Tundra 2010 Sales Growth Ahead of Chevy, GMC, and Ram

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Yesterday Toyota announced their 2010 total sales figures, which were quickly pulled into a 2010 Pickup Sales Totals article on PickupTrucks.com. The highlight? Toyota Tundra sales in 2010 grew 17.5% compared to 2009, which means that Toyota sold a total of 93,309 trucks.

While Ram and GM both sold more trucks (199,652 Rams and 499,929 GM’s), sales growth at Ram was 12.6% and about 16.5% at GM. Ford was the big winner with 528,349 trucks sold in 2010 – 27.7% more than 2009. Titan pulled up the rear with 23,416 sales in 2010, growth of 23%.

While some people might look at the numbers for Ford, Ram, and GM and marvel, you have to handicap these numbers because:

  • Ford, GM, and Chrysler are very dependent on fleet sales. About 30% (!) of Ford’s sales are fleet (according to Ford sales analyst George Pipas), while GM and Chrysler were shooting for only 25% fleet in 2010…which might be a little ambitious considering GM was at 31% fleet at the end of July and Chrysler was knocking on the door of 40% at the same time (read more here). Toyota fleet sales account for about 6% of total sales, with the Tundra being a very small component (most Toyota fleet sales are from Prius and Camry).

There’s nothing wrong with fleet sales of course, but it’s generally accepted that selling vehicles directly to individual consumers is better than selling them to corporate or government fleets. Considering that the Tundra out-gained GM and Chrysler compared to 2009 without strong fleet sales, that’s a good indicator that the Tundra is more than holding it’s own against those two.

  • Total sales growth figures from Ram, Ford, and GM include heavy duty models. GM, Ford, and Ram all reported HD sales growth that was greater than sales growth from LD trucks.

In other words, GM had 16.5% sales growth total, but the light-duty trucks that compete directly with the Tundra probably didn’t grow sales as greatly. Same goes for the Ram sales numbers.

  • GM, Ford, and Chrysler-Fiat still lead the auto industry in incentives. According to Edmunds.com, Toyota vehicle incentives for 2010 were 21% below the industry average. Ford? 26% above. GM and Chrysler? About 33% above average.

It’s great that GM, Ford, and Ram sell a lot of trucks, but it kills resale value when these trucks lead the industry in cash back incentives.

To be clear – 2010 was *not* a rosy year for Toyota as a whole. They lost market share to Ford and Hyundai, increased incentive spending compared to 2009, and they still have a lot of work to do to earn back the trust of the average consumer.

However, 2010 *was* a good year for the Tundra (and the Titan and the F150 too).

Haters GM and Ram owners? Comment below.

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  1. Mickey says:

    Ohh boy. http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2.....eries.html Not looking good. Jason what about this new recall?

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Wow – Ford is famous for fires and Toyota is famous for run-aways, LOL!

      I think it’s great that Ford caught this so quickly and that they’re taking care of it. Just goes to show that every manufacturer can have quality problems.

  2. Mickey says:

    To have a fire on the assembly line is something else. Also I’m glad they caught it and was able to remedy the situation.

  3. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mickey – Agreed. That’s gotta be up there in terms of outrageous quality issues. To Ford’s credit, it wasn’t a design issue.

  4. mk says:

    If more Ford, Dodge, and Chevy owners actually got out there and drove a 1/2 ton Tundra with 5.7L for a week or two even pulling something, they would be more apt to buy a Tundra over the Big 3. The big 3 owners are very loyal and stubborn as I use to be a loyal GM owner before the govt. bailed them out. After the much bigger, more powerful, 2007 tundra came out, I test drove it and shortly after traded in my 2007 brand new chevy crew cab silverado. No question, the tundra is better than the chevy and sure can’t argue with the more powerful engine in the tundra vs. chevy 5.3L while still getting darn near the same gas mileage as the chevy with NO wimpy engine/tranny. Before 2007, the tundra was to small and wimpy to compete in the 1/2 ton market. Also couldn’t agree with you more on the 5-10K incentives on the big 3 vs. at most 3.5k rebate on the tundra definitely hurting trade in and resell value for the big 3.

  5. Jason (Admin) says:

    mk – I agree 100% that many GM, Ford, and Dodge owners are often too stubborn to consider anything other than the brand they love. I don’t know why this is, but it would be great if – just as you say – people would give the Tundra an honest try before they bought a new pickup.

    Frankly, everyone should consider every truck on the market – they’re all pretty darn good these days.

    Thanks for your comment about the incentives and rebates – I had someone email me and tell me that a) I didn’t have any facts to prove that incentives reduce resale and b) that I was making it up anyways. Funny, eh?

  6. mk says:

    Your welcome Jason. My local toyota dealer who also sells Chevy believe it or not agrees with us that incentives greatly reduces resale and trade in value. The Toyota tundra trade in value and resell value is at least if not more than the difference in rebates chevy vs. Toyota. Either consumers get a great deal upfront on a chevy or get screwed on the rear end (no pun intended) come trade in time on a chevy. Personally, I like trying to find a great deal on a tundra with say 3-3.5K in rebates and buy at dealers’ invoice less holdback and get more for my tundra come trade in time far above any chevy silverado I use to have.

  7. Jason (Admin) says:

    mk – That is a good deal! 🙂

  8. Mickey says:

    Hexmate how about you getting out on your own and do your own website since you hate this one. You really don’t have any value constantly going after Jason. You’re just another rabid dog that needs to be put down. Do us a favor and grow a pair and move on. Quit being the little B**ch you are and go on with yourself. When you write make sure you tell the readers how you don’t cover your bets. Take your loss and move on guy. You’re the one who’s groveling.

  9. Jason (Admin) says:

    Mickey – I’d like to see Hexmate make his own website. He could call it “JasonLancasterSucks.com” and tell everyone how awful I am. I think that would be pretty funny!

  10. Mickey says:

    Understand Jason. I never seen someone so dedicated at being a loser.

  11. Kenny says:

    The 2011 Chevy pickups beats the Tunndra in all areas. Take a look at the numbers. The Toyota 6 cylinder gets worse gas milage than the Chevy V8. Toyota still dosen’t have a Diesel. They Don’t have the correct diff design. Go on YOUTUBE and type in Tundra Ditch twist vs the Silverado your going to laugh your ass off.

  12. Jason (Admin) says:

    Kenny – That test that Chevy uses to trump their superior differential might be a little misleading. Check out this video from PickupTrucks.com in their shootout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFJI0tLMVpI – it starts at about the 1 minute mark.

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