3 Reasons Why Toyota Is Ramping Up Production

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Automotive News is reporting that almost all of Toyota’s North American manufacturing plants are running at full tilt, with most of Toyota’s American and Canadian workers earning hefty overtime pay. While this is definitely evidence that the market for new vehicles is recovering, there are a few other factors at work to explain Toyota’s increased production.

Toyota is ramping up production in North America.

Toyota is ramping up production in North America.

First and foremost, many Toyota dealerships are still running low on product. We all know that Cash For Clunkers (C.A.R.S.) generated a lot of sales for Toyota and depleted their inventory (the CARS program was practically a gift

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  1. mk says:

    Nothing wrong with that – more Americans employed is a good thing for the US economy. I always hated buying so-called U.S.A. big 3 vehicles and finding out they are made in mexico or canada. My 09′ corolla was made in Japan and not too happy with that either, but what other small car getting 36-37 mpg around 16K price is as reliable, retains value well, and as good looking as small cars can get and still somewhat roomy to drive?

    Bring on the jobs Toyota for US citizens for a change – a good thing for sure.

  2. mk says:

    One more thing, I hope the quality of Toyota vehicles does not go down anymore since it seems like more and more new Toyota vehicles are of lesser quality than previous years. Some say, whether true or not, that foreign built cars are overall more reliable than US built vehicles either because some US factory workers are lazier than foreign workers or the quality control in some US plants are not as rigid and good as foreign plants – don’t really know that for sure, but hope it is not true.

  3. mk – You’ve touched on one of the reasons that Toyota has traditionally been reluctant to build cars in the USA. Despite all their best efforts and training, it’s been hard for Toyota’s U.S. plants to build vehicles of comparable quality to those built in Japan. There are definitely situations where U.S. plants have the same quality, but I’m not aware of any situation in Toyota’s recent history where U.S. plants could build the same car any better than Japanese plants. There are lots of explanations for this, and to be perfectly honest I don’t know that there is a huge discrepancy, but this is one of the reasons that many Lexus vehicles still come from Japan. Whether or not this is a commentary on U.S. auto workers is a matter of debate, but personally I don’t think that’s it. I think Japanese auto workers are simply more educated, but I don’t have any stats to back it up…but it sounds like a great blog post. Thanks! 🙂

  4. mk says:

    Your welcome – My ‘educated’ guess is that from what I have seen in the past 20 years or so of working, is that the younger generation (not all inclusive though) could care less if, for example, the bolt is tight enough or even on the vehicle going down the assembly line. While quality control measures I’m sure have increased here in America, the quality of workers overall has decreased. My Dad told me in the 80’s, before he retired, after working 34 long hard years in a GM plant doing several labor intensive jobs, that the workforce sure has changed for the worse these last few years he was there. One big fat lazy lady on the line whom my Dad was in charge of could not keep up her job duties going down the line and continually held up the line. My Dad (being from old school) told her if she can’t do her job, go back to the kitchen where she belongs. The big fat lady reported my Dad to his boss and pulled my Dad aside for a 30 minute talking to and said ‘You may be right on her job quantity/quality of work, but you cannot say that to her.’ After all said and done, my Dad responded ‘Thanks for the 30 minute break’ and went back to work. This is just one example of how the workforce has changed and I have several other examples like young college kids coming out of a 4 year degree and telling me in an office setting that they cannot believe I do this amount of workload for so little and they cannot or will not (either way) do what I do for so little money. The younger generation want to have everything handed to them with a silver spoon in their mouth without earning it. My .02 cents.

  5. Mickey says:

    mk you hit that nail through the wood with that one. Perfect analogy of what the younger generation thinks and acts. Then comes that old saying “You can lead a horse to a trough but you can’t make it drink”. You can’t tell me what to do. Jason great report. I’m all for it. Would love to work at one of those plants.

  6. You can lead a horse to water but can’t shoot it if you don’t have ammo.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Gotta get that money before the public finds out all frames are going to rust out in under 8 years. Some has to pay for the law suits of the accelerator issue, make more vehicles and raise the profit to pay the family’s. And they its to make anther manufacturing planet and the workers don’t care what kind of product they put out because it is a Toyota and where does the money go. So do they get paid in Yens.

