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Rick, one of the admins of FriendSite.com (a pretty cool social network, btw) created a paint quality petition. Here’s what it says:

Many people on numerous Toyota Tundra discussion forums have complained about the 2007 and 2008 Toyota Tundra paint quality.

They put forward to Toyota that the failure to apply sufficient layers of paint, coupled with the lack of a clear protective coat on a truck does not provide the quality of product that Toyota usually provides, nor the quality of product we were expecting to purchase. We petition Toyota to look into the matter and to respond to each of the respondants in the petition with a resolution. Once this petition reaches a sufficient amount, I will present this to Toyota for their review and go from there!

Toyota has been known for top quality paint for decades, so Tundra paint problems are out of character for sure. Still, not a month goes by when a new Toyota Tundra owner doesn’t tell us about a patch of orange peel or a paint irregularity – some sort of “paint problem.”

Now when we say “paint problem,” we’re not talking about paint that scratches “too easily” or paint that is “too thin.” Ask any professional detailer and they’ll tell you that Toyota’s paint is thicker and easier to buff scratches out of than any domestic truck. If you think your paint is scratching too easily or that it’s too thin, you’re doing something wrong. When properly taken care of even the cheapest paint job will look good for years. Just drive down the road and you can see that for yourself.

“Paint problems” are defined as bubbles, orange peel, contaminants in the paint, discolorations or poor color matches, and plastic painted parts not matching the rest of the vehicle.

Scratches are tough to characterize as a paint problem. First of all, most people don’t understand that touching a clean car with an oily finger can cause a scratch in any paint job. Human skin has a knack for picking up little bits of dust and dirt, and while it seems difficult to fathom, it can (and does) scratch paint. Automotive paint is usually just a few microns thick – any thicker and it would cost more, weigh more, and lack the reflective properties we’ve all come to appreciate.

Cotton towels (like the ones in your bathroom), automatic car washes with brushes, and even slightly dirty terry-cloth towels or chamois will all scratch your paint job. Same goes for the snow brushes and gloves you use in the winter time to clear off your vehicle.

In other words, just about anything can scratch your truck.

However, if you wax your paint job regularly, your chances of damaging your finish are dramatically reduced. One good solid coat of wax every 3-6 months (depending on how often you wash your truck) is good enough to prevent most incidental scratches. Anyways…

Unfortunately, we’ve never documented much in the way of paint problems. An occasional photo here, some complaints their. Paint, like a lot of aspects of building a new car, is complicated. A lot can go wrong. Out of 300k new trucks, it stands to reason that some percentage has had paint problems. There are certainly stories of paint with bubbles, paint peeling, etc., but never in any large enough volumes to warrant investigation.

Our friends at Toyota dealerships say the same – none of them have seen a Tundra with a paint problem (or even a complaint). Our sampling is not very scientific, but it’s been a good indicator in the past.

In other words, we’ve never seen anything to indicate the problem with Tundra paint is widespread. It’s more likely a handful of unlucky trucks. To those people who have been unlucky enough to buy one of those trucks, you have our sympathy.

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  1. Jody Carpenter says:

    I have two areas on my truck that need repainted.

    • Mark says:

      I have a 2005 Tundra. I had a small dent on the roof and had it fixed. The paint on the roof was also delaminating (words from insurance adjuster).

      My body shop did a great job and even painted more than was covered.

      Now I just notice the hood is starting to do the same.

      I think Toyota needs do something about this. I know back in the 90’s Ford, Chevy and others had this problem and some of them fixed it.

      • Mark LeGassey says:

        Latest update, my 2 2103 vehicles my Tundra and my wife’s Rav4 both Super White vehicles are headed to arbitration. The 1st of August we meet with a representative from ( I guess Toyota ). We have rust specks all over both vehicles, along both front and rear side panels. We also had both vehicles treated with Xzilon and treatment that we paid $400 per vehicle. What a rip-off this stuff. We get the excuse from the service department that this rust is from the winter plow trucks that the wear blade on the plows give off small bits of iron flakes that land on the vehicle and start to rust from the outside in. This is a very believable argument. My truck and car were less than a 1 year old. We washed both vehicles about every 2 weeks this winter at the
        car wash.

