Toyota Builds Innovative Medical Robots

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Toyota continues their tradition of technological innovation. Known for their vehicles, they have spread their wings into advancing medical care through robotics. Toyota recently unveiled four new robots that will be available for medical use by 2013.

Toyota's Innovative Care Assist Robot

Toyota's innovative care assist robot is one of a collection of robots designed to revolutionize health care.

Care Assist Robot
This innovative robot was developed to help lift patients to and from their beds. The Care Assist robot is designed to enable medical patients be more mobile with daily activities such as showering and using the restroom. Often lifting patients is a rather tall task with many nurses developing back problems.

Toyota's Innovative Walk Assist Robot

The independent walk assist robot, pioneered by Toyota, will help patients regain the freedom of walking.

Independent Walk Assist Robot
The Walk Assist robot was designed to help patients who are unable to walk. This device adds much needed stability that allows them the freedom to be back on their feet.

Toyota's Innovative Balance Training Assist Robot

By using fun video games with new technology, Toyota's innovative balance training assist robot helps people regain their balance.

Balance Training Assist
Toyota developed the balance training assist robot to support balance function for people who have trouble keeping upright. The combination of a two-wheeled self-balancing (inverted pendulum) technology and game elements enhances the training process making it more enjoyable.

Toyota's Innovative Walk Training Assist Robot

Toyota's innovative walk training assist robot helps to develop natural walking in those with impaired walking.

Walk Training Assist Robot
The walk training assist robot was developed as a device for those who have impaired walking. It is used in the early stages of therapy to develop a natural walking ability. This robot uses Independent Walk Assist technology with it robotic parts.

Having a robot assist in these tasks frees nurses to spend more attention on the most seriously ill patients more efficently. Also, robots will help to eliminate job related injuries to medical staff. Toyota has developed these personal assistant robots to perform tasks that may cause injury to medical staff and help improve a patients movement and lifestyle.

While a Star Wars medical operation such as Luke Skywalker getting a new hand is still far off, these medical robots are where the future of medical care is heading.

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