Toyota Ramping Up 2010 Tundra Production

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This news is a little old, but it’s good to hear: Toyota is oficially ramping up production of the 2010 Tundra.

Bob Carter, general manager of Toyota Division, said, “We see a turnaround coming.” The company will therefore increase North American production by 65,000 units over the previous plan for the three-month period. Toyota will increase the production of six of its most popular models: the Camry, Corolla, Sienna, RAV4, Tacoma, and Tundra.

The question before us – how many of these “extra” 65k vehicles will be Tundras?

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  1. Jeremy the Truck Guy says:

    5, five will be Tundras

  2. Mickey says:

    Sounds like things are rebounding….

  3. TXTee says:

    I’m having to agree with JB. Tundras might be special order vehicles for 2010. Gas is at $3 in killer Cali. I don’t care what rebates you offer, unless I REALLY need a truck, I wouldn’t be buying one now.

  4. TXTee – You know it’s funny but I don’t think gas prices will impact truck sales all that much until they hit $5 a gallon (or more). Here’s my thinking: Average American drives 12-15k miles per year. When gas is expensive (like it was last summer), Americans drive closer to 12k miles per year, or 1k miles per month. Let’s assume that when gas is $5 a gallon, the average new car gets 35 mpg. SO, an average person driving an average car will spend about $143 a month on gas. Let’s say that same person buys a truck that gets 17mpg instead. The truck will cost $294 a month (driving for 1,000 miles at 17 mpg).
    The question before you: Assuming that you drive average miles (and I know you don’t but pretend that you do), is it worth an extra $150 a month to drive a truck instead of a car? Most truck owners I know say yes.

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