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Black Venom Bull Bars from Spyder Industries – An Overview

Spyder Industries has created a new “Black Venom” Bull Bar to protect your ride, create a unique diamond-shape adjustable bar look and certainly grab some attention when showing off your ride.

Black Venom Bull Bars from Spyder Industries - An Overview

The adjustable Black Venom Bull Bar has almost a factory like look to it.

Spyder Industries Offers Unique Headache Racks for the Tundra

There’s no doubt you have seen a ‘headache rack’ installed on someone else’s truck at least once in your life. These racks, which are mounted across front edge of a pickup bed and which create a lattice of steel bars that overlays a truck’s rear window, are found in many different shapes and sizes, and feature a wide variety of designs.

Spyder spider web headache rack

Spyder Industries' spider web headache rack

While some headache racks might look purely ornamental, appearances can be deceiving. These grilles are so named due to their ability to protect window glass as well as anyone inside a truck from having a nasty one-on-one encounter with any cargo that might be loose in their truck bed, whether as the result of a sudden stop, a broken strap, or an accident.