Toyota’s New Tagline

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Toyota has unveiled a new tagline, “Let’s Go Places”, intended to show how the automaker is constantly evolving and changing to meet customer’s needs. Will customers like it? 

Toyota's Fancy New Tagline

What do you think of Toyota’s new fancy tagline, “Let’s Go Places?”

The new tagline was unveiled during the Toyota National Dealer Meeting in Las Vegas, NV held in mid-September 2012. “Let’s Go Places” is set to replace the company’s current tagline, “Moving Forward,” starting with its national debut on December 31, 2012. “Let’s Go Places” ties in as a major part of the automaker’s campaign for the completely redesigned 2013 Toyota Avalon and it also promises to be the major theme for all 2013 Toyota vehicles and beyond. Toyota and longtime advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi joined forces with Dentsu America, Conill, Burrell, Intertrend, and Grieco Research to develop the new tagline.

According to Toyota Division group vice president and general manager Bill Fay, the new tagline “speaks to the evolution of Toyota and our commitment to leading through innovation, enriching lives and connecting with customers in new ways they define.” “Let’s Go Places” encourages Toyota customers to be adventurous and explore the outer boundaries in an energetic and fun way. The phrase also builds on the company’s promise of delivering innovative products that not only excite customers, but also enriches their ownership experiences.

Starting in 2013, “Let’s Go Places” is expected to appear throughout the company’s advertising literature and communications. This exciting and fresh tagline promises to have more than just a positive effect on Toyota’s all-new or updated 2013 lineup – it also promises to further highlight the company’s involvement in the community. As always, Toyota insists on giving back to the community in a variety of ways, from its involvement in 100 Cars for Good to its efforts in helping military veterans put their acquired skills to use in the civilian world.

What do you think, would you rather “Move Forward” or “Go Places?”

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  1. mk says:

    Not too bad a slogan, not any worse than years ago wasn’t the slogan, ‘oh what a feeling’?? in terms of driving a Toyota vehicle? How about ‘moving forward’ or is that taken?

    I don’t like the Chevy slogan, ‘Chevy runs deep’ which replaced ‘like a rock’. Chevy had rocks built into their rattle trap vehicles and now they run deep, deep into debt. LOL

  2. LJC says:

    In my opinion, this new tag line is applicable for non-truck applications; I don’t think it is rugged enough for the truck audience. I’ve recently noticed a couple of Tundra commericials touting it’s “Overbuilt”. I like this message 🙂

  3. Mickey says:

    It could be meant for cars only, but I do understand by riding in a Toyota we can go places together. Toyota will get you there.

  4. mk says:

    I too really like the tundra commercials most being no frills just stating the facts like about the biggest brakes in any 1/2 ton or beefiest tranny, etc.

    I like facts about trucks, not nansy pamby whimsical garbage.

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