    • Brian says:

      I am a professional detailer and I have noticed no less than 5 customers cars over the last year or so that have horrible oxidation on white Toyotas. These cars range from Camrys to Corollas to Tundras. I believe that there is absolutely an issue that Toyota needs to address with the white paint jobs, as I know at least two of these cars are waxed every 3 months and there is no reason for this oxidation to be occurring this quickly.

      • Mark P LeGassey says:

        I agree with 100%, I live in Maine, I have 2013 Tundra bought in April of 2013. It has 5100 miles on it, yes 5100 miles. Today is March 20th, warm enough to get the pressure washer out and wash down my frame. As I am looking under my truck I see these micro spots of rust. As I looked closer with a magnifying glass to verify. I saw even smaller ones, not seen with the naked eye. I really was heart broken. I love this truck, I work hard for my money to make my payments and this is what I get for quality paint.
        I want to thanks everyone who has comment on this problem.

  2. Jody – That’s no good. Is the dealership taking care of it?

  3. Ian says:

    For goodness sake, everytime I think Toyota has finally gotten the “bugs” out if this truck, SOMETHING else goes wrong! At this point I’m ready to buy another truck and call it a day! I was psyched about the supercharger and was gearing up to finally make a purchase but I’m just not ready to spend 33-35+ thousand on a vehicle that has so many problems…..

  4. Mickey says:

    Ian first of all not all trucks are having this issue. I have 35,000 miles on my 07 Crewmax and I had it just over a year still very good paint. If you actually read some of the complaints and how they got there scratches on the paint you will see about half of the complaints which I read were under 200 trucks which make it less than 1%. Cat claws scratches, Going into the woods and limbs touch the truck. Putting a bed liner in the truck then pull it back out because you don’t like it by yourself etc. I can see why these individuals have issues. A metal garbage bin rubbing against the truck. Keys at the door handles and tailgate etc. These aren’t ligit issues and not Toyota’s fault if the consumer does the damage without noticing they are doing it. I got scratches on my tailgate from a runaway Home Depot metal cart. Even though I parked away from the store the wind push it into it. All 3 makes of trucks I had scratched very easy in the bed. That’s why I put Herculiner in the bed to protect it. The way I see it you wasn’t ready to buy any truck much less a Tundra. You didn’t do your research yet. If you think that it’s just Toyota that has this problem I have some swamp land to sell you.

  5. Mickey says:

    Jason great article. I showed two other websites your article and they are seeing the light.

  6. Mickey – Thanks a lot. Always good to see your comments too.

  7. Ian – Your concerns aren’t warranted – this paint issue is being blown a little out of proportion. Every auto manufacturer has paint problems with 1% of their vehicles. The truth is the paint process isn’t perfect. Government regulations have banned some paint chemicals that work extremely well, so auto manufacturers must use water based paints that simply don’t go on as good as the chemicals do. Still, I think banning these harsh paint chemicals is a good thing.

  8. All my cars I have never had to touch up paint chips or scratches, only to have more appear two day’s later elsewhere.
    At work about 25 cars mostly older not brand new except one or two,
    and now my 2007 Toyota Tundra.
    Actually they were purchased brand new, but time goes on.
    But not one complaint about unacceptable paint problems with these personal vehicles that are driven everyday.

    One guy has a 2000 Toyota Tacoma, he bought brand new, 65,000 miles
    on it now since 2000, and I know these people don’t baby the paint on there vechicles, All other normal maintenance to a tee, but no chasing after paint problems.
    And when I look around absolutly no other such problem with paint problems, not even fading or oxidation at all PERIOD.

    I have had and bought used domestic cars and drove after two to three hundred thousand miles, (200,000 to 300,000 miles) That is how I maintain the mechanics of my automobiles mostly highway and nothing at all to be paint touch up or repainted. Not at All.

  9. Aaron says:

    I purchased my 2007 Tundra back in November, the next morning I noticed three small defects in the paint under the clearcoat. I called the dealer and Toyota ended up sending a rep to the dealership. They offered to repaint the bed to take care of the defects; I still haven’t taken them up on their offer. I am a little hesitant to have my new truck repainted.

  10. Aaron – I can’t agree with you more. It would be un-wise to repaint the entire truck bed because of three small paint defects. No body shop can replicate the quality or longevity of the paint applied at the factory. Unless those blemishes are so bad that they’re going to affect re-sale value (and it sounds like they’re not), my suggestion would be to see if you can get a free accessory or something for your trouble.

