The Top Chrome Parts for the Toyota Tundra

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The Toyota Tundra is a beefy-looking full-size truck. Toyota went out of their way to make sure that it had enough “attitude” to contend with the muscled look of the Dodge Ram and the sleek lines of the sharp-angled F150. The bulging front end with the over-sized grille really helped to define the Tundra as a true competitor in the marketplace.

Yet despite the Tundra’s good looks, there are many people out there who see their trucks as a palette which they can customize to their heart’s content. This is usually done in order to make the appearance of their vehicle as much of a reflection of their personality as possible. These people are drawn to the styling of the Tundra but are looking to dress it up with a few extra touches. One of the best ways to do this is with chrome accessories. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular chrome options.

Borla chrome exhaust tip.

Borla’s stainless steel exhaust tip has the chrome look, and it’s a great accent to a stock exhaust that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

  • Chrome exhaust tips. If you’ve outfitted your rig with an after market exhaust system, chances are you are looking to improve the appearance of the pipes sticking out from underneath your rear bumper. A great way to do this is with chrome exhaust tips that slip over the existing piping and give a shinier, wider-mouthed looked to the system. Don’t have an after market exhaust? You can also find chrome tips for the stock exhaust.

Chrome billet grille.
Carriage Works chrome billet grilles are an inexpensive and popular chrome add-on.

  • Chrome grilles and chrome grille inserts. Maybe you like the look of a wire mesh grille, or maybe you want to switch to a more radical vertical design. Whatever your preference, using an extra bit of chrome to compliment the existing grilled is a good way to set your truck apart from the crowd. Take a look at our review of the Carriage Works Billet grille for the Toyota Tundra.

Chrome fender trim. Chrome fender trim.
Simple chrome vents from Putco just stick on to your truck and give it a different look, and they don’t cost very much at all (try less than $40).

  • Chrome fender trim. For some people, a plain fender arch is just begging to have a lip of chrome installed to set it off from the rest of the vehicle. This type of fender trim is easy to install, and can usually just clip on in only a few minutes per side.
  • Chrome pillar posts. If you have a 4-door Tundra, or an extended cab, you might want to consider chroming the B-pillar between the doors. This is a nice change from the matte black and can be done with simple inserts that fit over the existing pillars.

Toyota Tundra Westin Bull Bar with skid plate.
Westin’s chrome bull bar is a sharp addition to any Toyota Tundra.

  • Chrome bumper guards. If you are looking to protect the front of your truck from impact with a brush guard or bull bar, you can usually get them in chrome as well as stainless steel or flat black. Check out our Bull Bar Buyer’s Guide for some more information. Chrome guards for the rear taillights are a good way to complete the package.
  • Chrome rocker panels. People often install step bars or running boards to compliment the sidelines of their pickup, but there is also the option of covering the rocker panels with a chrome strip that runs the length of the truck from fender to fender.
  • Interior accents. There are kits that can add a touch of chrome to your dash, shifter surround and door panels – a great way to interrupt the sea of plastic and vinyl.
  • Door sills. Finally, chrome door sills or inserts can really clean up the interior of your truck. You can usually get the doorsills engraved with logos or custom words and phrases for an extra custom touch.

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  1. Joey says:

    What about door and tailgate handles and side mirror covers? Putco makes a complete set for the Tundra.

    Anybody seen some good prices on the complete set?

  2. Craig "Sarge is in Charge" Guy says:

    see ya used one of my pics again for this blog wanted to know if I could get me some stickers, hats or shirts for my 2yr old toddler fan or tundra trucking gal?
    ~ also have some update to the rig: infinity basslink amp/suband carriage works 5pc grill inserts.
    Sgt Craig Morris
    3rd Brigade 2nd Infantry

  3. Mark says:

    Where can you get door sills that protect more than the factory plastic Tundra ones. The lower two to three inches are vulnerable to scratches.

  4. Mark – Are you talking about these protectors? If so, are you saying they don’t cover all the metal?

  5. Mark says:

    Yes, the lower lip if you step from a step bar is unprotected.

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