The Tundra Is Now America’s “Most American” Pickup

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Every year, uses domestic content data from NHTSA and automaker-supplied data to pull together a list of the “10 Most American” vehicles. Over the last three years, the Tundra – with 80% domestic parts content – has been on this list.

  2007 2008 2009 2010
Ford F150 Rankings 1st overall 1st overall 2nd overall N/A
Chevy-GMC LD Rankings 3rd overall 8th overall 5th overall N/A
Ram 1500 Rankings N/A N/A N/A 7th overall*
Toyota Tundra Rankings 10th overall 5th overall 7th overall 8th overall

* – The Ram 1500 ranking excludes regular cab trucks, which are assembled in Mexico.

On the list, the Tundra is now the second-most American truck available…but only if the Ram 1500’s stats exclude regular cab models. If Ram’s “American made” numbers reflected the foreign-built reg cab’s it’s likely that the Tundra would be the only truck in the top 10 most American vehicles. For that reason, it seems clear to us that the Tundra is now officially the Most American truck you can buy.

What do you have to say about that, Ford, GM, and Chrysler-Fiat truck owners? 🙂

Why Ford and GM Trucks Fell From The Top 10

If you looked at the table above carefully, you’ll note that the F150 fell out of the rankings pretty dramatically this year. The reason? Ford’s newest F-150 uses more foreign-made parts than ever before. The “F-series” has only 55% U.S./Canadian content according to this NHTSA document (pdf). While the moniker “F-Series” includes all of Ford’s trucks, lately Ford and GM have been moving manufacturing to Mexico where workers earn $26 dollars a day instead of $26 dollars an hour.

Also, because this list is sales-weighted, GMC and Chevrolet – which currently source all of their crew cab pickups from their assembly plant in Silao, Mexico – don’t get as much credit for building all of their regular and extended cabs in Roanoke Indiana. The idea is, if about 30% of GM’s 1500 series trucks are built in Mexico, then the domestic content of the entire 1500 model line should be adjusted accordingly.

Whether you agree or disagree with how the list is generated, the basic facts are undeniable. Toyota’s Tundra has the highest domestic content rating of any pickup, and it’s 100% assembled in the USA.

The Ram Doesn’t Belong

While has excluded hybrids in their calculations over the past 4 years, 2010 is the first time a specific sub-model has been excluded from the rankings. The Ram 1500 is the 7th most American vehicle on their list…unless you buy a regular cab. In that case, never mind.

Anyone else think that’s a little screwy? Maybe if GM could have excluded all of their Silao built crewcabs, they could have been on the Top 10 list too. This inconsistency doesn’t make any sense.

Here’s Why The Tundra Wins By Default

1. ALL Tundras are built in the USA. Since 2007, the Tundra has had 75% or more domestic content (80% in 2010). Every Tundra has either been built in Texas or Princeton, Indiana since the model debuted in 2000…the F150, GM trucks, and Ram have all been built in Mexico at one point or another over the last 10 years.

Tundra made in San Antonio, Texas

Tundra owners, click on the image above to get your very own Made In Texas sticker.

2. Toyota has invested more in new US plants than Ford, GM, or Ram over the last decade. While GM, Ford, and Chrysler stumbled and shuttered plant after plant after plant, Toyota has invested $1.5 billion in San Antonio, $514 million in Alabama, and $800 million in Mississippi (down from an initial plan of $1.3 billion). While it’s true that Toyota oversaw the closure of NUMMI, GM’s decision to pull out of NUMMI forced Toyota to do the same…so they only get half the blame on that one. BTW, Toyota offered NUMMI workers a $250 million dollar severance.

So, while the domestics closed plants, Toyota built new ones.

…But All The Profits Go To Japan

This is a classic argument for people to “buy American,” but it really doesn’t make sense. First of all, it’s not true that ALL of the profits go to Japan. We’ve proven that a big chunk of Toyota’s profits stay in the USA. Secondly, so what if they do? Toyota earned $12 billion in profits in 2005 (Toyota’s most profitable year EVER), but that was only 6.3% of their total revenue. The amount of profit Toyota sends to Japan is SMALL in comparison to the amount of money GM, Ford, and Chrysler-Fiat are sending overseas for parts and labor!

If the Tundra has 80% domestic content and costs $35,000, than 80% of that money – about $28,000 –  should stay in the US and Canada (give or take).

If the average F-Series costs $35,000, and only 55% of that truck is domestic content, then only $19,250 stays in the US and Canada.

While this is clearly an oversimplification, the fact of the matter is that buying U.S. manufactured vehicles with U.S. content is good for the U.S. economy…even if those vehicles are made by Toyota. Buying Fords, GMs, and Chrysler-Fiats manufactured in Mexico? That might not be as good for the U.S. economy as everyone seems to think.

See the whole 2010 most American list here.

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  1. Mickey says:

    Thanks Jason. Great article. You will still have the non-believers. Also they will now want to know the ratio of US/Canada. Like this will help them. Like you stated the US plants keep getting shut down and outsourced to another country while Toyota (Japan) outsources here. Definitely makes good reading.

  2. Mickey says:

    Jason I would order a sticker but my truck was made in Indiana. Hence the probable reason it was outfitted for cold weather. Exclude the heated windshield washer.

  3. Greg says:

    Funny, how two manufactures are listed as N/A. So since your using the Parts content that is for USA/Canada says alot. So is it more American or Canadian? the world will never know!! So why dont we just call it the North American Parts content? How can the Tundra win by defualt when you have half of the information? This says alot for this site and how posted it!

  4. Greg says:

    How funny this is, i bet that the Tundra is 79% french/Canadian (French isnt that FIAT-Chrysler and 1% American. We know how them french are! But i guess we will never know with that oh so important parts content. Most American, PROVE IT. Where is the offical percent of American parts not US and Canada. Yhea nice try with more BS information. Can people stop reading to far into information? Stop adding words where you see fit. American/Canada Parts Content 80%, it doesnt mean the most American!

    • D JONES says:

      No Tundra parts come from Quebec!
      Tundra uses many of the same US made parts that Ford uses.

      • Michael Rocker says:

        @ D Jones read the post I did in March of 2012. I went to the Auto show in Wash DC and the majority of Toyota is still being built and shipped over from Japan. Also the Tundra commercial they have been running where the Tundra is going up a steel structure while so called hot flames are surrounding it bragging about the aluminum 6 speed transmission and how tough it is pulling a total of up to 9000 pounds. It is also uncanny that until you get close up to one you can’t tell if it is an F-150 or a Tundra. Funny thing is that from a block away I can
        distinguish a Chevy/GMC or a Dodge.
        Is Toyota trying to make people think it’s a Ford/ Why not look like a Chevy/GMC or Dodge? Ford makes the best.
        The 2012 Ford F150 3.5 liter V6 EcoBoost rated at 365 horsepower and 420 pound feet of torque. This engine can tow up to 11,300 pounds and is rated at 16 city / 22 highway for 2WD models.

        The 2012 Tundra Topping the engine line-up is a 5.7 liter V8. It too is available only with the 6-speed automatic transmission. This V8 produces 381 horsepower and 401 pound feet of torque and can tow up to 10,400 pounds. As you’d expect, fuel mileage ratings drop to 14 city and 18 highway for 2WD models

        Guess who wins hands down? Looks like Ford with the 3.5 EcoBoost can not only out tow a Tundra but gets better gas mileage. Looks like FORD is still King of the workhorses.

        • Jason (Admin) says:

          Michael – Si Senor, your towing figures are correct. The F series is also the official truck of the Mexican autoworker, as many of the parts (about 40%) came from plants operating in Hermosillo and Chihuahua.

        • jimmy t says:

          Actually… I had an eco boost and traded it in for the tundra, the drivability and speed of my tundra over matches mu eco boost dramatically. Ford makes a good product, but as far as performance i havent driven or seen anything better then my tundra. A friemd of mine just bought a 2012 ram 1500. He now complains about it and says its built outta plastic hahha

          • Michael Rocker says:

            Hey Jimmy I agree with you about the Dodge Ram which has recently dropped the Dodge part and is now just Ram.. The quality has since the 80’s has never recovered.
            Good luck with your new truck. I would still take a Ford over Toyota any day of the week.

            By the way the new commercial with a tundra towing the Space Shuttle is such a crock of poop.

            I am not going to deny the fact that it may have pulled it but almost any full size truck could have done the same thing. Not only was it a slow speed procedure going down a level road it was also sitting on multiple motorized heavy hauling movers. It was a publicity stunt. If you want a test of a truck try hauling something static. I had used my 2006 F-150 to pull full size buses off the road and around the work lot. The buses were not under any kind of power.

            If you watched Ice Road Truckers this past season a Ford F Series truck was used to successfully assist a full size and fully loaded tractor trailer up a hill on a snow covered road.

            Also if you watch the link below you will see for the most part that the space shuttle was moving on it’s platform at 2 MPH. Putting a tundra in front of it was a publicity/marketing move since there was now reason for a tow vehicle.

            What a Ford did on IRT was 100% real where as the tundra space shuttle was a setup.


    • Drew says:

      Maybe you should do more research Greg. You want proof? Then open your eyes because its right in front of you. Toyota came in to the “truck” market late compared to the big three. So in order for toyota to be a competition with the truck market they knew they had to build their vehicle around “america” american built, meaning american laborers putting these vehicles together. Toyota knew what they had to do or they wouldnt have survived with the tundras. They are the safest truck in its class, the most reliable truck in its class, and can haul and tow MORE then any other truck in its class. So your proof is evdent. Do you research. Im not saying the other trucks are bad vehicles but i know what truck i would buy to get more bang for my buck. I have owned two dodge trucks and one chevy. Never a ford because i never liked the quality in them.After the test drive of many fords i wasnt impressed. Now i have onwed two Tundras. I owned the D-cab SR5 model and the Platinum CrewMax model. Between the quality, saftey, and over all value of the truck i wouldnt buy anything else unless i could settle for less. Tundras last. Their powertrain is unbeatable and their towing capacity too. The big improvment that i think they need to do tho is fuel economy. Yes it is a truck but the competion has them beat on that. But i guess if you want fuel economy then dont buy a truck right? Anyway i have all the facts right in front of me. If you do the right research you will eventually see that you are wrong.