  11. Mickey says:

    How about Line-x?

  12. john says:

    I purschased my tundra in 07 2 days after I took my vechicle to a car wash and noticed several deep scratches on the bed side 1 week later more scratches on the hood back bed and etc. I have spent so much money on the paint by waxing it to make it look decent but i know the paint quality is horrible I have seen
    specialist who have told me take your truck to the dealer and get attention
    So i took my tundra to the dealer and they said that a district manager would call but nothing yet besides the paint I have had front suspension challenges and etc . I love my truck but i have owned chevys dodge, fords never had paint challenges like so. Iam willing to take pics to show and get specialists to comment john p from california

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  15. Anonymous says:

    Add me to the complaint department. I’ve had my tundra 4×4 a year now and so very disappointed with the paint. I’ve drove ALL my life, so I’m not naive to how to care for a truck and what causes paint loss. It has 28K miles on it, all hwy as I live in the country and drive several hundred miles a day when I work.It’s never been off road and I don’t even let my husband wash it, I do it myself. Wax it myself too. I had the Toyota rep look at it yesterday in Bartlesville OK and he gave me a half hour demeaning lecture of how I must be driving in really high debris areas,, around large trucks, etc…as I have excessive pitting rock marks on my truck and windowshield. How did my 94 Ford 150 survive the same trips for the past 8 years I’ve owned it and still looks better today than my Tundra? He did say the paint was different back in 94, but offered me absolutely nothing ,except a patonizing lecture, about my truck. Am I unhappy, absolutely. I feel that the paint is very poor on my truck and am left with a “tough luck lady” type of attitude from Toyota. Even the pinstripe on the side has loss about 3 inches. Another wind gust from a passing truck? If I can add any support to take this forward, count me in!

  16. Jackie says:

    I am the ‘anonymous’ entry above…hit the post without a name on it. The paint also has that orange peel feel on many parts of it. The rep ignorned that issue, told me to keep it waxed better. Is there any hope of this being resolved? My husband had told me not to even bother to show the rep..that I’d just come back mad. He was right, they have my money. Once I gave the dealership a “good” review, which they bent over backwards to make sure I did after problems while just getting it purchased, it’s been, ‘who are you?’ since then. I was so jazzed about getting my own truck, not having to share it with anyone in the household, that maybe my disappointment is greater since I can’t keep it looking good. Can’t wait to see it in another year. It’ll be a white speckled salsa red truck! Will have to change my Quarter Horse license plate to a Pinto Horse plate.

  17. Jackie – That’s a tough one. The Toyota rep obviously didn’t handle your complaint correctly. The trouble with paint is that it’s almost impossible to differentiate between paint defects and damage. Rock chips are inherently difficult to associate with damage or defect, for obvious reasons. At this point, I would suggest you continue to document these issues when you find them, stay in contact with the dealer and with Toyota’s customer service, and hope that your constant (and polite) efforts will force someone to act and get some portion of your truck repainted.

  18. Matthew Helm says:


    I had noticed 2 blotches in my paint before buying my truck and got it in writing that they would take care of it (done with ‘I Owe’ document from the dealer showing ‘buff out hood’). These are apparent under parking lot lighting and dependent on the angle you’re looking at it.

    Took it back last night. Picked it up tonight. Blotches are still there, despite them claiming that they had taken care of it. Since the truck was parked so close to the truck next to it, I checked down the side for dings and ended up seeing more blotches that I didn’t see before. Great! I don’t trust them to go back and do something with multiple body panels if they can’t get the hood right, so I decided tonight that I am going to accept that I have a sh!tty paint job and not do anything more about it. I am guessing now that this is a factory issue and not a fault of the dealer. Not what I was expecting from my first Toyota.

    • Danny says:

      I had the same problem, i took mine to the dealer and they told me that someone had buffed the truck and held the buffer in one place too long. I said nobody ever buffed the truck, unless they did it while i was asleep. The truck has never been hand washed in the two years i’ve owned it. These dull spots was on the hood, and bed, doors and fenders. About the size of a cup saucer. Could not get anything out of the service manager, said he know for a fact that someone buffed those spots. Bullsh**!! I had about 10 or 12 of these places on my truck.

