this problem. Stay persistent. Some help is better than no help. This sight helped me a lot, so I’ll try to keep posting as I hear. I’m out $1,200…but going into next winter, I’ll be unplugging my pumps, unless Toyota steps up, reimburses me fully, and redesigns this set up. They can fight with the EPA and NHTSA….I’m done trying to explain to them how stupid this design was.

  190. ww says:

    I am having the same problem. $930 for two valves to be replaced but the problem not fixed.

  191. […] truck. Pocket the 750 and be prepared to pay it out of pocket on something extreme like the AIP (Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem | Tundra Headquarters). […]

  192. Jason (Admin) says:

    fdaughtry – The emissions laws vary just slightly from state to state. This problem is covered in California, Connecticut, and states that have adopted the same rules (I think there are 7 states nationwide) that mandate 60k mile coverage. If you live outside one of those states, you’re SOL after 36k.

    George – It’s a design flaw as far as I can tell. Not a ploy so much as stupidity.

    KOConnor – Follow the process outlined here step-by-step: https://www.tundraheadquarters.com/blog/2007/04/30/toyota-customer-service-tips-for-getting-your-problem-solved/

    JasonG – GREAT advice – thanks for sharing. 🙂

  193. darchy says:


  194. Rick says:

    My 07 (193k South Florida miles) check engine light came on this morning, truck went into limp mode, called the dealer, they knew what it was right away. Code 2440 – Replaced 1 pump and the valves, total cost $1400.

  195. O'Brein CS, Tx says:

    I also have a 07 4.7 V8 Tundra and last week I took it in with problems like the “VSC off” flashing and engine light on at 80,000 miles. The Dealer’s say the two valve need to be replace at the cost 1,400 and now without letting them fix it the engine light came back on. I’ve check with part stores and no luck with the “Air Injection Values” parts. So now I am driving my truck but not hard. It this OK for another 20,000 miles without fixing the problem?

  196. […] to look at an '07 – have some Questions Here is a description of the Air Induction problem: Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem | Tundra Headquarters __________________ '07 Tundra SR5, 2WD DC, 5.7L, Salsa Red Pearl with Running Boards, Delta […]

  197. Jeff F says:

    Does anybody know where to buy the Switching Valves? Mine said P2442 {bank 2} stuck open. Mine came on a week ago and Toyota reset it for me and gave me a price $2100 to fix. I drove it a week and it came on today so I went and bought a reader so I could reset it. It did reset and now I have it in the truck just incase again. If it is bad would it reset?

  198. Jeff F says:

    Does anybody know where to buy the Switching Valves? Mine said P2442 {bank 2} stuck open. Mine came on a week ago and Toyota reset it for me and gave me a price $2100 to fix. I drove it a week and it came on today so I went and bought a reader so I could reset it. It did reset and now I have it in the truck just incase again. If it is bad would it reset?

  199. Jason (Admin) says:

    Jeff – The dealership has valves, but I don’t know of anyone else. There’s no harm in resetting this light because this part is not required for your engine to function (read the post for more info as this was covered).

  200. Angela says:

    I just took my 07 Tundra in after leaving work last night the check engine light came on and I could barely get it to got into 2nd,I initially thought the transmission was going out at 30K miles but the dealership just called and they are replacing the air injection pumps at a cost of 2K although all is covered under my warranty and it is a certified vehicle. So, I am at least happy nothing out of pocket.

  201. @#($*()%&$_!@ says:

    My wife drives a 2006 Sequoia and this article hit the nail on the head. Our local Toyota dealer provided us a 4k bill to replace these parts. Even if I had the money I am ready to cut my Toyota losses. Glad my breaks work though.

  202. Brad says:

    To Jeff F:
    Cost of reader? and…where did you purchase it at. I think I may need to get one.

  203. David S. says:

    Well, I’ve joined the air induction pump stuck valve club and have to say that I’m dissapointed knowing that I’ve got to crack the safe at Toyota to get a valve assembly. Dealership quotes $2200 for bad pumps and valves. Pulled the pumps myself and no water intrusion, no foreign material to jamb impeller, and they work when I hook them up to an alternate power source. Checked the harnesses and all is good. Reinstalled pumps and hooked hoses back up but did’nt plug them back in. Disconnected battery and reconnected. The christmas tree effect is gone, limp mode is gone for now and I’m back on the road due to all you who have left very valuable info on this site. Still not happy knowing that the valves are next and I’m sure corrosion is an issue. P2442, and P2443. It’s an open and closed case. I have my thoughts on why the valves are getting stuck but will wait to comment when I replace the valves. I will then keep the system unhooked until inspections, hook them back up and the disconnect after. Toyota needs to step up to the plate on a product that has one of the highest resale values in the market if they want consumers to continue to support them. Gas pedals, floor mats, pumps, valves, differentials, exhaust manifolds, yadda yadda yadda. Third Toyota I’ve owned and maybe……..?

  204. Kevin C says:

    Well I am having this problem now with my truck. 2007 Toyota Tundra double cab long bed with 4.7. I just hit 56,000 miles and was on my way to work and the truck would not get out of its own way. I stopped by Auto Zone and had them do the free code scan which produced the code “P2447 Secondary fuel stuck off bank 2” I googled this code and found you guys. It seems that I am in the same boat as every other Tundra owner. I absolutely love my Tundra and am not bad mouthing it at all, this is the only problem I have ever had with it. I called my dealer which is where I get all my routine maintnance done, and they said that this repair is infact covered under my warranty. I am taking it in on Tuesday morning and hope that they can get me in and out much quicker than the turn around time alot of you guys have seen.

    I am in a wheelchair and my truck has my wheelchair lift mounted to it so if I am without it for a month or two thats really gonna put me out on going to work and the store and where ever I need to go. This truck is a power house compared to other trucks I have owned by other makes and I am going to miss it while its in for repairs.

  205. Kevin C says:

    Update, I took my truck in this morning and they checked the truck. Turns out both pumps are bad and they ordered 2 of them. They say they will be in tomorrow and will have it fixed. They did come out and ask if I had been driving in high water because thats what causes this and I said no. I told them I had done my research on this problem and I know that everyone with a 07-10 Tundra and Sequoia has had the same problem. Then they said yes they have had problems with this part and they will cover this under the warranty. So lets see what tomorrow brings.

  206. Jason (Admin) says:

    Kevin C – Awesome to hear that they decided to warranty the truck. However, I can’t believe the dealer told you that this problem is caused by high water. That’s simply not true, as many truck owners have had this problem without driving through deep water.

  207. Kevin C says:

    Truck is fixed, they even changed my oil and rotated my tires for me. Hopefully that will be the only problem I have.

  208. Bill S says:

    2007 Tundra Double Cab with 56,700 miles. Went into limp mode with the light effects. took it to the dealer, they replaced the secondary valve under the 60,000 mile warranty. Dealer said the pumps were fine(for now I said). Not sure what I am going to do at this point but this sure doesn’t sound like an isolated or infrequent issue as it did when Jason first posted.

  209. Disappointed owner says:

    I have a 2008 Tundra with 102000 miles. The truck went into limp mode at about 98k and I reset it by disconnecting the battery. This lasted until about a month ago. I took it to the dealer and they said both the air injection pumps and valves needed replaced. Total cost was $3000.00. I had an extended warranty that went out at 100k miles. This is also the 11th Toyota I have bought from this dealer. With that said, I did not want to spend $3000.00. I am not a mechanic but I read this site enough to figure out how to remove the pumps and valves. I took them out, pulled them apart and cleaned and oiled them. They all showed signs of significant water intrusion. I dont drive my truck off road or in any condition that would warrant that. I put the parts back together, reinstalled them and the truck is running great. The lights will not reset but at least is running again. I don’t know how long this will last, but for now I am going with it. By the way, the dealer nor Toyota will ever have to worry about me buying another Toyota brand vehicle.

  210. Brett says:

    So I have these big plans for being off on Good Friday. I get in my 07 Tundra Double Cab 5.7L with 40,000 miles on it and the dash lights up like a Pink Floyd concert. Knowing I’m due for an oil change and this is my first Toyota, I didn’t think a whole lot of it. I get on the interstate and immediately recognize that I am in some fail safe mode. I go straight to the dealership. I plead with them to do the right thing and they tell me to call a 1-800 number in California. Before calling though, I do my research and talk to a buddy of mine that is a Master Tech. Long story short, if you have this problem, tell the service dept. to look up TSB 0329-08. Toyota extends the warranty on this issue to 60,000 miles. It is a very well known problem. Good luck.

  211. Jason (Admin) says:

    Bill S – I’d say that this is still an infrequent issue based on my conversations with dealership service reps, but it’s not as infrequent as it used to be, unfortunately. I sincerely hope Toyota comes up with a special service campaign for this problem, but I’m not holding my breath.

    Disappointed owner – I understand your frustation.

    Brett – I didn’t find that TSB #, but it could be an older number. You are correct in that Toyota has extended the warranty to cover this problem for six years or 60k miles…I’ll change the post. Thanks!

  212. Dave says:

    Does anyone know if this issue can cause a hard start first thing in the morning? My ’08 Tundra is hard to start the first time I try to start it in the morning, but after that, it starts fine. Toyota claims that the injectors are “bleeding off” at night , & need to be replaced. Of course they want a ton of money to fix it. It only has 58,000 miles on it, so I think they are trying to take me for a ride. Also, if the injectors are bleeding off, then as soon as I turn on the key, the fuel pump would re-pressureize them, so it should start. I would really like to find out what is really causing this problem.

  213. Mike says:

    2007 Crewmax with problem at 58k. Dealer/toyota covered under warranty. Dealer says the pump is redesigned and shouldn’t be a problem in the future.

  214. Jayce says:

    This just happened to my 2005 Sequioa. Error coded p2440. I’ve got a toyota aftermarked that expired in 5k miles…i feel lucky. Dealer quoted me 2100+TTL. Sucks that this part is going out. Bad news. Once you stopped hearing sir or mam, the rest was soon to follow.

  215. Jayce says:

    Oh, had 68k miles

  216. cole says:

    i have a 07 with a 124k but i already replaced the pump at 90k to my expence but i had it done at the dealership now its out again and the same dealer wants $3332.00 to fix it $630.00 more than the last time only 34k is there some sort of warrenty or something

  217. Adam says:

    I have an 07 tundra and have the same problem. I had the problem first at 76000 miles. The dealer told me they had to order the parts and that it would cost around $1000.00. I told them to order the parts. In the mean time I found this site and Toyotasolutions.com. I think Toyota needs to man up and give the customer support they are famous for. i called the 800 number and was told by 3 different people that I was out of warranty and that there was nothing they could do. I then went back to the dealer and talked with the customer relations manager. She told me she would check into it and get back with me. I am hopeful that I will hear good new tomorrow. I have reset the code several times. If I let the truck get cold the code comes back on and it goes into limp mode once more. I have to have a reliable car. I work in the medical profession and can not afford to be stranded because of limp mode. I will post once I hear from the customer relations manager. I left Ford because of customer service and a repair bill, I hope Toyota is the company I thought they were otherwise this will be my last Toyota! My brother in law is looking at 4Runners, I told him about this problem and he told me he would have to see how they handle this before he purchased a new car.