      ALL Tundras are built in the USA. Since 2007, the Tundra has had 75% or more domestic content (80% in 2010). Every Tundra has either been built in Texas or Princeton, Indiana since the model debuted in 2000…the F150, GM trucks, and Ram have all been built in Mexico at one point or another over the last 10 years. (Quality isnt cheap labor sent out of america, quality is building things on the land of america)You get what you pay for.

  5. Greg says:

    “In addition, the domestic content requirement, as it now stands, mixes U.S. and Canadian parts into a single percentage, so there’s no real way to know the U.S.-only content.”

    Oh incase you forgot 7 comes before 8, but look on the bright side Toyota does hold the title of most recalls this year maybe even decade or ever, most frame replacements (dont think its a good thing), the first ever floor mat recall (somthing to be proud of), we can do this all day. Face it, Toyota has a long way to go! If it makes you feel good you can say you won this, you are the most American/Canadian Truck like anyone wants that title!

  6. Brian J says:

    All Tundra engines and transmissions are made in this country (TMMAL) with cast blocks from Bodine Aluminum sourced in the Midwest. While not the entire vehicle, this accounts for a large percentage of the craftsmanship in a truck. Interior components are made on site in San Antonio (TMMTX). Frames are made in the US along with sheet metal. Ford, Dodge, and GM motors are made in the US, Mexico, and Canada depending on which engine or trans you get. I’m not sure about the “domestic’s” frames and sheet metal components. Design work for the Tundra was performed in Ann Arbor, MI and Torrence, CA. How much more American do you need? I will drive my American truck (Tundra) and fly my American flag loud and proud. Red, white, and blue baby! Oh, and I do believe yet ANOTHER Toyota plant is scheduled to open next fall (TMMMS).

    Jason: Great article, thanks!

  7. Jason says:

    Mickey – You can get a Princeton sticker too!

    Thanks for the compliments.

    Greg – Sometimes you are a smart guy, and sometimes you aren’t. First of all, it’s not our data that is used to make this list. It’s – if you don’t like the way the numbers are cobbled together then you can take it up with them.

    Secondly, I agree with your larger point that “we really don’t know so it doesn’t matter.” It DOESN’T matter where a truck is made. Not one little bit. There’s no such thing as an “American” vehicle. After all, a Tundra might have 80% of it’s parts come from U.S. suppliers, but do all of those suppliers get their parts from the USA? What about the suppliers to the suppliers…you can see that domestic content ratings are inherently suspect. I guarantee we can crack open the hood on ANY vehicle and find a ton of parts made in China…it’s a global economy, and it’s really a pointless distinction. I’ve said this many, many times.

    Still, domestic content labels are the best data consumers have. For all the people who think that “buying American” is relevant, I think a case can be made that the Tundra is the most American truck available for the reasons stated above. If you’ve got some other data that proves your beloved Chrysler-Fiat Ram is more “American,” feel free to share.

  8. Jason says:

    Brian J – Great info – thank you. I’ve written one of these articles every year, and every year some Dodge/GM/Ford fan gets really upset because their narrow view of the world is turned upside down. The idea that “furiners” can build the most American truck is really upsetting to some people!

  9. Greg says:

    Its flawed data and you are qouting information from a company that knowingly lies!

  10. Jason says:

    Greg – Yep. and the federal government are perpetrating a conspiracy to piss you off! That MUST be it…LOL.

    What’s it like to live in a world where everyone else is wrong? First I’m a liar, then it’s, then it’s the federal government. Does anyone tell the truth? Is anyone trustworthy? Is the government spying on you? You sounding a little bit like a crackpot Greg.

  11. TC8 says:

    One thing we all have to realize is most truck buyers are very loyal customers. They don’t care if the truck they are buying is the biggest piece of shit on the market, least competitive or built in another country we supposedly hate, as long as it’s built by their manufacturer. There is no cross shopping between brands because they already know their manufacturer builds the best, whether true or not. There will always be excuses why the other manufacturers trucks are inferior.

    Greg just happens to be one of those loyal customers and he’s going to defend his brand to the very end. Even if it means calling the world a liar while making his excuses.

  12. Jason says:

    TC8 – I’ve often wondered if a person’s willingness to cross-shop is directly related to intelligence, education, both, or neither. I know of a lot of brand loyalists (including some Toyota loyalists) who refuse to consider any other option. Frankly, I don’t understand. I’m a fan of Toyota, but I like all brands. I think a case can be made for buying any truck on the market today…why people can’t acknowledge that basic concept is beyond me.

    Every vehicle has merits. The individual should decide which truck they like the best for their particular mission, and they shouldn’t begrudge anyone else’s choice.

    Now, how do I get down off this soap box? 🙂

    Thanks for the comment – I’m with you all the way.

  13. greg says:

    This is hilarious. Jason the gentleman who got caught up in his own lie for the 2011 tundra towing standard doesn’t understand that he is saying that the tundra is the most American truck. What part of 7 (Dodge Ram) comes before 8 (TOYOTA Tundra) and you didn’t even get the data for the other two manufactures.

    second you are using a AMERICAN/CANADIAN PARTS CONTENT! Notice it says more that AMERICAN! There is a Canada in there! So your information is compromised, do you understand what that means? Not a creditable source to say its the most American!

    third who cares! Congrats you have lied AGAIN! Atleast change the data or leave it out. Facts are facts, last time I checked 7 comes before 8.

    • Jason says:

      OK Greg – sorry to get you so upset. I take it all back. Sorry for challenging your view of the world. Just keep repeating “Dodge is number one” and things will be all better (I promise).

      Once you’re calm, how about putting your money where your mouth is regarding the towing standard? I can’t stand it when people talk sh#t and then run away when it’s time to back it up. This is your chance to humiliate me…why are you so afraid to take it?

      NOTE: To everyone who doesn’t already know, I’ve bet Greg $100 that I’m right and he’s wrong about the 2010 Ram’s tow rating meeting J2807, but he refuses to respond to my challenge. See the comments on this post for more info:

  14. Mickey says:

    Greg if anyone here is a liar, it’s you. If you don’t like what being written here go somewhere else. I figured you would doubt this thread. You’re pathetic Greg. Quit your damn whinning and move on. Broken records sound better than you do. There is no way you have been towing for twenty years. You’re too much of a cry baby and can’t see pass your nose because of your lies. You’re such a loser. You don’t need me to say anything because you know it all.

  15. Sigmund Freud says:

    Greg, after a careful and exhaustive analysis of your posts, it is my learned opinion that some time in your past you were severely traumatized by a Toyota. Most likely this occurred in your childhood. Were you ever hit or run over by a Toyota? Was your mother driving it?

  16. Mickey says:

    Greg you laugh at the 79% stating part french/canadian but your N/A for 2007 repesents a total too small to talk about. Actually I read Dodge was in the 55%. Go ahead and make fun of that.

  17. greg (a.k.a the guy who chickened out on a $100 bet) says:

    Guys don’t get your panties in a twist. Its simple comprehension! You state “The Tundra Is Now America’s “Most American” Pickup”, but then the table show the Rams as #7 and Tundra as #8. I believe 7 comes before 8, correct me if I’m wrong! We all know who this site is with makeing educated assumptions, so do you have facts stating that the tundra is actually 7 and the ram is 8? What here’s a idea twitter that! Or just produce articles based on substantial facts that people can see, not hunches! Beside just say your jealous and get it over with! Never seen a site focus so much on other brands! Especially when you ask queations about a toyota (the 2010 4Runner and HP rating, which Jason made comment about maybe inaccurate) and don’t get a answer! They will focus on a domestic but don’t know anything about the Toyota, this is a Toyota site right?


    So could this be why the Tundra is such a POS. we know how lazy Americans are! Hell so lazy it takes to much effort to tell the truth its easier to lie, right jason!
    Once again WHO CARES!

  19. Brian J says:

    Greg – If you are constantly saying ‘who cares’ then why do you continue to waste your time here? Certainly you can find better things to do with your time like…mmm, I don’t know…go meet a woman? Move on, Greg. Move on.

  20. danny says:

    Everyone, please join me in giving Greg a whole-hearted, heart felt thank you for the Comic Relief over the past few weeks.
    THANK YOU! (push sarcasm button now??)

  21. rich says:

    Greg…they say you drive a that true? In another post you said you drive a Ford. So what I get is that you comment on this site because you feel you need to defend every mfg from the Toyota virus. I’ve visited other sites with other mfgs and there are tons of subjective comments, yet I’ve never seen any of your post on those sites discrediting their comments…what gives? Is Sigmund right about you? Have you ever owned a Toyota?

  22. mk says:

    Who gives a crap what Greg drives? If he is happy with his truck, then good for him, but to talk smack about other peoples rides is stupid. I make fun of HD’s in good humor to HD owners, but it is not in putting it down or making fun of their rides. If HD owners are happy at paying a premium for a good bike at twice the cost of others besides basically a goldwing or BMW touring bike, then let them waste their money, it is THEIR money.
    Greg, grow a pair and move on to another website instead of putting down the tundra.

  23. greg (a.k.a the guy who chickened out on a $100 bet) says:

    Hey I have told you in the past the cure all method for trolls! Stop posting ignorant articles like this, make sure your correct about what your posting (2011 Tundra first half ton to meet SAE standard, 2010 ram is in compliance according to the article from 2009). Take this article for instance, it says the Tundra is the most American if you subtract the regular cab Rams. How do you know that they already take that into consideration? Your using information stating the Ram is more so called American than the Tundra that uses the American/Canadian parts content. How do you know what’s more American using information for two different country’s? It seems really important to some Tundra owners to the point that they ask what domestic owners think! Well I say get creditable information that narrows it down to one country, and then you can say what you want! But until then who cares! Dont be mad at me because I proved your wrong! Stay on the original subject of Tundra and stop worrying about the Jones and you wouldn’t have the infest of trolls!

