Tundra Owners: Beware After Market Spark Plugs

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We like after market parts as much as anyone, but this comment from Ray just goes to show that sometimes, after market parts just aren’t that good for your truck.

Warning To All Tundra Owners!!!!

Last December, I got an e-mail from a friend regarding a new spark plug (Pulstar Pulse Plugs) that was supposed to increase gas millage and give more horsepower. I checked the website and started reading about how great the plug was – most of the comments were good, while a few said that they couldn

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  1. Wesley says:

    I don’t see how this only pertains to the tundra, any after market part you put on any car, especially belts (even though replacement), plugs, suppers/turbos, etc can all breakdown and damage your car/truck. Unfortunately I don

  2. joureyman says:

    Maybe there’s a reason Toyota uses Iridium tipped plugs. And with computers controlling more and more of our vehicles all the time, the sensors that supply them with info are subject to interpretation by the computer, who knows what misfiring plugs can make the computer change in the way your vehicle operates. For me I will stick with the NGK Iridium tipped.

  3. JKD says:

    I don’t know why anyone would want to “experiment” or whatever with different style and type plugs. The factory iridiums are supposed to last 120,000 miles. Can’t hardly argue with that.
    Quote”Maybe if y

  4. Justin says:

    Thanks for the heads up and hope everything turned out okay for Ray.

    I’ve seen plenty of places & plugs that state you’ll get improved mpgs and/or hp with a plug, but for the most part these are false. Sure you could “potentially” get 1/4-1/2 max mpg’s better or a slightly better throttle response/feel, but no verifiable amount of hp increase. Some plugs are better then others, this is true, but not for mpg & hp purposes, just on build quality and life expectancy.

    Many claims being made by many more products than just plugs aren’t confirmed by any outside agency. Simply look at exhaust and intake claims vs real world #’s. You’ll notice their claims are always higher than what you’ll actually receive, and they add the nice little disclaimers of “up to blah blah hp increase”. This covers their rear from false advertisement and tests are done by the manufacturer. So you basically have to take their word for it.

    Personally, no matter make/model, stick with factor plugs or any plugs recommended by the make manufacturer.

    • vic says:

      EXCELLENT RESPONSE. Concur! Very intelligent / common sense to stick to “Factory/ Mfr Recommendations”. Today’s vehicles are too sophisticated technology for non-professionals.

  5. Kyle Jones says:


    I work for Enerpulse, I haven’t heard of a return coming back here from a Tundra. Much less a return that has melted off electrodes or anything like that. Did you buy them from us directly? I can’t find anyone with the name Ray that ordered for a Tundra in our customer database either. If you could please e-mail me at kjones@enerpulse.com I would be very interested in seeing these plugs.

  6. josephah2000 says:

    Yep sounds about right. I wouldn’t experiment. I’d stick with factory oem copper or iridium on my 02.

  7. Bryan, victim of Bad pulstar plugs says:

    Hello concerned consumers of pulstar spark plugs,
    I made the horrible mistake of ordering these
    plugs and I too had the same problem for my
    2000 Ford Contour where the electrodes of the
    Pulstar spark plugs melted or burnt off after
    only 3,000 miles, I will demand my $120 back
    and I urge everyone to stay away from these

  8. Mickey says:

    JKD your comment is subject to personal preference and your GM isn’t any better than the rest. Simply Idiotic.

  9. bernie enda says:

    to jkd,i think you are one of the typical idiots in the world.you think your gm is so much better,you have obviously never driven any thing else.once you drive a tundra or f150 you will quickly see how blinded you been by the piece of crap you drive.just look at there camercials.they show a 4 door 4×4 truck talking about the good gas mileage.but the small print shows two wheel drive with the 5.3.wow big deel,my 5.7 tundra with 381 horse power is getting 17-18 mpg.wake up and join the rest of us in the real world.also the tundra is more american made than gm.so if you want to put your money in crap from mexico have at it!

  10. Brook says:

    I have had two misfire incidents with Pulstar plugs in my Infiniti FX35. The first time happened about 15K miles (after replacing OEM plugs) and the dealer replaced the injector. There was a substantial loss of power, audible misfiring and the check engine light came on. Second time happened at about 20K miles – the same symptoms. The dealer replaced the injector, but check engine light kept coming on and the misfire kept happening. They informed me that it was the aftermarket plugs. Apparently the Infiniti plugs are designed to last 105K miles, so I should have stuck with them. Stupid me for falling for slick advertising. After $120 in Pulstar plugs and $430 in dealer replacement/labor costs, I’m not happy. There’s obviously a reason that car manufacturers aren’t using these stock.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear that Brook. It does fall under it’s to good to be true type thing. Hope it gets better.

  12. Mickey says:

    My comments above.

  13. Dzznts says:

    Jkd:Bernie Enda I will agree with even if he can’t spell.
    Scream American made when every part on your GM is shipped into the Midwest from other countries. I would put the tundra up against 2010 Silverado anyday. Bring it on; you can’t get a better handling, ass kicking truck. It drives like a car with the power and aggressiveness of a truck. All trucks/vehicles have issues and hicups with systems. At least you said GM and not ford (the new wanna be tundra.) When is the “American manufactures” gonna pull thier heads out and put the tailgate assist in? How about the amount of cup holders the tundra has? Whoever designed the tundra rocks and knows what the hell they are doing and how to bud a winner. Yeah that’s right the winner, tundra won and everyother truck is just a follower now, trying to pull ideas and implement them. KEEP TRYING, I have yet to be impressed by any “American Made.”

    I do give GM some props though, at least they are trying to be a little different. The only thing ford has going for them is the WWII vets that will only buy American and GM. did you notice no mention of the no value dodge? Not even worth talking about that p.o.s..

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