  218. Dave says:

    My 2007 5.7 Tundra went into “limp mode” during a business trip in Portland. It requires pump and valve replacement with parts on back order until later this month. I was happy to hear I was covered under the extended warranty and more amazed how Toyota took care of me. They paid for my tow to dealership, my rental truck for work, an airline ticket home, rental truck back at home, and are shipping my truck to me after work is complete. Yes, it is a long wait until I get my truck back, but no complaints on customer service. So, thank you Toyota. I do understand that if my warranty was expired, I would be singing a different tune.

  219. Mark says:

    I have a 2008 Tundra and this problem. After the dealership told me the vehicles pumps and valves needed replacing, at a cost of $2000, and a 1 month wait for the replacement parts, I nearly lost it. But what could I do? I agreed to the repairs and left the vehicle at the dealership. Fortunately for me, I googled. By doing some research and most of it on this site, I returned to the dealer with a hand full of knowledge about the parts and the problem. To make a long story short, I explained this was my 3rd vehicle and 2nd Tundra from them, and asked if they would be willing to offer some assistance with the fix, due to customer loyalty, the significant problems with this particular part, the fact that I had purchased my lease (less than 3 months ago), having also purchased an extended warranty (which I found out was a Gold pkg that did not cover the repairs). The dealership contacted their Toyota rep. I received a call an hour later notifying me that they would replace the parts, complete all repairs and pay for my rental truck AT NO COST TO ME. I want to sincerely thank Supreme Toyota of Hammond Louisiana for stepping up to the plate and taking care of me. It’s not often that you find wonderful service people willing to take the time to try and help. My only cost was a promise made to post this. Small price to pay in my eyes. Thanks again Toyota.

  220. Adam says:

    I spoke with the dealer today. I purchased the truck in Florida as non of my local dealers had any Pre Owned Tundras at the time. Today I was told to call the dealer I bought it from because the local dealer would not help. I need to fix this problem as I must have a reliable truck. I want to take the pumps off and try to clean them. Any one have a very detailed description of the step by step to removing, cleaning, and reinstalling the pumps? Please post if you do.

  221. John says:

    I have this also on my 2007 tundra told me this is not common by looking at this site I dont think so! I think that we should get as many people together and put this on a news show or start a facebook page on this and spread the word to as many people we can because this is a problem that no one knows about intel its to late. Just what I think

  222. Tony says:

    Is there any way to just bybass this whole system?

  223. Jim says:

    I love my new 2007 1 cylinder Tundra! Three weeks in and the Dealer still has no ETA on the new valve which I had to prepay over $700 for. Thanks for nothing Daytona Toyota.

  224. john says:

    How to electronically bypass the AIP pump system.


  225. Jason (Admin) says:

    Tony – Evidently, someone has figured it out. See the link in John’s comment.

    John – Any idea how long that PDF has been out? This is the first time I heard of it…probably need to visit TS once in a while, huh?


  226. Brad says:

    Email Dateline News about your concerns and forward this to all concerned owners to generate interest for an investigative report on how a Japanese comapany Toyota is raping Americans by overcharging us on parts and service. Be sure to send Dateline to the link of this issue on tundraheadquarters.com.


  227. mike says:

    where is the plug to unplug the air pumps? i understand under the right fender but can they be seen with out taking a lot of other things apart?

  228. adam says:

    I have a 2007 tundra with 65,000 miles and my air pumps went out costing $4,200. i have not gotten it fixed yet. Toyota will not warranty this, i am at a loss of what to do. i will never buy a toyota again. i am in ATL GA. I am going to try unplugging to harness. someone needs to step up from toyota about the issue

  229. Fred says:

    Anyone know where to order these pumps and valves at.


  230. Adam says:

    I wanted to report that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I posted a week ago about my 07 Tundra having these problems. After getting the you didn’t purchase your truck from us answer at my local dealership I went to another dealership near by. I explained my problem and they contacted the dealer that I purchased the truck from. After discussing it and calling the Toyota Rep they were able to get Toyota to kick in $500.00 towards labor on the repairs. Nice job Toyota of Knoxville and Toyota of Melborne!! I am taking my truck in on Thursday to have them look at it and give me an estimate on the parts cost and what parts need to be replaced. Toyota of Kingsport told me I needed to replace both pumps but not the valves. The funny thing is I can hear at least one pump kick on in the mornings and the codes that come up say the valves are stuck open in bank 1 and closed in bank 2. I am hopeful that all I need are the valves replaced. The other thing that I learned is that Toyota has requested that each technician take the pumps apart when doing this repair. After taking them apart they should take pictures of the pump condition and anything that comes out of the pump as well as document what comes out i.e. is it water, mud, bugs, dirt…. The point is Toyota is starting to get enough pressure about this problem to look into it. Keep up the good work and keep pressing your local dealer to have Toyota fix this. We can’t let up now. I like many wanted to simply reset the codes and keep driving. At the end of the day the only thing that will fix this is for all of us to stand up with one voice and demand Toyota take action. I will post the results of the final fix.

  231. Adrian says:

    Hello gentlemen I came across this post a few weeks back when one morning I started my truck and 4 of my lights including my check engine light came on, after I had my mechanic look at it he told me that it was the “dreaded 2442 code” I read this post and figured that I could buy a scanner and cancel it every morning when I started my truck.
    I have a 2008 Tundra with 65000 miles on it and did not want to keep doing this for the rest of the life of my truck.
    I did what the post said and contacted the EPA which was the best thing that I could have done, I sent them a question and received a reply from a gentleman called John LaCroix who is with the Compliance Division.
    He told me that he would look into it, which I figured was going to go nowhere, but it did he emailed back and asked me to call him because he had some good information.
    He told me that he had found out that Toyota had done an independent review based on complaints from costumers about the problems with the pumps and valves, and that he had found out some codes internal to toyota that said basically that they were not advertising but admitted that they had problems, I figured what the hell I will try so I did.
    I took my truck to my nearest Toyota dealer which is Brent Brown here in Utah and they told me that they had to diagnose it and would send my problem with the “TSB”code I think it stands for Toyota Safety Bulletin not sure but if that is what the name is but IT WORKED they called me later that day and said that Toyota was going to cover all my costs for the repair and not to worry because they had the parts in stock.
    I only had to replace the valves but for me that is beside he point.
    The great thing is that they took responsibility and fixed it!!!
    It was going to cost me just to replace the valves and the diagnosis 650.00 dlls but I ended it up getting everything for FREE.
    I figured I wanted to share my story which maybe it will help somebody else in the future.
    The codes are T-SB-0329-08 or T-SB-0350-09.
    If you have any questions feel free to email me, hopefully I can help you

  232. Adrian says:

    adam read my post!!

  233. Amy Whisenant says:

    I have a 2007 Tundra. Recently brought in for a tune-up and because the dash board was like a Christmas tree w/flashing lights. I was informed that the “Air Injection Pump w/Water Intrusion was shot. They then inform me that the parts alone are $2589.50, now mind you, this doesn’t include labor. This job takes at least 8 hours, and, Toyota has known about this since October of 2008 when a bulletin was posted. I truly believe that this should be the responsibility of Toyota, fixing their screw up. I paid a lot of money for my truck, and this is a lot of money that they want. It would compare to their screw up with the truck frame problems they had as well as the floor mat effecting the accelerator. I cannot afford that amount of money. A guy from “Toyota” returned my phone call saying that one of their factory reps saw my truck: Mind you, they were not there when I had my truck in for the “NOT” service. They’ll offer $750.00 towards the pump!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!, a lot of good that does, still another $2900.00 plus to fix the problem that “Toyota” screwed up from the get go.

    I need Help.

    Thank you,

    Amy Whisenant

  234. Harry says:

    I am very glad that I happened uppon this thread. I was considering getting a used tundra now I am not sure with this large of a problem. I would ask that all of you past posters put this into http://www.carcomplaints.com so people can start seeing a trend.

  235. Adam says:

    Took my Tundra in today as the dealer told me Toyota agreed to pay $500.00 towards the repair. When I got there they told me they needed to find the problem and would let me know if i needed the pumps or the valve or both. When they unplugged the pumps and started them through the computer Water went everywhere! The tech told me that the pumps were working but needed to be replaced as they had water in them and the valves were stuck because they were rusted from having water pumped through them. Total cost was $2300.00 I asked how water got in the pumps they told me they did not know. I asked if they had changed the pump design and they told me they did not think so. They then said it was most likely caused by condensation and that is what was causing the valves to rust. I told them I was disappointed and was not paying $2300.00 to fix a problem that was a Toyota design problem. I mentioned the 2 TSBs and they told me that they did not apply as i was out of warranty. They also told me that they can’t find a pattern to why or when this happens. Not a region or driving conditions or anything. Because it was not a safety issue or a problem on all the trucks they did not think Toyota would do anything about it. Lets just say I am disappointed at best. While $500 is a nice gesture, I think Toyota can do better. The problem is if they pay for anyone’s parts out of warranty they have to extend the same to all customers. I can take the pumps off and clean them with little problem but need some help replacing the valves. i hear it is a big job. Anyone have any suggestions on doing the valve job yourself? I really need to save some money on this and could do so but DIYing the job.

  236. rwcfrank says:

    Does anyone know if these inexspensive Chevy pumps will work? They look the same and are only $88


  237. Jason (Admin) says:

    rwcfrank – Supposedly they will. Haven’t tested it.

  238. JW says:

    Finally happed to me. I have a 2007 Tundra with 94,000 miles. I went in to limp mode. Code P2440. I pulled my battery cables off to reset my computer just to make it home (2hours). I took my truck to the dealership the next day. $2200 is what they quoted me to replace secondary pumps and valves. What a racket… I haven’t decided what to do yet.
    Thanks to everyone for posting!

  239. Brian says:

    I have a 2007 Tundra with 98,000 miles and the same problem. I purchased the 6 yr/100,000 mile extended warranty which is covering the full cost of repairs. The dealership told me the valves are back ordered and will not be here until June 23. Fortunately, the warranty is also covering the cost of a rental car.

  240. Fred says:

    Brian I am deeply happy for you, but since I did not get the extended warranty they basically told me I was out of luck unless I want to pay the price to get them fixed. I was going to order them myself and do it, but they are back ordered until at least the end of June.

  241. pat says:

    If your Toyota Tundra goes into limp mode for this problem get the codes read by a reputable garage not a Toyota dealer to determine which valve is stuck. Then call your Toyota parts department and tell them that you are with a repair shop and you can get the parts way cheaper than list ($600). I have had the Toyota dealer replace two of the valves for $750 each. The third time I had a valve go bad I paid a garage $48 to pull the codes for me and was able to buy the valve for $302 because I told them I was purchasing the part for a repair shop. It took me abour 15 minutes to replace the valve and I have not had any more problems. I will be selling my Tundra in the next 6 months.

  242. MH says:

    Happened to me too. I have a 2007 Tundra with 75,000 miles. I went in to limp mode. Code P2440. I pulled my battery cables off to reset my computer, and borrowed a code reader from a friend. What a pain in the you know what. I have been calling dealers in the area with no luck. What a racket is right. Once fixed I have decided to sell it and not purchase another Tundra ever again.

  243. Jim says:

    Dealer ordered valve on May third & still have not received. Good luck on that two week turnaround Brian.