  19. Matthew – What you’re describing sounds a lot like “water spots” – I’m not sure if that’s the correct term, but acid rain and/or hard water left to dry on the paint can often etch the clear coat ever so slightly…this happens when cars sit on the lot for a while. All the new cars on a new car lot are washed every week, but the companies that wash new cars (they work on a contract basis) don’t usually dry them off very well. Often times, water collects in the same areas (center of the hood, roof, etc.). This leads to something akin to water spots. They’re usually hard to see, but normal soap and water won’t get rid of them and most waxes don’t cover them up. You can usually get rid of them with a clear-coat polish – something your local body shop can do for $100. If I can make a suggestion, get a bid from the local body shop for the work, then take the bid and your concerns back to the dealership. They should be able to get you a clear-coat polish since it’s on the “We Owe”.

  20. Rich says:

    This is great!

  21. Mickey says:

    Matthew I would be at that dealer first thing showing and then telling them you will fix the issue since you haven’t given me the wax like they should have. I had a bottle inside my glove box when I got my truck. I really believe some dealers are out there just to be there. Not intrested in helping anyone at all. I’m glad to know I must have an awesome dealership because they go out their way to help me. It does help fo me that I do all maintenance for both 07’s we have at that dealership.

  22. Lori says:

    I just got my 2005 Toyota 4Runner back from interior detailing and the manager told me that I have terrible paint fading on the hood and rear bumper. I looked closer as the car has been in the garage a lot over the winter, and sure enough, I have the “rain spots” you are referring to. The manager said this is very common with Toyota paint and after doing more research, he is right. I am angry that I have to pay to get it buffed and waxed — just did that last year. Has anyone ever contacted Toyota for a free buff/wax? Does it solve the problem? What about getting Toyota to repaint the vehicle for free? I baby that car and I can’t believe this is happening.

  23. Mickey says:

    Lori I use what is called claybar. Every 6 months I claybar my truck. It takes off impurities in the paint and makes it smooth. Then I use Carnuba Brazilian wax. I have two craftsman buffers and one does only wax on and the other is only wax off. I do my wax jobs almost every month. I did the same on all my trucks and cars I have and had. I had Ford and GM and now two Toyota’s. Both Toyota’s were bought in July 07. I’m proactive in the saving of the paint. This was on all vehicles. I see paint peeling off on Dodges and GM products only 3 years old. So it’s almost the same across the board. Sun and weather elements kill the paint. As far as getting it buff waxed and detail that it totally up to you how you want to upkeep the vehicle. When I don’t see water beading on my vehicles it’s time to take old wax off and lay a new fresh coat. You have to do this whether you pay for it or do it yourself. You can’t blame the manufacturer that the paint don’t stay tip top shape if you’re not proactive in keeping up with it. Those are things that must be done.

  24. Lori – I think that water based vehicle paints are the problem. Environmental regulations have made modern paints less durable. Still, fading after only 3 years is unacceptable. As Mickey says, waxing and cleaning has got to be a ritual to keep the shine. None of the manufacturers will offer to repaint anything, by the way. They always claim outside elements when it comes to paint.

  25. Mickey says:

    Plain ole acid rain is their excuse.

  26. Ken says:

    Paint Issue – I have a 2008 Tundra w/25k. I noticed a section of paint missing off the left rear wheel well just above the mud guard, 3/8″ x 4″. This was down to bare metal and appeared as if the edges of the paint was lifting. So today i went to the dealer and showed them – the response – “Oh Yes, I’ve seen this before, stones and rocks have chipped the pait.” Chipped the paint – this is a complete section that appears as if a paint scraper removed it to beare metal – there are no dings or nicks in the metal – just missing paint. I have previously owned an ’04 and put 160k on it with no issues like this. If this was/is a Toyota “weak” spot why am I not seeing more of this on other Tundra’s?

  27. Ken – What you describe is uncharacteristic of paint chipping. If I had to make a stab at it, I would say that a pressure washer was to blame. Has anyone been blasting the rear quarter at full power (like a detailer you’ve hired)? I’ve seen it happen – someone without a lot of experience gets too close and boom off come big flakes just like you’ve described. Usually it’s on older vehicles with weakened paint, but not always.

  28. carl campbell says:

    my 08 tundra has 5k miles and has paint chips all over the rear fenders.i have never driven the truck on gravel roads or off road.the truck also has a paint blemish on the hood under the clearcoat that has been there since purchace.i have now noticed paint cracking on top of truck as well.this is by far the worst quality paint job i have ever seen on a new car.I have worked for Honda as a tech. for 16 years and have never seen paint this bad.I am very dissatisfied and expect Toyota to take care of the problem before it gets any worse.

