The 4.5L Diesel Tundra – Does It Make Sense?

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Update: Read the complete story of the diesel Tundra

For the 2010 model year, the rumor is that Toyota has decided to take the 4.5 liter diesel engine that currently resides in the Australian LandCruiser 200 and shoehorn it into the Tundra. Given that each of the

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  1. Rickey says:

    Well it’s about time. For most of us diesel enthusiast, the negatives are a mute point. We just simply like diesels, no more, no less. However, there is one point that can’t be argued if you’re a Toyota man and that’s the fact that not only will diesels last longer; Toyota anything will out last anyone of the major manufactors. When is the lasst time you heard a guy say my F150 or Chev 1500 has 350,000 miles on it and runs like a brand new one? I would say never. So, as a life long owner of a Toyota truck and car, This diesel will rock the pick-up industry.

  2. JP says:

    I thought the new Powerstroke (2007 on) had twin turbo’s also… Looking forward to Toyota’s legendary long wear, combined with a diesel. Should be epic!

  3. JP – You are correct! Great catch. Ford calls their twin turbo system a “sequential” turbo. Based on the description, I’m not sure what the difference is. Thank you.

  4. Rickey – Good call. Toyota diesels may set the standard for longevity.

  5. headleyj says:

    for the love of God can we get a manual trans already?!!???

  6. Headleyj – I feel your pain, but it’s a safe bet to assume the days of the manual transmission are numbered. With fuel economy being the number one concern for the foreseeable future, computer controlled automatic transmissions will take over. Granted, some people can milk more MPG out of a manual, but because of the way the vehicles are tested by the EPA, automatics will be more economical. The projection is that manuals will only be found in sports cars and in cheap economy cars where cost is really important.

  7. headleyj says:

    I just want that control of a manual trans – plus there’s less to go wrong all those sensors sensing loads, speed RPM’s etc – it’ll take alot to convince me otherwise. I’ve seen too many issues related to AT’s over the years.

  8. Headleyj – For sure. My personal opinion is that automatics on small cars are bulletproof (assuming they’re designed properly). However, on trucks, they have an awful lot more of a workload. Moving a 3500 lbs Honda Accord with a computer controlled transmission is one thing – moving a 6k lbs truck + an 11k trailer with one is quite another. Yet someday I’m fairly certain people will look back on the days of manual transmissions a lot like today’s generation looks at rotary-dial telephones. Progress?

  9. Tovar says:

    Its pretty good but the new 4.5 duramax is better 310 hp and 520 tq i will have a sticker saying you got smoked lol

  10. Tovar – Those aren’t official numbers, they’re just guesses. We’ll have to wait and see if you’ll be smoking us…

  11. Mac Demere says:

    Where’d you get the photo of the 4.5 diesel? I’d like to get permission to use it on another site.

  12. Mac – It’s a Toyota press photo free for distribution. Feel free to use it.

  13. […] numbers are close to the earlier lb7’s if im not mistaken. Its also a twin turbo. here is the link. The 4.5L Diesel Tundra – Does It Make Sense? | Tundra Headquarters I also own a 1990 4.2L turbo diesel land cruiser here in japan. Its a I6, all mechanical, and […]

  14. Bill says:

    I have driven a Volvo powered Class A truck with a 11 speed automatic tranny. I had just about 45,000 lbs. of wine in the trailer going from Modesto Ca. to LA Ca. Truck came to almost 80,000 lbs gross. Tranny worked flawless and I enjoyed driving that rig immensely. Very nice in traffic without having to compress the clutch all the time. I have driven that rig down 20% grades with the ability to manually change gears to downshift. So an AT in a diesel pickup is no issue.

  15. nadia juliana says:

    HI i like toyota altezza

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