Toyota Vehicles At the 2016 SEMA Show – Tacoma TRD Pro Race and Land Speed Cruiser

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This week the 2016 Specialty Equipment Manufactures Show (SEMA) is in full swing in Las Vegas, Nevada. The annual “how cow look at that/why did they do that/openly drooling” show brings out the extreme in everyone and normally conservative Toyota is no exception. The Tacoma TRD Pro Race Truck and the Land Speed Cruiser stand out to us.

Toyota Vehicles at 2016 SEMA Show

Officially, Toyota brought six different extreme builds to the show, four of which are entered into the Battle of the Builders competition. These builds join a suite of 30 vehicles – the most Toyota has ever brought. Toyota says these vehicles “honor the past, explore the present or reveal the extreme – and in some cases, all three of these elements come into play.”

Toyota says the Tacoma TRD Pro Race Truck is a mostly stock Tacoma which has been modified for desert racing. It is going to be a entry in “The Great American Off-Road Race” – the MINT 400. Driver names haven’t been released quite yet – likely due to scheduling.
Toyota Vehicles At the 2016 SEMA Show

The other vehicle catching our eye is the Land Speed Cruiser with twin Garrett turbos on the 5.7L V8 under the hood. Toyota says it is the “World’s Fastest SUV,” capable of reaching 220 miles per hour. Plus, every single thing about this Land Cruiser has been touched by the modification team. It looks sleek and is definitely drool worthy.

Other vehicles:

Toyota Vehicles At the 2016 SEMA ShowXTREME Corolla—Toyota took the main street Corolla and drove it into the SEMA fast lane with this build. This was a four-door and now it’s a sexy coupe. The wheels, the two-color paint, clean lines, custom interior, turbo engine, a six-speed manual, Sparco seats and a JBL sound system all come together to put this Corolla in a class of its own.

Toyota Vehicles At the 2016 SEMA ShowExtreme Sienna
—This is the most over-the-top Swagger Wagon ever. The exterior is super wide with big TRD brakes, performance wheels and tires, a splitter, rear diffuser, spoiler and dual exhaust. High-end sport luxury is how it strikes you. Its lap-of-luxury Learjet interior is something to behold. The whole vehicle is controlled by an iPad™, including the air ride system. This is NOT just a show car, but one that you can drive on the street with zero issues.

Toyota Vehicles At the 2016 SEMA ShowPrius G—Building on the natural handling prowess of the stock Prius comes the Prius G, which grips the road better than hot bubblegum on asphalt. The Prius is not just an eco-car anymore. This Prius pulled .99 g on the skid pad at Willow Springs International Raceway, putting it in the ballpark of cars like the Corvette and Viper.

Toyota Vehicles At the 2016 SEMA ShowToyota Motorsport GmbH GT86 CS-Cup —This Toyota Motorsport Germany 86 Cup Series is the first cup spec built off of a stock 2017 86. Toyota is pleased to show the car for the first time in the U.S. at SEMA. It’s designed for a one-make overseas series, and was brought here to inspire, to innovate and to excite. It’s built solely for the track. Its livery pays homage to Toyota’s racing heritage with a cool retro red and white design. The aero package looks awesome, but it also helps the car stick with functional downforce.

Corolla 50th Anniversary Display—Just outside the Toyota booth, in the Patio Annex of the Las Vegas Convention Center, visitors are invited to see a display Celebrating 50 Years of Corolla with representative models from each of the 11 generations.

Other key specimens of Toyota’s heritage can be seen, such as the 2000GT, also known as the “Japan’s first super car.” The Great Race Corolla will also be positioned in the booth.


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