  29. Mickey says:

    Take it in to get it fix. That blemish you should have took the truck in at the time you noticed it. You only hurt yourself waiting.

  30. mk says:

    I agree, take it in sooner rather than later. I took my 07′ tundra in the very next day I noticed a raised bubble in the paint with a very small rust spot forming thru the paint on the very outside bottom of the tailgate. They had to send pics with to their regional service mgr. and he agreed that it is a factory flaw and I am on this coming Monday having my entire tailgate thru warranty sandblasted and re-painted all for that dime sized raised bubble in the tailgate. I also agree that there is paint and rust quality issues with the 07′ tundras and probably 08’s since I have taken my tundra in for several things that should not go wrong in 20K of driving. I think with all the little things that have gone wrong with my truck, the dealer’s service mgr. knew I was not going to stand for it. I also just noticed yesterday on both driver and passenger front doors the glue holding on the rubber door window gaskets in the upper back corner is not holding and the rubber is flapping and sticking out. Not what I expected from toyota in only 2 years and 24K of driving so far.

  31. Gerald Witmer says:

    I have a 2007 Tundra with only 12,000 miles on it. The paint is chipping off on the door edges and rust bubbles are forming under the paint. I took it to the dealer and they told me this was normal. They said that any chip in the paint is going to cause it to rust. What a load of crap! I have owned hundreds of vehicles of all makes and models and have never seen such a poor quality of paint and finish. I also have a 2000 tundra with over 160,000 miles on it. It has paint chips but no rust!! This will be the last Toyota I ever own.

  32. Mickey says:

    If you have rust bubbles then that is a warranty problem. Now for rock chips can’t help there. Go in the dealer and ask for the manager. If you get no where ask for the factory rep to see you. Also try another dealership to see what results you get. To only have 12,000 miles on an 07 that’s great. I have an 07 and have 67,000 miles on it. Don’t have the paint issue either.

  33. Gerald – The paint is chipping off the edge of the doors? Any chance they’re hitting against something when the door is opened? If the chips are hard enough and pull the entire paint layer with them, you’ll absolutely get rust. What am I missing?

  34. Ron says:

    recently purchased a certified pre owned 2007 tundra 4×4 crew max,with the 7year 100k warranty and the platinum warranty, the truck has 31000 miles. it is black in color. on the front bumper there are large areas of paint missing. it is down to the primer in many places. there are a few rock chips in the bumper, i understand that a rock chip would not be warranty, however these areas dont seem to be chipped. they are anywhere from 1 to three inches long and about half an inch wide. i bought the truck from out of state, the dealer said that i could take it and have it fixed??? is this is a warranty issue? if it is can it be taken to a local toyota dealership and have it fixed as in i do not want to have to take it back to out of state dealer, leave truck,be without truck,etc.

  35. Mickey says:

    Ron I think the dealer will tell you it falls under rock chips. It looks like the paint peeled? You can check with the dealer to find out which won’t cost you anything and then you will know. If it’s warranty work it shouldn’t matter what dealership you take it to. I do understand the manufacturer and dealership would like to keep it at the same place but you have the choice to where you want it worked on.

  36. Jason says:

    Ron – It’s definitely not a warranty issue (unfortunately). It sounds like the dealer is either offering to fix it for you for free, or they’re trying to brush you off by telling you to go out of state (can’t tell from your notes). In any case, the “fix” is to have the bumper re-painted. Depending on the quality of the work, $300-$500 ought to cover it.

  37. Ron says:

    Thank you for the responses, have a friend of mine that does work for toyota/lexus coming to take a look at tonight. Sorry for the confusion in my post. The dealer stated that i could take it somewhere in my state and get it fixed and they would reimburse for the repair. Getting real concerned about the salesman, now have to bring it back to them to have bumper painted. I was trying to see if this was a warranty issue which could be fixed by any toyota dealership, under warranty, or was it an issue that would have to be done by a reputable auto/body shop. The paint missing in large areas down to the primer has me concerned. I understand the small rock chips being a non warranty issue, however the paint peeling off down to the primer seems as if it would be a defect.

  38. Jason says:

    Ron – Got it. Keep in mind it could simply be body damage.