  8. Mickey says:

    Anonymous you cease to amaze me. Why hasn’t the T100 frames haven’t rusted out? The dealership will be held accountable for that mishap. As far as anything else it’s just the mats and common sense wasn’t used. Why is it that McD’s had to pay out money in a law suit for coffee? We know it’s hot when you get it. It’s people that don’t account for their own actions. Also anonymous you forgot the Peso’s given to Mexico by your wonderful manufacturer’s output. Moral of the story clean your own backyard before you tell someone else to do their’s.

  9. As always, it’s hard to take anonymous comments seriously.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think that giving Peco’s (I guess you ment giving business to Mexico) is a bad thing. Has Ford has any frame issues? Apparently they know how to do it right. Who do you think is building your truck in Texas, it maybe produced in the USA but by the ones Ford fired. A certified American in Texas is a minority. As for the T100, what’s that? Oh that thing tht was a attempt at a full size truck. Lasted what 2 years or so. I don’t know how the frames are, they are rarer than a Tundra in Texas (get it F-150 the truck of texas for 7 years, Tundra built there and they know its a POS so won’t buy it). But no I totally forgot about that abortion. What was it really, it wasn’t a 1/2 ton and not a compact. The Dakota is more of a truck, atleast you get a V-8. And for the floormats, apparently it is not as simple as you think to do it right. That’s why the Goverment had to tell people not to put 2 sets of floor mats down. Here is where it gets funny, Mickey how many floor mats do you have down, be honest, 2 right. Hed your own warning, you are the McD suing class, but you so it was common sense. It is not so common is it, well you wouldn’t know. Your the reason, GOOD JOB, your the reason there are warnings. But the carpet will get dirty, your a winner. So why don’t you go bash some other brand to make you feel like a man again, like the April Fools on the Ram. That was funny but not as funny as this.

  11. Mickey says:

    Anonymous you just contradicted yourself with the Peso thing there guy. Why isn’t it okay for money to go to Japan and it’s okay to go to Mexico? You can’t have both. Hence this is why Jason mention you have no credit in your whinings. For the last time Toyota did the voluntary recall of the mats. Not the government. If you’re going to spew crap at least try and get it close. To say that the workers are rejects that Ford got rid of is totally proposterous. You’re raeching for straws guy and it shows you’re desperate. I’ve written it before from day one I have both mats. I don’t believe in the recall and you know it runs common sense in what has happen. Since you fail to realize it you’re playing a dumb jerk which all you want to do is argue. Hed? Heed my own warning? Again you read what you like and that’s it. I won’t waste no time on you anymore. You’re fishing looking for someone to believe in you and it won’t fly in here. Try again when you grow up.

  12. mk says:

    Hey Anonymous, lets hook em up and see who’s frame gets yanked out from under their truck, tundra or ford’s FOUND ON ROAD DEAD or FIX OR REPAIR DAILY P.O.S.. The ONLY reason why Ford is #1 in truck sales is because they have been in the full size 1/2 ton market longer offering well over 5-6K in rebates, are the cheapest out there to buy, and do not offer an identical version of their 1/2 ton truck like Chevy and GMC does. If you combine Chevy and GMC 1/2 ton truck sales, they outsell Ford’s 1/2 ton truck. Now if Toyota offers 5-6K for rebates on up to 10K as has been done in the past like Ford trucks, people would be coming out of the word work to buy the Tundra as well. But, I prefer to have a vehicle that does not lose tons more in resale value come trade in time like Ford and Chevy trucks. You can buy the cheapest Mr. Anonymous, but you also get the lowest for it come resale or trade in time as well. That is a fact and if you don’t like it, come kiss the rear end of my Tundra when I smoke you off the line anytime, anywhere.

  13. AnoniMOUSE is just another drive by troll with a lack of brain activity and a lack of testicular fortitude. Ignore it.

    If your truck won’t last for very long the frame never get a chance to rust. If your truck won’t accelerate very well you won’t have issues with stuck accelerators, There isn’t much of a change from idle to WOT.

    True story:

    Only vehicle I ever returned to a rental place was a f-150. I used to have a rental vehicle for 3 weeks out of every month doing audits. I was given a Ford F-150. NIce ride, solid truck…drove very good, except. It was slugish. I decided I needed to pass a full size camper going up a hill. I floor it and cut over into the other lane to pass him up. Camper man did not like that so he hits it. and starts to leave me. I have a house on wheels out running a unloaded truck with a v-8. I finished my task for that day and returned the truck.

