Toyota’s Technology Car of the Future – Fun Vii

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Is it a car, a futuristic video game, or a really weird internet cafe? Whatever it is (it’s a car), at the very least the Vii is a mechanical interpretation of the how Toyota is using technology to change how we drive.

Toyota Fun Vii Technology Car

What the heck is it? It's a fun concept vehicle, Toyota Fun Vii, that's full of technological innovations.

Toyota has developed the Fun Vii, a concept vehicle that has the ability to completely sync with its driver’s smartphone and turn the entire car into one giant control panel. With an interactive display built into the car’s cabin, passengers can adjust the radio or communicate with other vehicles while the driver uses the vehicle’s voice-activated navigation system.

This new vehicle debut comes on the heels of Toyota’s other recent announcement that it will partner with Intel to create the next generation of in-car communication and information systems has set the automotive world abuzz. Always a forward-thinking carmaker, Toyota appears to be building an interactive control panel to rival Ford’s “Sync” technology that relies heavily on mobile communication technology.

Toyota’s current interactive in-car system, Entune, currently connects vehicles with their owners’ smartphones for ease of communication with friends and family as well as to internet services like Pandora Radio.

Within a couple of years, the Toyota-Intel partnership will yield results far more advanced than this, including direct vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems and real-time traffic reports including information on accidents in the vehicle’s vicinity.

In line with Toyota’s commitment to supplying its drivers with the latest technology and modern conveniences, Toyota’s cars of the future will automatically communicate with their drivers’ family and friends to reduce distraction and increase efficiency. Examples of this sharing could be:

  • Send warning that traffic is heavy
  • Share information about a particular road being closed
  • Update their current location

Automakers have only just begun to harness the power of networked vehicles. Thanks to its partnership with Intel, forward-looking Toyota is once again on the cutting edge of technology.

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  1. mk says:

    good luck on that one. I would think the cost would outweigh the justification to get one of these cars. Yet again, a mfg. willing to gamble on what the younger generation may want and loose us 30+ and older folks for good. Give me the current tundra with less safety and traction control gizmos and no airbags and lower the cost 5 grand and make me happy. You do not need every gadget in the world to drive from point a to point b.

  2. Jason (Admin) says:

    mk – I think the solution is to offer smart vehicles, but make all of those smart systems optional, just as you say. If someone doesn’t want a traction control system, they shouldn’t have to buy it…or at least they shouldn’t be forced to use it. So, I agree. 🙂

  3. Will says:

    nice one.
    The 13-foot-long three-seater’s interior and exterior are blank slates for whatever visuals you would like to wirelessly paint onto them in real time.
    if you are confused there’s a holographic “navigation concierge” lady is there to give accompany to you, guiding you around the vehicle’s futuristic features.awesome!!!

  4. Mike T says:

    The Fun-Vii boasts an array of notable innovations, such as car security based on biometric authentication, a breakthrough navigation system that intuitively projects needed information through augmented reality, and wireless re-charging.

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