  39. Mickey says:

    I was told that it was rock chips that caused my 92 Sonoma painted back bumper was almost all primer from the peeling paint. I jsut find that hard to believe.

  40. Jason says:

    Mickey – 1992 was a bad, bad year for auto paint. That was on of the first times that the EPA required a change in the amount of volatiles in paint mixtures. Chrylser had tremendous problems with paint between 1991 and 1994 trying to get the new “mix” right…but they weren’t alone. I’d bet that most early 90’s Detroit vehicles have some kind of paint problems.

    Paint is a funny thing – I’ve seen vehicles with paint problems in every model year. As you’ve said many times in the past, paint is a maintenance item. While I agree that paint quality could always be better, the same could be said for most owner’s paint maintenance efforts. Waxing a vehicle is a quarterly activity…yet most people only wax their cars once or twice a year. As you well know, it makes a huge difference in the long run.

  41. Anonymous says:

    First Toyota Truck and very disappointed.
    2008 and the paint is horrible.
    We first noticed, when you step into the truck, the paint is faded completely.
    This is a new truck.
    We have shown this to the dealer. They keep saying, they are waiting for their boss to come in. Now with the gas pedal problem, our paint will never be addressed.
    Really Frustrated!

  42. Mickey says:

    Anonymous keep at it with the dealership to get your paint issue fixed. The gas pedal issue will be over quickly.

  43. Jimbo says:

    I just bought a 2008 Salsa Red Pearl Crewmax 9/25/2010 from a dealership out of state. I’m wondering how my local dealership is going to treat me when I show them my paint. It is like someone took a sandblaster to the rocker panels, actually the whole lower quarter of the truck looks like it’s 15 years old. And the paint on the hood has raised spots all over it. Not sure if it’s bubbling or a foreign substance, but looks terrible. It’s toyota certified, which is turning out to be more of a scam than a good thing. Had new tires put on it and now there’s a harmonic howl coming from left front. I was hesitant to buy a Toyota because all of my family are GM people. Already getting a rash of ****. Now with the problems it’s going to get worse.

  44. Jason says:

    Jimbo – Unfortunately, you’ll find it very difficult to get any paint issues warrantied on a used vehicle. Did the truck have the paint problems when you picked it up?

    Also, why did you go out of state? If it was because of a dramatically better price, I think I know why it was so cheap…

    My suggestion is to contact the dealer that certified the vehicle and ask them for a copy of the certification report. I think that there’s a portion of the report that discusses paint. I don’t think this is a Toyota issue so much as it is a used vehicle issue – sounds like the person who traded your Tundra in did it for a few reasons.

  45. ugis says:

    i bought brand new white toyota tundra 07,my paint looks like i had that truck for 20 years,i detail cars for living,this paint job is horrible,no clear coat at all,when you wash it, looks like chalk is coming off.had many cars before,this is the worst buy $35000. KIA paint last longer than that! We need to fix this problem!

  46. DB says:

    I am disappointed in my 2011 Tundra paint. This is my 3rd new truck, the last two were Nissan. i purchased a Toyota this time cause i always thought they were the best even though they are more expensive. I am so bummed. My truck has 14k miles on it and the paint on the back of the cab is already wearing thin?? What even touches the back of the cab? So bizarre. Ill take it down to the dealership but honestly what are they really going to do. A future warning to those looking to buy a Tundra. DON’T I paid almost 40k for this truck this sucks 🙁

  47. Matt says:

    we have WHITE 2008 Tundra and the paint on passenger side is fading off. The paint on the driver side is good only for one reason – it was repainted twice because of lawn mower and a waste managment truck damaged it. And the side that is fading is in the shade. I have ’76 FJ40 in the bushes and the paint is original and still in good shape.
    We have two other 20 year old RED toyotas and the paint is still fair.
    WTF happened to TOYOTA!!!!

  48. Sharon says:

    The paint on my 2008 tundra is crap. The hood is starting ti chip and rust large rust areas in the bed .Thinking about selling it and buying something else ( NOT TOYOTA )Also cloth seats are already worn out. It onlt has 55000 miles.I paid alot of money for this truck and it is nothing but junk .