  24. Bryce says:


    I just wanted to thank you for you input. I have been laughing my a** off reading it. This site is full of Toyota owners, what do you think you are going to accomplish posting anything negative here. You just embarrassing your self. Go to your Dodge/Ford sites and bask in your lack of knowledge.

  25. greg (a.k.a the guy who chickened out on a $100 bet) says:

    Maybe you should start focusing on things like toyota halting sales AGAIN for safety issues.

    Consider it a I’m looking out for the safety of Toyota owners.

  26. rich says:

    Greg says 0n June 18, 2010…..Good try Rich try again, could you atleast stick with the truck category? Or atleast let someone know you have to reach way out there and pick on a mini-van! But I would expect nothing less from this site! What’s next wanna bring up bicycles? Trucks, Rich, Trucks!!
    I see how this works Greg…you get to use a hybrid Lexus (your LA Times link) as an example against Toyota but no one else can dispute you using anything but trucks. Like I said before you’re a hypocrite that mixes lies with truth to stir the pot.
    MK…The only reason why I mention about what Greg drives is because most owners are loyal to their ride. In Greg’s case he is loyal to everything except Toyota. He has some type of history with Toyota that’s causing all of his frustration.

  27. Jason says:

    greg – I think you might be an idiot. The article lays things out very clearly – the Ram is ahead of the Tundra, but only if you exclude all the regular cabs that are made in Mexico. If, however, the regular cabs are included, it’s a pretty safe bet the Ram doesn’t make the top 10. Why else would have added a disclaimer?

    Try thinking BEFORE you speak greg.

  28. Jason says:

    greg (a.k.a the guy who chickened out on a $100 bet) – By the way, I went ahead and fixed your name so it would more accurately reflect your character. Count on that happening to any comment you leave from now on.

    You’re welcome! LOL

  29. JMS says:

    I agree 100% with Jason.

    The Tundra is 80% American Parts and Labor, the RAM is 76%, Chevy Silverado and GMC is 65% and the Ford, dead last, at 55%.

    Ford is now dead last in American Part Content AND horsepower! Great job taking advantage of the working poor in Mexico, Ford! I don’t care how stiff the frame is, Ford nixed a major reason for buying F150 by moving almost half the Parts Content out of the country! Now you have to buy TWO F150’s to nearly equal the US Part Content of the Toyota Tundra!

    I will give credit to Dodge for upping their American Content from a paltry 53% in 2009 to 76% in 2010. A purchase of a Dodge can be somewhat justified, although all HEMI engines are made in Mexico (hecho en Mexico). Ironically, the suerior powertrains of Tundra (engines AND transmissions) are proudly MADE IN USA!

    Ford also has the second-worst resale value (Dodge is the worst), so now there are three strikes against Ford: Least Power, Least American Part Content, and Among the Least Resale Value!

    Toyota, on the other hand, has the BEST resale value; the BEST reliability (ranked a perfect “10” on the US News and World Report, despite the BS recalls), and is overall, the most powerful. Even Dodge, with an extra 9 HP, and 6 Lb Ft Torque, loses in acceleration against the mighty Tundra. The Dodge is also only a 5 speed, vs the Tundra’s silken 6 speed.

    The Part Content thing HAS to MAKE the Ford and Chevy guys want to puke! Their “so-called” American trucks are 55% American (Ford) and 65% American (GM).
    Tundra, truly THE AMERICAN truck, at 80%, with Dodge right behind, with 76%.

    In fact, Toyota has TWICE the American Made vehicles on the list as anybody else! Want a truly American vehicle? Buy a Toyota!!!!

  30. JMS says:

    Every Crew Cab (4 door) style Silverado and Sierra I see has a VIN that starts with a 3 (Mexico), or a 2 (Canada). Every one! Heartbeat of America, my a$$!!

    Heartbeat of Canada and Mexico is more like it!

    F150 used to be Apple Pie, and now it’s half a slice of Apple Pie with half a Taco stitched onto it!

    1500 Rams are American, except for the Taco Hemi engine, and all the Heavy Duty Rams are, in reality, Mexican Cadillacs with American Engines (if the engine is Cummins). If you get a Heavy Duty Ram with the Hemi, you literally get the whole enchilada, as then the final assembly AND motor would be Mexican!

    In my opinion, you only have three choices for a truly American truck: #1. Toyota Tundra, all of which are made in the USA with USA engines AND transmissions. #2. Dodge Ram 1500, Quad Cab (although the HEMI engine is Mexican), and #3, Super Duty Ford with Powerstroke.

  31. Mickey says:

    Great comment JMS. As for Greg he will tell you you’re lieing and he wants a link. Yes he was chicken in the bet as he tries to make light of his screwup.
    Jason again great article and what makes it better here’s a link stating the same as JMS from a different source. So now Greg we have two sources who’s lieing against you.
    Greg now why is it you’re the only one who thinks this article is ignorant? You just went to the head of the class for moronic insane. Jason I do agree with your last Greg has topped the idiot class. Greg you have lowered the standard for anyone owning a Fiat/Dodge. No wonder why you like a losing manufacturer.

  32. JMS says:

    Who Drives the Most American Truck?


    As of this year, we do.

    The NHTSA released their most American vehicles list and the Tundra is the highest ranking truck on the list at #8 overall. Ford and GM trucks fell off the top 10 list. Dodge is 7th on the list IF you do not include their single cab trucks. Well, I’m sure that you will agree that a single cab truck is a full size truck, right? So add in those single cabs and their average domestic parts content drops to 76%, below the 80% content of the Tundra. So the Tundra has the most domestic parts in it compared to all other full size trucks.

    Toyota Motor Toyota Tundra 80%
    Chrysler LLC Dodge Ram 76%
    General Motors Chevrolet Silverado 65%
    General Motors GMC Sierra 65%
    Nissan North America Nissan Titan 65%
    Ford Motor Ford F-Series 55%

  33. greg (a.k.a the guy who chickened out on a $100 bet) says:

    Jason stated “While the moniker “F-Series” includes all of Ford’s trucks”, so your gonna compare one truck model with 4 truck models maybe even more. Where are they stopping with the F-series, a F-350 or a F-650?? So to make it fare, why dont take the Tundra, Tacoma, land crusier and find the average of the USA/CANADA content and thats the number that will be used for the Tundra. Seems fare considering the information being used for the F-150 is the F-series information. Is it Ford fault that they make more than One truck? Why are you taking advantage of the situation, i guess you need all the help you can get now.

    Can the information Toyota present be trusted? We have seen their response to safety issues regarding your safety, do you think their information on american/canadian parts is correct?

  34. rich says:

    I guess the only way to make it fair for some folks is to include all product lines from all of the Mfgs. Heck Where do they draw the line for comparisons. Just because one mfg has several full size (truck)versions doesn’t mean that each version doesn’t have multiple interchangable parts. However, comparing the Land Cruiser and Tacoma to the Tundra is like comparing apples and oranges. Also, if we can’t believe mfgs information then that should be used for all mfgs e.g. “Benvenuti also said Dodge truck engineers…” Its the same old song from the same person.

  35. greg (a.k.a the guy who chickened out on a $100 bet) says:

    Rich, what does this mean? If we can’t believe mfgs information then that should be used for all mfgs e.g. “Benvenuti also said Dodge truck engineers…”??? Benvenuti works for Dodge, so???? Besides as it stands now Jason has not produced anything to discredit the link or statement provided!

    I agree with that that the land Crusier, Tacoma and Tundra are different, hell compare a sequioa, Tundra and Land Crusier. They are have more interchangeable parts than a F-150 and Superdutys that make up the F-series. At least the Land Crusier and Tundra use the 5.7l and other components. A F-150 and F-250 thru 550 dont even have the same frame, body, power train, body parts and so on. So i dont understand the apple to oranges comparision, seems pretty fair to me! Prove it wrong like! I have been waiting from Jason on his statement about towing, and we are still waiting!!!!

  36. Mickey says:

    Greg you’re still the same old song that never ends. Your F-150 can also have interchangeable parts with the explorer and expedition. So what else you want to throw in there? You just can’t handle that you’re not right. Get over it Greg. No one here feels for you. Rich stated it right when you stated that can we believe manufacturer’s teeling the truth meaning Toyota. Well the worm has turned on you. Can’t handle the twist get the hell off the website. If not then take it and quit acting like a spoiled child and grow up. 20 years towing my rear. You must be counting the years you pulled your little red wagon.

  37. greg (a.k.a the guy who chickened out on a $100 bet) says:

    Mickey, your getting personal again. Do you really want to go down this road?

    Congratulations the F-150, Expedition have interchangeable parts. Now is the Expedition listed in with the F-series? No, it is the F-150, 250, 350 so one. So what does a 150 and 250 have In common?

  38. Mickey says:

    Greg why is it you play dumb when someone uses the same analogy that you use on a subject? I really don’t give a crap what you think is personal or not there Greg. You passed that long ago and left that field wide open to any shots now. Like I said before, you don’t like it go fly a kite.

  39. Jason says:

    greg – F-series includes 150-450, but excludes cab and chassis. F550+ are considered medium duty and aren’t included in any numbers/etc.

  40. JMS says:

    According to the United States’ own NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) guidelines, there are two criteria for determining whether a vehicle is domestic or an import.

    #1. Final Assembly Location

    #2. US/Canadian Part Content

    Any vehicle, regardless of brand, which does not contain a minimum of 75% US/Canadian part content is legally (by the US’ own laws, and by NHTSA) considered an import.

    Therefore, based on the United States'(NHTSA)own criteria, the following 2010 model year half-ton pickups ARE American, and are considered Domestics:

    1. Toyota Tundra, with 80% American Part Content and Final Assembly exclusively in San Antonio, Texas, USA

    2. Dodge Ram Quad and Crew Cab, with 76% American Part Content and Final Assembly in Warren, Michigan, USA

    The following half-ton trucks ARE Imports, and are NOT Domestics (Foreign Part Content and/or Foreign Final Assembly):

    1. Ford F150, with 55% American Part Content and Final Assembly in Dearborn, Michigan, USA

    2. Chevrolet Silverado, with 65% American Part Content and Final Assembly in Mexico, Canada, and USA

    3. GMC Sierra, with 65% American Part Content and Final Assembly in Mexico, Canada, and USA

    4. Nissan Titan, with 65% American Part Content and Final Assembly in Canton, MS, USA

    So, based off this info, and wanting to support the American Worker, I bought a new Tundra! If I wanted to support American Executives, I would have bought a half-Mexican-built F150, but, no imports for me; no thanks!

