Toyota Tundra Lift Kit Review: Truxxx 3″ Lift Kit

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Lift and leveling kits are some of the most popular accessories for the new Tundra — they improve the look and stance of the truck, allow for bigger tires and wheels, and can even improve ground clearance. We’ve already reviewed the ToyTec 3″ lift kit for the Tundra, now we’re going to review another popular option, the Truxxx Tundra 3″ lift kit.

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Truxxx started out installing after-market parts for truck owners in the Tucson area before becoming a manufacturer. All Truxxx lift kits are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty. The spacers are powder-coated steel, and the nuts and bolts are cadmium plated with serrated flange heads and built-in washers. We dislike the use of steel – it’s heavier than aluminum and the powder coating can be chipped, exposing the spacers to the elements…but this is a minor complaint. Overall, the kit is of good quality.

Tundra before the install of the Truxxx 3Before.
Tundra after the install of the Truxxx 3After.
Click photos for a larger view.

The Truxxx kit is designed to raise the front of the Tundra 3? and the rear 1?, thus leveling the truck while also increasing the height about 1?. Our test vehicle raised exactly 3″ in the front and just a little bit more than 1″ in the back (see before and after photos). The end result is the lifted truck looks better, is level, and can accommodate a much larger set of wheels and tires. The Truxxx website states the kit can accommodate wheels as tall as 33″, but we suspect you might be able to go bigger. Just make sure that you install the kit before you buy the bigger wheels.

The kit includes 3? spacers for the front, 1? blocks for the rear, and a 1? differential drop kit to restore the angle of the front axles and ball joints to factory spec. Like we’ve said before, we like kits with metal spacers (like Truxxx) instead of polyurethane (like Daystar). Metal kits don’t require re-tightening, and they tend to wear much better (see our Tundra Leveling Kit post for an example of polyurethane gone wrong) over time.

Installing the Truxxx lift kit is in some ways simpler than other kits we’ve seen – the kit doesn’t require the use of a strut compressor because the spacers simply sit on top of the strut rather than inside the strut. That one feature makes this kit much simpler for the home mechanic to install. However, once the spacer is attached to the top of the strut, the strut assembly becomes much longer. In order to re-attach the spindle to the lower ball joint, you’ll need to use a jack on the A-arm or a ratchet assembly (see the install video) to get everything close enough to bolt it together. This step is less complicated than dis-assembling the strut, but that’s not to say it’s necessarily easier. The instructions for the kit also recommend you completely lower the truck to the ground before attempting to reconnect the swaybar. That’s also because of the strut assemblies increased length – you need the weight of the truck to compress the spring so you can get the parts close enough to bolt them together. That being said, you’ll probably need a prybar to get everything bolted up.

YouTube Preview Image
Truxxx 3″ Tundra Lift Kit Installation Video

While we’re talking about the increased length of the strut assembly, it’s a good time to mention that there’s a negative to having a longer strut. The distance between the upper and lower control arms is increased, and therefore the ball joints and CV axles are at a larger angle. This larger angle will accelerate wear and tear on these parts. The Truxxx kit reduces some of the impact of the increased strut assembly length by including a 1″ differential drop kit, but it’s not a complete fix. The real long-term impact of this change is debatable, but all things being equal a spacer on top of the strut will increase wear and tear on ball joints and CV axles. Of course, the big advantages with this type of design are simpler install (no strut compressor) and better ride (other spacer kits pre-load the spring and reduce ride quality).

Like almost all after market parts we’ve ever installed, we think the instructions for the Truxxx kit could have been better. While the photos were good, the instructions might not be very clear if you’ve never installed a lift kit. Of course, we’re sure a first timer would figure it out. One other issue with this kit, also minor, is that it’s not compatible with the TRD skid plate. The two rear bolts on the TRD skid plate aren’t long enough after the differential is dropped, and Truxxx didn’t provide new bolts to make the TRD skid plate work. We had to order a couple of bolts online. However, Truxxx did provide bolts to re-attach the standard skid plate (which is all most people need anyways).