  49. Z. Gallo says:

    The paint on our 2010 White Tundra is opaque and dull from front to back. We wax it, but in a week or so, the shine is gone and the dull appearance reappears. We took to the dealer, and of course, this is not covered in our “bumper to bumper” warranty! Like some of you, they said it was our fault to not waxing it more, keeping it in the sun (this is Florida) blah, blah, blah! Now they’re going to write a report and send picture to the manufacturer’s rep to see what they will do. What do you think they will do?? Yes, I know, I think the same!

  50. susan smith says:

    my 2013 tundra has a bad paint job too. looks like there’s not enough paint on it. i found out they started useing water base paints because of the environmentalists.

  51. chris says:

    My husband purchased a 2011 tundra rock warrior addition with 4000 miles on we notice yellow spots the size of softballs on the doors. They are telling us we didn’t wash it enough and they the cow manure on the farm did it. Really how come this has never happened to any of the other white vehicles we have owned. It looks like primer bleeding through. They had to claybar it.

    • Matt Lord says:

      did the clay bar work?

      • Chris says:

        The clay bar worked for alittle while then the spots showed backup and in more places as time goes go. They told us we r not washing it enough and the we need to get the cow manure off it. That’s doing it. I didn’t know cow shit Layed on the side if a truck in the size if softballs perfect circles really. My white 2011 Honda pilot went the same places and didn’t have white circles all over it.

  52. brandon says:

    My 07 Tundra looks like it is 15 years old. I have had the same tacoma since 03 and looks brand new.

    • Eddie says:

      I know this has been discussed before but I wanted to write this in hopes of helping anyone else who’s gloss white Tundra, has become a flat white Tundra

      For about the last year or maybe two I’ve noticed my 2008 White Tundra’s paint has been getting dull. I tried waxing and buffing it to no end and it has only become worse.

      A few months back I went to the dealer to have some recalls done so I figured I would mention it to the service adviser. I did some research on the internet and printed out everything I could on the subject to show them. At first he laughed at me saying there is no warranty on paint. I said I didn’t think this was a warranty issue but more of a factory defect, single stage paint. I then insisted someone come look at my truck so he directed me to the body shop.

      In the body shop I happened to meet with the manager who seemed pretty receptive and came out to look at the truck. After a few minutes of looking at it, he agreed with me, paint was abnormally dull. He said a rep would have to look at it, and he would make the decision on what to do, if anything.

      Well it took some time for the rep to make a decision, but he did. The manager called to say they are painting the entire truck. This all happened a few week ago, and I am happy beyond words, my truck shines again, looks new. They also gave me a brand new Tacoma to use for two weeks it took to paint it.

      For those of you that have the same problem, the manager said Toyota is aware of the problem. So I would suggest going to your dealer as I did to see if anything could be done.

      Good Luck

      • Eddie,



      • Matt Lord says:

        Hello Eddie,
        I did the same thing you mentioned about going to the dealer and disscussing the paint issues while getting a recall issue fixed. But they told me to buff it. I have not. Knowing that won’t help for I have been in the painting industry for 26 years and have seen it all. I just called the dealer and told them I am not settling for the BS excuse they gave me for the paint looking the way it does. What information did you download from internet that gave you leverage toward your dealer? What state or dealer was it? I would like to know. Please reply.
        Best wishes,
        Matt Lord

  53. Brent Svensson says:

    @ EDDIE,
    Is your truck still under any kind of warranty…? My 2008 white tundra crewmax looks aweful! Paint is so hazed over. Absolutely no clear coat visible. Good to hear that you got some good help!

  54. johnnie nigra says:

    I am the second owner of a 2005 Toyota Tundra, green, and the roof paint is fading significantly. the rest of the paint job is immaculate. it has been garaged its entire life and seemingly there is no reason for the fading paint.

  55. Steve Martin says:

    I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra Limited the clear coat has come off over the doors and the body paint is very dull..The truck is made to run over 200k but the body won’t be there when if crosses the finish line..

  56. Steve Martin says:

    btw the guy who says there are no Tundras running around with paint problems must live in a bubble on the moon I saw three today with exactly the same issue as mine..Own up people there is something wrong with the pain or clear coat..

  57. Hank says:

    I have a white 2001 Tundra (bought new) that the paint has gone totally flat all over started when it was about 4 years old. I have a white 2006 4 Runner (bought new) and the paint is turning flat on horizontal surfaces (how it starts) Last white one for me

  58. scott says:

    i have a 2013 Tundra Rock Warrior in Black. The paint scratches and chips so easily !! Im extremely disapointed in the durability of the paint and 100% of my driving is highway.