  244. Fred says:

    My truck is staying in limp mode now and no matter how many times I reset it, it goes back to limp mode within 5 minutes.

    Anyone know how to actually bypass this mode..

  245. Brad says:

    Email Dateline News about your concerns and forward this to all concerned owners to generate interest for an investigative report on how a Japanese comapany Toyota is raping Americans by overcharging us on parts and service. Be sure to send Dateline to the link of this issue on tundraheadquarters.com.


  246. Mark Clark says:

    My truck went into the limp mode about one month ago. I read the comment about disconnecting the negative terminal and that would restore power for about 100 miles. I did this twice and then took my truck in for an oli change and diagnostics for the “limp mode” problem. I was pretty sure what the problem was before the diagnostics and when the srevice guy confirmed that it was indeed the Air Induction Motors and Valves I was pretty concerned because of the cost. Toyota payed for the parts ($1600) but I had to pay the cost of labor. I am glad that Toyota payed for the parts but it is still like some one just came up and said “give me $700”. Hopefully Toyota will see all these complaints and make it a full Recall so this doesn’t happen to everyone that has a Tundra.

  247. Adam says:

    I have more news from Toyota. I was told they would pay $500 towards the repair but I had to replace both pumps and valves. The problem with that is I can hear both pumps kick on when I start the truck and I have drained them so they no longer have water in them. I asked the service manager why I should replace the pumps when they work and Toyota has not redesigned them? He told me he understood the question and he did not know the answer but Toyota would not give me the $500 credit if I did not do the whole repair. I asked to speak with a Toyota rep and was told to call the 800 number again. I told them I have done that 3 times and they tell me to talk with you. I then asked the warranty manager if I could speak with a Toyota rep and he said that one was at the dealer and he would go get him. I asked him why I should replace the pumps and shared my feelings that Toyota needed to fix this problem. He told me he understood me being upset with the issue. He also told me that the pumps had been redesigned with a new intake so to not collect water. He also said once they have water in them they would draw more current leading to over heating the new valves and messing them up as well. I asked him if the pumps needed to be redesigned then why was I paying for them. He said he would voice my concern. That all made sense to me. I spoke to the service writer and told her I would keep resetting the check engine light until Toyota fixes the problem. She told me that was my choice but that if I wanted it fixed she needed to know as the parts are now on a 3 month back order due to the Tsunami in Japan. Toyota is either going to admit this is only a minor issue and fix the limp mode, recall the problem, or have lots of Tundras sitting at the dealer waiting for parts. I will keep posting when I hear back from the manufacture rep.

  248. Cindy says:

    Jason, you seem to have a pretty good handle on this, so I have a question for you, or anyone else that might have knowledge of this problem. I have a 2005 Tundra with 155K miles on it. It has been making a noise for 30 seconds or so when it is first started. Ashamed to say, we’ve let this go on for a while now. A week ago it make a pop sound and now it doesn’t make that noise anymore. We thought we waited too late and took into the dealership. They told us it was going to be $3650 to repair. We put it on our CarMD before we took it to them and got a code P2445, which means valve one is stuck shut. BTW that was the same thing the dealership said was wrong. Since we never went into limp mode, makes me wonder if there is even a limp mode on the 2005’s. And if we reset the code will it pass the emissions test? Can we only have the stuck valve replaced and take our chances on the other one. Oh yeah, we are way past any warranty coverage. How hard is it to replace this valve anyway. Our son is a pretty good shade tree mechanic, but we would still need to have the computer code reset, right?

  249. Jason (Admin) says:

    Cindy – I don’t know for sure on the 1st gen Tundras, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t go into limp mode. As you likely read in the article, Toyota’s decision to FORCE limp mode is confounding.

    In any case, I would suggest that you try to reset the codes in order to pass emissions. This system is completely unnecessary for the normal function of your truck…it’s just for emissions.

  250. John says:

    I Think that we should forward this site to everyone you know and tell them to forward it to everyone they know. I will be doing this and I would like everyone to do this also. tweet, facebook anything to get it out. Let everyone know how toyota is taking care of you. and send it to the dealers and reps.

  251. Simon says:


    We rae experiencing the same problem right now. The failure of the pump also affect the shifting of gears. My Tundra is having diffuclty to get into higher gear and will rev high before the higher gear kicks in. I have been told that it is related to the failure of the pump!

  252. Fred says:

    What would be the likely hood of getting some type of lawsuit together on this issue. I have one vehicle and my truck will not come out of limp mode any longer.

    The parts are back ordered for three months now and I am told that I should not drive it in limp mode that long and no one will purchase my truck while it is broken.

    I have talked to NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN so far and nothing. i just got off the phone with Toyota and they told me they had no one working there that was technical, I said I know.

    I am not one that is sue happy, but I have to have a vehicle to drive.

  253. bbc says:

    i just hit 91000 miles and hit me too 🙁 check engine light came on and the 4wd lo light started blinking and the vsc light stayed on. this stinks bc i don’t have the 2k to fix and i dont think i should have to fix!! i am never buying a toyota again what a rip-off.

  254. Boris says:

    In Canada, Toyota change the warranty policy on the secondary air injection system, it’s now 5 years/ 100000km


  255. Fred says:

    Yeah they did that in the US also, for 60,000 miles

  256. randy says:

    Does anyone have more information on Toyota going to 60k warranty on secondary air system ,I have a bad value and Im in my 59 month and have 59,300 showing for milage

  257. Bob says:

    Took my 2008 Tundra in for service on June 1 with all of the noted problems discussed in this thread about pumps/valves (“dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree,” “limp mode,” and so on). Just under 60k miles. Still waiting for parts that are back ordered. Original date for parts was mid-June. Then June 23. Then end of June. After talking with a Toyota “concerns” rep in California, parts are not likely until mid-July at the earliest.

    What I don’t understand is how new Tundra’s are rolling off of assembly lines with the exact same part(s) but I can’t get the parts needed to get my Tundra back on the road.

    Good news: my local dealership (Michigan) has been very helpful, understanding, and noted that I won’t incur any costs related to the repair. They also provided a loaner car for the duration of the wait.

  258. Fred says:

    That is very nice for you and good luck Bob. I wish mine would have happened under 60K because all I get is the run a round.

    Randy take yours in now, they will fix it for free under 60K

  259. NK says:

    Well, I’m one of the unfortunate individuals to have experienced this system failure. I have a 2007 Tundra with 128,000 miles. Have been a loyal Toyota customer since the mid 70’s. Never experienced this type of malfunction in any of my previous Toyotas. First incident occurred over a month ago, sending the vehicle into “limp mode”. Went through the whole repair deal whereby the dealer replaced one bank of parts. Had to wait two weeks for parts. Cost was around $1500 (no warranty). Thought that was behind me until two weeks later the second bank of valves/pumps/etc. went. This time the incident occurred three hours from home. Truck sitting at a different dealer, again waited two weeks for parts. This repair cost $2500+ because the air injection control drivers also needed replaced. A couple notes here: I tried having the check engine light reset by Advance Auto parts. It did reset and cleared the system, however, I didn’t even get out of the parking lot before it came on again and went into limp mode. Tried this several times and had the same result. The service department where my truck was repaired the second time said that a 2009 Tundra came in a day or two ago with the same problem. This guy had driven through a stream, though. So, it does appear that this problem is not isolated to just certain years, and I don’t think it is as rare as some may say. I know this is a Toyota issue, but I’d just like to thank all those so called smart people at the EPA for legislating one more idiotic regulation on us that does more harm than good. I will say that Toyota Customer Service is working with me to provide “some” relief for my experience. Toyota is going to have to come up with a permanent fix for this or it is going to negatively impact the Tundra sales and reputation.

  260. Fred says:

    @NK, who are talking to at Toyota because they are giving me nothing but the run a round and I am not happy.

    They know this is there fault and the parts should be recalled.

    I cannot even get my truck fixed because there are no parts out there to fix it, even if I had 4K just laying around.

    I was told that I should not drive my truck in limp mode, but when I asked if they could give me a vehicle to drive until they fixed my truck they said no. I am at a loss for a vehicle until these parts come in and I was told at least three months on back order.

    This will probably be the last Toyota I ever own and I will make sure everyone knows our story.

    I also wrote the AG’s office and they told me they would look into the matter, not sure if they actually will or not.

  261. NK says:

    Don’t have a particular person to refer you to, I just called the customer service number at 800-331-4331. I think a lot depends on your dealership and your past experience with Toyota. I’m not sure but I believe it helped that I have owned Toyotas since the mid 70’s. I’ve had a Corolla, Celica, Camry (with 300,000 mi.), Avalon, Tacoma, Tundra. I’ve also had all my service on those vehicles performed at the Toyota dealerships. I know that’s usually more expensive, but I brought that up to the rep in customer service. I was surprised that they were able to pull up all the records on all my vehicles. I told them that my loyalty was being dramatically tested by this ordeal, and unless I saw movement on their part, that was the last Toyota I would ever own.

  262. Ex - loyal customer says:

    Dealer called me after 8 weeks & said they got my valve & truck is fixed $800. When I picked it up the check engine light was still on. Now they tell me that the other valve has gone bad as well. I am sure the pumps will be bad after they fix this.

  263. Randy says:

    Beware !!!! the TSB-0329-08 only covers 07,08 tundras , I just took it to dealer and found out. they agree the 06 should be coverd and a recall should be issued because it does have the same DEFECT ! and is not safe to drive. I will fight on with with this and keep everyone updated

  264. Larry says:

    Has anyone tried the relay override approach?

  265. Steve says:

    I have seen the relay override solution video, on this webb site a few weeks ago, but can’t find it now. Does anyone have a clue where I can find it? Or can it be re-posted? I have an 05′ Tundra 4.7 L w/ 109000 miles. I dis-connect the battery after the eng. gets a little warm. It clears out the codes and the truck runs alright, until I let it set for awhile and do the same thing all over again.

  266. Chris says:

    Hubby’s 08 Tundra, out of warranty by 20K miles, just had this problem. Your website was most helpful. Took the truck to a Missoula Montana dealer and was told the whole system needed to be replaced, to the tune of over $2,000!

    Drove it back to Parker Toyota in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where everyone went to bat for us. Treated very well and was given a rental car to use while the truck was down – no charge! Parts came in the following day and all it cost was a couple hundred dollars for labor. Thanx Parker Toyota! Trustworthy and we will buy all our vehicles from them in the future. They are stand up guys.

  267. lawn guy says:

    2006 toyota tundra crew cab sr5 4.7 liter 97000 miles,same codes and problem.purchased extended warranty from dealership and its not Toyota .Fidelity ..right now dealership is getting we wont cover it.which would mean I would get stuck paying for this rental they provided which I am great full for right now.Not sure how this will pan out.Worst case senario I think Jason mentioned clearing the codes and disconecting the pumps untill resolution is brought.And Limp mode wont be an issue.here in sarasota I dont have emmisions test to pass..I just need to work,single dad,dont have time for this nonsense.all over start up emmisions..and your going to effectively disable my vehicle and put me out of business.?remember the aircompressors that have a filter in them with a glass bowl with a drain petcock???come on guys..this isint rocket science!!!!!!!!!Man up toyota and fix this problem…

  268. Dean Dawson says:

    I have less than 30K miles and Toyota has replaced my air pumps 3 times now. All covered under warranty but my what a pain. Has Toyota fixed the problem with the air pumps yet? When will they do a recall? This is my 3d 4×4 Toyota and my last one probably.


