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Toyota Endeavour Shuttle Tow Short Documentary – Sweet!

Months ago, the world watched the stock Toyota Tundra pull the Space Shuttle Endeavour across the bridge in L.A. Now, Toyota has produced this really sweet short documentary on how it all happened. Enjoy.

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Volant Throttle Body Spacer Review and Dyno Test

Volant Toyota Tundra Vortice Throttle Body SpacerIn the days before electronic fuel injection systems, throttle body spacers were pretty common. They were a quick, easy way to add power to your carbureted or TBI (throttle body injection) vehicle. Today, with the advent of multi-port electronic fuel injection, the benefits of a throttle body spacer are a bit more dubious.

Our own Rob Eckhart decided to answer the question once and or all – Do throttle body spacers really work? – and tested a Volant Vortice TBS on his own 2nd generation Tundra.

Here are the results of that test and our analysis.

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Stay Away From Throttle Body Spacers

The engine in your Tundra is essentially a giant air pump – the more air that you can get into your motor, the more fuel that can be mixed with it and then combusted in order to generate more horsepower. There are a lot of different methods out there designed to help an engine “breathe” and maximize its power potential. Truck owners install performance air filters, cold air intakes, and even superchargers in order to get the most airflow possible, all in a chase for that extra horsepower edge.

There are some products out there that claim to be able to improve on the already significant engineering that has gone into your motor. Some of these products, like performance air filters and cold air intakes, work as advertised. These accessories improve performance because they trade an increase in performance for an increase in something else. In the case of air flow, it’s usually a trade between increased engine noise and an increase in power (not to mention expense).

Unfortunately, these usually simple enhancements sometimes claim excessive increases in horsepower and fuel mileage. We’ve tested a few cold air intakes and none of them matched the results printed on the box. Having said that, none of them disappointed us. However, one device that we have a hard time endorsing is known as a throttle body spacer.

AirRaid Throttle Body Spacer

We don’t recommend AirRaid’s throttle body spacer, or any other brand of throttle body spacer, for the Toyota Tundra (or any other modern fuel injected vehicle).