Pricing the Truxxx kit was interesting. On the Truxxx website, the kit is listed for $367. That’s a lot of money for this kit considering you can buy an aluminum ToyTec Tundra 3″ Lift Kit for $289 (or less). Granted, the ToyTec kit requires a strut compressor (and therefore more expense in installation), but it’s also lighter and it might be better for your ball joints and CV axles. We did find the Truxxx kit on for less than $300, and we’re sure you can find a similar price with a little bit of effort.

Bottom Line: The Truxxx kit does exactly what it’s supposed to – level the truck by raising the front end 3″ and the rear end 1″. This kit seems to be popular with home mechanics, and we think we know why – installing the Truxxx kit is simpler than some other kits because it doesn’t require a strut compressor. Just keep in mind that simpler isn’t necessarily easier, you’ll need to do some prying to get everything to bolt together. The price on the Truxxx website is high, but you can find it for less elsewhere. Check out the price of the Truxxx kit at the It’s better than you’ll find anywhere else (at least it was when we posted this link).

If you don’t mind spending more on installation, we’d recommend the ToyTec lift kit for the Tundra instead of the Truxxx kit. ToyTec’s kit is made from aluminum, it’s less expensive, and it’s better for your ball joints and CV axles (but how much better is up for debate).

Truxxx 3″ Tundra Lift Kit Specs:

Dimensions: Kit adds 3″ of lift in the front, slightly more than 1″ of lift in the rear.

Install Time: A competent mechanic can install this kit in 1 to 2 hours. Expect a shop to charge 3 hours of labor plus alignment.

Installation Tips: First, get yourself a ratchet strap. That will help you compress the spring a little when you’re trying to re-attach the spindle to the lower ball joint. Second, when you’re installing the differential drop, think about removing the bolts that hold the steering rack in place. You can then put a prybar between the steering rack and the frame and you’ll have some finger room when you’re putting the nuts on the new bolts for the diff drop.

Warranty: Truxxx has lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. Despite what you may hear from your Toyota dealer, installing a lift kit will not impact your Toyota factory warranty. However, you may have to fight with them a little before they honor the warranty.

Thanks again to master tech Jerrod Jewell and Mountain States Toyota. Jerrod is always a pleasure to work with (and patient with our video demands too), and Mountain States has got the be the best Toyota dealer in Denver. If you want Mountain States to install your lift kit, ask for Fred Karford in the service department.

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  4. Mike says:

    I was considering the toytec lift kit but in the article it says the TRD skid plate wouldn’t fit with the original bolts. Where can I find longer bolts? what size?

  5. admin says:

    Mike, we’re still waiting to hear back on the bolts. We’ll post ASAP.

  6. Mike says:

    Thank you for keeping me posted.

  7. Russ says:

    I am trying to decide between Toy Tec Kit and a Truxxx Kit. You say the Truxxx Kit will Make the strut longer and will potentially create some negative effects because the spacer goes on top of the strut assembly. Wouldn’t the Toy Tec kit have the same affects on the CV and ball joints? Either way the strut is going to be elongated 3″.

  8. admin says:

    Russ – that’s not quite true. The ToyTec kit doesn’t change the strut’s overall length by 3″. Instead, it adds about an inch in length and pre-loads the front springs so they don’t compress as much when the vehicle rests on the ground to come up with the rest of the 3″. The Truxxx kit adds about 2.5 inches and pre-loads to come up with the rest. It’s not much of a difference in terms of length, but according to a couple of technicians we spoke with, the difference is significant.

    Having said that, the long-term effect is very much up for debate. The Truxxx kit also includes a diff-drop kit, further mitigating the cv/ball joint angle.

  9. Russ says:

    Thanks for the feedback. The final product, whether it is a Toy Tec or a Truxxx lift, is a 3

  10. Clay says:

    Just a thaught, but with having the spings preloaded with the Toy Tec spacer installed, it seams the ride would be VERY firm. Then when harsh driving was incured, where the suspension would be traveling several inches, it would be amplified even more. I am trying to pick between the two and I am leaning tward the Truxx because I think the ride would be compromised with the Toy Tec. Your thaughts……?