  269. Bryan says:

    I was ready to buy a Tundra but went with a F150 after I read about the AIP issues and Toyota’s unwillingness to stand up for their products.

  270. Pete says:

    Just had this issue happen to me 2 weeks ago, The truck is STILL in the shop, they told me maybe 2-3 weeks for the parts, I was told the company making them is NO LONGER making them…. how do you stop making parts for a 2007 truck ?
    ESSPECIALLY one with this issue…. I’m in a rental ( toyota is paying for it because of my extended warranty but….)

    I got 286000 out of my 02 access cab….toyota seems to be going down hill!!

  271. Fred says:

    @Pete; who said they stopped making them? If one company has stopped making parts then I hope there is another out there that is making them. It is against the law to not have parts made for a vehicle and Toyota has to make sure sure that parts are made for them. I am not sure how long they have to do this, but I do know that have to.

    Also on another note I have order the “smog pump” for the 2000-2002 chevy s-10 for 75 bucks on amazon. I have heard they are the same pumps so I am hoping this is the case.

    I do not want to spend 2000+ bucks on a part that I can get for less than a 100.00

    Will let you know if it works or not after I put it on, should be within the next week or two.

  272. Cammy7s says:

    Well, this problem has now affected my 2007 4.7 Tundra. 117,000 km on it and lights a flashing and limp mode engaged.

    Reset by disconnecting negative terminal and dealer advised to by a code reader and reset daily if needed to avoid the $2000+ repair cost.

    I can just imagine what my friends who drive Ford or GM will say when they see my little code reader box mounted to my dash!!

    A little disappointing to say the least!

  273. Jerry No Cash says:

    I began to read this thread after taking my ’05 Tundra (53,000m) to the dealership. All the symptoms were as described here (and in other forums)….check engine light was on, low power mode was triggered etc.
    The dealership firstly recommended replacing the valves alone, at which I baulked at the price but autorized the work.
    A few hours later they called back and informed me that the valves had seized due to (one or more) impeller blades from the pump having broken off and sticking in the valves. I nearly fainted when the pump price was relayed to me. Since the vehicle was already in bits I had no choice but to autorize the rest of the work. They ended up replacing the switch valves, the control valve and the pump. ($3000).
    I insisted on keeping the removed parts and on inspection, the impeller in the pump does have very slight damage to upper facing fins (just 3 of them). When I power the pump, it works perfectly though.

    I’m currently weighing up my options what to do next.

    If anyone wants the old pump and control valve, reply to this post. These components will do fine for someone’s truck I’m positive. I will be ebay’ing them, so be quick.


  274. Wow. Great says:

    I recently bought a 2006 Tundra used. After about 1000 miles of ownership (conveniently the warranty period from the dealer I bought at) it started making a crazy whistling noise every morning when started. My mechanic said he is pretty sure this is the issue. I have no lights or codes yet, but I assume it is only a matter of time? Anyone else have these symptoms before failure? I cannot afford these repairs and have a bad case of buyers remorse going. The noise seems to come from the middle of the engine. Which part has failed? Is it likely the other parts will fail too?

  275. […] seems odd that there is no TSB for the 09's. Here is the link for anyone whose interested. Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem | Tundra Headquarters __________________ 5.7L TRD 4×4*Color match grille *AFE-Power CAI *JBA exhaust *Toytec […]

  276. gary draffin says:

    2007 tundra same problem. i am a retired ASE master tech. went into limp mode i thought it was cat converter because of no power i live in the mountains no power is a terrible thing up here. took to dealer 1800$ est. told them no. i am at the end of my lease have option to buy or not. will try using this problem for leverage with southeastern toyota finance and see what happens.I really do like the automatic relay option, being a auto tech I see that as the best solution yet. love my truck except for fuel mileage, and tires that don’t last very long because of mountain roads.

  277. Kendall - NC says:

    I have a 2005 Tundra and the dealer just called with the same pump and valve replacement diagnosis. I am not sure what to do. I do have to pass inspection, so I can’t have a check engine light on. They said 2500 in parts alone. The dealer also told me that running in limp mode for an extended time will kill the transmission.

    Not sure what to do…

  278. gary says:

    Ok, symptoms…..Engine check light on, 4Lo light on, VSC light on and gear selector will not go into gear very well…problem, the wiring harness blew a fuse and needed replaced…..due to being under warranty, didnt cost anything…….wiring harness blew when friend plugged his trailer into harness to try lights…..truck and trailer not compatable…..

  279. Joe G says:

    My 2010 Tundra with 37,500 miles now has this issue. A week ago, air pump noise on start-up–loud for 30 seconds. After 3 mornings of this the check engine light and LIMP MODE happened. Unfortunately I had not read these posts first and went to Toyota of Tampa Bay–first time ever for a problem. Honestly they acted like this was a rare and unknown issue–gave code P2447 Secondary Air Intake Malfunction, and they wanted $632 just to further diagnose and could cost $$thousands$$. I said no, and started reading. I have an ODB2 tester, and read the code myself, which matched the dealer (wasted $115), did a reset, unplugged the grey connectors for the two air pumps and for now, it runs great but the check engine light remains on. Based on what I’ve read, the hard fault which puts the truck in LIMP MODE does not happen when the pumps are unplugged, but a “soft” or generic code remains–I do still have a different generic code, 0418 I think, so the light stays on–but it is no longer in LIMP mode. I assume the valves are OK with no other oodes–I also assume I have water in one or both pumps. I sent an e-mail to Toyota but based on what I’ve read, I do not expect help–unless the warranty has been extended–Toyota of Tampa Bay did not suggest an warranty extension__some have posted that the warranty has been extended??. maybe next weekend I’ll get time and remove and clean the pumps and see if I can fix it myself. Not impressed with Toyota on this, nor the dealer in knowing anything or acting dumb. This is my second Tundra both purchased new at this same dealer. I’ll keep you posted if you wish.

  280. harvickfan says:

    On the 4.7L engine, one of the air injection pumps is under the intake. Though, the 4.7L valves can be purchased separately, the 5.7L valves come as a set and are located behind the intake.

  281. captcarlos says:

    2007 crewmax with 68K on it – valve problem – left bank.

    this truck sucks hard!

    radio tuns off by itself
    dash rattles
    plastic is cheap, finish coming off
    pump issue
    canister oil filter is totally over engineered
    bed oscillations
    rain channel molding carme off at a car wash – now clip is gone
    accelerator issues – two recalls, two trips to the dealer

    extremely disappointed – will never buy another toyota – ever!

  282. TMK says:

    Here is a letter I just sent off today to the Toyota Customer Experience Centre in Torrance CA, which I also copied to Chairman Fujio Choy in Tokyo City JAPAN:

    Toyota Customer Experience Centre
    Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
    19001 South Western Ave.
    Dept. WC11
    Torrance, CA 90501


    Dear Sir/Madam:

    I purchased my third Toyota 4X4, a Tundra Double Cab in July 2007. Although the vehicle has only 30,330 miles and I’ve never off-roaded or abused the truck in any manner, its repair record is wretched. Refer below to the history regarding the three air injection pumps/switching valves I have been forced to replace under warranty at considerable hassle and inconvenience, to say nothing about waiting weeks for parts:

    2/12/09, P419 10,500, AIP Bank 2 Replaced
    2/5/10, P419; P456 17,991 AIP Replaced
    6/9/11 P456; P2442 28,921 AIP Replaced
    8/25/11 P2443 30,341 Two Switching Valves Replaced

    There is something seriously wrong with the design or application of the air injection pumps and valves; and, further the replacement parts Toyota provides are no better than the originals.

    This unresolved issue presents a grave safety concern for me and my family.

    When is Toyota going to engineer a fix & issue a RECALL; or extend the AIP warranty to 10 yr/100,000 miles?

    Attached are copies of service documents referenced in this letter.

    Thanks for your consideration in this matter.



    cc: Fujio Cho, Chairman & Representative Director, Toyota c/o attachments

  283. Joe G says:

    update–Toyota says the TSB on my 2010 extends the warranty for code P2447 air pump failure–5yr 50000 miles. So I will return to Toyota of Tampa Bay and see if they will redeem themselves and Toyota……. hope so

  284. KOConnor says:

    Back in April I had the same problem as most of you with my 2007 Tundra, 5.7L V8, 90K miles. ALL previous maintenance done by the book at the dealer where I bought the truck. Got zero help from dealer or Toyota despite numerous calls and pleas to both, and ended up spending $2000+ to fix problem. To this day it amazes me how poorly I was treated by both the dealer (Jeff Hunter Toyota, Waco TX)and Toyota Corp.

    This weekend I sold the truck.

    I will never again purchase a Toyota product and will strongly advise everyone I know to do likewise and avoid Toyota.

    If there is ever a class action suit against Toyota pertaining to the secondary air injection system, I will gladly participate.

  285. TMK says:


    Just recd a call from Toyota Hdqtrs Office of President relevant to letter that i copied to the CEO in Japan, which Japan forwarded to Torrance CA for response. It appears—Toyota is listening to its customers and within 30-90 days will issue guidance/recall? of some sort. The gentleman that called me was not able to divulge everything but i do believe they plan to do right on this problem. He said that Toyota was mindful of all the concerns it had heard from its customers about the AIP parts that fail.

    Last week a Customer Experience Centre guy called me up to say they had opened a case file regarding my matter.
    Will keep you all informed but we must persist until a fix is in.


  286. Steve says:

    I have a 2007 Tundra Reg.cab 4X4 with tow haul package, a real workhorse. At 58,560 miles the engine light came on, reset by removing battery cable, came back on a few days later. Took it to the dealership where purchased and where I still have 11,000 miles on extended Platinum warranty. They called the next day with the bad news $1900 for two pumps and other parts. Warranty did not cover!! Talked to warranty office and customer relations person at dealership. They were both very blunt NO WAY ARE WE GOING TO PAY. Started looking on line for how to repair under my shade tree and bang or should I say BING I found this website in just one minute I saw where Toyota was covering this problem for 60k or 6yrs. I called my friendly cust.serv. person and told her what I found. She called me back an hour later “PLEEEEEASE Mr. Terry PLEEEEASE forgive us we will repair your truck at no cost to you and I prommmmmise nothing like this will ever happen again”. Well they did and they refunded my $85 diagnostic fee I asked for a free brake job too but that didn’t happen. By the way this was Sep. 13 2011 and I cannot believe that Toyota has been paying for this since Spring of 2010 and my dealership didn’t know. REALLY !!! I can’t help but wonder how many people have payed for this when they shouldn’t have. Nice way to do business because every month they wait the more vehicles that go over 60k. I still love my Tundra I just hope this doesn’t happen again.

  287. EK21 says:

    I’m currently having this problem, own an 06′ Sequoia. My first problem is being over charged for air injecter being told part is 1100 dollars and total will be 1500 to 2000$. Please send me invoices and/or statements to help me begin this battle. Also if I could get info on what to do concerning a service mngr telling me the part would deteriorate and destroy my engine.”WOW” I want to hurt him. Thanks to you all you’ve been very helpful.

  288. EK21 says:

    thru hr mgr.

