Toyota Tundra TRD Dual Exhaust Product Review

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A lot of new Tundra owners upgrade their exhaust systems. In fact, it’s probably the most popular accessory that people add to their new trucks. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it) there are literally HUNDREDS of options. Big names like Borla, Flowmaster, Gibson, and TRD all offer kits for the new Tundra. Of course, if you don’t want to spend that kind of money, or if you like the idea of a custom kit, you can visit your local muffler shop and talk to the experts, and you can even order parts on the internet and install them yourself. Like we said, LOTS of choices.

However a lot of people like to go as “factory” as possible when choosing accessories, and we can certainly understand why. First of all, it’s very easy. If you’ve bought a Tundra, chances are you trust Toyota to make a good product. You can rest assured the TRD exhaust system is a good choice. Secondly a lot of people like factory-backed accessories because they know their won’t be any warranty concerns. Unlike adding an after-market kit, where the directions clearly state “this may violate your factory new vehicle warranty“, you know that a new kit from TRD isn’t going to cause any warranty problems. Finally, there’s just something to be said for having a very “stock” look and feel, even if you have added a bunch of extras.

Whatever your motivation, TRD’s kit is definitely a good choice. To start with, the kit is solid mandrel-bent 409 stainless. 409 stainless is about as good a material as you could ask for, and the mandrel-bent manufacturing process means that any bends in the tubing were done without compromising strength or shape. Since preserving the round shape of the pipe enhances flow, it’s always important to make sure a kit is mandrel bent. Finally, the TRD dual exhaust kit includes double-walled stainless steel tips with an engraved TRD logo. Nice. Looking at a brand new kit, it’s clear that TRD didn’t go cheap.

Toyota Tundra TRD Dual Exhaust Tip

Installation is also about as easy as they come. This is literally a bolt-on kit. The hardest part of the installation is removing the factory system and dealing with those pesky hangers. If you wanted to, you could definitely put this kit on yourself with basic tools. If you wanted to have someone install it for you, it shouldn’t cost more than $100-$150. Most technicians can have this kit on in under two hours.

Like all after market accessories, there is a lot of argument about just how much power this exhaust kit adds. Generally speaking, after market exhausts by themselves offer little in the way of additional power. Typically, the most you’ll see is a 3-5 hp gain with just about any cat-back system. The TRD kit is no exception — our tests show that the TRD Dual Exhaust for the new Tundra added anywhere from 1 to 5 hp. Unfortunately, the increase in horsepower varied quite a bit depending upon RPM. That’s why we like that “3-5hp” number. Check out the dyno performance graph below.

TRD Dual Exhaust System Dyno Results compared to a stock Tundra exhaust
Click for a larger view.

NOTE: Our dyno tests were conducted in 5th gear, and we truncated the RPM range to ensure that the comparison was as accurate as possible. Unfortunately, tests had to be conducted on different days due to time constraints at the dyno shop. We expect a margin of error of +/- 1 hp.

If the horsepower number doesn’t excite you, when you factor in the feeling you get when you step on the gas, you will feel like adding an exhaust is the best money you ever spent. The TRD kit is excellent in terms of sound — little or no additional noise at idle (almost imperceptible at true idle — very impressive), minimal highway “rumble”, and absolutely fantastic sounds at W.O.T. This kit was designed by Toyota to provide the sound that a lot of V8 owners crave while still being quiet enough to preserve the truck’s finer qualities. This perfect balance of sound is easily the TRD kit’s best attribute.

Here’s some video of the truck’s exhaust — make sure your speakers are on for this one:

YouTube Preview Image

Check out this Tundra Solutions thread for more TRD exhaust sound clips (props to mxsjw for posting those sound files).

Like we said in our Toyota Tundra exhaust guide, adding an exhaust system alone isn’t going to get you much power. But if you combine the exhaust system with any other upgrades (like a cold air intake), you’ll likely see a multiplying effect for both. As for adding this kit to your truck, we’ll tell you that the list price of the TRD exhaust kit is $1,154. Some other big names offer kits that are very comparable for less money. We’ll also say that your local muffler shop can probably build you a custom system from scratch for even less than any of the kits you’d buy online, and that your local shop will build a system with equal or better performance than any pre-fabricated kit. In other words, the TRD kit is a little too expensive for our tastes, especially when compared to the local muffler shop. However, if you’re only interested in pre-fabricated cat-back systems, the TRD is an excellent choice.