  41. JMS says:

    It is so outrageous it’s laughable!

    In Ford’s quest to boost profits, they farm out half (45%, nearly half) of the content of the 2010 F150 to FOREIGNERS, namely, Mexico!

    At 55% US Content, the LOWEST of ALL the big truck makers, the “mighty” F150 can hardly be considered an American truck. I’ll bet their sales take a beating because of it, and they should.

    Tundra and Ram 1500 should benefit from this greed-based oversight. When you move more content or final assembly (at least F150 has US final assembly) production overseas, or outsource it (to a foreign country), you take money AWAY from the American working man and woman, take food off his table, and take advantage of third world slave labor. The BS “profits go back to the company” really means “the profits go back to some fat, lazy, overpaid US executive”, whereas the RAM 1500 Quads/Crews and Tundras show FAR MORE COMMITMENT to the American little guy, the American factory worker, and the American Parts producers.

    When my son found out Tundra is/was 80% Anmerican and F150 is now 55%, he immediately switched preference to Toyota, and its’ greater commitment to keeping American jobs in America. Wany more proof? Toyota’s opening a new plant in Mississippi, and hiring over 2,000 Americans.

    What the F*ck are GM and Ford doing? More god#@mn outsourcing, and sending Parts Content manufacturing OUT of the USA! TOYOTA is MORE AMERICAN, and the list, along with NHTSA, proves it!

    The Level Field Institute- founded by Big Three retirees- all info geared towards their favor- and NHTSA speak the FACTS!

  42. JMS says:

    Now when Toby Keith sings about “American Ride” I honestly think of a Toyota Tundra.

    I can’t envision F150 ’cause the godd@mn thing is half Mexican!

  43. JMS says:


    “If you’re only looking at domestic-sourced parts content, the F-150 doesn’t even make the top 10 list of vehicles. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Toyota Tundra has the highest U.S. parts content of any pickup, at 80 percent.”

  44. Mickey says:

    Bravo JMS. Great job looking into the info on this. Greg will dispute that but who cares about what Greg thinks.

  45. Danny says:

    Us Mississippians greatly appreciate the Blue Springs MS Toyota plant. The 2000 jobs will help a lot. We also appreciate Nissan in Canton MS. Good jobs in Mississippi are a rarity. Now we have cotton, corn, catfish, casinos and cars.
    Now, the ironic thing is, the feds and state officials are hell bent on getting new industries to come to their area and give good jobs but in the end, they want to consider them as foreign made. We definitely saw that during the Toyota hearings. They want their cake and eat it too. I keep hearing how buying a Tundra puts Americans out of jobs, but what about all those Americans who can now feed their families because they got a job from Toyota or even Nissan. If anyone should be blamed for taking away American jobs, they should be looking at all of those companies that are subbing out work to mexico, india, china, etc. Heck, there is not one cell phone made in the US. Even Motorola subs their labor out. With the possible exception of Apple, i think all computers are manufactured outside the USA and Curtis Mathis is the only American TV. I think IBM is still Chinese owned. I dare anyone to find more than 10% of the items at Wally World made in the USA. Again, sorry for wandering off the actual subject. As far as i’m concerned, my Tundra is Proudly American Made. Furthermore, American by Birth, Southerner by the Grace of God!

  46. Mickey says:

    Agree Danny. Definitely agree.

  47. jamie says:

    Toyota. #1 in recalls!!!! Still mad about those 2 little bombs we dropped n=back in 1945 so you try to kill us all with your runaway, non steering, non braking, rooted away framed vehicles. Get out of the USA!!!!!!

  48. Danny says:

    Actually Ford is #1 overall in total recalls. Toyota is just #1 right now.

    GM is #1 in most vehicles recalled from 2005-2009

  49. Danny says:

    oooops, on the 2nd part i meant both ford and gm lead toyota from 2005 to 2009.
    my bad…

  50. JMS says:

    Ford can take their half-Mexican F-150 and stick it up their outsourcing a$$es!

    Only 55% US Part Content! Toyota’s is 80%!

    Gotta buy TWO F-150’s to make ’em more American than ONE Tundra!

  51. Jason says:

    JMS – Want a job dude? Great research – you could be the first TundraHQ investigative reporter! Great work.

    Danny – Politics. What can you do, right? The Toyota hearings were as much a sideshow as anything else, and some of the biggest Toyota critics were friends of the UAW.

    Jamie – Someone very smart once told me the following (I think it was Danny): If you’re going to hold Pearl Harbor against Toyota, you shouldn’t buy anything German or Italian b/c of WWII (no Dodge), nothing from Mexico because of the Spanish American war (no GM or Ford), and nothing from Nissan for the aforementioned reason.

    Basically, you would be walking. Since I suspect that’s how you already get around, this isn’t really applicable to you. Still, it’s interesting, isn’t it?

  52. danny says:

    you forgot
    Lambo, Ferrari, Fiat (dodge) – italian
    Audi, Volkswagon, bmw, mercedes -german
    Bugatti – french with italian designer Ettore Bugatti
    peugeot- french
    Lotus, sterling, aston martin, jaguar – british (revolutionary war)
    Hyundia, daewoo, kia – south korea (close enough i guess)
    Honda, diahatsu, isuzu, mazda, mitsubishi, subaru, suzuki- japanese
    volvo – chinese (now)
    jeeze, who have we not been at war with?
    i think i got all of these right. i guess he is walking.

  53. Jason says:

    Danny – So true – thanks again for sending me that email. GREAT point.

  54. Danny says:

    i find it very ironic that this guy chimed in on that very topic just a few days after we exchanged comments about it.
    To his other comment about Toyota getting out of the USA, i cant imagine how many american jobs would be lost. Dealers, sales people, support staff, mechanics, builders, fabricators and more people in the parts industry. Also, logistics and truck drivers who deliver the toyotas to the dealers, lost advertising revenue, lost sales tax, lost tag and title fees, aftermarket parts sales. And we think the american economy is in trouble now? Why do you think the Feds were so eager to bailout GM and Chrysler? Jobs=Taxes! Vehicle sales=taxes. Etc etc etc.

  55. Jason says:

    Danny – Agreed. Saying that Toyota should leave the USA is as ridiculous – and improbable – as saying that the tooth fairy is real.

    I often suspect that the most ridiculous comments on this site are substance driven…5pm on a lazy Saturday? Probably drunk. 1am? Probably drunk. etc. LOL

  56. Mickey says:

    Jamie by chance Greg isn’t your dad? Like father like son.

  57. JMS says:

    Trucks proudly made by third world labor (Mexico):

    Chevrolet Silverado

    GMC Sierra

    Ford F-150 (assembled in US, but has 45% Mexican Part Content)

    Dodge Ram (assembled in US, but ALL Hemi engines are Mexican, NONE are American), and ALL Heavy Duty Rams are Mexican

    Even Nissan Titan is only 65% American, same as the GM trucks.

    Want a real American-made truck, with an American-made engine, transmission, and mostly American-made parts? Try the 2010 Toyota Tundra, with 80% American Parts Content, an American Engine, an American Transmission, and Final Assembly in the United States of America!

    Researched, Developed, and Built in the Red, White, and Blue. By Toyota, a publicly-traded global company worth more than all other automakers combined.

  58. Dominick says:

    FYI, GM moved production of the Crew Cabs to the U.S. and closed production at its Canadian plant.

  59. Jason (Admin) says:

    Dominick – Thanks. Is that for 2011?

  60. E says:

    Why don’t they include the Ford Super Duty? Made in the USA by a US company…

    And I still don’t understand how Toyota can call their cars with pickup beds trucks. Even the elcamino had more truck than a Tundra… lol When you see people farm with the Toyotas you quickly see how untruck like they are. But I guess all you need is a silky smooth ride with a quiet engine…

  61. Jason (Admin) says:

    E – Not sure. Maybe they decided to exclude big trucks.

    As for your second point, have you seen this video?

    A Texas rancher had the truck and he liked it.

  62. ToyotaDriver says:

    Sorry fellas u lose this one. Most U.S./Canadian made is still better than most Mexico/China/Japan made Toyota gets the title and keeps Americans working while the big three laid us all off to make a few extra bucks

  63. Jason (Admin) says:

    ToyotaDriver – Word.

  64. Jaybob says:

    I’d proudly buy a toyota over any other ford, dodge or gm product, MY family has owned and driven ford and gm product’s and nothing but issuse of shit going to hell, had a 05 and upgraded to a 07 tundra, never touched a thing on the truck, they are quality, usa quality.

  65. Jaybob says:

    For the douche who said toyota ain’t farm quality and a elcamino is more of a truck do some research.

    Watch the Tundra Deconstructed video’s on youtube episodes 1-3

    • chris says:

      thats correct watch this video, toyota’s are the longest lasting regular gas vehicles’s on the road!!!!!

      • Michael Rocker says:

        Oh please can I puke now? They say they took it to an independent facility but yet all the people show were “Toyota” engineers. The guy doing the voice over in this video sounded like a Mike Rowe wanna be.

  66. Rahul says:

    I just placed an order for a 2011 Tundra!

  67. bommer says:

    your poll is a joke and not true at all ,anyone person who drives a commy car toyota thundra that is is stupid the profit go over seas,so cram it down someone elses throat,you unamericans support your own country,

  68. Jason (Admin) says:

    bommer – It’s not a “poll” sir – it’s based on federally published data. Sorry that your whole world has come crashing down as a result of this revelation, but what do you want me to say? Ford, GM, and Dodge don’t use as many American parts in their trucks as Toyota does. End of story.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Uh, I own an 04 Ram that was built in St. Lois. Guess that doesn’t count.