  289. Joe G says:

    While the dealer did not want to fix my 2010 with 37K miles on it, Toyota did cover it–thanks to the company. Dealer did good only when Toyota agreed to pay. For me, the company stepped up and I think they did right–the dealer Toyota of Tampa Bay could have done better. I am not ready to write off Toyota or the dealer on just this one issue however–they did come through in the end.

  290. Mike says:

    2008 Tundra 66,000 miles. P2442 valve stuck. Will there be an official recall on this. Failures are rampant!

  291. Mike says:

    2008 Tundra 66,000 miles. P2442 valve stuck. Will there be an official recall on this? Failures are rampant!

  292. Dan says:

    I am just faced with this problem today,I have an 07 tundra dc 5.7. I have 135,000 miles all highway miles. For now I will buy a portable scanner to clear the engine light until I contact my dealer and toyota to see if I can get results. I also have an 07 sequoia with 65,000 mi,I need something done before it happens to that truck too. Will repost with results.

  293. George says:

    Tundra 2007, just had the pump assembly and valves go. Was told that it was covered under extended warranty. No cost this time, but what about Toyota ponying up to cover this obvious engineering snafu?

  294. TMK says:


    I would contact the folks that need to solve this matter, Toyota Management:

    Toyota Customer Experience Centre
    Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
    19001 South Western Ave.
    Dept. WC11
    Torrance, CA 90501

    Your question is valid. You didn’t say how many miles on your rig but it must be less than 60K. What happens when you go over 60K or next year when the truck is out of warranty? Pls see how i approached it above. If enough owners complain there might be a positive result.



  295. Jeff V says:

    My 2007 Tundra, with 103K miles just went into “limp mode” this morning on the way to work. Lucky for me the dealership was just down the road. I came across this blog after the dealership (McGeorge Toyota, Richmond Virginia) called to inform me what the problem was. I seem to have a stuck air injector valve, (est. <$700) and the valve is in stock. Once I have the truck back, I'll update everyone with any additional info I findout.

  296. bjmcclure says:

    GOOD NEWS! Toyota has instituted a Consumer Support Program that extends warranty to 10 years/150,000 miles. It covers 2007-2010 Tundras and provides for retrospective refunds.

    The program was effective as of 10/19/2011 but does provide retro refunds as well.

    I do not see a way to attach a file to this blog or I would post the actual document. Actually, I will try copy and paste. Maybe that will work. No joy on that one

    Will try to scan and save as .doc and see if that works. All Service Managers should have it by now.

  297. bjmcclure says:

    O.K., I give up. If someone wants a copy of the CSP email me at webadmin@irapoa.org and I will send a copy by email. Would be nice if there was a way to attach file to this blog but I don’t see it.

  298. Steve says:

    bjmcclure thanks for emailing me that doc. i had to read what it said. I have a 2005 tundra with 64K miles and i have this same problem now.Air pump and valves.$2300.00 to repair.
    I would not complain if i had mega miles on this truck. Toyota is now extending the warranty for the 2007-2010’s WHICH THEY SHOULD.So many owners have called and so much documentation has accumulated that they now want to recognize this issue i guess.
    Well, i called the national number and had a conversation with Mark . No such customer support program for us 2005 owners.If you own a 2005 and have had this issue I urge you to call and get a case #. If you paid $$ to get this fixed call and get a case number.
    The 2007-2010 have an extended warranty for 10 years or 150K miles on this PAIN IN THE ASS issue.Kudos to the people who called and had their voices heard. $1250.00 for a air pump.Give me a break !!!!

  299. TMK says:

    & so BJ emails me the new CSP–thx BJ; i print it off this AM @ 5:00. Driving home tonight my check engine light comes on. Less than 2K miles from my last AIP repair. Am sure it’s another AIP issue. sigh.


  300. TMK says:

    So the code comes back 0456 and Toyota service tells me i must not have put on my gas cap properly. Yeah right. So, true to form my CEL comes back on again tonight, six days later. I checked my records and each time (all three of them) i’ve had to replace my AIP/valves, it has been preceded by a 456 code. Very unfortunate. TMK

  301. Jason (Admin) says:

    bjmcclure – Thanks for posting this. I’ve got a copy of the letter and we’ll be writing it up ASAP.

  302. […] with limp mode coming on at highway speeds, or while trying to accelerate to highway speeds. 4. This article back in April 2010 by Jason at TundraHeadquarters. 5. I think all the negativity was impacting […]

  303. bjmcclure says:

    Interesting events when I took my 2008 Tundra in for repair. Service Adviser said both pumps had to be changed as well as valves. I asked how he knew the pumps were bad since the vehicle had not left the drive yet. Was told the plastic impellers in the pumps were shedding blades and that is what caused the valve failures. That is when I consulted my friend Google and found this web site. When I discovered the real problem I called dealer and asked them to save the old parts. Picked up the truck and was told parts had been sent back to Toyota. I did not believe them and insisted they return MY parts to me. The Service manager confirmed what the service adviser said about ‘shedding blades” but finally found my parts and I carried them home. A visual inspection of the impellers through the port opening revealed very much intact impellers. Grabbed a couple test leads and applied 12VDC in proper polarity and both pumps spun like a top. I do not have specs so cannot prove they meet factory specs but I strongly suspect they do.

    Consumer beware! Have submitted data to Toyota for reimbursement via CSP. If you file a claim for reimbursement, you might want to send it Certified Mail. If I can’t trust my dealer, how can i trust the company.

  304. kokua says:

    My wife’s Sequoia 05 just experiencing this pump problem this week. Service manager said the car will run but will eventually cause engine problems. And yes, he quoted me $3800 to repair and that he’ll knock off $800 from bill.
    (Right) Her car has less then 50k. I have a 03 Tacoma sitting in my Yard right now for over a year for a blown Con Rod that blew out of my block. And that truck has only 55k and I really baby it. I’ve tried calling all these service managers to no avail. I know this is a entire different problem that’s being dicussed here, but I’m still pissed of what happened to my truck especially when my extended warranty expired 1 month and 4 days prior to it’s break down. If anyone heard or had a similar problem like this, I’ll really appreciate any response.

    By the way, I’m sure the UPDATED warranty for 6yrs or 60k
    for the air injection pump are for Sequioas as well.

    I thank this site for being here!!!


  305. charles boyd says:

    just got a letter from toyota with a warranty enhancement notice for 2007-2010 tundra and sequoia. The letter states warranty for the injection pump and valves will be extended to 10 years or 150,000 miles. BOUT TIME!!

  306. bjmclure says:

    Keep the cards and letters coming folks. Numbers count! The CSP is welcome and long overdue, however, it is a band-aid at best since it really does not address a fix for the latent defect. As many posters have indicated, the issue is and will continue to be recurrent. Toyota needs a recall on these vehicles that addresses the root problem and corrects it. IIRC, GM was responsible enough to do that on some of their vehicles with similar issue.

    It would be nice to have a common database for known failures and some basic details of each. Might be a good reference point for convincing Toyota to do the right thing by it’s customers.


  307. DanielB says:

    After a snowstorm up here in the Northeast, our 2007 Sequoia (4.7L) with 57500 miles threw a MIL. I coded it out to P0418 and quickly found this site. Thank you Jason for making this information so readily available. I was concerned that I’d get soaked for the full repair, but it turns out the 4.7L engine is far less susceptible to this problem according to the dealer. He did not go so far as to say it is immune, but I am led to believe the above TSB only applies to the 5.7L engine. (The Sequoia changed to the 5.7L in 2008, a year after the Tundra.)

    I’m waiting for the Secondary Air Injection Driver to come in stock and he suggests that should fix the problem. If not, we troubleshoot from there. I would say there is still a chance they will continue to find problems after replacing the driver. They reset the MIL and it hasn’t come back on yet, but time will tell. We bought the Sequoia Certified Preowned and bought the extended coverage warranty, so this is covered to 10year/100k for us. Otherwise it would have been around $280 parts and ~$120 labor. I did find the driver online for around $230 and it’s right out in the open in the engine bay. Not bad compared to some of the other prices I’m seeing tossed around.

    @kokua, the info I provided above should apply to your wife’s ’05 as well. The TSB mentioned in the article above does not apply to our year Sequoias. Perhaps they used the TSB blow to troubleshoot past the driver and were able to identify the injectors as the problmem. If that is the case and I were in your shoes I’d buy some of the GMC Jimmy injectors off eBay or a similar discount parts location and find a mechanic who will install them for you (possibly having to swap the wiring harness off your factory broken pumps). People have also had success cleaning/rebuilding them, depending on the condition. I would never suggest you attempt to bypass them, but that is an option too. Although, I don’t believe the bypass .pdf above will work exactly for our engines though.

    The TSB I have a copy of is EG027-07:
    Title: M.I.L. “ON” DTC P0418 AND/OR P2445
    Models: ’05-’07 Sequoia & ’05-’06 Tundra (2UZ-FE)

    1.Using the Diagnostic Tester, check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). If P0418 and/or P2445 are present, replace the injection driver.
    2.If DTC P0418 and/or P2445 are still present after replacing the air injection driver, inspect the air injection system.


  308. KristenM says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! The information provided here was so extremely helpful. I depend on my Tundra to get me around here in Alaska and last night I couldn’t get it accelerate. I took it in and my local guy told me Toyota had to do the repair and that it was my air-intake. All of the info you all have provided gives me so much more confidence to go in and handle the dealership. Hopefully there’s no hassle but as all you ladies know out there it isn’t easy going into the service shop in your heels.;) I suppose I’ll put on my a**-kicking boots and go in there sounding like a well-educated Tundra owner with all the details provided here. Thanks again.

  309. gary draffin says:

    I,m Really mad, I’m just going to let them have it back. maybe if enough people let them get these trucks back they’ll do something about it.

  310. DanielB says:

    Just thought I’d chime back in and point out that I’ve been reading that a number of people have been reporting issues with the 4.7L engine as well. Some people think there is only one pump on the 4.7L, but there is one in the passenger wheel-well and another under the air manifold (which sounds like a pain to get to).

    I’m not out of the water with it yet, but at least it’s going to be covered by warranty. Unless Toyota comes up with a long term fix, I expect a lot of mechanically inclined people to be disabling these systems as they break.

  311. Jay says:

    I just ran into this issue yesterday. I bought my 08 tundra used with 68K miles. It rained and when I backed up out of the parking lot after having the truck sit for 2 hours the mil’s starting acting crazy. Engine went into limp mode and tranny lost gears. Luckily I’m still under the warranty of the seller. They picked the truck up today and told me it was the MIL for the air pump that started all this. Amazingly terrible design!

  312. Dongngol says:

    Update: Toyota finally assumed responsibility for this issue by issuing Warranty Enhancement Notice and I received one. It covers Tundra 2007-2010 and Sequoia 2008-2010. Warranty is extended up to 10 years or 150K miles whichever comes first. Provisions for claims on repairs already undertaken, can be filed through Toyota Motor Sales, 19001 South Western Ave, Torrance, CA 90509

  313. Dongngol says:

    Warranty Extension of 10 years or 150K is just to cover the possible defective parts only, the air pump assemblies and air switching valves.

  314. kt says:

    Hi there, I recently have been researching on how to rebuild my ’08 Tundra. I’ve been searching, but haven’t had much luck on finding more information to rebuild a 5.7, any suggestions?