Don’t get us wrong — the TRD kit is quality, backed by Toyota, and as good as anything you’ll find. In fact, we’re willing to bet this kit’s sound aspects are probably the best on the market (but we can’t back that up until we do some more testing). “If you have the means, we highly recommend it.” [Incidentally, we were able to find some discounted pricing for the TRD exhaust. We’re working on getting it for our readers, so stay tuned.]

Bottom Line: The Toyota Tundra TRD Dual Exhaust is excellent, but it’s a little overpriced. If you want to add a quality, factory-backed exhaust system that won’t make your truck sound like a dragster, the TRD product is an excellent choice.

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  1. Glenn says:

    I still do not get it. Why take a perfectly quiet, fast truck and make it noisey, just to try to turn some heads? Tundra’s already turn heads with their look and sound excellent in their quiet but powerful way.

    Think about it. Does anyone over the age of 12 ever think someone is cool when they burn rubber around a corner? Most people shake their heads and say something to the effect of, “Dumb-ass”.

    Toyota went to a lot of trouble to design an excellent exhaust system, which sounds really good, but does not pound at the back of your head at highway speeds. When I am driving next to someone and I want to get ahead of them, they are sufficiently impressed when they hear the roar of the engine open up and see me fly past them. If they are not impressed, then that is okay, I still sleep very well at night.

    The best part is that by leaving the exhaust alone, I am not sending out a massive sonic signal to every cop in a 100 mile radius to come and write me an expensive ticket. I see the loud trucks pulled over and I whiz past in stealth mode and wave.

    • Catch22 says:

      Because we can… Not everyone want’s the same thing as you do. Lucky for us we live in a country where (as of right now) we can choose what we want to do to our trucks! The TRD exhaust is not “loud” it just has a racer sound than stock.

      Have a good day!

      • rob says:

        I am picking up my new Tundra today. I have owned 3 so far. One had the TRD exhuast, the other i had a Flowmaster installed. TRD was my favorite. It was the perfect sound. It just changed the tone. It was still quiet. It just made it a lower, more mellow tone. Nothing wrong with wanting to customize the way your vehicle sounds. I am awaiting pick up of my truck bc they are installing a TRD exhuast and cold air intake. It looks nice on the truck too.

  2. Dave says:

    The Harley guys have been saying it for years, “loud pipes save lives!” To an extent that is true. Here in N.M. as in most places people no longer know how to drive and don’t pay attention. My 68 Mustang with a 427 grabs one’s attention and is LOUD! No mistaking where it is or what it is doing. New pipes serve 2 purposes: 1. Nostalgic American V8 thunder. 2. Opening the way for better breathing and future mods…like a supercharger. As for the cops, some places have noise restrictions (the very same places that would have you crush a mint 67 Cuda for bad emissions), but here the cops will wizz right past a loud car and give you a dirty look cause they can’t hear the other person on their cell phone. The Yota exhaust is exceptional! I was very surprised when I looked under the hood and under the truck. It serves it’s purpose very well! It’s quiet and let’s the motor breath (til you slap the blower on it), and does this while making CARB very happy. Just like anything else it all boils down to choice. And a Vette or Panoz smoking the tires thru a turn sideways at speed is impressive!

  3. HP Freak says:

    I have the exhaust. The sound is somewhat 60s and I think its perfect. It does drone a bit on the highway from about 1500 – 1800 rpms but I kind of enjoy the drone because it reminds me that I am not driving a 4cyl civic. The system bolts right up easy as the article says and there have been no rattles, rust, or problems of any kind.

    END RESULT = This system is so awesome that cops will probably want it for their own ride.

  4. Tundra says:

    Warning: Recently purchased this system and am/was very disatisfied with its performance. The exhaust has an annoying droan/resonance between 60 and 70 mph and or 1500-1800 rpm. Based on the systems performance and high cost, I would strongly reccomend purchasing a different aftermarket system if necessary for half the price. Also, there is minmimal HP gain and there is not improvement in fuel economy. I recently returned the system to the Toyota dealer with a 30% restock fee. Yeah, its that bad…..

    • rob says:

      Tundra:Sorry to hear of your issue. I LOVED my TRD and had no such issue.. Perhaps something was wrong with it or something was loose.. I would have had them install another TRD and tried that first.
      Good luck to you..