  70. Anonymous says:

    The new Toyotas are in! Complete with automatic acceleration, intermittent brakes, and unresponsive accelerators. I’ll stick with my GM’s and Dodge’s, thank you very much!

  71. Jason (Admin) says:

    Anonymous – Uh, you aren’t the only Ram owner in the country bro. Ram made a *LOT* of trucks in Mexico in 2004, as did Ford and GM. If you see a truck with a VIN # that starts with a “3”, it’s Mexican.

  72. Steve says:

    The reason I bought by 2011 Ram Crew cab was based on performance and features. I had a 2007 Chevy, but the 2011 was essentially the same, and performance was not that of the Ram. I am glad that 76% of it was made in America, but I based my choice on what I was looking for in a truck, it beat the Tundra, on features and performance. Also with all the Toyota problems, and they way they let that guy go to jail for the problem they didn’t want to admit to, I didn’t want to take a chance on them. But I do live in Texas, so I was more inclined to buy a Tundra than a Ram, if I felt it was a better truck for my application. Also when I looked at the truck, the hood seemed like a lighter weight hood and body parts than the Ram. And driving the Toyota didn’t feel to me as quick or powerful as the Ram. Maybe it’s the dual exhaust of the Ram sounds more powerful. The Ford didn’t impress me either with the fit and finish, I guess that’s the fault of the 45% made elsewhere?

  73. Jason (Admin) says:

    Steve – I commend you for considering all the models before buying. If you like the Ram best for your situation, I can understand that perfectly.

  74. Preston says:

    Sorry to bump a really old topic but in 2009 the Ram had 9k towing and in 2010 they jumped to 10k. Normally I would jump all over a company for doing this since Ford and Toyota were the most blame worthy companys but the angle at which Jason is arguing is all wrong. In 2010 Dodge made a big deal out of being SAE J-SPEC 2807 COMPLIANT, which means they upped their standards following J2807 testing. At that time in 2010 the only trucks following J2807 were Dodge, Chevy and GMC. There was also a lot of pressure on Ford in particular to go to J2807 but the company publicly refused. At the same time, Toyota declared that it would be J2807 compliant by 2011 and they encouraged SAE to make this mandatory by 2012.

    I am surprised nobody has presented this factual information because it’s posted all over the internet. I have read several articles covering this situation including an article from SAE themselves which is where I discovered that Chevy had jumped on board as well.

    [quote]Jason says:

    June 25, 2010 at 12:47 pm

    Once you’re calm, how about putting your money where your mouth is regarding the towing standard? I can’t stand it when people talk sh#t and then run away when it’s time to back it up. This is your chance to humiliate me…why are you so afraid to take it?

    NOTE: To everyone who doesn’t already know, I’ve bet Greg $100 that I’m right and he’s wrong about the 2010 Ram’s tow rating meeting J2807, but he refuses to respond to my challenge. See the comments on this post for more info:

    Besides that information, if the 2011 Tundra gets its towing numbers dropped into the Ram/Chevy area why would you think the Rams numbers would fall even further? Much of J2807 is about engine power and the Chevy 6.0, Ram 5.7 and Tundra 5.7 are all pretty close to one another as far as power is concerned.

    My 5.2 Dakota has towed 11,300 and my Ram 2500 V10 has gone over the scales at 17 tons, there is no doubt in my mind that these vehicles can tow any of these numbers. The question should be raised about a vehicles control over a load and the responsibility of the average driver rather than what your vehicle can tow.

    I fully support J2807 and can’t wait for Ford to get pressured into following suit.

  75. Jason (Admin) says:

    Preston – I’m not sure where you heard that the 2010 Ram was SAE J2807 compliant, but I actually spoke to a PR person at Ram and he told me that the tow ratings offered by Ram do not officially adhere to the standard. They may be “compliant” in the sense that they used the SAE J2807 test procedure during their R&D, but that doesn’t mean the number they use in their advertisements is correct. You can read more here:

    What’s more, if you look at the ratings on the newest Fords (2011) you’ll see that they are in fact adhering to the SAE J2807 standard. What’s interesting about Ford is that their newer engines have significantly more power, yet they have the same tow rating…how can this be? Adding more power should increase tow ratings…unless of course your original rating was BS.

  76. Preston says:

    [quote]Nick Cappa, a PR person for Ram. His words:

    “Just heard that the standard you are referring to is not finalized. Close but not final. That being said, no truck officially adheres to it.”

    As long as it’s close it’s good enough for me, my reasoning is because it’s only a J-SPEC at this point, it’s still changing and uncertain. Right now it’s still growing, until it stays the same I don’t believe any truck adheres to it. Besides that, my information came from the SAE website (not a just some PR person) which told everyone about the new J2807 and how it will become guidlines that will put everyone in line and how Dodge’s numbers grew due to their testing and how Chevy was on board as well. If I could find the article again I would love to post it but I have little time for that especially since it seems that the media has flocked around the Toyota/j2807 scandal making it very difficult to find anything relevant to j2807 now.

    Second, I imagine many of the manufacturers are skipping a certain critical area that presents itself as a problem in j2807. “The vehicle under test must be equipped with the lowest numerical axle ratio available from the manufacturer.” The reason manufacturers are skipping over this line should be obvious, lets take Ford for example, they have a 3.08 rear axle ratio, I bet it tows real slow and gets a real poor rating. Although they might be available with a 3.73 or a 4.1 this SAE stipulation doesn’t let them use it. The Tundra however has a lowest rear axle ratio of 4.1 and should tow the same load a lot faster than the Ford granting it much better numbers.

    Besides this minor or major flaw with j2807 I don’t think any half ton should realistically tow over 10k, honestly if you are going to tow a trailer over 8k more than once or twice a year you should be getting a 3/4 ton truck which by the way is a lot cheaper than a half ton truck and tows a considerable amount more, safer.

  77. Jason (Admin) says:

    Preston – I’d really like to see that article you mention. I’m certain that Dodge’s stated max tow capacity doesn’t adhere to the standard, mostly because Dodge’s disclaimer on that figure doesn’t even come close to meeting the J2807 rule about assumed weight of passengers and gear.

    As for your larger point – that half tons shouldn’t pull more than 10k – you’ll get no argument from me. My guess is that, once all manufacturers are forced to use the official J2807 testing methods – AND follow the rules about estimated weight of passengers and equipment – we won’t see many half-tons with a 10k+ rating.

  78. Michael Rocker says:

    I read this article and find it hard to believe that Toyota is more American then Ford GM or Chrysler. I will tell you how and why they can get away with saying it. There is a loophole in the law that says if the final assembly point is in this country then it can claim made in the USA. There is a major difference between made in the USA and assembled in the USA. If I buy furniture at IKEA and then proceed to put it together in my home does not mean it was MADE IN AMERICA it was assembled here but not MADE HERE. Most if not all the parts of the Tundra are shipped over here from Japan. At least 50% or more of the other cars Toyota make are still being imported. Do the research. I did.

  79. Jason (Admin) says:

    Michael – I understand where you’re coming from, but that’s simply not the case. While Toyota does source parts from Japan – a lot of electronics (mostly computer chips) – 90% of the parts come from US suppliers.

    Now where do those suppliers get their parts? I don’t know – but neither does anyone else. The suppliers that Toyota uses, by the way, are mostly in San Antonio on the TMMX campus. They’re also many of the same companies GM, Ford, and Chrysler-Fiat use.

    As for 50% of cars being imported, you’re correct. But the Tundra isn’t one of them.

  80. FCA1975 says:

    Toyota and Honda are both makers of some of the most visually boring and un-fun to drive vehicles. The Ridgeline looks like a child’s toy, not at all what a real truck should look like. That combined with the fact the most of the overall profits they generate will go right back to the land of the rising sun, will keep me from ever owning one.

  81. Michael Rocker says:

    To Jason before i lost my job and was unable to keep up with my payments I did a side by side comparison with my 2006 Ford F-150 4X4 with a 5.4 305 HP engine and a 2010 Tundra. The Tundra brags about the 5.7 381 HP engine. Side by side 0-60 my Ford won. Then we hooked up a 10,000 pound trailer to both. First thing noticed was that the Tundra rear end dropped down big time as soon as the trailer was dropped on the tow ball. With the F-150 no more then an inch. The Tundra was slower again going 0-60 with the trailer on it again the F-150 out hauled. We are talking about a slightly smaller engine and 76 less HP. By the way if you watch TV Ford GM and Chrysler-Fiat do not even include the Tundra or Nissan Titan in the comparisons or on their web sites. I also agree with FCA1975 that they are visually boring and the Ridgeline is a joke. It is just an SUV with the roof cut off

    • chris says:

      I hate to tell you but the tundra’s 5.7L will blow a 5.4L ford off the road. Tundra 5.7L 0-60 5.9 seconds. Let’s see 5.4L ford do that.

      • Michael Rocker says:

        Lets see now. if you look at it a 5.7 putting out 381 HP should be able to have a faster 0-60 time when compared to a 5.4 putting out 305. Do the math 76 more HP. I know what i saw and know what I did. My 2006 F-150 XLT 4X4 outran out towed a 2010 Tundra. My truck also had a 4.10 rear. I was there been that done that. Toyota can say what they want but it won’t stop my from buying another Ford. Maybe even the Ford Raptor with the 6.1. Buy American made and American Built not just assembled in America with the majority of it is shipped over from Japan.

        • Spywell says:

          I am not a Toyota or Ford fan, so in my non biased opinion, you must be wrong.
          330/350 2010 5.7 Tundra
          320/350 2010 5.7 Ram
          250/335 2010 5.4 Raptor

          The Tundra and Dodge 5.7l engines are superior to Fords 5.4l in every way, everyone knows Fords are slow/heavy. If you were to get a new Ford, get the 5.0l, the 6.1l is old technology.

          I am just waiting to see what happens with Dodge’s 5.7l/8speed combo, a hugely more efficient transmission will probably put it ahead of the already very efficient Tundra. Besides that, all the new technology in the 2013 Rams might make it my next truck.