    The coolant is going to the engine, but do you think that the air injection system could be the cause of the motor to fail?

    If you know any websites that rebuilds 5.7, please let me know.

  315. rentthis says:

    I just came from Rick Hendricks Toyota in Charleston, SC. As stated above, the warranty on the secondary air problem was extended to 10 years 150000 miles 90 days ago. The fact that it was caused by water induction was not a problem. They understand that water is the cause of most if not all of these failures. They have corrected the problem with a device that emliminates water induction. I am in a loaner truck and couldn’t be happier. If you are courious as to how prevelent the problem is, the service writer told me that he had fixed 100+ this year. That’s only one dealership. Anyone having paid for this repair should scream. The best part of this is that I can now stick with Toyota.

  316. steve says:

    I have a Toyota Tundra 2006 4×4 4-door. I was told that my Air pump is bad as well as my 3 – AVA valves.There telling me it will cost 3,000 dollars to fix.This is ( CRAZY).Who would think you would have to keep 3,000 dollars in the bank for future repairs on Vehicle.I have 90,000 on it. I like Toyotas but after this its hard to keep likeing

  317. Cheryl says:

    2005 Toyota Sequoia, less than 100K miles, all scheduled maintenance, no accidents, no floods, no off roading (no 4WD) – VSC Track light, Trac Off and check engine light came on. Took car to Toyota and rec’d $4k estimate to replace the “Secondary Air Injection Pump”. Was told by dearlership the problem was widespread and was not covered for the 2005 model, only 2007 and above.
    Called 800-331-4331 to ask for assistance and was told that it was not their problem. I stated that based on their poor response, we would likely not purchase another Toyota vehicle and was told “Oh well.” Nice customer service.

  318. Bradd says:

    Cheryl, Check with your local Toyota dealer. I have a 2006 Sequoia same background as your as my wife drives it to store and take kids to and from school. While nationally Toyota could care less about losing a customer you may find your local dealer wanting to keep you happy. Anyway our local dealer in Palm Beach Earl Stewart has offered to pick up 1/2 our 4k repair bill. We are considering but more likely trading in what will be our last Toyota. What is sad is that I have been brand loyal since 1997 4runner, 2002 camry and my 2006 Sequoia will be last Toyota our family will purchase.

  319. Cheryl says:

    Thank you Bradd. I have contacted the dealership and they are looking in to ways to help me. The worst part about all of this – my extended warranty expired 10 days ago. We currently own 2 Toyotas and have owned 3 others in the past. We too will be making a change when we purchase a new vehicle this year. Thanks again for your help, take care.

  320. Bradd says:

    Cheryl you are welcome. I am just continuing the efforts of somebody very smart who started this grass roots effort. We have to look out for each other. Toyota’s loss could be Detroit’s gain. I might just get my first American car now. I feel so patriotic 🙂

  321. Joe Gliksman says:

    To be fair, Toyota has recently extended the warranty on this issue–depending on the exact problem–up to 150,000 miles. I received a letter this week, and they did fix mine several weeks ago. IN the letter, they offer to consider paying for repairs already made.

    Having this issue is bad, but Toyota appears to be responding now.

  322. Bradd says:

    Hey Joe, Curious if your above comment applies to 2006 Sequoia’s? We are about to give up on Toyota but your post gives me hope.

  323. Dennis says:

    Just given the bad new today, 125,000 miles, was told 4 to 6 THOUSAND to repair. Was told by dealer Toyota had resinded the 10yr 150,000 mile warranty for these issues on December 5, 2011 and is now back at the original (standard warranty 5yrs/60,000mi) Has anyone been told this?

  324. Patrick says:

    Dennis – I had new pumps and valves installed under warranty last week (2007 Tundra/71,500 miles). This was my second set. The first set, also covered under warranty, was replaced around 35,000 miles. Toyota now includes a “snorkel” to combat water intrusion. My service advisor said Toyota had created the 10 yr/150000 mile warranty enhancement to avoid a complete recall. Unlike the first time, the most recent repair was completed in one day because the parts were in stock. Everything went as it should. Hopefully, I won’t be back a third time.

  325. John says:

    I bought a used 07 tundra on october 31, 2011 with 32,900 miles on it. When I got home noticed Transmission fluid on tail shaft of transmission. Aparently there was a TSB on this issue with the drive shaft yokes being made of a porus material and actually wicking fluid through the yoke. I called my dealer here in TN and they replaced the entire drive shaft assembly for free. Well here it is febuary 3, 2012 with 36,019 miles and my truck is in limp mode. Carried back to dealer and dropped it off and recieved phone call 3 hours later that my AIP is bad and it would be monday before they could tear into it and diagnose how big the problem was. I called them back on feb 6 and they said had to order 2 air pumps and 2 solenoids and that it would be covered under the warranty. I asked them if they had changed the design of the pumps and he assured me that they have. I have owned 4 toyota trucks in my life and I presently own a 97 tacoma that I love, but after these issues with the tundra I have began to question the quality of the Toyota brand with these newer models. My wife drives a 2010 corrola s which we all no was affected by the sticking gas pedal recall, not once but 3 times. It was replaced before we bought it and then 2 more times on each 5,000 mile oil change. We never had an issue but glad to see that they took action to correct this problem. As for the tundra, I may be looking at trading in for a newer model tacoma. I will loose a little towing capacity but hopefully they are built as good as the old tacomas.

  326. Jason (Admin) says:

    Dennis – Your dealer is full of it…unless your coverage was voided because your vehicle was submerged in water during an off-road adventure or natural disaster (which is the only reason I can think of). You have the same warranty that everyone else has, and it covers the AIP problem up to 150k.

  327. Joe Gliksman says:


    I agree with Jason, the dealer must be incorrect. I have a letter from Toyota I received only weeks ago about the extended warranty. Do you have another dealer nearby?

  328. Dennis says:

    Update to my February 6/12 post.
    Called Toyota (assume Canada) yesterday, the woman I spoke to was obviously very familiar with the problem. Was told my case would be forwarded for management review and I would receive a call in 7 to 10 business days.
    The irony of this whole thing is the fact I was discussing the possibility of buying a 2012 in the spring when my winter work routine is over.

  329. Peter Swieton says:

    Hey All, any thoughts on this, I just bought a used 07 Tundra and the seller went to states to get new air injector put in as it was covered under warranty as its a US truck, i have the documents to prove it was done but now the check engine light still comes on every so often with a code for the air injector…i’m thinking of doing diagnostics as its a pain to clear codes each time it does show up….

  330. Scott Hogan says:

    Hey all, good news. I had the same problems as noted multiple times above. ‘VSC light flashing, engine light on, 4LO light blinking, and transmission in limp mode’. This freaked me out, as I wasn’t familiar with ‘limp’ mode. I was able to temporarily get rid of the problem by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. It got us home, but the problem returned the next day. After spending much time researching these forums, I was concerned. BUT…good news. I brought it in to the dealer and found that everything was covered under warranty. Toyota extended the warranty to 8yrs or 80,000 miles. The dealer ordered parts and had it repaired in 3 days. Way to go Toyota. It seemed that they had seen many cases of this problem and were familiar with it.

    The code reported was P2440 – Secondary air injection system switch valve stuck open – the pumps had water intrusion. The dealer replaced the air valves and drivers.

  331. Christian says:

    I have a 2009 Tundra Double Cab 4X4 with 75,000 miles. On Thursday I was faced with Codes P2442 and P2443. I came across this webpage and became nervous at the thought of paying up to $4k for the repairs. My truck is out of warranty. I did a little more research and discovered that as of November 2010, Toyota is extending the warranty for these parts to 10 years and 150,000 miles. I went to my dealer on Friday and my service advisor was aware of the TSB. I brought my truck in Monday, they ordered the needed parts, and I picked up my truck on Tuesday. All I can say is WHEW! FYI- My truck only had one Air Injection Pump. The bill would have cost $1,800 if I had to pay for the repairs. I do have to bring it back in a few weeks to have a cover installed over the pump. Supposedly Toyota will reimburse the cost to anyone who has paid for the repairs themselves.

    • Bradd says:

      Hi Christian,
      In your research do you have any official links you can provide about the extension “…10 years and 150,000 miles…”. I have a 2006 Sequoia with 75k and our dealer had prior offered to cover 1/2 the repairs. Thanks in advance for any effort,

  332. […] That code corresponds to the AIP problem: Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem | Tundra Headquarters http://www.toyotatundraforum.com/gen…-failures.html […]

  333. Tim says:

    Well, I have this issue on my 2008 Tundra, was freaking out when I read this blog but called the dealer and they said it would be covered THANK GOD! Taking it in next week, will reply back afterwards…


  334. Gayla says:

    I own a 2007 Tundra double cab 5.7 L 4×4 with over 108,000 miles. This week my truck went into limp mode due to air injector issue. Had my truck towed to Toyota Dealer in Frederick, CO. Praise God, all repairs (2 valves and 1 pump) were covered by Toyota (my extended warranty expired at 100000).

  335. Mohammed says:

    Sir ,

    i am looking for sequoia 2009 electric air control valve assembly , pls tell me the price for this item and shipping cost to my country IRAQ .

  336. David says:

    Well I’ve learned a lot in the last two days about Air Injection and Toyota’s! I’ve had a 2005 Sequoia since 0 miles and am a little over 109,000 now. Never had a problem with this thing and now that my 100,000 mile warranty is out, the bill will be $3,600 to fix my P1441 and P1444 codes. Was hoping to get about 200,000 out of it but don’t think so now. Can’t decide if I want to try disconnecting the air injection or see what they will do on a trade in or just leave Toyota and get some other SUV. I’ve read a lot of the comments here and saw one that mentioned just disconnecting two connectors. I think that was talking about a Tundra. Does anyone know if that solves the problem on a Sequoia? I may be asking questions that are here already but I’m getting confused as to what I’ve read where, but if they can be just disconnected, can that cause any problems down the road?

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      David – Some people say you can just unplug the pumps, but I’ve also been told that it doesn’t work, and I’m of the opinion that the solution can’t be that simple.

      • J.D. Brown says:

        From what I gather from my repair guy, the systems on the Tundra and the Sequoia are identical, however I think the models covered under the extended warrantee are the ’07’s and later.

        As far as unplugging the system, my guy told me that the only function of the air injection system is to inject air into the manifold during the first few minutes of cold running…….just to try and burn that small bit of fuel more efficiently. We can thank the EPA for that one.

        On my ’07 Tundra, I lost power going up hill and in passing gear until the engine warmed. Then the engine lined out after warm-up. The only other problem is that if an idicator light is on, the truck won’t pass inspection.


  337. David says:

    Thanks for the reply Jason. I read so much about this, it wore me out! I got rid of the vehicle yesterday and the wife is driving a Lexus now! Got a warranty again at least!

  338. J.D. Brown says:

    On another thread here. I mentioned that I had just had the air valves on my ’07 Tundra replaced, and that I was livid at the $1104 cost of the repair. On this website, I found a thread in which one of the posters mentioned that Toyota was covering these expenses retroactively.

    I called Toyota, USA Customer Relations and they asked for various information regarding the repair. I complied immediately. In one of the documents Toyota requested, a “CCR”, my repair shop had recorded the incorrect VIN # and that VIN obviously did not match the VIN on my registration. Toyota asked for a correction, and I really can’t blame them for that. Again I complied immediately, and was thinking I might be getting the run around.