    That is infinately more dangerous than a stuck gas pedal due to Floor MAts or rust on your frame.


    Toyota has a problem, Floor mat gets stuck in accelerator…frame rusts out after bazzilion years…Ect.

    FORD has problem it ALWAYS leads to certain death,,,WHAT THE? Washer fluid issue… FIRE. Cruise Control Issue…. FIRE. Tire inflation Issue…. ROllovers and possible Death. One incident was indirectly atributed to the Accelerator issue. How many people died due to the Firestone/ Ford Issue? I knew 3 seperate incidents here. Hundreds of injured or dead people. Cases are still going through the courts. All over an issue Firestone knew about and Ford tried to cover up. It could all have been avoided if the Firestone and Ford would have told people to INFLATE their tires. Toyota gets one confirmed case, caused by stupidity of the Dealership, looks into it and says, ” hey, not good, lets remedy this before someone else gets freaked out and gets themselves killed”.
    I have to give it to Ford, IF it is going to screw up it screws up in an EPIC way.

  14. Otto says:

    Jeremy the Evil Scientist – good comment. I got Tundra CrewCab and very happy with it. It

  15. Goofballtech/Tony says:

    I typically don’t comment on ignorance. But i am curious…. my first point is in regards to this quote ” get it F-150 the truck of texas for 7 years, Tundra built there and they know its a POS so won

  16. Asd how to you get American Certification? Is it like ASE Certification, Or A+? ISO 9000? I need that, it would look great on my resume.

  17. TXTee says:

    Love the post! And of course ignorance has to stay anonymous. I do wonder sometimes about the quality of vehicles produced in the US vs Japan…is it the lack of care in work quality, etc. That’s my biggest concern. I’m not even going down the road of “buy American.” I want the best for my dollar no matter who makes it and whose economy it fuels – possibly selfish, but still very true. It’s nice to see the production ramp up. At least it shows there is reason Toyota believes they have a need to fill and I’d like to see the company do well.

    BTW – LMAO @ “If your truck won

  18. joshua says:

    I just bought a 09 Rock Warrior and can wait, I figured with people making such big deals out of normal stuff I will never have to do anything. I already know how to get my first oil change, wait on the light. What is the plan for when the brakes wear out? Any idea about the tires. Someone need to start thinking about this now. I don’t want to buy those things if a little complaining will get them to take care of it for me. So when is the frame of the 09’s going to be extended to 15 years. Put me on the band wagon. The american way right, I deserve it, it a right, we should have to work for it. Didn’t somebody say somthing about the future and current workers of this country?? Read what your writing, wonder where they got it from. Does anyone understand what is going on? Who monitors this?

  19. TXTee says:

    I’m not sure what to say because I don’t understand the grammar or the point of a few previous comments.

  20. TXTee – That comment from “Parent” was one of the more sophisticated spam comments I’ve seen.

  21. Mickey says:

    I didn’t know how to reply. Sorry Jason I was waiting on your reply on that one.

  22. Sometimes you have to wait for someone else to spring the trap so you have some idea what the guy was talking about.

  23. LOL – It was weird. The web geek in me admires the cleverness of the automated spam comment script, but the site admin in me hates that sh*t! 🙂

  24. Joshua says:

    I think its pretty funny to, glad you enjoy!

  25. Joshua – My apologies if I deleted a legitimate comment. To be honest, it made almost no sense and looked like a bunch of sentence fragments strung together. If that was you and I knocked it off, I apologize. Your other comments are very easy to understand, so I don’t know what happened.

  26. Josh says:

    Here you go Jason, Toyota ramping up production and cutting cost in part suppliers. Sounds like the quality is going even farther down before it goes up. Toyota is more interested in making money.


  27. Josh – First of all, the article says that “some parts” will see a 30-40% cost cut. Secondly, the article mentions emerging markets. Since I don’t speak or read Japanese, I wasn’t able to read the original article when I saw this news item last week to see if Toyota is specifying cost reductions on specific models, specific markets, etc. Considering that all manufacturers are asking for cost reductions in this climate, I don’t think this report is indicative of much. Still, it’s worth nothing that Toyota is de-contenting vehicles to get costs back in line. Have you read my article about currency exchange? It’s the most likely explanation for this behavior.

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