          • Michael Rocker says:

            Here is the skinny on the Dodge Ram

            Also called Ram 1500 (2010–present)
            Ram 2500/3500 (2010–present)
            Model years 2009–present
            Assembly Saltillo, Mexico
            Body style 2-Door Regular Cab
            4-Door Quad-Cab
            4-Door Crew-Cab
            4-Door Mega-Cab

            The Dodge Ram 1500 and Dodge Dakota are built at the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Warren, Michigan.The Ram 1500 was also assembled at the Saint Louis Assembly plant in Fenton, Missouri before the plant was permanently closed in July 2009.
            Dodge also does not make it’s own Diesel engine and uses the Cummins.

          • Preston says:

            Great rebuttal there Michael, makes you seem even more credible, promise.

          • Michael Rocker says:

            Here is something else that recently has come to my attention. The reason that not only Toyota but Honda and Nissan are partially funded by the Japanese government. So you know where that money is going to when you buy one.

          • Michael,

            We wrote about that actually a while ago.


            The truth is, we also wrote about GM’s bailout as well.


            And the other truth is that countries throughout the world propped up all automakers through bailout programs. While you could argue about how great it was that Ford didn’t take a bailout. The fact is that Ford benefitted greatly by the other automakers taking bailouts. Ford’s CEO is on record for saying that if GM and Chrysler/Fiat went out of business, Ford would have went down with it.


  82. Joe says:

    Here is the problem with buying a cracker box Foreign owned car.

    #1 Japan has unfair trade practices against American made cars and trucks. It’s very difficult for an American manufacturer to get a foothold in Japan because of all their rules and unfair trade practices. Because of this I would never buy something with foreign nameplate, regardless if their car or product is made here if I can find an alternative. In addition, Ford and GM employ far more workers in the US than Toyota.

    #2 The reason Japan had to build their stuff here, is because Americans didn’t want to buy a truck built somewhere else. If there were no American made trucks they would have never put a plant here.

    #3 Companies like Toyota purposely sell their products for less than it costs to make, to grab marketshare. Once they capture the market, and there is no competition, then they jack up the prices. Just look at China and the clothing industry, all the American competition is gone and now they are jacking up the prices.

    #4 I’ll take my Ford anyday over a Tundra

  83. […] Originally Posted by oldman45 I live in Louisiana and travel the state daily. Never heard of an engine building plant in this state. You are correct, my error. They are manufactured in Alabama. Still the best truck engine I have ever driven… Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Alabama, Inc. (TMMAL) Toyota Tundra – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Tundra Is Now America’s “Most American” Pickup | Tundra Headquarters […]

  84. Michael Rocker says:

    Once again we now talk about TMMAL. There is nothing there saying that the engines are built there from the ground up or if they are shipped here to the US in containers and once again ASSEMBLED here in the USA. Just remember this that when you go to a Toyota dealership if you see a J in the VIN number it means that car was 100% built in Japan. Remember there are no Toyota , Honda or Nissan vehicles built 100% in the USA with 100% US parts

  85. Dave says:

    I own a 2010 Dodge RAM 5.7L. It does what I want it to do. I did not look at a TOYota, because I will never buy/own one. I do not like them. I am sure they make very good autos, but I have 3 choices, 3 BIG choices. I do not care if the TOYota is 80% made in USA, the one thing I look at is it is 100% owned by Japan.

  86. Jason (Admin) says:

    Joe – Point #1 is an old saw, but it’s hard to prove. Does Japan hate American cars, or do American companies fail to make cars that are desireable? Read more here:

    Point #2 – I think shipping costs had more to do with it. It’s not cheap to ship big pickups around the world…makes a lot more sense to build them in the market they sell in. Shipping a Yaris, however, is cheap, so they’re still built in Japan. There’s also the fact that the Yaris (and the Scion xA and xD and others) all sell in Japan too.

    Point #3 – Any proof? Last time I checked, Toyota doesn’t make textiles in China.

    Point #4 – I think the F150 is fine truck. Happy to hear you dig it. I’d take one in a heartbeat, but my first preference is a Tundra.

  87. Jason (Admin) says:

    Michael – The opposite is true is well – there are no 100% USA vehicles built 100% in the USA. NONE.

    Dave – If you want to buy a “domestic” truck without even considering a “foreign” alternative, that’s your business. Of course, it’s kind of like marrying the first girl that ever smiles at you. It’s romantic, but it’s not very rational.

  88. Michael Rocker says:

    Jason you bring up a good point. GM begged the US Government for a bail out to save themselves from bankruptcy recently said they will hire or rehire about 4000 auto workers. Meanwhile one of the most popular models they make Chevy Impala it has been built at Oshawa Car Assembly in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada as well as a car they resurrected as an American Classic Camaro. Sure GM is an American company but did that bail out money also help GM Limited Canada? It seems like Federal,State and local governments don’t seem to car that when they are buying the Impala for Police or Fleet cars. GM also announced that some time this year 2011 there will be a new Police Car called the Caprice PPV (Police Patrol Vehicle) coming all the way from down under built by Holden Australia. I may never buy a Toyota, Nissan or Honda I also have to add GM to that list as well even if most of their other cars are built in the US.

    In reply to your Point #4 Do what I did and do your own side by side comparison between the F-150 and a Tundra equally equipped. I know who won. Toyota tends to go over the top in their TV add campaigns. I loved the one where they stop short of going over the edge of a platform over a cliff. If you look close when the show the front wheels breaking it chatters because what you don’t see in the commercial is the safety chain that was used to keep it from going over the edge. There was also another one that if you look real good and close to the background most of the trucks are Ford F Series.

  89. Jason (Admin) says:

    Michael – The sad fact is, there really aren’t any 100% American vehicles. Although I will argue until I’m blue in the face that the Tundra is more American than the F150 (or any other so-called “domestic”.

    As for your suggestion to compare an F150 to a Tundra, done and done. Why would I choose Tundra?

    First, I don’t need a lot of configuration options. The standard Tundra at my local dealer is fine.

    Second, I’m not keeping a truck until it falls apart. No chance. Therefore, I need resale value…and Tundra wins that hands down.

    Three, I don’t drive enough to care about gas mileage, so the fact that the newer F150s have better EPA fuel economy ratings doesn’t do much for me.

    Four, there’s no disputing the Tundra’s record for quality and durability. They’ve won JD Power’s durability award for 6 (or is it 7) years in a row. F150 can’t match that.

    So there you have it.

    As for the ridiculousness of Tundra ads, I agree. They’re pretty dumb.

  90. Michael Rocker says:

    “First, I don’t need a lot of configuration options. The standard Tundra at my local dealer is fine.”

    Are you saying that the Tundra does not com in different configurations?

    “Second, I’m not keeping a truck until it falls apart. No chance. Therefore, I need resale value…and Tundra wins that hands down.”

    Ford and Chevy have good resale values and don’t fall apart. Can’t say much about Dodge.

    “Three, I don’t drive enough to care about gas mileage, so the fact that the newer F150s have better EPA fuel economy ratings doesn’t do much for me.”

    Funny how Toyota claims they have the best fuel mileage in it’s class what ever class that may be.

    “Four, there’s no disputing the Tundra’s record for quality and durability. They’ve won JD Power’s durability award for 6 (or is it 7) years in a row. F150 can’t match that.

    JD Powers really don’t mean much when everyone seems to tout a JD Powers award for this that and the other thing.
    My 2006 F-150 till i had to give it up for financial reasons only had one minor recall on the power brake booster. My truck also got broadsided and was hit squarely on the left rear wheel. It was a 40 MPH hit. i took it to my tire guy to have it looked at and the only damage i had was the plastic wheel cap. I got a replacement for $15 i have the pictures to prove it. I saw a guy backing up his Escalade in to the rear end of a parked Tundra and for the little damage that it had it took almost a month to get it fixed.

    Oh yeah one last parting shot. The Ford F-150 has been the best selling truck in america as well as Canada

    The Ford F-Series and Super Duty have been the best-selling trucks in the U.S. for 34 years. 24 out of those 34 years, they were the best-selling vehicles in the U.S. Over 2 million have been sold. The best-selling variants are the F-150 and F-250.

    Can Toyota say that? Can they build a durable 1/2 ton or full ton dually? I doubt it very much.

  91. Jason (Admin) says:

    Michael – In order…

    1. Yes, I’m saying the Tundra isn’t very configurable, especially when compared to the F150. I used to work at a Ford dealership and I used to order new cars, and there’s about 50k+ ways to build an F150. A Tundra? Maybe 100

    2. Resale values are one of the few areas where the Tundra clearly distinguishes itself, but if you buy the right F150 (popular features and low MSRP, i.e. XLT supercab with big motor) you can do well.

    3. If Toyota claims the best mileage in the half-ton class, then I think they’re pulling some funny business. The 4.6L gets good mileage (300+ hp to boot), but I can’t imagine that it rates higher than the 3.7L V6. Perhaps they’re comparing the 4.6 to the 5.0…

    4. Well you can discount JD Power if you want to, but everyone IN the industry has a lot of respect for them.

    5. Best-selling does not equal best. If it did, McDonalds would make the best cheeseburgers in the world by a large margin.

    I’m not trying to dismiss your argument with a simple argument, but I’ve discussed this at length with others. Check this out:

  92. Hickhunter says:

    You know what, Ford screwed up one year and that year is 2010 but they admitted their mistake from all the problems of that years truck’s. This year, 2011, they changed out the foreign parts with American made, in factory made mechanical parts, so stop judging Ford off of one year mistake!

  93. Donnie says:

    Toyota is over rated in the real world they don’t hang I don’t care were they are made they are still soft. I had one only one no more they are too whipee!

  94. MB says:

    What does it matter which truck is “better” or whether or not Toyota had recalls or safety issues. What really matters to me is which company is employing the most american workers. As far as profits going to Japan, why would I care which rich guy gets more of my $? Does anyone really think American CEOs care more about the middle class than a Japanese CEO?