    Yesterday, two weeks after I submitted the correct information, and between 5 and 6 weeks from the origional claim filing, I received a check from Toyota for $1104.53, a full reimbursement for the repair.

    Toyota kept their word with me and I’m proud of them. I’d certainly buy another!

    All information needed to submit a successful claim is contained towards the end of this link.


    J.D. Brown

    • Thomas says:

      Ya Toyota US is getting it right, up in Canada no such warranty extension. Ours is still 3 year / 50000 kms. Good for you getting reimbursed, hoping they will do the same for me.

  339. Rob says:

    Since the pump is really not needed but only EPA required, has anyone eliminated it, or bypassed this? Is there a way to do this and continue to drive uneffected?

  340. SAM says:

    Just had this problem with my 07 Tundra. Dealer told me it would be about $5000 to fix it. I called Toyota Customer Care and they told me that the coverage was increased to 10years or 150,000 miles. It is post CSP-ZTQ. I knew something was wrong when I started asking questions to the service rep and the mechanic and was getting several different answers from both while we were all standing together. Guess they weren’t ready for a female to question them…

    • Dave Dougan says:

      I have a 2005 Sequoia and had no complaints until recently when the Air Intake Pumps went out and will have to be replaced to the tune of $3,200 and after reading all of these comments am now certain that Toyota has a major design defect with both the Tundra and Sequoia Air Injection Pump System. My car has 140,000 miles and generally I have been a pleased Toyota custome but after reading , this problem has been highlighted with all these cars and trucks for years now and I would have thought the company would have recalled them and replaced the parts on all their models. Of course, my other car as an Acura and had 230,000 miles when I gave it away and it never had one problem at all. I tend to keep cars for a long time but this is one bummed out Toyota customer. I will go back to an Acura for sure.

  341. […] it is anything like the 2nd gen tundra give this a try. scroll to the bottom of the page Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem | Tundra Headquarters i didn't know our 4runenrs had that pump but i guess i learn something new everyday. […]

  342. 05 Toyota Tundra owner says:

    We just found out our 2005 Toyota Tundra’s air injector valve needs replacing. the cost…a whooping $2,600 plus $600 labor! We noticed a 30 second whisting sound when we start the truck and noticed a smell similar to “mold” and “dampness” about a month ago. Called the 800-468-6968 first (customer service) and they couldn’t find a recall; however when I called another number 800-331-4331 ext. 4; the customer representative said we should complain about this since it’s the “exact same system” in the 07 models having the same issues that are COVERED NOW. I am going to write the Toyota President and cc the BBB, newstations; and Toyota Dealership. We have been a loyal customer forever and this just is NOT RIGHT!

  343. 05 Toyota Tundra owner says:

    We wrote two certified letters to the Toyota Dealer and Toyota Customer Experience Center and cc’d Toyota Motor Corp. in Japan requesting assistance with the air injector valve; we were granted $1,000.00 from Toyota Experience Center and the dealership here in Jacksonville, FL discounted us the parts charge and charged us for the labor leaving us with a balance due of $633.00 instead of the original cost of $3,400.00. Although we consider this a “flaw” on Toyota’s part, we’ll not complain since we received a lot of help financially for this. They also threw in a free oil change. Our loyalty is back with Toyota and our dealership.

    • Nicely done – certified letters are HIGHLY effective.

    • 05 Tundra owner says:

      Thanks for this info. We also have a 2005 Tundra and just got a big fat bill to fix the air injector. I called the customer experience center and was told 2005 wasn’t included. I asked for the address to mail my attorney’s letter and they nicely gave me their mailing addres. I will also be sending one to Japan. Hoping for a similar result.

  344. Steve says:

    I have called Toyota headquarders and placed a complaint on the 2006 Tundra Air inducton proplems. They say the more complaints they recieve on the older toyota’s the more chanch we have to getting e recall on these issues! So everyone needs to call there 1-800 # locted in there owners manual( glove box )

  345. Eddy says:

    I have a 2005 Tundar that I purchased new and it started having an issue with the air pump system. The first time I took it in to the dealer they the air pump seals… Drove 100 miles the check engine light came on and the truck went into limp mode again. This time the said they said that it looked like a pack rat has chewed through a screen has stored dried corn kernal in the primary pump. They showed me pictures of the pump with corn kernals inside. They replaced the primary pump and one vale. Drove it 200 mile check engine light came on… this time they said that the mechanic did not check for debree in the 3rd or secondary vale… Total cost for the repairs not count time off from work and rental cars $4200…

  346. Peter S says:

    Hi Owners, I’ve had my mechanic bypass the switch which leads to the error light on the computer and since then only see the error once every 2-3 weeks and then just clear it with the code reader

  347. Bob H. says:

    Hey, fellow Tundra owners,I have an ’05 Tundra that just started coding P1441 and P1444. Only 61200 miles and never a problem before. If this is really a monstrous bill, will have to rethink fixing. I do not understand why ’07-’10 have the warranty extended to 10 yrs and 150,000 miles for this problem and the ’05s don’t. Called Toyota and was told it was a different manufacturer. Huh!!
    my truck says Toyota. Was told to get an estimate and submit it for Goodwill Assistance. I am old and thought this would be my last truck,still got my old ’84 Toyota pickup that hardly cost what this fix would. Maybe assistance will help take care of it. Good luck fellow owners.

  348. John H says:

    Hi fellow Toyota owners. We at the 4runner forums are encountering the same problem you guys are with our optional V8. I just called Toyota Customer Service last week to see what they will do for me. Exact same issue and want $4k to fix. I know this is an old post and we’re in the minority but we need your help too!

  349. John H says:


    I have posted my complaint on Toyota’s US FB page as customer service offered $300 in parts such as floormats. If you could help me out with a ‘like’ that would be great!

  350. […] to the attention of Toyota corporate so if you help a fellow 4th gen-ner out that would be great. Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem | Tundra Headquarters Blog If you could like my post on facebook that would be greatly appreciated! […]

  351. […] trying to bring this to the attention of Toyota corporate so if you help me that would be awesome. Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem | Tundra Headquarters Blog If you could like my post on facebook that would be greatly appreciated! […]

  352. 06 runner owner says:

    I am so disappointed in Toyota, what is going on with them.

  353. Thomas says:

    Yep, the same thing got to me, moisture collected inside the air injection pump, which trips the sensor and takes away my ponies. Got the dealer to fix for just over $3000 Canadian, what a friggin rip. For them to try and be innovative and environmental, they sure screwed it up. Here in Canada no such warranty extension has been approved, and so as it stands, I believe coverage for this part is only 3 year/50000kms. I forwarded them this article, taking them to take a good hard look at the facts. Frustrates the hell out of me that they would put themselves before the consumer, at the dealership I was told that this problem was being discussed regularly and that I would expect to get my money back soon, 3 months down the road and still haven’t heard one thing about it. I used to brag to everyone about how awesome my truck is, and truthfully with the way I was treated and the garbage parts they installed and that I have to replace from my own pocket, this makes this truck my last Toyota purchase. I have been keeping my eye out for something truly innovative from Ford, Chevy or Dodge. Thought maybe there was something to buy when I seen Ford’s new Ecoboost Turbo charged V6, turns out the problems with that truck have only just begun. Oh well, no luck yet, guess I will just have to make sure my bank account is always ready to cover Toyota’s screw ups.

  354. Chuck says:

    December of 2012 and this issue is still happening in brand new 2012 Tundras. Seems they are using the same garbage parts. My 2012 has only 2200 miles and has been in the shop for almost a month. Parts are on backorder.

    Regretting buying this truck without doing more research.

    • Roy says:

      I have a 2012 5.7 Tundra that threw a 0418 code at LESS THAN 1000 MILES! Two weeks so far, no parts. I too am regretting this purchase. Spent a year’s salary on a piece of junk. Toyota better step up or no more Toyotas for me…ever…and I will tell everyone willing to listen not to buy one. I’d of been better off with a POS Dodge.

  355. […] a compliant with the EPA as sugussted here: Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem | Tundra Headquarters Blog […]

  356. Steve says:

    I have a 2012 Sequoia with 700 miles on it that has been at the Toyota dealer for nearly a month waiting for parts for the exact same problem. How can it be that five years later Toyota is still having this problem?

    • Steve,

      Hmm… That stinks. And yes, we would agree that it seems like they would have it figured out by now.


    • Brad says:

      Bummer Steve. I traded in my 2006 Sequoia with 75k long before I planned to for 2012 Sequoia as could no longer deal w limp mode. So far 20k miles on 2012 and no repeat issues. Knock on wood and buyer beware I did get the extended warranty to 100k 2017. Hopefully by then Toyota will fix this problem. I hate to say it but more than likely these blog issues took a back seat to Toyota brake problems. I’d rather a limp car than a car that won’t stop or accelerate on its own. However at the end of the day Toyota better help the loyal customers out on this defect from factory.

  357. Patrick says:

    2012 Tundra 3000 miles P2445 off to dealership – alot of snow past few days and now getting really cold. I reset the CEL once and running around today it was ok – came back on tonight.

    • update says:

      AIP needs replaced Part is on national back order!! Guess I wont get to drive my new truck for awhile…….

  358. I have a 2012 tundra crewmax with 4650 miles- no rain – but truck went into limp mode and would not go over 35 mph- was towed to dealership- they called today and said truck went into limp mode and wanted to know it it had been raining the day this happened- i said no- they asked to keep truck overnight to finish diagnosis of problem!! this is a new truck-

    • Patricia,

      I wouldn’t worry because it is covered under warranty. Also, depending on when you bought your truck, Toyota has probably switched out the problem part. It’s a solid truck and could be something minor.


  359. patricia says:

    I have a 2012 tundra crewmax with 4650 milsz- no rain on day truck went into limp mode and would not go over 35 mph- was towed to dealeship- they called today and said truck went into limp mode and wanted to know if it had been raining the day this happened- I said no- they asked to keep truck overnight to finish diagnosis of problem- worried now after reading all these posts

  360. Abdul Tambey says:

    Do not understand why the 2008 Sequoia and 2007 Tundra is covered with the 150K extended warranty. I have 2007 Sequoia with the same issue now showed up at 73K miles.

    This simply means that Toyota has completely SCREWED UP! in determining which Air Pumps had the issue and which did not, obviously 2007 Sequoia does have this issue.

    I have been the loyal customer for Toyota all my life but seems like that does not mean anything nowadays. Customer care was very dry and had only thing to say, your Vin is not in recall and we can not do anything.

  361. Josh says:

    Just bought a 2012 Tundra 5,000 miles on it and the pump and valves are gone these strings go back to 2008 so for the last 4 years they have known they have a problem and still haven’t corrected it

  362. Greg says:

    My tundra is a 12 model with 7k and the assembly went out.
    Dealer cost is 1100.00 and they are out i guess they are on back order. Had a rental for a week and will be another week before part and truck are as one.

  363. Victor says:

    Hi, I would like to inform my results with this problem to receive a feedback or recomendation by you.