  11. Russ says:

    After all of that I ended up getting a Revtek leveling kit put on at Les Schwab last weekend. The Revtek is a 2.5″ kit but is same set up and configuration as a Toy Tec (as it gets most of the lift by adding additional preload to the springs and has small spacers that go above the strut assembly). I was concerned the addition preload would stiffen the ride too much too but I can honestly tell you I don’t even notice a difference in the ride. If it made the ride stiffer the difference is neglidgible.

    As far as harsh driving, more preload is actually a good thing (high energy impacts to the suspension will be obsorbed with less travel of the suspension). If you were rock crawling or slow speed 4x4ing you would probably want less preload.

    I am glad I went with the Toy Tec style lift (Revtek) because the ride didn’t change, and the suspension will not over extend during harsh driving or 4x4ing like it would with the Truxxx style lift.

    P.S. the Revtek kit came with the front diff. drop spacers too.

  12. admin says:

    Clay – we’ve driven trucks with both kits, and it’s hard to tell the difference in terms of ride quality. We think the Truxxx kit rides a little better, but that might be influenced by our perception that it was supposed to…

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  16. patrick says:

    Does the toyotec take away from the amount of suspension travel? Also, is the fact that the truxxx kit provides bump-stop drops a significant advantage over the toyotec?

  17. admin says:

    Patrick – yes, the Toytec lift technically reduces travel. However, the reality is that few if any normal situations would result in you noticing it. If you use this vehicle as a true off-road machine, you should look at a coilover setup instead. The bumpstops are required on the Truxxx kit because the suspension is softer than the Toytec setup, so it’s more likely to hit the bump stops. Again, however, the chances of hitting the bumpstops with either kit are slim.

  18. Terry says:

    I am considering putting a lift kit in my 08 tundra crewmax so that I could run 33″ tires. Have heard lots of negative things concerning the transmission not shifting properly with the new tires and with larger tires rubbing when fully turned. Would like to maintain the stock ride as best as possible (I am not a serious off roader). Do the gears need to be changed with the larger tires or does the Tundra have enough grunt to compensate?

  19. Terry – Wheel rub is a concern any time you add a bigger, wider set of tires. However, it’s been my experience that it’s only an issue when you completely compress the suspension and/or when you turn the steering wheel to the full range. Unless you do a lot of parallel parking or over-loading, a 33″ set of tires and leveling kit (a 3″ front 1″ rear should fit a set of 33’s) won’t be an issue in terms of tire-rub. As for transmission issues, that’s news to me. Slightly larger tires don’t impact the powertrain substantially (there’s no need for bigger gears either). Finally, in terms of ride, all of the leveling kits we’ve tested ride just fine.

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  21. Level Kits - says:

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  24. Brandon says:

    I’ve been looking into a lift/level kit, and wondering if it affects the ride in snow? I dont do much offroading, I just simply like the look. Would lifting/leveling the truck affect the ride in snow/rainy weather?

  25. Brandon – Not significantly. You might notice a little more “push” in wet and slippery snow, but not enough to make a difference. I can’t speak to the dynamics while loaded (can’t imagine they’re any different), but empty leveled trucks drive about the same as OEM trucks.

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  27. Timmy says:

    How is the gas mileage on 3″ lift to a 6″ lift?
    How do you pick rims? I haven’t found any I like.

    I want to lift My 08 Tundra higher than My Friend’s Ford F150. He has his 4″ to 4.5″ rounding He says.

    I’m all OEM except Viper 5901 Security and Remote Start System. My Neighbor always told me to start with a good alarm system. So I did.

    [Silver Tundra 08|Double Cab|V8 5.7L|4X4]

  28. Jason says:

    Timmy – The gas mileage will definitely be worse, but how much so is anyone’s guess. Some 6″ lift Tundra owners I know get 12, and some get 15.