  95. Jason (Admin) says:

    Donnie – Riiiiight. Ever been outside the USA? You see Toyota pickups all over the place, doing a lot of work (including war time duty). SO, I guess what you’re saying is that you don’t know sh*t when you say they’re over-rated…

    MB – Here here. I think final assembly point and percentage of domestic content are the most important stats there are when it comes to “Buying American.” Forget whatever emblem is on the vehicle…to many cars are built overseas and/or substantially with overseas parts.

  96. Tundra Owner says:

    5.9 seconds 0-60 stock

    out tows, better looking, gets gals soaked!!!


  97. Tundra Owner says:

    My Tundra was “assembled – made” whatever- in San Antonio, Texas !
    which means not only Americans got paid but that average hard working TEXANS were paid. And very good point earlier: who cares what CEO jerk gets the final check! That’s exactly right on a previous point; NEITHER gives a crap about the real working man. Anyone remember the bail out….that ceo took the private jet when he was laying off thousands because they were broke! Does everyone really care about that dude?? Who cares, take the better faster stronger truck.


  98. SDR says:

    As far as the silverado goes, the ONLY chevy fullsize built in mexico is the 4 door half ton. All others, half tons and HDs, are built in the states. GM shutdown the other mexican plants. In the U.S., 1 plant in Indiana, and 2 plants in michigan for the fullsize trucks. Not sure about Fords.

  99. SDR says:

    Somebody stated earlier that Gm shutdown 1 plant in canada for the 4 door trucks, that is true, but left the other open in mex.

  100. Michael Rocker says:

    I was surprised to find out Chrysler is lying BIG TIME. I saw a show recently on my TV On Demand and it was about the Dodge Challenger. Seems like that car as well as the Charger are built in Brampton Ont Ca. The engines including the 6.1 Ltr Hemi engines for the cars and trucks are made in Mexico. Also the Chrysler 300 is built there so that blows the Imported from Detroit out the window. Here is the skinny on the Dodge Ram

    Also called Ram 1500 (2010–present)
    Ram 2500/3500 (2010–present)
    Model years 2009–present
    Assembly Saltillo, Mexico
    Body style 2-Door Regular Cab
    4-Door Quad-Cab
    4-Door Crew-Cab
    4-Door Mega-Cab

    The Dodge Ram 1500 and Dodge Dakota are built at the Warren Truck Assembly Plant in Warren, Michigan.The Ram 1500 was also assembled at the Saint Louis Assembly plant in Fenton, Missouri before the plant was permanently closed in July 2009.
    Dodge also does not make it’s own Diesel engine and uses the Cummins. Ford and GM/Chevy make their own Diesel engines but you can also order one with a Cummins Diesel.

  101. Jack says:

    Show me the proof. The Japanese and Big 3 share suppliers, yet the Japanese have more American content? Not buying it.

  102. Michael Rocker says:

    Recently at Daytona Speed Weeks the camary was the “Official” pace car. Does not sit well with me since the Daytona 500 is called “The Great American Race”. It’s all about the money not the cars. I am so glad the #17 Roush Ford Fusion and Matt Kenseth won.

    Jack as i have stated before is that most of if not all of the body parts are stamped in Japan and shipped here to be assembled. I had a friend who was a longshoreman supervisor at the Port Authority in NYC. He just retired recently. He had to check the manifests of each container coming in to the port prior to going through customs. He told me that those containers had frames, fenders, hoods, doors, quarter panels and trunk lids as well as engines and transmissions. The key to this is as American-built car it would not be subject to the same restrictive quotas as vehicles imported from Japan. The loophole used to get away with saying “Built in the USA” is the place of final assembly. The car/truck can have 75% imported content and still be called American made.

  103. Jason (Admin) says:

    Jack and Michael – You guys don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to, but the fact is that the Tundra uses more parts from Canada and the U.S.A. than any other half-ton truck manufacturer. Anecdotes about shipping containers aren’t “proof” – federally mandated documentation about country of origini, however, would be.

    As for the Camry leading Daytona, it’s built in Louisville, KY and has been for 20+ years. It’s not only the best selling car in the United States for more years than I can recall, but it’s also one of the highest quality vehicles on the road. The Camry is rolling proof that the American autoworker can make a great car. If you can’t get behind that image, I feel sorry for you.

  104. Michael Rocker says:

    I was at the DC auto show in Feb. I looked at all the Toyota’s that were on display and I looked at the Vin numbers and all but 2 of the almost 20 vehicles there had a J for Japan on them. I looked at Kia and Hyundi as well and their Vin had a K for Korea. Not all the Camary’s sold in the US are assembled in the US. The Toyota rep at the show said over 50% or more of the cars sold in the US are built in Japan

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      Michael – It’s certainly true that Toyota still builds a large portion of their models in Japan, but they’ve “seen the light” in terms of domestic production, and as time goes by more and more cars sold in the USA will be built in the USA. Toyota has announced U.S. production expansions just about every year since 1999, from new assembly plants (the newest is in Tupelo, MS) to expansions of existing powertrain production plants.

      It’s also true that there are Japan-made Camrys available for sale at your local Toyota dealership. However, the majority are built in Kentucky.

      My point here is that no one should be looking at the badge when they decide whether or not a car is “American” – there are Chevys and Fords that are built in Mexico, and Toyotas that are built in the South. Badges are just part of the story.

  105. […] article i would love to print it and throw it in quite a few chevy and ford owners faces This: The Tundra Is Now America’s “Most American” Pickup | Tundra Headquarters and this: 25 Vehicles Less American Than The Toyota Tundra | Tundra […]

  106. […] posted this in another thread, but it seems it would fit in here as well The Tundra Is Now America’s “Most American” Pickup | Tundra Headquarters 1. ALL Tundras are built in the USA. Since 2007, the Tundra has had 75% or more domestic content […]

  107. Steve in his Tundra says:

    The parts that the Tundra uses are provided on site where the Tundra is built. The part supplier’s surround the plant. Health care is on site as
    well. Check it out on youtube. Buy American Buy a Tundra.

  108. […] made in America on them? and the majority of the money that is paid for one leaves the country. The Tundra Is Now America’s “Most American” Pickup | Tundra Headquarters Nope and nope… Although this is a couple years old and I believe the F150 is back to p1 for […]

  109. Lee says:

    Stop living in the past!! You don’t “send your money to Japan” when you buy from Toyota. It’s a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. People from all over the world own it. The same is true for GM, Ford and Chrsyler whose stocks may be more foreign owned than Toyota. It really does come down to jobs and it seems that buying a Toyota Tundra creates more American jobs.

    • Lee,

      Good points.


      • Michael Rocker says:

        Go to your local Toyota, Scion or Lexus dealer and look at the vin #’s or on the driver side door and you will see that over 50% of the vehicles on the lot are imported from Japan.

        • Michael,

          I think that is the point. Most of the parts for ALL vehicles are made overseas. “Most American” is literally the one with the most parts. There are no American-only made trucks, just like there are no American-only brands (GM, Chrysler-Fiat, Ford). Ford is trying to be the “most American”, however, they just said the other day that their 2014 sales growth goals are all focused on Europe.


          • Michael Rocker says:

            I know this reply came a long time after your post but in April 2013 it was announce that the FORD FOCUS is the BEST SELLING car WORLD WIDE. Toyota and Honda have been yelling and screaming they have the best selling vehicles in America but if you look at the numbers it is the FORD F-150 in total sold.

          • Tim Esterdahl says:


            You should have read that story you mention a little closer. There is a lot of question on the validity of Ford’s announcement.

            Also, the Ford F-150 is the top selling truck in North America, nobody is doubting that.

            Please get your facts straight.


    • Umm… HELLO. Look at the date on this post, it is 6/25/2010. And yes, at that time, the Tundra held the #1 spot. Has Ford moved production back to the U.S. that helps it move ahead? Sure. Is Toyota currently moving more and more production to the U.S.? yep.

      Is it sad that Ford moved production away that cost it the #1 spot? Absolutely.

      Really your point is that Ford hasn’t always been the best domestic automaker. Nice.


  110. Tom Bush says:

    Hey Toyota Boys!!! I know how u can make a fortune!!! Sue Ford for false advertisement!!! Good Luck!!! LONG LIVE FORD AND GM AND THE UNIONS!!!!

    • Michael Rocker says:

      @ Tom. Maybe we could sue Toyota for false advertising. Tundra commercial where they show it pulling the Space Shuttle is crock. First off the shuttle was sitting on self propelled dollys that can travel at a top speed of 2.5-3 MPH. Ford GM/Chevy, Dodge and even Nisan’s poor excuse for a pickup could have done the same thing. I know for a fact my F-150 4X4 has towed a 50,000 tour bus without breaking a sweat. Everyone of the Tundra commercial are fake to the point they believe that the Tundra is the only truck to do those things. I love the one where they run it out on a platform overlooking a canyon and claim that it had enough braking power to stop it on time. What they don’t show is the precisely measured cable hook to the frame to prevent it from going over. You can see all the adds on Youtube. You can see how when the truck comes to a stop it chatters. It would not do that with ABS. Or the one with the swinging weights or going up a ramp surrounded by fire. Fire which was added in with CGA.

      • I always find these comments funny. Did Toyota say that nobody else can tow the shuttle? Nope. Did Toyota stage the event with the thousand of “fake” witnesses like you claim? Nope.

        I love how you like to bash Toyota for a really cool tow – which is what it was. However, if a Ford did it, you would be the biggest Ford cheerleader. Get some perspective.


        • Anonymous says:

          I never said the people(witnesses)were fake. All I said was that the Tundra wasn’t really needed to pull the shuttle. Toyota made a donation to have this one time event done because of a sizable donation to the Space Museum. It was not like the side by side testing Ford does with the comitition.

          • Toyota has been a long-time supporter of the museum. And all manufactures do side-by-side testing. None of this though proves or disproves the tow. Again, it was a great marketing opportunity that every truck maker would have done in a heartbeat. That’s it. There is no conspiracy.


          • Michael Rocker says:

            @Tim If you watch the commercials like I do the point Toyota is trying to say that the Tundra can out do any other manufactures trucks.As i said before the commercials are rigged. Dodge makes claims. Chevy/GM makes claims.

