Toyota Tundra Super Bowl Commercial – Killer Heat

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During the Super Bowl halftime show, Toyota debuted a new TV commercial for the Toyota Tundra.

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Here’s what we like about it:

  • The demonstration is completely ridiculous – the situation shown could never happen – but it still made us say “Whoa – cool” when we saw it. The immediate impact is excellent.
  • It’s true that truckers know about heat killing transmissions – heat is the #1 enemy of transmissions on all heavy haulers. Advertising to this basic truth speaks to the reverence that Toyota has for truck experienced truck owners (you know, the people they’re trying to convince to abandon Ford and Chevy).
  • Ford stresses capability, and Dodge stresses refinement. That’s all fine and good. Toyota stresses power and performance – attributes that actually sell. This commerical continues to emphasize these key Tundra advantages.

Overall, a very nice ad. If Toyota managed to work superior quality and resale value into those 30 seconds, it would have been perfect.

By the way, have you seen the rejected Version of this Toyota Tundra super bowl commerical?

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  1. Jeremy the Wonder Gerbil says:

    That was an amazing commercial. GOOD JOB ‘Yoda!

  2. Art64 says:

    I believe Toyota got carried away doing this commercial. It is rediculous. The truck is not fire resistant. Hopefully this coming summer here in California, nobody will drive or attempt to drive their Tundra in a brush fire. We have a poster in Tundra Solutions where his Tundra caught on fire because he parked it on a dried brush. The catalytic converter was so hot that it ignited the grass and before he knew it the truck was on fire. He posted pictures of the burned Tundra. Nothing left except metal parts.

  3. Mickey says:

    Very good commercial. To the point. Art the idea was about trannys along with towing so it did make since. Yes I know about the truck fire because the young guy is on also. Also that would have happen to anyone when the grass is dry and dead. You have all 3 elements there to cause a combustion. Also if you watched the ad at the end they are shooting water on the truck right away to cool it off. Now for anyone trying to run into dry brush and into a fire well that will explain itself. Common sense should prevail in driving and owning a vehicle. It’s sad that gentleman lost his truck but also he used bad judgement too. Here in Florida we get alot of roadside fires from that so it’s implanted in you to watch what you’re doing. Even though the guy mention is from Florida he used bad judgement.

  4. TXTee says:

    The video isn’t available anymore so I’m commenting on the comments for now! I’m sorry to hear someone’s truck burned up but it is not Toyota’s fault for what happened so no one to blame but the driver and unfortunate conditions. If someone wants to watch and follow a commercial or ANYTHING on TV – let them be that stupid to literally drive through a brush fire and I hope no one else is harmed in their attempt. I feel more sorry for the truck. My speedometer may say 100+ MPH but is it Toyota or any other manufacturer’s fault if I decide to let loose and end up crashing? Be reasonable……common sense is the KEY phrase. Too bad a lot of grown folks are walking around without it.

  5. TXTee says:

    Found it – nice video. The truck growls at stock..nice!! I like this one better though: Wonder if I should go try it?

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