Toyota Tundra Meets EF5 Tornado – It STILL RUNS!

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The tornadoes that hit Oklahoma in the summer of 2013 were a stunning reminder on how fragile life is. Fortunately for one Tundra owner, himself and his family survived the storm. The truck? Well, that’s another story.

Toyota Tundra Meets EF5 Tornado - It STILL RUNS!

This amazing before and after comes courtesy of the owner’s post over at

It is clear to see that the Tundra took a beating from the storm. The fact it is still running amazes us. If you have a moment, check out the thread on from the survivor/owner. The harrowing story of him not knowing what happened to his family while the tornado raged on is amazing. We are glad he survived, yet we feel for him since he just paid off his 2011 Rock Warrior SIX days prior to the storm. Major UGH!

Now that the destruction in Oklahoma is in the clean up stages for the most part, it got us thinking. How much will the property damages be? We found this news story and did some math. The story says there were 13,000 structures lost, if we were to extrapolate and assume 3 vehicles per structure lost, that would be 40,000 cars. Assuming $25,000 lost per car, that’s $1 billion (and that’s probably high). Now that’s crazy!

What do you think of his story? What’s the worst damage that happened to a vehicle you have owned?

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  1. Mickey says:

    Read that thread. He stated he will get another Tundra or he got another Tundra close to what he had. Amazing how his wife and child survive the tornado. I’m glad all is well in his family. Vehicles can be replaced but not a life.
    My worst was back in 2008 when I hit a 6pt buck crossing I-77 going from 70 mph down to about 35mph when I hit the buck. Threw him a distance knocking off one hind leg. Cost just over $11k to fix. Because of my hard braking cuase more damage. Instead of a bumper hit it was a radiator hit which took out evap, tranny oil cooler, headlight, radiator, serpentine belt and tensioner. You have the pics Jason. My next one was hit from the rear causing $3,500 in damages back in 2012.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Yep, I saw you and I both commented on his thread. His story was so good though, I had to share with others.


  2. LJC says:

    Your hard braking was likely from EBA kicking in.

  3. Mickey says:

    LJC what I was getting at was the front end was down because I was hard on the brake which made the dear hit the top of the surround and radiator. The only thing I did right was not trying to swerve to avoid it. Stayed in inside lane since outside lane had a big drop from the mountainside.

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