    I have a Tundra 2008 crew max and was repair by dealer. They change the air system valve and the code P2445 still existing. I go back to the dealer and they install the new air pump bank 1. The chek engine light was off but I hear a pump sound when I press the gas pedal. The sound is like in the morning when the engine is cold and also I feel a little power less. Is rare because the chek engine it’s not on but I know some else not function correctly and if the chek engine does not turn on, the dealer will not take action.

    What I have suppose to do?

    • Brad says:

      1. Show your dealer this link to see problem from larger perspective and note other dealerships are taking care of their customers. Toyota of Deerfield Beach‏ took care of me after closer Toyota dealer earlstewarttoyota.com refused to help me even though they sold me the lemon. In the end Toyota of Deerfield Beach‏ heard my pains and helped me out by taking on the lemon.
      2. Contact Toyota Quality Assurance team. Ask them for the feedback form for your vehicle and then a follow up call from a live body.
      3. Get the device the shade tree mechanics in this forum are suggesting to reset codes that cause the limp mode.

      Good luck.

  364. Mike says:

    So here I am with the same issue….2008 Tundra with 77,000 miles with all the problems (lights flashing, limp mode, and code P2442) I am heading to the dealer tomorrow armed with alot of info and hopeing they are going to cover this. I do not have $4k to throw at this to make it right. I will report back in the next couple days and ley you know how I make out.

    Thank you everyone for all the great info!!

  365. Cindy says:

    I have a 2005 Sequoia with over 100,000 miles on it. It recently started making a grinding noise on a cold start. I took it to my local Toyota dealership and they informed me that my air intake manifold and valves need to be replaced, at a cost of $3,300.00. I was shocked that ANYTHING was wrong with my vehicle because it is extremely well maintained and Toyotas are, after all, known for their ability to last for hundreds of thousands of miles with no problems. After researching this problem on the internet, I stumbled upon this webpage and other complaints on the internet about this well known flaw design in the air intake manifolds on Tundras and Sequoias. I asked the dealership to replace the air intake manifold at their cost since this is a well known problem. They offered to pay for half of the parts, leaving me to pay the other $2,200.00+. I then contacted the Better Business Bureau and Toyota’s response was that they would do nothing more than the Goodwill gesture offered by my dealership, nor would the correspond any further about the matter.

    I am posting this to try to rally other dissatisfied Toyota customers to start a class action lawsuit against Toyota for this well known design flaw that is leaving their customers with thousands of dollars in repair bills. Surely, Toyota should be responsible for repair costs that result from a faulty design in their product.

  366. ToyYoYo'ed says:

    I see here that I have lots of company. 2010 Tundra CC w 5.7 and 26K miles purchased in Dec. 2012. Waiting to get my truck back. Expense is being covered by Toyota but it seems only a matter of time before air pump failure reoccurs since clearly no redesign has taken place. We’ve been buying Toyota’s since 1988 but if I had seen this thread last fall before buying the 2010 (shame on me) I now would be driving another manufacturer’s truck. Apparently Toyota has assumed the arrogance, disdain and engineering mediocrity that nearly sank General Motors.

  367. terry says:

    I have had problems with air control/limp mode when truck wouldn’t go over 50 mph last year on my 2008 tundra. Dealer fixed problem but now I can’t get it inspected because engine light is on and dealer says it’s the same thing. Trucks drives fine but won’t pass inspection. They (dealer)says they only fix it one time. Can’t believe their “FIX” lasted only 13 months!!!! Something is wrong with that. They must use the same parts they accumulated while fixing their mistakes. It’s a sad thing that a 5 year old truck that has never been wrecked or damaged can’t pass a NC state inspection!!!!! We are hard working people and don’t have the money for this. Shame on you Toyota, you fell from grace!

  368. Rich says:

    Rich says;
    I have a 2012 Toyota Tundra double cab 5.7 engine with 5000 miles on it have not even had a oil change yet and it is at the dealer for the second time air pump valve injector or what ever problem truck in limp mode. Toyota Corp. being great dealer ship being great but after a life time of owning Toyota trucks I am very concerned even though warranty is covering everything I feel they have a real bad problem and I sort of want out of this truck do you think it is possible.

  369. Víctor says:

    Hi to all, I have a Tundra Crew Max 2008. I had a problem with the air pump system and the dealer replace the pump. I hear a noise like a whistle when I run and accelerate. The noise come and gone. I know that the noise comes from the pump but the pump are new and the check engine light it’s off. Also, I disassemble both pumps and they are working good.

  370. WOJSAJ says:


  371. john in mass says:

    07 tundra both valves replaced at no charge (Massachusetts) 2 months later the pump shorts out and they want $2400 to replace it. I’m 72, on social security and can’t afford to fix it. My mechanic will reset it but will need inspection sticker in Oct. he won’t pass it. I do own a 37′ hot rod that run’s great. May buy a used chevy and turn the toyota into a planter. Never again!!!!

  372. Joe in NJ says:

    I just had my 2012 Tundra in for check engine light. I was told that the Air Injection Pump needed to be replaced due to water intrusion. They fixed it at no cost to me. We’ll see how long that fix lasts.

  373. Just drain the water out of the pumps. You can do this by simply disconnecting the four 1/2 hoses connected to the fans. Then jump the fans to the battery to run fans clearing out any moister. Have to do this once a year or after burying it in water. peace out

  374. Pete Gainey says:

    2008 Tubdra V6. 146,312 miles. Called my dealer and they confirmed that it is covered for 10 years, 150,000 miles. Lucky me!

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      NICE! BTW, how do you like the V-6? Did you drive the V-8 and compare?


  375. […] Tundra and Sequoia Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem | Tundra Headquarters Blog […]

  376. […] is right, remove the splash guard in the front passenger fender well. Here is a starting read Tundra and Sequoia $4000 Air Injection System Problem | Tundra Headquarters Blog __________________ "Do not look into laser beam with remaining good eye." […]

  377. […] do you fix it yourself though? Is it any cheaper than the bypass module? AFAIK its either the valves that fail or the air pumps or both. If I had a vehicle with this problem I'd probably buy used parts and replace them myself after […]

  378. PissOff says:

    Stop pissin and moanin it is an emission warranty fix not bumper to bumper if your dealer won’t fix it try another.
    They all get paid to do it regardless.

  379. Virginia Hibbard says:

    I have a 2005 Tundra with just over 100,000 miles that just was diagnosed with this problem–estimate repair cost is 2600.00 n parts and 534.00 in labor. Any suggestions? When I left the dealership the check engine light was still on–made a stop on the way home and the light is off now. It was going on and off and on again–then it stayed on which is why I took it to get checked.

  380. Bob says:

    Tundra headquarters is doing a great service to the owners of the 5.7 L tundras. I had the problem at 130,000 miles. After a month of haggling and acrimony with the dealer crown Toyota Decatur Illinois, the dealer agreed to pay half. Then Toyota finally paid my half or $1250.

    This is a huge design error for tundra for which I believe they have not made an adequate fix. Dealing with Toyota on the telephone is insulting.
    My next pick up will be a Ford 150. I have been a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers for decades and I’ve never seen such poor behavior.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:


      Thanks for the comment, we are trying to provide the best answers we can find.

      With that said, you should search our site on Ford and see their water condensation issue. No truck seems to be perfect. 🙂


  381. Tom says:

    Hope you can help. My 2005 tundra had this problem. Toyota wanted to replace whole system for $5000. So I installed a bypass system myself. Now, truck runs well but it cannot go into high gear. If it does enter high gear the engine loses almost all power. What is the problem?
    Do I have to secure the air valves closed on the intake manifold? Any advice will be appreciated.

  382. Anonymous says:

    2014 Tundra 5.7. 730 miles. Assume they haven’t fixed.

  383. Charlie says:

    Just got the call from the dealership today, took 1 week to get the parts. Dropping off tomorrow at the dealership, told it would take 8 hours. Let’s see how it turns out. Will update

  384. owen says:

    well i have a 05 Toy Sequoia initially was told the non-functioning air pump assy will not affect the performance of truck WRONG eventually it will truck lost power i replaced the air pump assy still having same problem NOW i have to replace the air valve assy i hope this will resolve it all — also having transmission issues at 90,000 miles im so disappointed in Toyota I purchased my Toyota because of its excellent reliance reputation so much for that! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    • DanHalen says:

      So much for that sealed transmission that doesn’t ever need to be serviced because it has the World Standard Auto Tranny fluid.

  385. Brett says:

    I have an ’07 Tundra DC 5.7 with 96.5k miles and this issue developed on a cold rainy day for the first time last week. The VSC, 4 Low and Check Engine lights all went on and put the engine
    into limp mode. Being far from dealer and out of state late on a Friday, I had to get towed. The codes indicated a stuck air pump in group 2. They kept overnight when it warmed up it failed the test 2 times then passed and sent me home. The next morning, same problem. A tip the dealer gave me to get it out of limp mode was to disconnect the neg battery terminal (use 10mm socket). It worked and I was able to get home. Took it to my local dealer on Monday and even without having the code still in history, they replaced both the air pumps and valve assembly under warranty. There is a program for this issue, 10 years or 150k miles.

  386. David Dougan says:

    I was one of those Sequoia owners who had this problem to the tune of $3,600 replacement cost. Since mine was a 2006 Model, it wasnt covered by the new warantly. I was so pissed at this issue that I sold that car and refuse to by another Toyota. This all happened as Toyota was getting great press for the quality of its vehicles. The facts were Toyota knew they had a major product problem and should have re-called all of the cars and trucks and fixed it. They runined their reputation with me and I have told this story to any and all that will listen. I am still mad even though this happened 3 years ago. For a while there, I thought I was dealing with GM !!!

  387. Ron Overton says:

    Great info sir! The information contained herein is different vs. what I was told by the dealer, namely that operating my vehicle with a failed secondary air injection pump would hurt the vehicle. Thanks so much for posting this info

  388. Bob says:

    Having the same issue on my 2006 4Runner V8 at 100k.

  389. Laura Bruckner says:

    2005 Tundra with approx. 90,000 miles on it. Problem started a year ago. Dealer we purchased truck from wouldn’t fix cause 2005’s “didn’t have the problem”. Engine and emissions system in ’05 is identical to those years under warranty; I know because I researched down to part levels and engine manufacture locations. We refuse to spend $4k; my other half has been driving it daily for 18 months. For a year he started truck in morning, then turned it off, then disconnected and reconnected battery cable, then drove to work (Reset works for approx. 24 hours). After a year he added a switch to battery cable , but still goes through his routine every day. No more of my money will go to Toyota, even though this truck is running on its original battery and has never cost us a dime in repairs (since we won’t cough up $4k for a manufacturing defect Toyota won’t make good on)

  390. Mark says:

    My check engine light came on, I took it to oreilly’s auto parts. They checked it for free and told me it was p2447. I called Toyota and they advised me it was a known issue and since I met the parameters 10 years or under 100k it was covered at no cost to me. Phew…this is my second tundra and I have been pleased.

  391. PatriotsRock says:

    I recently encountered the failure codes on my 2006 Tundra which has been a wonderful machine to drive and tow stuff with…Great working vehicle.

    I installed the SAS Bypass Module which was a brilliant fix and designed be a brilliant mechanical engineer from Columbia, SC.

    Took me less than 2 hours to install. Had to skip church service on the Sunday I installed the device. Still working well and it cost me $159.99 for the part on eBay.

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