            I know for a fact Toyota can not make this claim.

            The all-time favorite pickup truck, the American Ford F-Series. The best selling vehicle in the US for 24 years and the best selling truck for over three decades, the F-Series keeps running proud for 12 generations since the launch in 1948.

          • Michael,

            You’re reading way too much into it. Toyota is simply saying that their 1/2 ton is one durable truck. I spoke directly to Toyota Chief Engineer Mike Sweers about this. He like other Toyota Execs agree with you. Ford builds one heck of a truck AND you’re right it has been the top-selling truck for many, many years. They realize that other trucks could tow the shuttle, it was just a unique marketing opportunity.

            The truth is that we get tired of Ford, GM and Ram owners claims of inflated MPGs, towing numbers (no J2807 standards except by Toyota) and criticism of market share that isn’t warranted. It gets annoying. I respect people who drive other products, why can’t they respect I don’t. I used to drive several GM products and have owned/driven Chrysler products. After driving all the major trucks and researching them, Toyota has some impressive features/awards on their side – there is no disputing that.

            I would like to point out one more thing. A lot of the GM, Ford, Ram fans who comment here seem to think Toyota Tundra owners hate their trucks. We don’t. Frankly, they build great trucks and even Toyota acknowledges this. There are just a lot of differences between the models and Toyota fills this need. As one of our commentors pointed out one time: “Toyota buyers are really just fed-up domestic buyers.” Do they hate the domestics? Nope. We have all owned them for years, we simply feel that the Toyota Tundra is a great truck, that’s all.


    • I think we would make more by charging you for every excess exclamation point. Where did you learn English? One exclamation point is enough.


      • Drew says:

        I couldnt agree with you more Tim. Toyota is just a name anyway. Just like GM, Ram, and Ford. But what matters the most is whats behind the name. You can put a nam on anything you want. Just because Toyota is a Japanese name doesnt mean the vehicle is Japanese. People need to do their research and stop living in the past. If the tundra was such a bad truck then for one i wouldnt have owned two of them, but for two, tundra never would have made it in the market. I loved both Tundra i had. I owned the D-cab SR5 model then the Platinum CrewMax. Both awesome trucks and were way better then the two rams and chevy i owned before the tundras. Toyota knows what they need to do to compete in the market. And the redesign of the 2014 Tundra is huge and will make a lot of different.

      • Michael Rocker says:

        Hey Tim maybe you won’t take my word for it but here is a link from the LA Times.

        By Jerry Hirsch
        April 9, 2013, 8:43 a.m.
        An American automaker has the top-selling car in the world — the Ford Focus.

        Research firm R.L. Polk & Co. said Ford Motor Co. sold 1,020,410 Focus models worldwide last year. About a quarter of the sales were in the U.S.

        The Focus beat out the second-best seller — Toyota’s Corolla with sales of 872,774 — by a wide margin.

        Including the F-series truck and Fiesta compact car, Ford had three of the 10 top-selling vehicles internationally, the firm reported.

        So if you don’t believe the LA Times even FOX news who i don’t trust agrees.

        In a report the next day Toyota cried foul and there is an article in the Chicago Tribune.
        Bah ha ha. I guess they don’t like being beat fair and square.

        BTW in case you didn’t know this Toyota adds it’s sale of the Avalon in it’s sales total for the Camary. Two separate cars with one total.

        • Tim Esterdahl says:

          Hey Michael,

          As a trained Journalist, I go with the most complete news source. The LA Times and Fox News are really reaching for the sensational headline (and they should that is their role). The controversy has to do with how you measure the data and R.L. Polk’s accounting methods.

          Here is the controversy explained:

          The statement “fair and square” isn’t accurate. It really just depends on what data you look at. The real truth is that statistics often lie and you can make them read anyway you want to.

          Now, there is no controversy that Ford is doing well at the moment. Nobody on this site is disputing that.


  111. Tom Bush says:

    …and I think it’s Ford #1 and GM #2 @23% and #3 is Dodge at 14% and The Mighty Toyota!!! 3%

    • Drew says:

      And your opinion is great to hear, But if your going to do a truck line-up, do your research first before you embaress yourself. Ford may sell more trucks per year then toyota. But they dont beat quality and reliability like the tundra. and not to mention the fact that the tundra is more american built then the other big three:)

  112. J.Arce says:

    Let’s not forget re-sale value, where Toyota (and I must say not just the Tundra) leads the way.
    And yes, Tundra owners don’t hate other brands, the reason why I bought the Tundra this time (two months ago) is because it offered more bang for the buck and the “big 3” didn’t have anything that made me swing their way. Next time I wouldn’t have a problem buying an f150 or ram or GM as long as they offer me a better truck than Toyota. I am not married to any brand, I buy what works for me and this time it happened to be the Tundra.
    I wouldn’t buy a POS just because I feel I have to support the mobsters, I mean, the Unions, I wouldn’t buy a POS just to make redneck territory happy and I wouldn’t buy a Tundra just because is made in Texas, sorry but I buy what I think will work best for me at the time of purchase.

    Not saying Tundra is THE BEST TRUCK, simply put this time was the best option for me. Oh, and before some one brings it up, I didn’t buy a cheaper truck because of money issues, I bought a Limited Edition 4×4.

  113. Andrew says:

    Nothing you jap lovers have said changes the fact that the Japs killed my grandfather when my dad was 2 years old and my uncles were 1 and 3. I love to se a Tundwa (Japs cant pronounce “r”) pulling a fifthwheel camper and getting worse mileage than a semi. I have a 01 GMC Sierra (half ton American style) 8600 gvw 12000 towing. Ill pull your Tundwa and your fifthwheel and get 5 times your mpg! Hey Jap lovers-Buy a real truck!

  114. Andrew says:

    Don’t forget that its spelled Toyoda also (that’s how the CEO’s and owners over in Japan spell it. And you Jap lovers cant pass any of your “Toyodas are great” with me I am a 15 year auto tech, and I work on those pieces of crap 5 days a week! My Sierra has 130,000 miles on it and all it has had done to it besides Regular maintenance is a battery, and windshield! Ya its 4 wheel drive too and like new condition. At least Toyoda started going with a timing chain instead of a belt. Guess you “americans” got tired of paying $1000-$2000 at 80,000 miles For a timing belt, water pump and pulleys. -Did you notice I didn’t say every 80,000 miles? Not likely you make it to 160,000 miles! I personally have 3 GMs with over 300k and one with 400k (’90 K3500) That’s a one ton 4-wheel drive for you guys whose “truck” manufacturer doesn’t know what a 3/4 or 1 ton is. And to continue my thought Ive never seen a Toyoda with over 200k.

  115. Danno says:

    Hmmmm, no offense to loss of your father, but if we are gonna hold grudges against people who we are now allies with, then who can we do business with. i am having problems identifying a country that we haven’t been at war with somewhere in lifespan of our own violent history. If we follow your lead, then we also can’t buy anything from China, Korea, Vietnam,Spain, Japan, Italy, France, Mexico, England/Canada, all the former Soviet states, Grenanda and I guess we also can’t do business between northern states and southern states from the Civil war… Just saying, we need to move on.


    I have worked for Toyota for 11 years. I drive a 2001 GMC. The reason is I like it and it is more of a hot rod than a daily driver. But as far as what is most american, it is the Toyota Tundra. It is not 80% though. It is 75%. Yesterday I went to the 2014 Tundra launch in Gonzales LA. To get this info. Ford had been dogging out the fram for Tundra. Funny how their 2015 truck frame will be built exactly like the Tundra. Everyone wants to adopt Toyota concept. Even down to the stamp on the tail gate. We had the Dodge crew cab with the 5.7 hemi. Total junk. No power with the 7,000 lbd load. Then the trying to stop the truck was almost imposible. This was the same for the Ford and Chevy though the Chevy stopped the shortest 2nd to Tundra. The breaks alone on the tundra are racing breaks. They are huge calipers along with huge rotors. The rear ring gear on chevy, dodge and ford is a 5″. The Tundra is a 10″. Twice the mass. The Ford 2500 says 10″ but when you put it side by side with the Tundra it is still smaller. The only rear end ring gear that is larger is the 3500 dooly. For a 1500 1/2 ton pickup there is no comparison as far as being able to tow. Rated for 10,000+. Up to 12,000. Get some

  117. Michael Rocker says:

    Hey Rooster have you gone off the meds again? Over the years the Tundra front end and sides look more like an F-150. I just saw one last night and was going to tell the driver nice Ford but then I noticed the T oval. The back looks like a Dodge Ram. Everyone wants to adapt Toyota concept? How about Toyota trying to adapt to Ford Chevy/GM and Dodge? Mostly Ford. Get the fact straight Ford has the F-150 250 & 350. Chevy and Dodge have a 1500 2500 & 3500. Get your trucks correct. I am not big on the Dodge and I also think it’s junk but don’t be slamming Ford. When it comes to Towing Ford takes it hands down even with the 3.5L Ti-VCT 4-Valve V6 EcoBoost rated at 11300. Get some? Some Ford? BTW I was on a web site the other day and it had a graph of total truck sales for 2012 going back to the year 2000. It shows Ford on top followed by Chevy then Dodge and GMC then came Toyota and Nissan. Even with Chevy and GMC combined it did not even come close to Ford. However on the bottom end there was a slight peak with Toyota and Nissan around 2006-07 after that sales have declined for both. BTW the new 2015 Ford frame has been in the making a few years now. I just saw the video from Price Lablonc Toyota and once again it looks just like an F-150. When I buy a car or truck I will be spending it with a company that is American based. I am not going to throw my hard earned money on a high priced item where the money is going to Japan. If it walks like a duck talks like a duck guess what? It is a duck.

  118. Jess says:

    If you claim the profits going overseas dont matter, and assert Ford & Chevy puts profits in foreign countries.. By paying $26.00 a day.. Means more profits stay in America instead of sucked into Japan’s economy! Yes, they leave some by paying American workers, but trucks are assembled here to avoid import fees, taxes, tariffs, and various other regulations! Give me a break this truck is American!!

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