THQ on the Road

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Readers may have noticed it has been quite around here. Where have I gone? I have been on the road a lot lately. Here is what is coming soon.

THQ On the Road

I have been on several planes and been driving lots of fun vehicles like a Tacoma TRD Off-Road and a Land Cruiser.

First, in the coming week (hopefully!), I’ll bring you a first drive impression of the 5.6L V8 Endurance from Nissan. Luckily, I was part of a select group of truck writers to drive the truck, tour the engine plant and spend time with Nissan engineers.

THQ On the Road

The view from the top level of the Texas Motor Speedway.

Next, I spent some time in Texas with the Texas Auto Writers Association at 2016 Spring Roundup. While I don’t have any direct stories from this event, it was a great time driving many competitors vehicles among the 50 cars at the event.

THQ On the Road

Here is the grand list this year at the 2016 Texas Spring Round Up. I had to vote on each vehicle and the top pick overall. Tough choices here.

I drove everything from a 2016 Cadillac CTS-V and 2016 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible to 2016 Fiat 500. Just lots of good stuff and times spent on the Texas Motor Speedway as well as around the track.

THQ On the Road

The staging area for the cars.

Next week, I’m heading off to New Orleans to meet with Victor Sheppard and Mike Sweers. You may remember this story on the Million Mile Tundra. There will be a special presentation where Toyota will be taking Victor’s Tundra and giving him a new one. Can’t wait to examine this truck with Sweers and get his take.

After that, I’m heading off at the end of the month for the Toyota Texas Bass Festival in Texas. Again, I don’t really have a story planned here, but I’m thinking with fishing, trucks and country music, there is no doubt to be at least 3-4 stories here.

THQ On the Road

The Honda Ridgeline offers a tent among its accessory offerings. Yes, a tent. Confused? I am. Honda sure sees the truck market different and I need to learn more.

Finally, I’m off to Wisconsin at the end of the month to visit Road American with the Midwest Automotive Media Association. I’m hearing strong rumors that the new Honda Ridgeline will be there and I know there is currently an event going on in Texas with the truck. I’ve also be lead to believe there will be another event on this truck that I could get invited to. You may have noticed I’ve been somewhat quiet on it. Frankly, I’m just bewildered on their presentation in Detroit and I really want to learn more about the direction they are taking. Right now, I just don’t get it.

So, never fear THQ readers. Lots of great content coming your way. You know, when I slow down a bit and get some time!

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  1. Randy says:

    Wow, Tim you are busy and I want your job.

    Ok, so the current plans are I “might” trade the 2014 Tundra in 2022/23?

    As it stands now I have only three vehicles under consideration to replace it (not in any particular order):


    I am willing to give up the space and interior comfort for something easier to drive in heavy city traffic and parking? Only time will tell?

    I need to spend some time in West Texas about 200 miles from “any” civilization, checking out property for 2-3 days on-site. Only the Tundra or Tacoma can do that; the Ridgeline could not cover the terrain off road. But “yes” the custom pop up tent on the Ridgeline is very interesting.

    Looking forward to the reports.

    • Tim Esterdahl says:

      Yeah, it is fun, but tiring. LOL. I’ll get caught up one of these days. Thanks for commenting.


  2. NoQDRTundra says:

    “will be a special presentation where Toyota will be taking Victor’s Tundra and giving him a new one. Can’t wait to examine this truck with Sweers and get his take.”

    My Tundra has been the complete opposite, nothing but a horrible ownership experience. I wish Toyota would have given me a new one, so it could live up to the supposed QDR most everyone claims the Tundra has.

    I contacted Toyota multiple times and even sent Bill Fay a couple of certified letters to no avail.

    This has been an embarrassing experience for me, so now it’s time to share my experience.

    My site been inactive due to other commitments, but the goal of it will be educate a potential buyer of the Tundra to the many known problems with it.

  3. Captain Critical 101 says:

    Wow, a tale of two Tundra’s! It’s great to see a million mile Tundra but the fact of the matter is that guy got lucky with his Tundra. Sounds like it was made with Unicorn parts, while the NoQDRTundra Tundra was made with Gremlin parts and assembled by Gremlins. Toyota should have done something for that guy. For someone to go that far to put up a web site and pay for it too.

    I’m looking forward to your take on the new Titan. Looks like Nissan is putting a lot of effort and money into it. Guess there’s money to be made in selling trucks. Now, if Akio could take off his sports car goggles and see this…

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