  29. Kevin says:

    After the lift is installed what is the largest tire I can run with my stock rims? Will I need to purchase rims with a greater ofset?


  30. Jason (Admin) says:

    Kevin – The stock rims should be fine. It’s hard to get a tire that’s too big for the rims if you only go with a 3″ lift. As for the largest size, the answer is 33’s. You can get 35’s to fit, but you need to trim the skid plate and accept some reduced turn radius (tire rub at full turn).

  31. Dan says:

    So this is what I am trying to find out. I have a chance to purchase the following wheel tire option: The wheels are made by XD, the model is Hoss. The wheel size is 20″x9″ with a +30mm offset. Lug pattern is 5 x 150mm. The tires are made by Toyo. Tire model is Open Country MT, size is 35×12.5 r20. (the tires measure out right at 34″ installed”) I want to get the Truxxx 3″ lift for the front and the 1″ leveler for the rear. This is a 2007 tundra 2WD with TRD package. So… question is, will these clear and turn ok without too much trouble. I have stock 31″ 18’s on their now. I know I could get a 4″ or 6″ lift….but the the vehicle won’t fit in the garage. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

  32. Jason (Admin) says:

    Dan – They sound too big to me. Too wide and too tall, but maybe the wheel offset will help with both. What does your tire dealer say? They should be able to answer this question and/or offer to send the tires and wheels back if they don’t fit.

  33. Jay W says:

    Hey- The Truxxx lift kit for a 2007 Tundra comes with U bolts that don’t fit. So add about $70 for the hassle of having to order some that fit yourself. If you’re not doing it yourself, budget in the money to pay your mechanic the wait time that your truck is on his lift, wide open, waiting for the u-bolts.

    Also, the truxxx agent in Canada doesn’t answer his phone after you’ve purchased the lift, probably because he knows that I’m calling to tell him that The Truxxx lift kit comes with U bolts that don’t fit. The guy’s name is Darren Pilling. If you see him, let him know he owes Jay from Ontario $70.

    He was very quick to answer the phone, even at off hours, then once it was delivered, he would not pick up the phone, or return any calls, after trying for about 4 days.

  34. Jason (Admin) says:

    Jay W – Thanks for the review. Unbelievable that you didn’t get the right size u-bolts in the kit.

  35. JC says:

    Purchasing the 20″ x 9″ KMC XD THUMP wheels and 20″ x 275″ Nitto Dura Grappler for my 2010 Tundra Crewmax. Any reason you can think of that the Toytec 3″ lift shouldnt work out? Or do you think the Truxxx 3″ kit would be a better option. This is mainly to level the truck, no offroading. Thanks for the info, great reviews!!

  36. Jason (Admin) says:

    JC – I like ToyTec’s kit better than the Truxxx kit, but you should also take a look at the Low Range off-road kit and leveling shocks from Bilstein.

    Bilstein Info:

    Low Range Kit:

  37. Alex says:

    With the 2.5″ or 3″ lift kit, technically 34″ tires on 18″ rims fit, but they did rub on the bottom plastic piece of the wheel-well cover that goes behind the fog lights. And that was with the Nitto All-terrain tires.

  38. jeremy says:

    I just purchased 285 60 20 goodyear duratracs and put them on toyota carved rims, they fit fine with no rubbing and no lift except on the corner of my skid plate so i trimmed that and all is well. I just ran into a concern that was mentioned earlier and that is about the transmission problems with bigger tires. my trans hesitates when accelerating hard and isnt shifting right like the traction control is kicking in and cutting power suddenly but no lights or beeps sound. This is a problem and im not sure if its the tires or something wrong with the truck.

    • Jason (Admin) says:

      jeremy – You might ask about VSC recalibration next time you visit the dealership. Some Tundra owners report that it makes a difference with the transmission feeling.

  39. josh says:

    What size tires are on the truck pictured? anybody know?

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