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  11. Linda Waltman says:

    DO NOT GO TO MEINEKE FOR DUAL EXHAUST FOR 2010 TOYOTA TUNDRA. They installed it wrong and we lost our brakes on a freeway exit while pulling a horse trailer!!!!!!!

    • Stan W. says:

      I had the same experience with my 2010 Tundra with aftermarket pipes and everyone thought I was crazy!!! I bought mine used from a dealer with these pipes on it as an inspected, certified used Toyota vehicle…. Be careful with the aftermarket installs… These pipes need just the right bends over the rear differential to clear the brake lines right were they are attached to the rear….. 🙁
      Stan W.

  12. pete says:

    Does anyone know when the TRD Dual Exhaust will be offered for the 2010 models?

  13. Jason says:

    pete – As far as I know, there will never be a TRD dual exhaust system for the Tundra. Toyota discontinued the TRD for the Tundra with the 09′ model year.

  14. dwain says:

    will be available in mid october per toyota parts bulletin

  15. fgregory says:

    I just picked up my 2011 Tundra last week and because the TRD Dual exhaust was on back order they put it on today. This allowed me to drive it for a week with stock exhaust and then today with the TRD dual exhaust. I am slightly confused because the pictures I have seen show the TRD exhaust to have one muffler with a 2 in 2 out configuration. The TRD dual exhaust they installed today is true dual exhaust with one muffler each side and I did not see a crossover.

    Sounds great, quite on cruise but when you put your foot in it it gets louder. I did notice a drone on the highway at around 1600 RPM when under slight acceleration. Quality is fantastic! I thought I noticed a slight increase in performance, however, that could be the perception from the sound and wanting to believe it 🙂

  16. Jason (Admin) says:

    fgregory – The pictures you’ve seen – are they just “representations” rather than actual images? That might be the case – Toyota does that in a lot of their materials.

    We dynoed a small power increase…exhaust systems are mostly for sound unless you start adding more enhancements.

  17. chicken head says:

    i have a 2011 tundra with k&n cold air box,my question is, if i go the whole 9 yards and install the unichip and complete new exhaust, headers, dual cats,mufflers and pipes, will i reach the 400 h.p.

  18. jethro hedrip says:

    I reach about 400hp with just a volant air intake does any body have quality information on an exhaust that will give me the best performance

  19. Jason (Admin) says:

    chicken head – If you have a 5.7, you’ll be closer to 440 with all of those add’ons (Unichip offers the biggest bump, just be sure to add it last so you can get a custom program that maximizes your intake, headers, etc.)

    jethro hedrip – I think they’re all pretty equivalent in terms of throughput. However, some of them offer better sound quality. If you don’t care about drone, they’re all fine. Otherwise, Borla can’t be beat in terms of sound and performance. No drone.

  20. I have a 2011 Tundra Rock Warrior… I wanna get to 400hp!If I get the TDR cold air intake and get the TRD exhaust or Flowmasters, will I hit 400 horsey’s? I really wanna keep it all TRD though… Any other recommendations for more HP/Torc TRD stuff or not?

  21. Aki says:

    I have a 2011 SR5 4X4 5.7. I want an exhaust system without the drone in the cab. I have looked at Boral and from what I have been told it will not give me the sound I am looking for. Dynomax states I can get the aggressive sound I am looking for with no drone. Any recommendations on brands or if dynomax is a good choice or not?

  22. Jason (Admin) says:

    aki – The Dynomax VT muffler – profiled here: – is supposedly drone-free as well as aggressive sounding. I spoke to a Dynomax rep who drove a Tundra and he told me it was mostly drone-free.

    However, the more aggressive the exhaust sound, the more likely it is to have some drone.

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  24. Chris B says:

    I called Bancs Exhaust directly and ask them to make me a bancs exhaust for my 2010 Rock Warrior . The exhaust comes out the stock location and added 20hp to my truck. The sound is quiet for the most part until you get into her. On the highway it is louder than stock but less loud than my flow masters I had on my old Titan. I recommend this exhaust. Good luck getting them. You have to call banks direct and beg for them. I have the only banks exhaust that I know of since I spoke with the banks himself and he said what the hell lets make one. Charged me $895. Came with banks chrome tip that looks more like a diesel size end.

  25. Jason (Admin) says:

    Chris – Banks didn’t already make an exhaust for the 2010? That’s hard to believe (not doubting you or anything, just sort of amazed that Banks didn’t have one).