  59. Lory says:

    I also have a 2008 Tundra in white that looks like it has absolutely no clear coat on it at all. The paint is dull & chalky like the entire thing is oxidized EXCEPT for a few round spots on the hood in different sizes that shine! I’ve tried every wax product and nothing works. How do we get these vehicles repainted?

  60. Shelly says:

    We have a 2008 Tundra super cab. Awesome truck has had dead paint fot two years, have been buying new Toyotas since 1986. Have never had a paint problem. The Truck is white, had it buffed did not help at all. This wasnt a cheap truck and now toyota wont do anything. Very disapointed in Toyota.

  61. Kurtus says:

    2013 Tundra in dark blue clear coat and paint are peeling in the center of the hood. Can’t get a straight answer from anyone.

  62. Lynne says:

    I have a 2005 Toyota Tundra Dark Green. In April of 2013, my husband had my rood painted because it had turned gray, like there was zero paint on it. The body shop where it was painted said – you do know this is a defective paint job from the factory right? Since then over 3 months, my hood has done the same thing. Does anyone know the best approach with the Service Dept. to have them respond in a responsible manner to this defect?

  63. Joe says:

    I have 2008 Toyota tundra the paint started fading on the passenger side an now is on top of the bed and is also on the other side, I had the Toyota engineer inspector looked at the problem he agreed there a defected paint but they refuse to do anything .

  64. Anonymous says:

    I have an 08 green tundra the paint is fading on the driver and passenger. Is anyone out there have any positive results when you contact the Toyota dealer if so what are the steps I need to take.

  65. Richard Meserve says:

    WOW guys! I thought I was the only one that was having problems with my white paint on my 2006 Tundra.

    We bought this truck new in 2006 and have been very pleased with it…other than the paint.

    Within 6 months of having it…dull, oxidized spots started showing up on the doors and hood. When I took it in for oil changes I would always mention it to the service people and they always “buffed” it out.

    It always looked good for a couple of weeks but would return to dull. This went on until last year when I PAID them to do a professional detail job on it.

    When I got it back it looked good. Within a month, it was even worse than it was before. They won’t do anything about it.

    I finally took it to a local collision repair shop to see if they could fix it and they told me that the spots were areas that didn’t have any clear coat.

    Other than the crappy paint job, we have been very pleased with the Tundra but we probably won’t buy another one.

    I would say, judging from the posts here that the white paint has the most problems…since Toyota won’t fix the problem, how do we start a class action suit?

  66. Wesley Wood says:

    I own a 2008 Tundra Crewmax with almost 60k miles on it. I wash my truck regularly and wax it but last month the clear coat started bubbling and peeling off. At first I thought it was from gravel as it was right behind the front wheel well but then it popped up all along the bottom of the whole truck. I’m taking it to the dealership today.

  67. brent purvis says:

    i own a 2011 tundra with just over 40,000 miles and the clear on the front right fender is starting to flake off paint scratches just by looking at it. sold my dodge and bought a toyota so i wouldn’t have these problems.toyota wont stand by there product paint should last well over 3 years if properly maintained. very disappointed

  68. Josh says:

    I have had my black 2014 Tundra SR5 since November 2013. Back in July I noticed what looks like water rings under the paints surface on the hood and top of the vehicle. I took it in and had my Toyota service department look at it. They determined it was environmental. I was not happy with this answer so they brought in a Toyota rep on Aug 18, 2014 and he said the same thing environmental. Also in addition to the rings my paint has what looks like sand specks that go down to the bare metal and are out lined with white circles. I just got of the phone with Toyota HQ (1-800-331-4331) and they wouldnt even entertain the thaught that the dealership and Toyota rep i talked to was byased and that I just got a bad factory paint job. A friend of mine who owns a body shop told me that it looks like the paint did not cure right. I guess my next step is to call my insurance company and let them fight it out.

  69. austin says:

    My dad and I both own Toyota tundras, his is a 2012 model and mine is a 2008 model. Both of our toyota tundra trucks are white. We are seeing the same problem with both trucks. There are yellow-Orange discoloration spots on the hood, door, and tailgate. The clear coat is also chipping on the side of the boxes. I would like to know if there is a recall on this!?

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