    Thanks for the comment – always great to hear about exhaust systems first hand. Be sure to vote for Banks on this website:

  26. Anonymous says:

    How come no one answered Rockwarrior12 question?

  27. Jason (Admin) says:

    Anon – I’m pretty sure it’s because it was asked elsewhere, but maybe not. I can’t find it now.

    Anyways, the recommendations are:

    Air intake (any manufacturer) +10hp
    Exhaust (louder = more power) +5-10hp
    Unichip (expensive, but worth it) +20-40hp

    Have fun. 🙂

  28. AD says:

    I have a question for my supercharged tundra would I better with
    3” mandrel bent custom tubing from the cats necking down into the
    2 ½” x-pipes into the
    2 ½” mandrel bent custom tubing into
    2 ½” Thrush glass pack mufflers or into
    2 ½” mandrel bent custom tubing from the mufflers to the left and right side split rear tires angled out into
    2 ½” inner wall with 3 ½” outer wall Wicked Flow tips.
    2 ½” mandrel bent custom tubing from the cats into the
    2 ½” x-pipe into the
    2 ½” mandrel bent custom tubing into
    2 ½” Thrush glass pack mufflers into
    2 ½” mandrel bent custom tubing from the mufflers to the left and right side split rear tires angled out into
    2 ½” inner wall with 3 ½” outer wall Wicked Flow tips.

  29. Rick says:


    I picked up a new Tundra last month and was wanting to swap out the exhaust in anticipation of a SC install next yr. I want a quiet truck, not interested in any performance ‘sound’ from the exhaust. The vid you have up seems to demonstrate a quiet TRD system, (especially no droning)! What is the quietest performance dual exhaust system you know of?

    In my county (Hall Co.) N of Atl, GA, oddly we have no emissions requirement. My Duramax had no cats on it and it ran well, no codes or issues. I want to take advantage of that perk and look into removing the two or all the cats (two each side?). WIll that effect negatively the upcoming SC install as far as codes or performance without cats? I plan to install any O2 sensors etc. that would be missing.

    The local muffler shop said they would run pipes up to stock Tundra headers. They asked me what diameter tubing I need. I am assuming 2.5″?

    This is an informative website! Thanks.



  30. Dennis says:

    I have a 2006 Toyota Tundra Darrell Waltrip Edition 4×4 Double Cab Pickup with 34,000 miles on it. Just had to replace the factory TRD dual exhaust, because the muffler was coming apart due to rust. I should have tried to get Toyota to warrant this old muffler, because it’s been leaking for a couple of years or more. Bought the new TRD Muffler and TRD dual tips. it cost me $775.00 for the TRD muffler and tips, for the parts. Grand Total was $918.00 installed. A couple of years ago, I started hearing noises in the exhaust. Local Toyota Dealer looked at it, and said they found a loose flange on the exhaust coupler, and tightened it back up. It got quieter again for a few months, but then got noisy again. I had a friend look at it that is a GM mechanic, and he thought that I had a bad baffle in the catalytic converter. I took it back again in December 2012, to Toyota Dealer. They took me into the service area to show me what was wrong. The TRD muffler was coming apart at the rear of it, where the two outlets come out going to the dual TRD tips. The stainless steel muffler was rusting out, or it had a bad weld on the rear of the muffler. I then took it to my Toyota Dealer in Roanoke, Va. to get the TRD muffler for a little bit lower price. They installed it for me in April 2013. Now the truck is much quieter, and tolerable. It was getting so noisy, with the bad TRD muffler. But they would not warrant the old TRD muffler, nor would they mention any warranty for the new TRD muffler. Another friend told me that I should have gotten the Borla Dual Exhaust. He said that it would have had some type of warranty, where the TRD does not have any warranty. I was pretty dissappointed, with the original TRD exhaust, and now the tips of the new TRD exhausts are getting contaminants on them, inside and outside. I am using 10% ethanol fuel, and wonder if this is causing the early breakdown of the TRD exhausts. A PURE gasoline retailer in my area, told me that my new TRD exhaust will rust out prematurely, like the last one did, if I keep using the 10% ethanol gasoline. He even gave me more bad news, that soon we will be seeing 15% ethanol gasoline, to replace the 10% ethanol. IS THIS 10% ETHANOL RUSTING OUT MY TRD EXHAUST MUFFLER PREMATURELY????

  31. Anonymous says:

    Hello Jason,
    I just picked up my new Tundra. With all the current data on CAI which would be your #1 choice?

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